Wharfedale Diamond 9 – Great value for money, but a great product whatever the price.

Great value for money, but a great product whatever the price. . I love these speakers so far. I’ve only had them a few days only, but i cannot fault them particularly for the price paid. The curved design is sleek and simple which makes them look classy. There’s nothing on there that isn’t needed for their purpose. Would highly recommend, sound is clear and powerful.

After days and months of research i came to the conclusion that these are just what i need for the money i’m willing to spend. Now that i have them, i can gladly say i am not disappointed. From the moment i open the packaging i knew these speakers were quality. My first wharfedales and certainly not my last. I’m running them off yamaha yht196 package receiver, as front speakers. The clarity of sound is absolutely amazing. The perfect addition to my surround package. Please note; these speakers are big. I read that the wharfedale diamond 10. 1s are no different in sound, just cosmetic changes. Am i disappointed i went with the older version?.Hell no, for ¬£100 i could not have done better.

Great but b&w are so so much better. Make no mistake these speakers are beasts. They both look and sound ‘the nuts’. I bought a pair 4 months ago to connect to my arcam separates and they sound and look beautiful. When i bought my arcams i wanted to get b&w speakers and bought these instead. After 2 months i decided to go with my gut and so for the previous 2 months i have owned a pair of bought 2nd hand mint condition b&w 601 s2’s which are much older. However for anyone purchasing at this price point i must recommend a decent search on ebay for some 2nd hand b&w’s as they are in a different class. Put side by side there is literally no comparison and the b&w’s far outclass these (amazing wharfedale speakers). I’ve owned these (now sold) and they are blown away in sound reproduction by b&w’s so search hard on the 2nd hand market and you will be receiving b&w audiogasms ūüôā ps i paid ¬£100 2nd hand for mint cond like new b&w’s.

  • Truly excellent value – Great sound
  • superb hifi on a budget
  • Sound great with a powerful amp
  • Hipsters read on THE FACTS >
  • Best speakers I’ve ever owned
  • Great speakers at a great price

These speakers are very good for the price. There is a newer version available at twice the price. But these will do me just fine well built,high quality sound. I`m happy and so would you be.

I cant help but think that even for £100 these speakers are not very good at all. First the sound on any of my three amps is just bland and when pushed confused, i just simply tier of listening to them and yes i have given then plenty of running in time with very little improvement. The quality control staff at wharfedale definitely need to go to spec savers, both bass ports on each speaker was not in running line with the ring on the mid bass driver leaving gaps big enough to see bare unpainted wood, one speaker is out of square and rocks on my stands. But the best is yet to come, cos when i first got them out of the box i herd a rattle inside one of speakers so i took the driver out to find blobs of solder lose inside, then i looked at the quality of the inside to find that the cable from the crossover to the tweeter is tinned together mid way which is ok but not when the heat shrinks not big enough to cover the join leaving bare wire on both the plus and neg wires and they are running right next to each other. Sound that bellies their price tag and exquisite build quality is what a well known hi fi mag said.

Wharfedale what more can i say. As usual from wharfedale a fantastic speaker the sound is excellent and the songs sound so clear vocals are easy to hear some other speakers leave the voices muffled and i have difficulty hearing them but not so with these. I am not a music/sound expert but these are great.

Absolutely fantastic pair of speakers. Hooked them up to a lepy lp-2024a+ amplifier, and the quality of audio that i’m getting out of them far exceeded my expectations. The depth and clarity of audio is excellent. If you’re looking for speakers that provide a clear well balanced audio when quiet and really loud, then these are the speakers for you. I would not hesitate to buy these again.

Amazing speakers for the price. Amazing speakers for the price. Paired with a cambridge audio a500 amp, they give a nice traditional warm and smooth british sound, low frequencies are very well reproduced considering their size, midrange and highs are well balanced.

I just took them out of the box and i have to say. Wow these speakers are well built. Only thing is i have to wait untill my marantz amp to arrive to hear them and i know it’s going to be brilliant. They are heavy for there size and built to last so can’t wait to listen to them and i will update my review.

Simply the best ¬£100 i’ve spent in a long time. Bi-wired and in the right place these speakers are absolutely amazing. Could not fault them other than the slight problem with the dust guard brackets falling off. Easily sorted with a bit of super glue. No need to spend ¬£50 more on the 10. 1 these are great and you won’t regret it.

Having researched speakers to replace my dad’s 27 year old sony ones which disintegrated after so much heavy use, we came across numerous rave reviews for the wharfedale diamond 9. 1 speakers and decided to purchase them from nottingham hifi centre. They arrived very swiftly on a free of charge one hour timed slot with dpd – fantastic. They were easy to set up with the aid of the detailed manual and a little know-how and my dad sat back and heard a quality and depth of sound that he hadn’t heard in ages, declaring himself chuffed to bits. We’d recommend them to anyone, they were at an unbeatable price too, representing excellent value for money.

