WISCLASS Car Ashtray, Good product

Good little speaker with excellent sound quality for home/office use.

Small but quiet loud but not to loud where it is blaring but has got good sound quality. It connects automatically to the last device it was used with and if it does not detect any use after about about 5 min it turns itself off so it can save power. The only bad thing about it is that you got to disconnect from the last device, before you can connect to a new device but don’t let that bother you because most bluetooth devices are like that.

Super loud for such a small design. I use this to play videos to the public on a busy london road, outside a popular tourist attraction and its great.

Key specs for Car Ashtray, Easy Clean Up Detachable Stainless Car Ashtray with Lid Blue Led Light and Removable Lighter for Most Car Cup Holder:

  • BEST CAR ASHTRAY : that is car ashtray with lid easy to carry and fit most auto vehicle car cup holder. Sweet gift for you and your friends who smoke and drive car.
  • CLEAR VISUAL WITH COOL BLUE LIGHT DESIGN :Cool blue light will be lighten when you open and lift the lid,the ashtray cool blue LED’s light up.Also the cover can closes securely thereby keeping the smell from spreading or lingering. No need for the lighter, cover with removable cigarette lighter, gently turn it out and lit cigarette in your car conveniently.
  • DETACHABLE : It’s is portable car ashtray removable design liner easy to clean, good sealing performance and the smoke not easy to spread.Consist of two part of cigarette ashtray, press the back button, take off it and clean the liner easily with mental liner material. It is an excellent protection for ashtray bottom.
  • BRILLIANT CLASSY AND LUXURIOUS DESIGN : It gives the car a whole level of uniqueness and it makes even more fashionable with its cylinder shape. The LED light gives you easy visual access to the tray in a dark car/room and will light up when the lid is opened. This car ashtray looks classy and luxurious, eye-catching for everyone who is a fan of the extravagance.
  • Premium Quality : WISCLASS Ashtray for car is constructed out of premium quality material to provide you with a sturdy and durable tray, used for cigarette and fits most car cup holder. Fashion and classic, premium luxury design for car ashtray, made of high density fireproof material, is non-flammable.

Comments from buyers

“SoundCore Nano: Small size, bigi(sh) sound, excellent for podcasts and audio books
, Strong and easy to use
, Car Ash Tray – USB charged & Portable!

Great speaker, pocket size ideal to carry around and it’s loud too. It could do with a volume button instead you use the volume on your tablet or phone to adjust it. I would defo recommend this.

Handy as i always loose my lighter and good light for out in the dark.

I bought this for my daughter and i’m amazed at how powerful the sound is for such a tiny object. Its sturdy too, and very pretty. She says it was easy to set up. I havent seen her without this since christmas so yeah – big thumbs up from me and for the price definitely worth it.

Really nice portable easy to pair.

This is a really nice little speaker, i brought this for my mum at christmas and she uses it with the aux cord. It is very compact and portable, looks nice and great for casual listening. I wouldn’t say it’s suitable for blasting out tracks at a party (far from it) but rather for personal listening. If you did want something a little more punchy, go for the anker soundcore mini. As far as i’m aware, the battery is sufficient. I would rate the durability a 3/5 since although it is made of metal, i would imagine scratches would appear quite easily. If you want a compact, portable speaker to improve your phone speakers a little, this is what to buy :).

When recieved followed instructions to charging, unfortunatley it did not charged and so got in contact with anker and they recieved a new product within the next few days. Very pleased with the help and service given.

I bought this for playing music in the car as i do not have a radio. Will try it out on a longish trip in few days time. But i am well impressed with the sound quality for its size.

Had an issue with the item but customet service got in touch and was very swiftly sorted the problem. The product is very good looking and sounds very good as well.

Excellent speaker, compact but with great sound and easy to use. Excellent seller with very quick and efficient customer service. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Was surprised with the quality of the ashtray and the fact it comes with a built in light and flameless lighter that slots into the top of the lid is a brilliant idea, well done whoever thought of the design. I know it’s only an ashtray but it looks really good in my lexus.

Very good speaker nice size and very good finish. However disappointed that my package didn’t come with a strap and i feel that the box had been opened because there was no sticker on my box like my other anker products.

Great speaker, the battery life on mine was broken so anker sent me a brand new speaker free of charge.

It is a really cute speaker. Good so no for the cost and size. Will fit in my handbag over summer for picnics and such.

Arrived next day via prime as per usualwhen i opened the box i was pleasantly surprised. It looks cool with a polished black finish and stainless steel rim. Fits snugly in the centre console drink holder in my car. Has a removable cigarette lighter in the top of the lid. Flip the lid up and the whole of the top is illuminated with a cool blue light. The whole of the top section is removable with a simple twist so you can easily clean the inside. Will also be used as a mini waste bin which will come in handy on long journeys.

Very loud for such a small speaker.

So tiny with unbelievably big sound. Works as handsfree like a charm.

Best thing i bought n volume is brilliant.

An excellent, lovely looking speaker. We also have a bigger one for the living room.

The soundcore nano bt speaker is around 2 inches square, and just over an inch high, and just heavy enough to stay where you put it. For a square box it is attractive (i have the gold), and reflects an effort to apply design aesthetics. Fits the palm and hand grip perfectly. I rated the sound quality as 4 relative to its size. The sound of this speaker far exceeds any similar sized bt speaker i have encountered. I have not encountered another this small. As one might expect it does not reproduce bass well, though it appears that anker have done some work to sculpt the lower-mid-tones to reflect the bass component of the recording, which itself is largely lost. Surprisingly it does not sound ‘tinny’ or thin, just limited bass. However, you do get a sense of the bass since this is cued in the mid-tones so that you supply it yourself. It is useful for listing to a range of music in a lot of indoor and outdoor environments, has reasonable volume without significant distortion, and can be carried everywhere in a small bag or even trouser pockets.

For such a small speaker it’s fantastic. Was surprised when i opened the box and saw how mini it was but produces such great sound.

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Car Ashtray, Easy Clean Up Detachable Stainless Car Ashtray with Lid Blue Led Light and Removable Lighter for Most Car Cup Holder
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