Zooka tooth Speaker Bar, Very good for the price

Brilliant sound and handy, small but powerful speakers. I bought it for ipad to have more of a choice for more sound, in watching films and music and i was impressed by the quality sound and how much volume it had. I certainly bought the best value for money small speaker . The plus surprise was when i connected it through bluetouth to my itunes or radio i could just take the speaker into any room of the house and listen to my music without having to carry anything but the speaker. Its good just by itself as-well as the ipad, iphone and laptop i was twice as happy with my zooka speaker and love it.

I now have two indifferent rooms. They work well with my nexus 10.

Zooka Bluetooth Speaker Bar – Red

  • Ultra-portable, lightweight, thin profile speaker that goes wherever you go
  • Channel for attaching to your laptop or iPad, with a convenient cut-out to reveal your webcam
  • Silicone design provides an ergonomic and comfortable grip, without damaging your device

Decent laptop sound at last. Really like this, it is easy to set up and improves the sound coming from rubbish laptop speakers immensely. I would have preferred if it had a headphone jack but not a big deal. I would recommed it and had to protect it from going in my friends bagideal for boosting the volume and sound quality for laptops.

Very good for the price, cool little speaker and nice sound but could do with being a bit louder.

As described, prompt delivery.

Zooka Bluetooth Speaker Bar – Red : Can keep my ipad in a safe place so i don’t break it, while my tough but light speakers can go where i am. In the bathroom, car or up the ladders while painting.

One thought on “Zooka tooth Speaker Bar, Very good for the price

  1. This review is from : Zooka Bluetooth Speaker Bar – Red

    Perfect couldn’t of wished for a better wireless portable speaker.
    • Have been searching fir a mid range product like this for my ipad for a long time. This delivers a good sound quality, not the loudest speaker but excellent for a small room.
  2. This review is from : Zooka Bluetooth Speaker Bar – Red

    Great sound – pleased with purchase. Recently purchased an ipad and since i watch quite a few films and videos on it i felt i needed some better sound and zooka seem to fit the bill. I thought about getting a bigger speaker but this is a lot more mobile as i can take it around with me in my bag. Really pleased with my zooka.

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