XMI X-mini MAX V1-1 Capsule Speakers – Probably the best value for money portable speakers you can buy

Quite good quality for such small speakers. . Goods:done little bit research before buying these. My son was astonished by the quality of these tiny speakers. Bass really impressive but not perfect. In general quite good cool item. Switches somehow are old-styles. Switches could be some tiny rubber clickable buttons. But they are’t any problem at all.

An excellent set of mini speakers. Perfect for holidays, business trips or even just being on the move, these speakers are lightweight and well-designed. The centre unscrews and expands in an accordion fashion to provide a bigger resonance chamber which enables these speakers to produce clearer and louder sounds usually expected from much larger speakers. Resultantly, the ceramic drivers in these beauties can really push out some volume without compromising on sound quality. The feet are alternate male/female form and so this pair can be connected base-to-base to function as one, a 3. 5mm jack inlaid in the base of both of the speakers means they are easily connected and operate in parallel series – this can be expanded by further x-minis being connected to the ‘chain’. Charges via a micro-usb and the battery life is impressive, like seriously impressive, they seem to go on & on and outlast the battery life of my 5th generation ipod which is about all you can ask of them, to deliver sound for the entire duration of the music source. The only con these puppies have is that they jump around to bassy music and sometimes this causes rattle against whichever surface they happen to be on. Easily remedied by placing them on a soft surface or fabric. Aside from this, the build quality and performance of these is truly worthy of the price.

I have the single-speaker version of this range and was very impressed with the sound quality and battery life. They are so small yet the sound is so powerful it’s unreal.Excellent sound quality and bass, they look stylish and are so small you can fit them in your pocket. I’ve tried several speakers like these in the past, but these are by far the best. Charged them in march for a holiday, used them loads and two months later they’re still going strongyou can charge from usb or mainsseriously, don’t hesitate to buy these and don’t even bother looking at other speakers.

I already own an x-mini 2nd gen and there are clear improvements in the max duo. Small and rechargeable with a little carry pouch they’re ideal for use with a phone/tablet or an mp3 system. The sound is crisper and slightly fuller sounding than the 2nd gen and the fact there’s two speakers seems to give a little more volume to them too, although obviously these are small portable speakers, so there’s not a huge amount of bass and volume is perhaps a little limited if you were wanting to use them in a noisy environment. But for sharing music with someone on an impromptu picnic, or wanting to hear that youtube clip on something better than your phones speaker they’re perfect. I also happen to like less bass, so they suit my tastes down to the ground. Both speakers have individual power switches and 3. 5mm cables so you can use just one, or plug on into the other and use them in tandom. There’s also a multi purpose cable which can charge the speakers and doubles as a longer audio cable. There are a couple of minor niggles.

  • Excellent upgrade over the last generation
  • Fantastic value without loss of quality
  • Big in sound, small in size
  • Excellent mini speakers – such a nifty design
  • Fantastic as always
  • Bigger and better!

XMI X-mini MAX V1-1 Capsule Speakers for iPhone/iPod/iPad/MP3 Player/Laptop – Black

  • Patented bass xpansion system
  • Play the speakers together or separately
  • In-built rechargeable battery
  • 12 hours of continuous play
  • Size: 52mm � 52mm � 70mm (closed resonator)

Fantastic value without loss of quality. A fantastic addition for my android phone and netbook when you need a little more volume and sound quality. We bought these to use on the netbook when on holiday for films and music and they do not disappoint you. They have a very good all round sound quality and when placed on a table or other large surface the bass is very good. The extra volume is much needed if any of you have a netbook you know the speakers a pretty limited when it comes to anything other than general use. They are still on the first charge after a good 10 hours use so that’s a bonus. The cable is nice and long for ease of use. They seem well made i’m not worried they should last a good few years. Overall for the money (i paid £17) they are a bargain that i can’t give any less than 5 stars for because after using them i would have paid much more for them.

They’re small, cheap, portable, aesthetically pleasing; and most important of all; they sound amazing. You will not believe the bass you get out of these little guys. Well worth the 18 quid i paid. Not sure if it’s worth paying the extra 12 for the max v2.

The x-mini max are a small pair capsule speakers designed to accompany personal mp3 players, mobile phones, laptop computers and the like. The semi-matt housings each measure 54 x 41mm and a novel clamshell unlocks with a quarter turn to allow the top and bottom of the speakers to open revealing a concertina like ‘resonator’. This apparently allows for increased bass response. On the side of each is a small sliding on/off switch while a led indicates ‘power on’ or ‘charging’ glowing blue or red according to the state of charge. Coiled and recessed into the base is a short, 120mm lead terminated in a stereo mini jack for connection to your phone or mp3 player. A rotary volume control resides in the base along with a 3. 5mm stereo socket and a micro usb port. The latter is for charging the speaker with the supplied cable. The max’s also come supplied with a soft carrying pouch.

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  1. This review is from : XMI X-mini MAX V1-1 Capsule Speakers for iPhone/iPod/iPad/MP3 Player/Laptop – Black

    Powerful sound for the size. Very powerful sound for the small size. Can be folded up to be very compact, perfect for travelling. Only criticism is that when the music is really loud the bass can make the speakers move and sometimes fall off the surface they are on. But this can of course be resolved by putting them on a soft surface or turning the volume down. Overall, great value for money and would definitely buy again.
    • Bought these as my previous x mini lasted a long time and gave good performance for size, these are louder still with clearer sound, no volume control but thats not really as issue as i use the device its plugged into, came with usb cable that splits to charge both simultaneously, a bargain as long as they last like the previous ones, had them 2 months so far and no probs.
      • They are a higher spec than his dads the sound quality at volume as amazing, well chuffed. Bought for grandson he was elated, they are a higher spec than his dads the sound quality at volume as amazing, well chuffed.
  2. Nice little speakers, unique lead, confusing switch/light arrangement. . Bought to provide speakers for an old pc after its original speakers broke. Reasonably priced, compact, good enough sound for music and gaming when sat at the pc. The speakers have magnetic bases to attach them to each other for whatever reason. In my case it holds them neatly to the metal case of my pc so they don’t wobble off. The supplied lead has 4 ends (its a >—. The lead also has a volume slider bar on it. Its a fairly unique lead, so don’t lose it. The speakers each have an on/off switch and a power/charging light. Its a bit confusing at first as the light stays on when charging regardless of the speaker on/off switch position – so you’ll think the speaker is on when it is off, and when you shut the pc down the light remains on to show the speakers have charge unless you turn off the switchfinally there is a bag to keep them in in transit.
  3. This review is from : XMI X-mini MAX V1-1 Capsule Speakers for iPhone/iPod/iPad/MP3 Player/Laptop – Black

    X-mini portable stereo speakers. These speakers are a validation of x-mini’s slogan, “sound beyond size”. Yes, they are incredibly small, but the sound is brilliant quality, very loud, and a suprisingly large amount of bass. The great thing about these is that they cost around the same as one speaker- so you get double he volume, and stereo sound, for the same price. So it’s a great deal, everything is perfect, they do an awesome job. They also look really nice and retro, with a cool combination of metallic blue and retro brown. The only thing i don’t like is how you can’t control the volume on the individual speakers, but this is immaterial, since you can easily change it on your phone. I would definitely recommend them.

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