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  1. This review is from : Wharfedale DX1 HCP 5.1 Home Cinema Speaker System (Gloss black)

    I have read people saying that there. I have read people saying that there is some distortion at high volume level but this is nonsense. For any urban, domestic, use these are perfectly powerful enough. If iwas to turn up the volume to anywhere near the volume they can cope with my neighbour would be calling the council yo complain about the noise. If you are in a position where more volume would be necessary or acceptable you would be after larger speakers i am really pleased with these, combined with a denon avr-x2200w, which would actually take another pair of back speakers and a second subwoofer, but the sound i get from the 5. 1 is excellent;all my music sources sound better.
  2. This review is from : Wharfedale DX1 HCP 5.1 Home Cinema Speaker System (Gloss black)

    Clear, precise and smooth sound-great bass. . Many have said how beautiful these speakers are to look at and listen to and no argument there. I was very impressed with the packaging, white gloves and all (i just used them as a cloth in the end). Set up was easy, getting the subwoofer crossover just right really sets up the encompassing feel. Through my onkyo amp the speakers sound great, no problem with connections. And if you have room space to the sides (advantageous) it fills that too, making reverbs sound truly expansive. Ironically i have to be quiet most of the time but these speakers perform well at low levels, amp and sound sources permitting. Bass is especially fine; listening to the opening title music of breaking bad really lends some smooth thumping tone to those drum beats but not in a house shaking way. Smooth, defined and clear fidelity. Just what you want out of surround sound system.
  3. This review is from : Wharfedale DX1 HCP 5.1 Home Cinema Speaker System (Gloss black)

    High gloss – and high quality. These are the first set of surround sound speakers i have owned, so i won’t try to compare them to anything else. First off, i was lucky enough to purchase mine when they were £349. 00 (from peter tyson), so bad luck if you paid the higher price.They come in a pretty hefty box, very well packaged and padded, and the individual speakers are wrapped and covered in their own cotton cloth. On first inspection, they exude high quality. There is a really satisfying weight to the speakers, and the design is amongst the finest out there. The high gloss finish is a double edged sword, though – they look fantastic, but are so, so easy to succumb to scratching, which is why wharfedale include a pair of cotton gloves for safe handling. Anyone will find these gloves invaluable to avoid fingerprints and marking. Unfortunately, some of the speakers i received were already scratched – several of them quite badly – and i had to return the speakers, not once, but twice.
  4. This review is from : Wharfedale DX1 HCP 5.1 Home Cinema Speaker System (Gloss black)

    I brought this neat little package after many weeks of research auditioning many competing systems. I was on the market for a quality cinema sound but hated the idea of having monolith sized speakers either side of my 50″ pioneer plasma, my lounge is not a teenagers bedroomi was looking for something that would seamlessly melt into the background but above all give me the quality, finesse & power of a top rate audio cinema systemhaving auditioned a couple of small home kits from both b&w and q acoustics i was beginning to reconcile myself that true quality was going to cost at least £700i had little hope that the baby wharfdale would measure up to the commanding sound to these highly regarded systems. How wrong was i, these speakers are true beauties giving a lush and powerful sound, the quality of manufacture is quite staggering. Cased in a gorgeous piano black finish this kit looks as if it’s worth at east double of the £400 asking price. Wharfdale even provide cotton gloves so that placement can be painless. Recommended without hesitation.

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