ZEPST Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker Bass Stereo – Five Stars

 the musky speaker model:dy28 is a lot of fun and it makes it even more fun to listen to music with the light show on. This lamp is very compact and useful in small rooms or if you don’t want to clutter your room full of different gadgets that this product can do. The sound is very good and fills up our bedroom. I specially like the fact that it also takes the micro sd card and usb to play music. So i can have several sd cards with different playlists on them and choose what i want to wake up with. As you can seein the pictures i am using it connected to my laptop via aux as well. The clock is clear and easy to read from distance. I was able to set this up with only a quick glance at the instructions. Surprisingly well built, a lovely design and size,, and the bluetooth speaker is great quality (goes loud without distortion) i would highly recommend this bluetooth speaker with alarm.

Very good unitvery nice sound base quality and appearancesome how battery problem it is being replaced.

Small compact speaker with a loud punch. For the size of the speaker, its very loud. Has a good battery life and the alarm function never fails to wake me up. One of which is bluetooth and also my favorite as this allow me to connect wirelessly and listen to my favorite songs. It also takes aux cable, micro sd card and has a usb slot if needed. Overall very happy with the product. Would defiantly recommed it over and over again.

Speaker seems to be very durable but it’s not it’s the biggest advantage. Sound is very clear with deep bass ever when listen very loud. Great for as indoor as outdoor.

This speaker is very lightweight and a sturdy build. I found that even from taking it out the box it was very sleek around the edges. The sound quality is brilliant when at 80% volume or less. I find that when the volume is up too high it gets tinny and starts to distort. When changing between different inputs it still provides great sound output. The radio and alarms are easy to hear and use. I would defiantly say that its worth the money spent. The battery life is great amd lasts the working day easy. The signal strength on the bluetooth and radio is brilliant.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • very nice gadget
  • Brilliant Speaker.
  • Great sound quality and high volume

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Bluetooth Speaker ZEPST Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker Bass Stereo with Alarm Clock, Hands-Free Speaker with Mic, Support TF Card, AUX Line for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung
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