ZENBRE Bluetooth Speakers – It is very good, however

Excellent value for money, and surprisingly musical, balanced and clear (and loud) sound for such a diminutive unit, with a decent bass response. Obviously it doesn’t match up to bluetooth speakers from bose, sonox etc. (let alone proper wired hi-fi or monitor speakers) in terms of volume or quality but it’s a fraction of the price. And ok, it certainly wouldn’t cut it in a party situation, but for the bedroom/kitchen/bathroom use for which it is probably intended, fine. Bluetooth pairing with ipad/iphone was simple, and connection via auxiliary cable worked fine. I couldn’t get the fm radio receiver to auto-tune to any stations, but that’s probably due to the very poor reception where i live. To be honest, i don’t think anyone would buy a unit like this to use as a radio (apart from anything else, there is no display) and i’d suggest zenbre leave this function out and cut a £ or two off the price. Haven’t tried using the micro-sd function, but i’d imagine that’s also fairly redundant since the vast majority of users will rely on bluetooth.

Very impressed with this speaker the sound was great. Bought for a christmas present but tried out this aft to make sure all was ok. The quality and packaging looked far more expensive than it was. Will bear in mind for future gifts.

Read reviews and looked around for a standard set of bluetooth speakers. Settled on these, and honestly surprised and impressed. Good solid robust build, easy to use and gives great sound quality. Use this mostly through my android phone, in which the app i use has a graphic equalizer, so i can adjust between the different types of music, and still have great sound quality.Ordered 2 days ago and arrived before scheduled date,so am very pleased.Here are the specifications for the ZENBRE Bluetooth Speakers:

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  • 【Vigorous Deep Sound Quality】 Double 5W Bluetooth Speakers and Enhanced BASS Resonator, combined with more than 90db SNR, delivers a qualified listening experience even CROSS A WALL!
  • 【UP to 20h Playtime】Built-in 2600mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery for up to 20 hours playtime. Built-in microphone for Hands-Free speaker phone calling.
  • 【Bluetooth 4.1, Smart Connection】Equiped with advanced Bluetooth 4.1 tech, make the connection fast and save time. Universal compatibility, enable the speaker easily connect to connect to Echo Dot, Computer, Laptop, Tablets, Laptop, Blackberry, Nexus nd other devices via Wireless Bluetooth.
  • 【Multiple Features】Sensitive touch button easy to control. Support Micro USB Charging, and MORE available Mode option, except Bluetooth, a TF Card allow you enjoy music by Micro SD card; Along with FM radio (87.5 – 108 MHz), make option more than music; A 3.5 mm audio cable, make the more option for connection way.
  • 【Classic Design】The elegant Portable Wireless Speakers design, in classic simplicity, which fit to home fantastically, plus the compact and sleek high-quality ABS cover reflex some shine in bright environment, offer you the beautiful enjoying not only for ears but also for eyes!

This is an excellent attractive product with superb sound across a wide genre of music. It pairs off easily with my recent purchase from amazon of a sony experia xa ultra. I specifically wanted my music collection on my phone to sound good. I’m delighted with the sound the z3 offers – from led zeppelin to bach and jethro tull it all sounds good, sharp and clear. The price is an unbelievable bargain. I’d have been pleased if i’d paid double. I’ve nearly filled a 64 gb micro sd card with music on my phone and the z3 will accept and play music off this card. Fm radio also sounds excellent with pleasing clarity and very good reception. Linked up to my wireless headphones via bluetooth and you really have a versatile, portable superb music system.

Provided a nice clean sound as background music during a recent camping trip. The bass was enough to please the dance folk, and the overall tones enough to enjoy the guitar mastery of led zeppelin. The battery life was adequate for the night, we had it on for approximately 6 hours at 50% and it was still going in the morning for another 3 before we packed up, never actually went flat. The radio is a nice touch, managed to pick up bbc radio 1 and cfm (cumbria fm) clearly enough, just remember to plug the aux cable in as an antenna. Bluetooth range is adequate, i would say a good 10 meters before drop outs occur. I never actually used the memory card function, so i have just put a 64gb card in full of mp3’s and it does what it states, playback is no problem. Overall, it’s not going to fuel a large outdoor party, but for a small group sat in a field, or a get together at home it is brilliant, well worth the small price.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Aux socket reset switch
  • A Mini Powerhouse Bluetooth Bargain
  • When I found this speaker on Amazon at a fantastic price and read the specification I was slightly concerned

Excellent little bit of kit. Bearing in mind it’s only 10w and pretty small it manages to fill a room with a decent sound, if a little lacking in bass (just turn on extra bass in spotify or whatever which helps here). But unless you’re into bose territory that’s to be expected considering the small form factor. No distortion even at full volume. Battery lasts ages, and can be used when on charge too (via micro usb). Pairs easily and has a built in fm radio which i’ve not used yet – just bluetooth so far. Comes with a little cloth carry bag which is nice and the speaker has a nice heft to it. Very pleased with it, especially for the price.

This i bought as a friend had a similar product. The sound quality is good, and i can listen to music or a downloaded programme as i move around. Good for when entertaining as it is so small.

