One thought on “Yamaha NX50 Amplified Speakers,

  1. This review is from : Yamaha NX50 Amplified Speakers for TV 2 x 7 watts

    I am quite fussy about speakers. I am quite fussy about speakers, also have the even more amazing q acoustics- bt3. Whilst these are not the q-acoustics, the sound is detailed and warm, musical and easy to listen to. Can’t go wrong really for £50. There is no hissing to the quiet bits. They do have a wierd variable loudness, built in, which i didn’t like the sound of to start with (more loudness at lower speaker volume, can’t turn it off) but in practice i don’t mind it, sensitivity is good enough that you can use low source volume, high speaker volume, to effectively turn it off if you don’t like it. And doesn’t detract from listening experience. Leads are the normal rubbish you expect at this price point, but work well enough.

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