Yamaha Srt1000 Blk – sounds fantastic.

Incredibly very good purchase, met expectations & supplied a considerably wanted strengthen to my tv set audio.

Fantastic little bit of package, fast support, pretty delighted.

  • which are to be fair not the perfect shape.
  • Highly recommended
  • sounds fantastic.

Amazing merchandise fantastic seem.

Which are to be reasonable not the excellent form. . In some cases a little bit too a great deal bass, even in typical television set manner. Struggles to generate encompass sound influence with the walls in my dwelling space, which are to be truthful not the excellent condition.

Features of Yamaha Srt1000 Blk

  • Digital Sound Projector Technology
  • A True 5.1 Channel System that Lets You Enjoy the True Realism and Powerful Surround Sound that Only Yamaha Can Deliver
  • Dual Built-In Subwoofers with Bass Reflex Ports
  • High Sound Quality Wireless Music Streaming with Bluetooth
  • HOME THEATER CONTROLLER App for Easy Operation

I could not imagine the change it would make until finally i applied it. A overall alter of tv sound experience. Of system it is not as fantastic as a complete five. 1 encompass program (probably mainly because my area is stuffed with household furniture), but way greater than just a audio bar and usually takes a negligible place beneath the television.

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  1. This review is from : Yamaha Srt1000 Blk

    Yamaha srt 1000 is the best sounding system. The latest technology of sound projection is excellent. I was about to buy bose solo 15 ii but then i stumble upon this yamaha model and quickly realised the technology is way surpassed to what bose is trying to offer. This sound base gives you proper surround and not only room filling but almost house filling sound :). Please do download their app on your mobile to tweak the surround with pin point accuracy. Some people said the music option did not give them proper music sound but in my experience it is the best option available for music you actually feel you are sitting in front of the singer listening to the high and low notes. The base is window shattering thumping and really comes out on blue rays. The movie mode gives you very good dialogue centre focus while all the effects surround you. I site like 16 feel away close to the back wall but still can feel dynamic sound coming from sides or behind in some cases. Sometimes you cant figure out if the sound was from outside the window or from the movie you are watching.
    • Looks great and nice to get away from the old 5 speaker set up as well as a spaghetti junction of cables. Set up was a piece of cake with just one cable link. As my tv set is a bit on the old side i had to get a toslink to mini cable (also on amazon) which cam from the usa in very quick time. Lots of settings to play with but so far we are really happy with the sound output. Still suffer from too much loud background music on a number of programmes but the clear voice setting does help with this problem.
  2. This review is from : Yamaha Srt1000 Blk

    Brings dvds/bluerays to life. Can’t recommend this enough.
  3. This review is from : Yamaha Srt1000 Blk

    Which are to be fair not the perfect shape. . Sometimes a bit too much bass, even in normal tv mode. Struggles to generate surround sound effect with the walls in my living room, which are to be fair not the perfect shape.
  4. This review is from : Yamaha Srt1000 Blk

    Did the research and for me this ticked all the boxes, it does not disappoint.
  5. This review is from : Yamaha Srt1000 Blk

    Amazing sound system optimum sound settings included. This is one heck of a sound system. It takes up most of my tv stand and is one lump of acoustic heavenit has 5 speakers on the front central area with another 2 larger ones on the front left and right facing towards you. There are also another two large subs at the rear and and 2 more underneath meaning there are 11 speakers in total which contrary to what others have said do project in a way which can emulate surround sound systems. Use my settings as this system needs a little adjustment out of the box. 5m and was easily adjusted using the yamaha app. Excellentwatching doctor who last night and you could hear the mostsers as if they were in the room. Amazing piece of kit from yamahain short the sound is excellent, nicely projected, deep bass and enough tone in the mid range for clear voices in tv and films. Buy itoptimum sound settings are as follows:surround sound – pick “tv program mode”bass – select 0 on your ht ipad appenable univolume and clear voiceadjust srt position to suit your room using the appsimple but sounds great.

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