XMI X-Mini ME XAM16-B Portable Thumb Size Speaker – Surprisingly little device!

Perfect for watching tv or movies on my asus 3s 10 tablet as the sound quality you get from this little speaker is miles better than any tablet or phone speaker that i’ve heard. You can also increase the bass by expanding the height of the speaker which is a useful feature that other speakers dont have. The sound quality is surprisingly good for something so small. It actually rivals the sound quality from some much larger yamaha computer speakers that i use with my tv. The reason it doesn’t get a full five stars is because within a short time of buying it, one side of the speaker pops up because the plastic catch that holds it down broke. I now use an elastic band to keep it down. Also, after a few years of regular use, the short cable on it has worn away so much that the connection is gone and it no longer works.

Do ya know people, some things in small packages can be so surprising and so effective. This little gem of a speaker defies logic. A fantastic little device that’s compatible with your phones, tablets, mp3 players, computers anything thst supports a 3. I have a few speakers that packs a punch including a bose bluetooth speaker which is simply stunning but still, i keep using this incredible little thing. The battery is brilliant and it keeps going and going. So much so that i’ve had this for 3 years and it never fails. You’re going to read negative reviews but ask yourself, what’s the purpose of your purchase is it for a fair sound, convenience, portability, daisy change it to another one for stereo and fantastic battery life?.If that’s you then look no furtherif your an audiophile who wants the best technology for £12 then what would you expect from a tiny pocket size wonder?make no mistake this has fab sound for its size.

Bass is insane for something of this size- it will literally bounce around on a surface. You will get audio distortion however, if you turn it up too loud in some situations. But i find this to be a very minor point for an otherwise legendarily capable speaker. And with its pricetag, this should be an instant buy for those of you reading, if you need a nice portable speaker to enjoy media on your phone or tablet- even your laptops. And if you like it, you can ask your friends and family to buy it too and then link them all up together when you meet, to produce some very very nice results. Here are the specifications for the XMI X-Mini ME XAM16-B Portable Thumb Size Speaker:

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  • Super Portability – Loop a lanyard or keychain around the metal bar and bring it everywhere you go
  • Impressive Playback Time – Up to 6 hours of playback with easy Micro-USB charging
  • Compatibility – Simply plug and play with your Smartphones, tablets, laptops and portable game players
  • Carefree, hassle-free, wearable technology
  • Dimensions: 44mm x 38mm

I was very surprised with how well this speaker performed. Great build quality and very loud for its size. The speaker’s battery life is phenomenal and it is extremely portable. I was so impressed with this product that i have since bought the xmi x-mini max duo portable mini speakers xmi x-mini max duo portable mini speakers with 3. 5mm jack compatible with iphone/ipad/ipod/smartphones/tablets/mp3 player/laptop – purple which are even better than this speaker in my opinion. They are similarly priced but you can’t go wrong with either.

I have had the earlier wired version of this speaker. This bluetooth version is even better, providing all the functionality of the wired speaker, as well as thebluetooth option. Of course it’s not going to provide the same quality of sound as a much bigger speaker, but it’s excellent for its size, and portability is hard to beat. Note that ‘the box’ also contains a small silk-like carry bag, in addition to the other items shown on amazon’s description. Having said that, a neoprene case can provide more protection, especially as the idea of a portable speaker is to carry it around and mine travels a lot in briefcases and suitcases.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Surprisingly good quality sound.
  • Best deal around for it’s incredible quality! Highly recommended!
  • Great little speaker

It’s got a beautiful design, it’s compact and small and yet it has incredible sound quality. The bass is accentuated immensely, the sound is crystal clear, and the price of this thing is fantastic. You won’t find a better deal. I haven’t got another speaker to link with the one i have (yet), but i love the concept of being able to amplify with multiple speakers. The only thing i’d say is that the speaker has a red light for charging (the single led is on the under-side of the capsule) but when the battery is getting low, the blue light just becomes dimmer. Surely it would be clearer to see when it is ‘dying’ if the red light lit up instead?. Will also mention that there’s a tag to attach a lanyard; this speaker seems very robust, but the lanyard tag looks like it will snap off. But that doesn’t affect it’s performance at all.

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