Yamaha Electronics Yamaha MusicCast YAS306 Soundbar, This Yamaha Butterthan sonos playbase

Can’t see the volume level on the tv screen , which is a bit annoying got to listen how the sound changes instead of being able to just put the volume on certain level.

It has taken me sometime to get round to review this. For one, i used to have the samsung crystal air sound bar system. Which anyone who has one, knows that it has an active sub wuffer. I was a little surprised when this one did not come with an hdmi connection port. But after configuring it to use the optical out (cable supplied), i realised just what a great move that was. It does not need one of the valuable hdmi connections on the tvthe sound is lovely. The surround effect is brilliant. The dynamic range, is lovely. If you haven’t guessed, i really, really like this sound bar. It fits nicely under the tv, and the supplied optical out makes it more than flexible enough to be moved to where you need it.

The sound bar a great all in one package. The bass is great for built in subwoofers. The general sound quality is great as well. The only downside is the simulated surround sound isn’t that amazing. But the overall package is still great.

Key specs for Yamaha MusicCast YAS306 Soundbar with Bluetooth & Airplay – Black:

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  • Incredible Sound quality from the world Largest Musical Instrument Manufacturer
  • Stream you entire Music Library, Spotify Qobuz & more streaming services plus Internet Radio. Weight: 4.9 kg
  • Bluetooth & Airplay as standard plus support for Hi-Res Audio
  • Compatible with all Yamaha Music Cast items so expand your system and fill your house with crystal clear sound
  • Dolby Digital & DTS Surround supported

Comments from buyers

“Simply Awesome Soundbar
, Excellent sound quality
, I love this thing. Great sound!

Very easy to connect – even for beginners in wireless music streaming. Just download free app to your phone or tablet and once connected it’s good to go. On iphone it took no time – on android it took about 10 mins which was annoying as it immediately asked to update it too. Spotify doesn’t work so smoothy with it. Did not work on our android tablet but worked on iphone – however kept cutting it. The other music streaming channels worked best and radio channels were great too. We also connected the tv via de audio connections on the soundbar. For the price point it is, as an all in one system – it is good. The sound is clear and superior to the speakers we had for a price point that is still affordable. My husband is a lot more knowledgeable and has been into speakers his whole life so he notices a bit of compromise to work with mp3 and digital – however as he puts it – to get the next level it would cost 10 times more.

Sound quality is superband i use mostly wireless apple airplay for movies (no delay or sync issue) and wireless spotify connect for music and optical audio output for ps4.

Seen all reviews etc and am convinced i want this but for the price. It’s a free market i gues.

I have sonos playbase and this yamaha is butter than sound with great bluetooth.

Purchased this soundbar almost 3 months back. I am deeply impressed by the sound quality of this product. It was fairly easy to set this up. One of the main reasons to buy this product was to have a single unit which can create some virtual surround sound effect. I will not say that it provides a true surround sound experience but it is decent enough and solves my purpose. The music cast app is really useful – i can switch on/off soundbar using the app in my mobile, i can switch between the modes based on what i am watching or listening, and can control every aspect of this soundbar using this app. The bass on this soundbar is really good. Watching some dolby commercials using movie mode really fills up & shakes up a standard sized living room. The only reason i wont give this product 5 star is because it lacks hdmi port and 7. 1 surround sound is not really as effective as a true surround sound systems having separate sub woofers and speakers.

Excellent sound quality, the app (which can be a little flakey) allows you to control all the settings from a mobile device such as a smartphone. We have a double height ceiling in our lounge and the tv speakers struggle to project the sound forwards (relying on bounce from the ceiling that isn’t there) so this was a massive improvement, pushing the sound forwards rather than upwards. As a consequence, and using the setting within the soundbar, the audio from the tv is much clearer now, but we also have the added benefit of using the soundbar as a bluetooth speaker, or you can play music to it through the app – which means you can stream your own music, internet radio, a media server on your network.

Great sound, whether you are playing a video game, watching a movie or listening to music. Also wireless sound streaming from iphone and mac book works great.

