Yamaha YSP-2500 Digital Sound Projector – We are very pleased with the sound bar

Best soundbar ever for around £500?. Tried an orbitsound a70, but for £30 more this is like chalk and cheese. Takes all your hdmi inputs, even 4k, and passes them up to the tv, accepts arc return for the tv sound. The a70 blocked the ir sensor on the tv for our remote – and so did this, even with the feet removed. But no worries, it has an ir repeater on the back, so the tv gets to ‘see’ the remote through the soundbar. There’s a setup mode where you let this soundbar ‘listen’ to your room, and it boops and beeps and squeaks and buzzes for three minutes (with you out of the room) after which the 16 speakers in the bar are set to throw sound round the room. And it works – the pandoran flora and fauna were, spookily, whispering right in my ear. We could not be more pleased with it.

Fantastic bit of kit and a great price from amazon. Would highly recommend this product.

Exactly what the doctor ordered. Just got this and had it inboxes and set up in about 20 mins. Lovely piece of kit that delivers high quality sound. I had heard the sonos and that too is good but sonos can’t sit over a tvs pedestal???. And then with a sonos subwoofer it’s twice the price of this set up. I think yamaha have produced an item that does what it says on the tin. In this day and age, it’s rather refreshing to have this happen. My review is based on 20 years experience in buying high end home cinema equipment and i can say that this gets very close.

This product is great if your listening room is symmetrical – mine tv. This product is great if your listening room is symmetrical – my tv is on the shortest side in a rectangular room. I get convincing surround effects without the wires. It doesn’t always get it right, but i haven’t yet tweaked the settings. The auto setup works really well too.

  • A right compromise between a 5.1 REAL and a Soundbar: Excellent for movies
  • Generally brilliant: but not necessary for every user!
  • Exactly what the doctor ordered. buy now.
  • Best soundbar ever for around £500?
  • Very average sound for the price.
  • First and foremost the sound genuinely is absolutely fantastic. I particularly love being able to enjoy noisy

Yamaha YSP-2500 Digital Sound Projector – Black

  • Reproduces real surround sound, different from virtual surround
  • Digital sound projector technology for precision sound control
  • Support for HDMI 2.0 specification
  • Wireless compatible, can be installed horizontally or vertically, allowing flexible placement
  • Highly rigid aluminium chassis with thick aluminium top panel to ensure clear and rich sound

Sound from this bar is best i have heard from in store testing of others such as the sonos. The yamaha has great depth and the surround sound is amazing considering the sound bar is producing the effect.

It really needs the correct room setting. I bought this hoping to reduce the clutter of speakers and wires connected to my 5. However after set up and calibration it was clear that my room isn’t a good match with the sound beam process. I have a window on the right and an armchair on the left and the room is quite small so there is really only one place to set the speaker plus it was at the very minimum recommended distance from my sitting position. All in all not an ideal situation. The equipment itself is well made and contains impressive tech but in my case the room dimensions and furniture placements proved to be the problem. Luckily, amazon provided a refund and the return was processed quickly without any problems.

The ‘little’ soundbar that produces ‘big’ sound. When you want to keep aesthetics of your living room (read wife happy) this is a very good system. It blends in nicely below the flat screen with the subwoofer just out of site to the right of the cabinet and gives very good sound. I was initially hesitant to buy any sound bar but i’m actually glad i did and the living rooms looks better for it. I’m now understand why it won many awards. This setup is coming from a 7. 1 samsung home theatre system which as you can imagine had cables and speakers all around. Though the sound from that was perfectly balanced (however, i did add a second subwoofer to give it’s original one more power by wiring them both together). Therefore i was amazed by what this yamaha sounder could do.

