Wowee One Classic, Buy as a gimmick & be pleased with your purchase

The wowee one gave me alot of bass when i put it on such things as wood and glass but my problem is it wouldnt stick, even when i wiped down the gel pad, although i love this gadget as i can use it as a portable guitar amp:d.

My daughter wanted the wowee after the many adverts on tv during the month of january. When it arrived my daughter was disapointed to find the sound was distorted. I emailed the company who sent a second one with out any problems,fantastic sound from both mobile and ipod, great size and easy to carry around. Very happy with service provided.

Wowee One Classic – White/ Chrome

  • 20 Hour play time
  • Great Bass from Gel Audio technology
  • Small, Compact ideal for business & travel without compramising sound

Stop thinking, start buying. Like you, i wanted a portable speaker that would allow me to play music / listen to podcasts on the go on my ipad. There are various products available, but none with the simplicity and yet genius that this product offers. When you get the wowee on a hollow object, you’ll think you’ve got a 10′ sub woofer goingthere are some great reviews on youtube demonstrating it’s ability. This product is amazing, it should be considered product of the year and i’m surprised it isn’t more popular. Having used it, i would easily have paid twice the price for it. It is a great product and gives great sound quality. Charges via usb and then plugs straight into your ipad/pod/mp3 player via 3. If you’re looking for a portable speaker that is versatile and durable, this is it.

When i saw this speacker on mtv i thought to myself this might be a handy tool to go out with mates and blast some music, i read all the reviews to see if it was good and i bought it. It came though the psot 3 days later and this must be the best affordable speaker i have ever seen and the sound quailty in amazing, bass treble the lot, the good thing about it is it is gel audio, i look it up becuase i had no clue what is was and basucly you stick it to a flat surface and the sound ‘depending on what surface you up it on’ is amazing best sound i think is when i attached it to y acustic guitar or a solid wooden table, windows and hollow walls also give out an mind blowing soundfor me this is an easy 5/5.

My life will never be the same again. I had known for many years that something was missing from my life but didn’t quite know what it was. I had a good job, good salary, nice car, nice house and great friends and family but that final piece of the jigsaw was missing. That was until one day a friend popped out his wowee, plugged it into his phone and this amazing sound started coming out of it. And it was at this point that i immediately realised this is what had been missing from my life ‘wowee music’. As if things couldn’t get any better, he then started placing his wowee on different surfaces and the sound just got better and better. The bass sound was frankly to awesome to describe in words. To be honest, doors and windows were the best. But then a tabletop or wardrobe were equally as good. There is no way to detail the feel of the wowee or how is sound output compares with others without actually hearing it.

Wowee One Classic – White/ Chrome : I bought this at the airport so got it a lot cheaper than on amazon. The other bonus was being able to try it out in the store with music from my own ipod. I was very impressed straight away having tried other speakers which are so tinny – this one is not. The other alternatives i found much too expensive for what they did ie bluetooth. It works better on some surfaces than others but you can normally find one suitable in any room. Still probably a little over priced for what it is but it does the job and will be accompanying me on my travels around the country this year. This is so much better than the ‘plug your ipod into a hotel telly or radio’ – leagues better. I’ve already had two evenings completely free of hotel television viewing thanks to this speaker and can forsee many more. I also bought a belkin charger which powers up this and the ipod at the same time so no issues with running out of power on either unit too. Drops one star just because of the price.

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  1. This review is from : Wowee One Classic – White/ Chrome

    Great speaker but rubbish battery life and you definitely need. Great speaker but rubbish battery life and you definitely need a pad for it to sit on coz they jump around.
    • Great if you find a suitable surface to place it on and you are a bass fiend. Amazing bass, but loses a star for the mobile phone level quality of the higher ranges.
      • But itself it is an ordinary speaker, however as soon as you touch the gel to a surface, the sound changes dramatically. It effectively turns any surface you rest it on into a speaker.My favourite objects are boxes, chairs, tables – anything with a hollow underside.
  2. This review is from : Wowee One Classic – White/ Chrome

    Perfect to impress friends and family with as well as the enjoy high quality sound with incredible bass. Long battery life per charge and cleanable rubbery gripping pad. Works/ sounds best when placed on thin wood panels or sheet metal, used it everyday whilst at college with friends to listen to music on and youtube videos.
    • Wowee speaker you will think this mini speaker is pretty ok. However – when you push it next. If you have never owned a wowee speaker you will think this mini speaker is pretty ok. However – when you push it next to the original wowee one speaker – it is a poor substitute for the wowee one – and is not in the same league for both loudness and sound quality. Opt for the wowee one and prepare to be wowed by that model.
      • Great compact speaker for travel etc. Great compact speaker for travel etc. Am a bit disappointed in the lack of play time i get before recharge. Was expecting up to 10hrs but lucky to get 2/3 hrs before i need to charge againother than that great speaker.
  3. This review is from : Wowee One Classic – White/ Chrome

    Have found tricky to find correct surface for item to work to its full capability.
  4. This review is from : Wowee One Classic – White/ Chrome

    This is my second wowee (first one still going strong. Bought for use with disabled kids. Great product -works on anything -empty bin, chair, wall -whatever you can think of. Recently took ours on holiday and had great funsticking it to the back of the sun lounger -which meant that i could hear and feel my tuneswithout annoying neighbours.
  5. This review is from : Wowee One Classic – White/ Chrome

    What a speaker lots of base plenty of power only down side the charge only lasts about 3 hours on constant.

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