I reviewed bose soundbars but they were quite expensive so i thought of ordering yamaha yas306 sound bar and take a risk – i must say, it exceeded my expectations – really great sound – deep base, very crisp and clear sound. It’s simply a great add on to your tv for much richer sound experience at such an affordable price. I am using it with sony 55 inch tv and it works like a magic and it fits nicely under the tv. I am now thinking of adding yamaha subwoofer as well to maximize the base and create a cenima like experience. Cons:only slight annoyance is that volume indication doesn’t come on the tv – so it’s difficult to know the current volume of the soundbar e. Is it on full or medium or how far can i go further etc. And finally, quick set up guide could be improved – as it took me few minutes to figure out on what to do for the set up. Overall great soundbar for a very reasonable price.

Shipping was delayed but overall really good product.

This is a quality soundbar which produces good audio. It’s quite chunky and has a bit of heft about it (at least partially due to the two built-in sub-woofers), but it sits comfortably in front of my tv. Set-up is very simple, just plug it in and connect the optical cable to your tv. Inputs for blu-ray/dvd players and so on are also included, although there’s no hdmi. The sound has good bass – made even better by the bass enhancement setting – adding real punch which soundbars can often lack. The surround sound is not great, it gives a bit more body to sound at the slight expense of some fidelity, but the surround aspect itself is questionable at best. Devices like this are never going to give you the performance of a 5. 1 system, but then their purpose is primarily to give you bang for your buck in a smaller footprint. The yas306 has plenty of volume and is very easy to get configured just how you like it.

Ok but still need to be improvements.

Absolutely love this product, the sound quality with the 2 inbuilt subwoofers and surround sound aspect is on another level. True cinema feeling right in your living room. The only downsides would be, it’s not foolproof and can be a bit difficult to set up, i’m 26 and shouldn’t really have any problems with modern technology, but it did take a little while to set up & i would like to add that i would prefer to keep it in front of the television, only because it is quite heavy. Overall, i’m very impressed with the soundbar & would recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade.

Incredible sound and very easy to set up. I installed the yamaha musiccast controller app from the google play store. Using the app, i was able to connect the soundbar to my wireless network. After that, i was able to play music through the soundbar by tapping ‘this phone’ in the app. All the above work through the network. You can switch to bluetooth, though i prefer just leaving it to use the local area network. To use the server source in the app, you need to set it up and on pc it requires windows media player 12. Once set up, tapping on server in the app opens your music library on your pc ready for playback. If you want to play your music from the pc through the soundbar, you can use a nice feature in windows 10.

But you do not get visual reading of the controls on the soundbar used on the remote.

Very impressed with this i know yamaha are known for music products and they dint diversify i can see why i compared this to a £2000 bose sound bar in the shop the yamaha was far better much cleaner bass and pure clarity what a bargain indeed. Some of the bose bars didn’t even allow to bluetooth your music from your ipad.

This is a quality sound bar i am very pleased with and like the idea of adding additional musiccast items in near future. Great sound and another top class product from yamaha.

They’ve thought of virtually everything in this loudspeaker system. Setupconsidering the options available, setup is straightforward. You can just plug and play, but getting the device on your wifi requires use of the accompanying mobile app and the bluetooth connection. Once connected up, this can act as a multi-room device. The device can be wall or table mounted. A template for wall mounting is included. The speakers are on the face with the indicator lights, so if wall-mounted, these face towards you. Inputsthis has analogue (rca) and digital inputs (optical and coaxial), and can accept audio over bluetooth (including apple airplay) and wifi. It can also stream internet radio. It can be controlled with buttons on the device itself, the included remote, or the mobile app.

Sound is incredible and was so easy to wall mount under my tv. Linked up to my musiccast set up and can now listen to tunes in the living room. Would highly recommend over more expensive items.

Great bass and i love the surround setting, so many connection options. The infrared pass through for the tv remote is fantastic.I’ve set mine up so i can just use the tv remote to control both my tv and sound bar at the same time. I’ve tried several sound bars in the past and this is my favourite one piece. There is connection for an external subwoofer if required.

The delivery was fast and i’m really happy with this soundbar. But one think i miss, it’s the plug for europe. I know i ordered the soundbar in england, but i hope yamaha deliver it with an plug for all countries.

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