This wireless speaker is definitely value for money, if you are a music enthusiast like me then audio quality is everything in these cases but it also produces a very decent volume output too, to drown out outside noise which always nice when looking to buy a decent speaker.

This little speaker is brilliant. I bought one for myself a year ago and the sound is so clear. Friends and family have all commented on how good it is and i have since bought 3 more of them for gifts. The price is unbelievably cheap for the quality. I highly recommend this speaker.

Lets be honest, these sort of speakers are never going to provide an all encompassing listening experience for music, but i listen to a lot of spoken word material and this speaker delivers a very clear detailed mid range which is perfect for radio 4 and spoken word books. So pleased i bought a second one for the office. Small issue, i wish it wouldn’t constantly flash it’s blue light when connected by bluetooth, never mind, i am learning to live with this feature.

Excellent bluetooth speaker. Pairing was simple and worked first time no problem. We have this paired with an amazon echo and have a great music system now. The packaging was great, the unit feels solid and is well made. . I left it on without thinking for over 6 hours and it was still going strong. Fingers crossed it continues to perform as it is now.

A good speaker for the money, good battery life, the sound quality is good and clear but the base is mediocre, the package says dynamic deep bass but didn’t feel it. Comes with the radio which is a bonus, very finicky though. For £25 its a good value for money.

Sounds really nice and clear. The reason given 4star because the control touch button to change functions is not in a reasonable place. What i mean by that is when i am watching movies on my laptop i place the speaker on the bed and sometimes when i moving it keeps changing mode to radio or sd card read. Then i have to click couple of times to go back. Seller asked me couple of times to do review but i wanted to use for a while before review it. It is not the loudest but 10w is well enough for me to entertain 2 rooms. Battery life is good i believe as used 4-5 hours before put into the charger.

Speaker doesn’t vibrate or bounce around in use and the sound is reasonably well balanced. The bluetooth has worked well on every tablet and phone i’ve tried. Volume button is a bit over sensitive and jumps quickly up to high. Better to use the volume on your tablet or mobile to adjust the sound. Battery charges quickly and lasts well. Theres also no distortion as ot runs down. Its a weighty and nice feeling piece of kit. Generally i’d say it’s one of the better speakers i’ve ever bought.

Great looking solid speaker, powerful sound, easy to connect with bluetooth. Volume buttons could have been better placed, they double up as forward and back buttons which is irritating when you keep switching tracks/videos by mistake. It comes with a nice velvet cover and fits neatly into my laptop bag. Connected to both my laptop and phone for mindfulness exercise and music for my last workshop and worked really well in the medium-sized room.

Hello, i’ve just purchased this zenbre soundbank z3. What follows is a review on what’s been learnt which i also hope will answer issues some customers have had with this speaker and be useful in informing others. Thanks for taking the time to read it. The z3 speaker arrives quickly and is packaged securely and firmly. For interest, the pictures i’ve uploaded show the specifications and features. Additionally, they show a couple of errors that i’ll go on to clarify. The z3 is constructed well and feels of a good weight with a strong sturdy compact design build. It ships ready to use with a partial charge. It has dual speaker drivers of 40mm front facing at 2 x 5w with a frequency range of 180 hz – 20khz.

Very nice quality construction with premium packaging. They feel expensive, as they should. They look great (apart from the annoying blue flashing led). The only thing that lets these speakers down is the rather poor bass. Although most reviewers are saying the opposite, i find the bass levels rather disappointing and for some of my tracks it does sound rather tinny. I was in two minds whether to send them back or not, i’ll probably keep them but i wouldn’t buy another pair. 3 stars because they are ‘ok’ but nothing revolutionary.

It is very good, however, trying to sort out the volume seems to be a bit of a challenge. I can do it from the pc, but should be able to do it from the speaker. It seems you should be able to press minus or plus to raise or lower, which makes sense, but doesn’t really work well. And the instructions are really not great. They should be a lot clearer, and better explained, they aren’t. Very slick design and sound quality is very good, for the price.

For the money these are good for general use, fine for rock/pop etc, but sound pretty nasty with classical music. Have read other reviews stating ‘clear smooth bass’ etc, but i found listening to e. Piano music the bass gets gritty and muddy, there are some strong resonances in the mid range, and they don’t respond well to dynamic music where the volume changes suddenly. But i gave 4 stars because,- they are inexpensive- the are easy to use- they feel solid- they are loud enough- they sound fine for general use – just don’t expect hifi.

Excellent from prompt delivery to performance, took a little while to set up but this was my unfamiliarity with setting up proceedures. Sound is really good for such a compact unit.

This is a decent speaker for the price. Sound quality better than expected with good bass too. 10w is loud enough to fill a room. Happy with performance, however, there are a couple thing that zenbre could consider improving on – battery life is less than 10 hours and it is lagging (far) behind other brands such as anker. The added fm radio is a bonus but you really need to plug in an aux cable or usb cable (acting as aeriral) in order for it to work but then the ‘box’ does not look as appealling with cable attached. With improved built-in aerial and battery life, as above, the speaker could be a much more attractive buy.

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