I bought these to replace the speakers that came included with¬†logic3 valve 80 hybrid vacuum ipod dock amplifier with remote control¬†and have not been disappointed. They sounded ok out of the box, an improvement over the logic 3 speakers but still not as good as i had hoped. Bi-wiring them made the difference. I am using a mid range qed cable and the speakers are mounted on¬†atacama duo 6 speaker stands 600mm satin black¬†with the front leg filled with sand to add ballast. These speakers are definitely at their best with a bit of volume behind them, punchy with a good solid well focused base. I would definitely recommend mounting these on stands or a specialist wall mount, i think they are a bit much for standing on a shelf. The standard formula of having the tweeter at ear height in the listening position and having the speakers spaced the same distance as the listener is from the speakers definitely works with these wharfdale’s. I have them very slightly toed in, probably about 7 or 8 degrees. Build quality is very good, especially for a speaker that is now sub ¬£100 (¬£180 when released in 2005) these speakers were always given very good reviews by the various magazines, they may have been super-ceded by a newer model but if they were good in 2005 then they will still be good today, why pay double the amount for what is probably a small improvement.

These speakers are an absolute bargain at £100. They have been replaced by the 10. 1 at double this price for basically cosmetic changes. They used to retail at £180 and were reviewed by the hi-fi press as being better than many speakers costing double the price. Get them before they all sell out because you will not buy a better pair of speakers for a ton-many say you will not buy a better pair for 5 ton . Superfi delivered within 36hrs which i thought was fantastic too.

They came early, were well packaged and look fantastic on the atlas 60cm speaker stands i bought. This is my first foray in to getting technical and i bi wired them with the 10m loud speaker cable ofc oxygen free copper 4. 3mm 326 strand studio cable i bought from amazon and the sound is absolutely fantastic. I thought my last speakers were good (sony mb50) but these were cheaper and sound ten times better.

Get them while you still can. Great combo with cambridge audio azur 640a & c. ‘burn-in’ is a controversial idea, even with speakers -i have had these for 2 weeks now & whatever the reason they are still getting better: sound stage improving & frequency response sounding smoother. No complaints with superfi – speakers well packaged & speedy service.

1 speakers are absolutely amazing. I had recently bought a pair of the newer diamond 220 and thought they where great for the price with plenty of bass to go around. But then i got the diamond 9. And got absolutely overwhelmed by their power. Even though they’re older speakers (released in 2004 or so) they still leave the competition way behind. Amazing sound and a superb bass power that you could only expect from a 2 or 3 times bigger speakers (and pricier too). Honestly, i now regret getting the 220 and wished i had bought 4 of 9.

Truly excellent value – great sound. 1’s provide an amazing sound considering their low price and compact size. They’re very well built and have a high quality look and feel. They are powerful and very loud for their size. Nice rich powerful bass and very good mid-range and highs without distortion. They punch well above their weight. I think the main reason for the low price is simply due to them being superseded by the diamond 9. I daresay that the newer speakers are an improvement – but i bet you’d be hard put to notice the difference – unless you were a dog, of course.

Wharfedale diamond 9. 1 speakers. 1 speakers (pair) blacki rate these speakers very highly for their pricealso the construction and design is of a very high standardi am very impressed so far.

Great speakers at a great price. Great speakers at a great price. They compliment my panasonic a10 amplifier very well. I’ve used wharfedale speakers for over 25 years, and these little gems certainly keep the company’s name for excellence going. If you are on a slightly limited budget but want a quality pair of speakers then get these. Simply superb for only ¬£99. You will not be disappointed.

Sound great with a powerful amp. These are outstanding budget speakers, possibly the best i’ve heard at the reduced price of under ¬£100. But do them and yourself a favour, don’t put them on shelves, use proper speaker stands with the tweeter at ear level, and bi-wire with a slight toe-in, and you’ll experience three dimensional imaging and clarity that are normally the preserve of much more expensive speakers. Naturally they don’t have quite the scale of large floorstanding speakers, but they more than make up for this with a ‘realness’ and immediacy that good standmounters excel at. They have a very smooth and natural sound with plenty of detail but none of the harshness you often find with budget speakers. And i certainly had none of the build quality issues one reviewer here experienced. My only slight criticism is that, although they go plenty loud enough with the right equipment, you need to ensure you have adequate amplification, because they are pretty inefficient speakers. I tried several amps of varying power ranging from 25 to 120 watts and, despite wharfedale saying amps between 20 and 100 watts are suitable, i found amps under 50 watts struggled to achieve decent sound levels. This small caveat aside, still obvious 5 star material though.

My previous experience with speakers is with paradigm. I have owned speakers from the reference series and monitor series. 1’s are exceptional speakers. I paired them with a monitor audio a100. The combination works beautifully. Don’t hesitate if you want a nice looking, great sounding, inexpensive system.

I bought them to replace my (very) old jbls. The difference in sound quality is incredible. The front ports mean they can be positioned close to the walls in my rather small living room. For ¬£100 you are getting a fantastic bargain. I can’t recommend these highly enough.

Bargain high-quality speakers. These wharedale speakers deserve their positive reputation. For the price they are a steal. Beautifully made and packaged, with well designed cable posts they are simple to set up and used. I originally bought my pair for a desktop hifi solution for my pc. 1s are a little large and i swapped them with the qacoustice 2020i speakers that i was using on my lounge hifi. So i’ve had a chance to try them on two systems now. There’s strong bass that is well defined and lots of detail, a lovely wide soundstage too.