Yamaha YAS-93 Front Surround Soundbar System, They say it is a great improvement.

I have a good deal of yamaha stuff simply because it really is superior good quality and strong, this is no exception. Connecting up was quick and the seem reproduction perfect. Television set applications, significantly the bbc have been generally mushy to my ears, this soundbar has healed all that and i now have crystal clear seem on all channels. I would undoubtedly recommend this and it is superior benefit for income too.

It took some time to operate out how to link it all up with also obtaining sky, x box and separate dvd player and we did not have the right socket on the tv set to connect it direct to the television set. However have not figured out how to make the seem control on the sky remote work the quantity so we have to use the audio bar distant but it just isn’t a dilemma. A single of us has quite poor listening to and utilised to have the quantity really significant but now its 50 % the stage simply because the seem is so a great deal clearer, i would suggest to any person.

Yamaha YAS-93 Front Surround Soundbar System with dual built-in subwoofers- Black

  • Integrated system equipped with dual front speakers and dual built-in subwoofers
  • Stylish design achieves both visual beauty and ease of use
  • Air surround xtreme provides powerful surround sound
  • Slim, low-profile, one-body design allows positioning in front of a TV
  • Built-in IR Flasher for TV remote control signal transmission

Good audio fifth the money. So glad i purchased this audio bar, sound so significantly much better than usual television. You do want to invest in extra qualified prospects thou. Arrives with a single which i utilized for sky box but then required two additional sales opportunities for the dvd participant and the television set itself. Worth the money, maybe need to have regarded as the dearer product with bluetooth.

Big advancement on tv sound. Purchased to help with the clarity of dialogue from my flat screen samsung television set. Investigated the products at size before obtain and purchased from a significant avenue retail outlet to get the perspective of the pro staff. A lot improved than the tv set speakers. Like : the ability to management quantity and energy with television remote, the individual quantity for the bass so it can be set to my liking, steady and realistic audio, quick to put in and function. It has a clearvoice function which tends to make a little boost to the dialoge volume – you get worried at to start with that the difference is neglible but dialogue is considerably far better then the tv even without the need of clearvoice and on the added mumbly programmes the clearvoice location does support. Surround seem is just not truly surround but does incorporate much more entire body to the sound which will make some packages sound greater.

It is really a enjoyment to hear and watch the t. . It’s a enjoyment to listen and look at the t. What a change this soundbar makes to the high quality seem.

Yamaha YAS-93 Front Surround Soundbar System with dual built-in subwoofers- Black : A reasonably cheap and not too intrusive option for improving tv sound quality. It is easy to install and looks good with its glossy black finish. In my case it obstructs the lower front of the tv (samsung) which has only 2 inches clearance from the stand to the bottom of the screen so i have used an off-cut of kitchen worktop to raise the tv sufficiently so as not to have this problem. The sound bar comes with its own remote control but the bar can easily be programmed to respond to commands from the tv remote so you don’t need to clutter your coffee table with yet another one. I like the fact that it only needs one (optical) cable to connect to the tv and there is no ugly sub-woofer box as it is all built-in with this model. Extremely quick delivery was another bonus with this order.

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  1. This review is from : Yamaha YAS-93 Front Surround Soundbar System with dual built-in subwoofers- Black

    I purchased this item as a christmas present for my grandson to connect using bluetooth to his ps4 playstation and also hisapple iphone. He rates this sound bar very highly and would definitely recommend to a friend.
    • Really good unit, very clever, easy to use and great sound. The pass through signal works great with my sky box and remote.
  2. This review is from : Yamaha YAS-93 Front Surround Soundbar System with dual built-in subwoofers- Black

    Great value, easy to install. Great value, easy to install, decent sound, very happy with the purchase.
    • I bought the yamaha yas93 soundbar based on the reviews already here, to play music and movies through my pc. My 40 year old box speakers (also from richer sounds) had finally given up the ghost, so i retired my old amp to the loft where it joined my old turntable. The sound bar arrived a few days earlier than expected, is 890mm long x 91mm x 115mm and shiny black, with discreet little green led lights to show what’s enabled. It comes with removable rubber stands at each end, and a template and washers for wall mounting. I linked my pc’s “sound out” port to the soundbar with a standard 3mm cable, one end at the pc and two at the soundbar (left and right). There’s an thin “optical cable” supplied to join a tv, and my tv has a matching port. The ends are small and square, with a central pin which pushes a cover open on the socket; the whole socket is only about 5mm square. The sound quality is awesomei had planned to use the soundbar with my pc, but watching tv with the soundbar switched on is a whole new experience; the room is filled with sound, clear and immersive, and enhances any show. The remote control allows for a choice of “surround, stereo or voice” and separate sub-woofer volume for bass sounds.
      • Highly recommended (& optial cable is inclusive. No need to buy it separately). It’s beautiful & high quality sound. Wished they had clearly mentioned that an optical cable was included so that i didn’t need to waste £15 (incl delivery) for it.
  3. I was worried this product would mean i would need another remote. It has some ir repeater functionality that sends on your tv remote signals but i never used it. My tv allows you to turn off the tv speakers and only send sound through the optical cable. The speaker system then “learns” your tv remote signals for on/off volume up/down and mute. So now if i turn my tv on with my usual remote the speakers turn on too. If i turn up my tv the tv graphic tells me what volume number i’m on and the speakers turn up. I’m no hifi offionado but as far as i’m concerned – it’s awesome – it’s loud, it has base. Good looking black – just like the tv.
    • Fantastic addition to the sound quality. Fantastic addition to the sound quality. Good value for money and so easy to set up – just plug in the power cable and one to the back of the tv and it starts working.
  4. This review is from : Yamaha YAS-93 Front Surround Soundbar System with dual built-in subwoofers- Black

    This is a great improvement on my tv sound. This is a great improvement on my tv sound. No, it’s nothing like as good as my dedicated home cinema 7. But then my tv picture isn’t as good as that system either. What i really like about this is the fact that you can train your tv remote with it, so once you’e done that the yamaha remote goes in the cupboard. It switches on/off with the tv, and the volume is all controlled by the tv remote too. Good sound quality and very convenient.
  5. This review is from : Yamaha YAS-93 Front Surround Soundbar System with dual built-in subwoofers- Black

    Worked fine but for the price better soundbars are out there.
    • Excellent piece of kit for the money. Took ages to find it from the multitude on the market and has been well worth it. Must of the negative reviews are on silly things that to be honest you need to pay less more for. Had a full 5:1 system before this but wanted less leads and speakers. This does a great job even on the bass.
      • Excellent sound, build quality and features. Bought this recently to replace a dead set of cheap but effective studio monitors i had connected on to the entertainment system on my front room. Right now this is connected via optical link to a small htpc running kodi, a ps3 and ocassionally something via the analog rca in. First, it’s longer than you think; roughly the width of a 40″ television. Soundstage is nice and clear in stereo if only a little closed; in surround mode it completely fills up the room with sound (losing a little bottom end weight however – typical from pseudo surround). The sub is amazing for what it is; your bowels will feel every single rumble and hum. The “clear voice” function is subtle yet fairly effective. All in all i was surprised of just how well these sound especially considering the price bracket.
  6. This review is from : Yamaha YAS-93 Front Surround Soundbar System with dual built-in subwoofers- Black

    Good sound easy to teach it tv remote control for mute, volume and on/off.

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