Wharfedale DX1 HCP 5 : Pretty fantastic

Great sound for small speakers – recommended. This speaker system looks high quality and sound very good for small speakers. Very good quality for the money. I can only recommend this speaker system.

For a small system it packs a mighty punch. This is the second of these i’ve purchased. The sound is bright and the subwoofer has enough oomph to make the plates rattle. For the price i cannot fault it. The speakers are small with a highly polished finish. According to the spec, they are 4 ohm speakers. Now my rx can only be set to 6/8 ohms. That said, all that means is: don’t turn them up too much. The speaker system came very well packaged in a single twin-wall carton using moulded papier-mache inserts. Each speaker was contained in a drawstring bag of non-woven fabric with a polythene foam layer between the speaker grill and the case.

Got these cheap from amazon for my new vsx-lx 55 home cinema system – i know people will probably tell me i’d be better off with other more expensive brands, but these are superb for my needs (quite a small living/diner), and the noise and clarity make guests jump. Here are the specifications for the Wharfedale DX1 HCP 5:

  • Wharfedale
  • Speaker Systems

These are a very nice set of speakers, they look and sound very good indeed for the money. Please note that the sub box does not have spiked feet as seen in the picture.

These speakers sound great and look great. I thought my last set of speakers were good, then i bought these. I can now here much more detail even at lower volume. The bass from subwoofer is exellent you can really here the rumble more clearly. The centre speaker is larger than i expected. I cannot recommend these enough. You will not get better sound at this price. I would also recommend getting these in gloss white they look really classy & the wife loves them.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great surround sound system
  • Pretty fantastic
  • For a small system it packs a mighty punch!
  • Fantastic speakers
  • Great sound for small speakers – recommended
  • Good quality of sound for my bedroom and works well

Great surround sound system. This system is exceptional for my small 160 sqft room. With yamaha rx-v371 av receiver sound is tight and punchy in movies. Ypao calibration system was really helpful. But receiver’s volume control is inadequate: from low to middle volume settings bass is just not enough. At high volume setting bass level is perfect, without changing any of sw’s settings. Receiver issues aside, i can truly recommend this system.

Good quality of sound for my bedroom and works well. Good quality of sound for my bedroom and works well through my receiver. Also speakers look great in high white gloss finish would recommend these.

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  1. This review is from : Wharfedale DX1 HCP 5.1 Home Cinema Speaker System (Gloss white)

    Good sound good bass but big thing wrong they just. Good sound good bass but big thing wrong they just keep crackling i have replace a set now and need to do the medel one now and the back one so i have replace them all but not the subwoofer and one so not that happy but going give 3 just when they do work they sound so good and i do keep putting the volume to lound but need to be more power i thick.
  2. This review is from : Wharfedale DX1 HCP 5.1 Home Cinema Speaker System (Gloss white)

    Reasonable to good bit of kit, looks expensive. Ok must start by saying this was bought to make up my first proper home cinema system ie not a hifi surround sound setup so i most definitely am no officianado. I bought this because i like white (no im not a woman) and it got good magazine ratings for performance and was a good price. As said i am no expert so the following is only my observation but i found the surround and front speakers good but the subwoofer lacking. Hmm will have a look, and bearing in mind its the only adjustable speaker, thinking about it, yup its probably me. They really do look the part and if i was given the choice again, i would still buy these.

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