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  1. I’m a qualified audio engineer and have a critical ear when it comes to all things audio. This yamaha is in a league of its own. My room isn’t the ideal shape with furniture that will diffuse and absorb the sound beams but i’m still getting great sound.I’m sitting too close to the rear wall for reflections to sound like they are coming from behind but the excellent side imaging and strong centre channel still make it immersive. You forget it’s just a sound bar sitting i front of you. Really subtle but can rock when it needs to and is controlled and pretty tight. You can also tweak soo much it’s unreal and if you know what your doing can dial things in even more.If you have the budget, buy buy buy.
    • This replaced my old sony surround system when we redecorated the room and just wanted a simpler wire-free solution. I bought this after several hours of research, this product had so many fantastic reviews that i felt it a very good bet. Still, it was a bit of an impulse buy for me. We have lived with this sound bar for many months now, and overall i am happy, i really like it. I love the sound, i love the ability to hear my iphone music over the bluetooth connection, and the iphone app to control it. All very convenient and makes life convenient. I too suffer from intermittent drop outs of the wireless connection with the sub woofer.
  2. This review is from : Yamaha YSP-2500 Digital Sound Projector – Black

    Generally brilliant: but not necessary for every user. Okay – due to comments from my wife on the skill-level i have displayed in the past for pulling cables through walls, it appeared that the full 7. 1 system we have had for a few years had to go with the arrival of our wood floor (no carpets to hide 80m of cables). Given the go-ahead to buy a gizmo and gadget, i went straight to what hi-fi and which?. What hi-fi gave this soundbar 5-stars but it doesn’t even make a best buy on which?. Another concern when we were researching was the number of inputs- most soundbars work through an arc input from the tv to feed sound input to the tv back to the bar to decode and output. However, we have a full-ish home cinema set up including a projector and tv so we needed to be able to input sounds direct to the soundbar and not just to a tv. Having had av separates for many years, i knew about the reputation of yamaha for av devices – albeit never having owned one. In the interim, there was a ‘near-miss’ with a very expensive bose system on a weird special offer – back to that later. I didn’t want to trial the speaker in a shop as i was certain that it would disappoint compared to our existing system of separates, but double-treble checked reviews i trusted (any av site, richer sounds, verified amazon purchases) and clicked on delivery using prime.
    • First and foremost the sound genuinely is absolutely fantastic. I particularly love being able to enjoy noisy. I bought this to replace a decent but oldish 5. 1 setup (5 year old budget whathifi winning speakers and receiver) that didn’t have arc and was too complicated for my wife and kids. My tv is very slim and low (samsung curved 4k) and this is still low enough that it doesn’t impinge on the bottom of the screen. First and foremost the sound genuinely is absolutely fantastic. I particularly love being able to enjoy noisy films at sensible volumes and still being able to hear the dialogue without constantly turning the volume up and down. Movie effects are pretty convincing too despite my room not quite conforming to one of their recommended layouts. On the downside i gave up on using the bar’s hdmi inputs as more than half the time the setup ended up auto selecting the wrong inputs and required multiple controllers to fix it and it wasn’t consistent. My setup is pretty simple with just sky, the bar and the tv so this was frustrating and didn’t ease adoption into the house with my wife.
  3. This review is from : Yamaha YSP-2500 Digital Sound Projector – Black

    We are very pleased with the sound bar. We are very pleased with the sound bar. Even with a lot of soft furnishings in the room it makes the sound seem to come from a wide range. When we were watching a programme just after we set it up we were immersed in the story when some activity occurred off screen, we both thought something had happened in our next room and got up to investigate. Very much clearer and easier to hear speech and much more convincing base.
    • You might pay a little more but you get a fabntastic sound. This has the wow factor, woofer fantastic only one small problem very occasionally it stops functioning for a few seconds but it seems to have settled down now. The set up with the microphone makes it prefect for any room.
      • This is a great sounding unit and worth the high price after previously purchasing a cheap award winning model. The first unit did have a fault unfortunately, but it sounds great once set up. It could in my view do with additional bass but other than that it’s a great result. The sound mode type presets are of no use to make the sound any better.
  4. Excellent piece of equipment, particularly the sub, which adds a whole new dimension to the sound.
    • Excellent, arrived before the quoted date which was really. Excellent, arrived before the quoted date which was really handy. It was a birthday present and my husband loves it.
  5. This review is from : Yamaha YSP-2500 Digital Sound Projector – Black

    Even in my odd shaped room this soundbar creates a room of sound. The setup is extremely easy using the supplied mic and the result is that everything sounds better. The sub is remarkably capable and being bluetooth i was able to put it behind the sofa where i had a spare power socket. I can only imagine how much better this would sound in a square room without a vaulted ceiling, but for my purposes love it. Wife wasn’t convinced initially so mid way through film i turned it off and let the tv pick up sound duties again, with barely a pause she demanded it be put back on :).

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