Yamaha YAS101bl SoundBar System, Most excellent – BUY!

This soundbar has transformed the seem on our tv set it is amazing. You will need a electronic optical output from your television which however we do not have so it was a bit of a discomfort to set up and we however can not get it to get the job done for the dvd but it is not a trouble and can be accomplished. The sound is so prosperous and the bass is terrific.

Really enjoy this piece of package . Cannot truly include considerably to what is presently been claimed other than to say i use this for all my tunes cd,s as perfectly as the tv and actually appreciate the clarity ,well advised.

Yamaha YAS101bl SoundBar System with Built-In Subwoofer – Black (discontinued by manufacturer)

  • 7.1-channel virtual surround sound
  • Wall mountable
  • Integrated subwoofer
  • UniVolume
  • Compressed music enhancer

The audio is quite very clear and very good to listen to. There are rather a number of excellent functions i was not expecting. I have linked one particular optical cable from the soundbar to the television set and a different from the soundbar to my sky unit. I can decide on on my remote regulate which one to use – the a person from my sky unit permits me to listen to classical fm devoid of even turning my television set on (incredibly relaxing to listen to). I puzzled if i essential a different subwoofer but the subwoofer integrated in the soundbar is very ample for a compact to medium sizing room and provides a good bass – i have no need to have to turn the seem up incredibly loud. When watching a film at times the sound is out of sync with the photograph – perfectly the distant allows you to delay the audio to synchronise it to the photograph. A different characteristic i like is that if you will need to listen to the speaking parts a lot more evidently you have a button identified as ‘clear voice’ which does what it suggests (makes the spoken aspect even extra distinct – some thing i enjoy as i get older). All in all i am so happy i purchased this item and would suggest it to anybody.

Please notice that my experience of the soundbar will not implement to folks who have excellent hearing presently, this is my story:i am a 67 calendar year previous guy with industrial destruction to my ears, so i have been examined for and instructed twice. I experienced two nhs fantastic digital hearing aids about six yrs in the past that are now no more time in tune to my listening to complications. I are not able to use my listening to aids at all now and my hearing issues manifest them selves as hearing considerably much too substantially bass and no treble. My tv set is an high priced best of the assortment samsung slim 40′ led television set. So, for several years i have suffered from getting to next guess most speech, worst on films and also on all channels. Turning up the tv volume was not an possibility as that does not work, it is trying to hear the treble and mid assortment frequencies that are my challenge irrespective of quantity. This soundbar has increased my listening practical experience quite significantly, and without my hearing aids, i have had to established the bass to zero and apparent speech enabled (for now) i now obtain speech extremely clear and with a little amount of money of warming bass, and a remarkably good deal of audio details in the mid variety. I have at last acquired a new hearing examination appointment at my area healthcare facility on could 09 2014 and assume to get new hearing aids, then whoweeeee, i will reset my soundbar accordingly and listen to all the richness i am self-confident and know it will providesuch a good and unforeseen top quality of lifestyle advancement. Acquire it, just glance at all the a lot of many excellent opinions it has on amazon, and i aid all the favourable opinions i read before getting it.

This is a person of the very best gizmos i have purchased, i’ve been pleasantly surprised at how superior it is. It seems terrific and matches neatly on the wall underneath my 37′ samsung led. It was uncomplicated to hang far too with the bracket and template offered. The sound good quality is outstanding, okay, its not five. 1 encompass sound as you would get from a regular system but if you have not received area for speakers all around the area and you should not want wires trailing everywhere it is best. The sound depth is exceptional with no getting ‘boomy’ and it throws the seem close to nicely.

Yamaha YAS101bl SoundBar System with Built-In Subwoofer – Black (discontinued by manufacturer) : I purchased this to replace a sony ht-ct60 sound bar the performance of which wasn’t much good (see my review) and which was subsequently returned to amazon. The yamaha was about £80 more than the sony and it is certainly a truism that you get what you pay for. I didn’t expect the yamaha to provide bleeding edge sound acceptable to the most demanding audiophile and it doesn’t. But (unlike the sony) it does provide sound and a number of built in controllable effects that greatly enhance the sound from the tv. I’ve tried it on ordinary tv programmes, netflix, dvd’s and movies streamed from my pc and in each case the sound is so much richer and nuanced the dialogue is clearer with clean separation between speech and background noises and music. The bass, if it was to be fully cranked up, could be seriously neighbour annoying. It has, without doubt, improved our viewing experience. Even my wife, notoriously hard to impress especially with gadgets,(aka boy’s toys), has given it her seal of approval. Set up could hardly be easier, the printed instruction manual (a joy these days) is easy to follow and in any case not complicated.

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  1. The dvd player enables me towatch bbc iplayer. I bought the yas101bl in august 2013. It appears to have been discontinued but i can’t see the difference between it and the yas93. Hopefully my comments will be of help in your decision. It took me a while to fix it all up and i became very confused by the various ‘boxes’ that we had here [virgin media tv, etc]. That is my inadequacy not a fault of the sound bar. Anyway, eventually connected it to a panasonic dvd player with an optical slot. The dvd player is also internet capable so i have that connected to my modem and no longer need a tv antenna or a media-box. The dvd player enables me to watch bbc iplayer, netflix, amazon, youtube plus loads more and the yamaha sound bar makes a really big difference. I highly recommend the yamaha sound bar, especially if, like me, you don’t have much room in your tv space. Even better value now than when i got mine.
  2. This review is from : Yamaha YAS101bl SoundBar System with Built-In Subwoofer – Black (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Great sound if a little bulky. . Brilliant sound on films and normal tv. So much better than the speakers in my tv that the sound on the tv is permanently off and i just use the sound bar. The only down side is the size of it as we only have room to rest it on the legs of the tv and it can make access to the tv remote sensor difficult.
  3. This review is from : Yamaha YAS101bl SoundBar System with Built-In Subwoofer – Black (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Had to send back as i could not see tv it was too big but lovely sound bar.
      • Well priced basic sound bar. If you have limited space but want to improve the sound of your tv when playing blu-ray films this is a quality piece of equipment. Easy to install, freestanding or wall mounted.

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