wavemaster 66208 STAX 2 – Great value, suprisingly high build quality

Very good value, and very good sound for this price range of stereo speaker sound system. The x2 satelite speakers are slim but sturdy and stable with a mat black metal base, and fit on my desk either side of my pc monitor. The subwoofer is well-made and fits snugly under the desk. The wired remote control is a great bonus – it controls on/off and volume, and has x2 sockets (x1 for earphones & another for a low line signal device such as a mp3 player). There’s a lot for your money. Very pleased with this product. Also, it was well packed, and arrived x1 day ahead of the original schedule – which wasn’t a problem as i was advised of this.

I have no qualms in recommending this satellite speaker system. The set up is easy, you literally plug in and go. The volume control is also brilliant and very easy to use. It is a simple dial that you gently twist to increase and decrease the volume. It also has a line in for a secondary device such as an ipad, other tablet or a smartphone, meaning that you have no need to unplug the system from your main computer or device. There is also a headphone input which is essential as the speaker system plugs into the headphone socket on your computer, and this is effectively an easy to access socket. This makes this a well thought through device. The design is sleek and cool looking, and fits in well in my photogrpahic studio. The sound, especially for someone with a hearing impairment and who wears hearing aids, like myself, is clear.

The stax is a nicely built 2. 1 system having metal bases to the two speakers, a metal wired remote control that has a neon status indicator, and a mdf cased sub with both bass and treble controls. Attached cables are longer than usual thus helping positioning and for the money there would be little to complain about in terms of perceived value. In use i can see this being enjoyed by the vast majority of users especially with a pc on a desktop. For myself, i had intended using it to attach to the analogue outputs of a sky hd box and it was here that it became problematic. There was a distinct lip sync problem which couldn’t be countered even after adjusting the sky box delay settings and so it is now on it’s way back to amazon. It is peculiar that a pair of pc speakers currently being used for this purpose do not display the same issue to the same extent. 1 system with a distinct treble and decently controllable base then the stax should be considered, but if you intend connecting it as i had done, then it may not be suitable.

Great sub with good satellites. First of all, these are brilliant value speakers and produce a good sound for the price. When they first arrived they were well packaged with clear instructions and correct plug. The remote is exellent, with the very useful headphone plug. I have them set up with a splitter, one input coming from my tv and the other from a sonos connect so it is very useful when wanting to watch the tv without waking anyone. When listening through sonos i have it linked to a play:1 and combined the sound is exellent, many thanks to the sub and the stereo sound. I sometimes find that the satellites produce a little too much treble and not enough bass but that may due to my placement of the subwoofer. That is the only thing that i can fault. I have been using these for nearly 2 months now and they have been absolutely brilliant.

  • Great value, suprisingly high build quality
  • Look expensive, sound great
  • Sounds great value!
  • Amazing speakers – The reviews were right
  • Great sub with good satellites

wavemaster 66208 STAX 2.1 Channel Stereo Speaker Sound System with UK Plug

  • 2.1 stereo speaker system with integrated 3-channel-amplifier for connecting to any kind of audio source (e.g. smartphone, TV, tablet, etc.).
  • Amplifier with total 46 Watt RMS including bass and treble control, power saving eco-standby-function (less then 0,5 Watt during standby)
  • Special features: separate, multifunctional control unit, integrated headphone amplifier and dedicated line-in for mobile audio sources.
  • Bluetooth-Upgrade: this speaker system is compatible to wavemaster STREAMPORT Bluetooth adaptor (device is not included in package content).

Look expensive, sound great. First thing i noticed was how nicely everything was packaged, all parts individually wrapped and well protected. The satellites are cool & cute, while having a really good weight to them, and they stand on a round base which can pivot at various angles – really neat. The remote sits nicely on my desk and when turning it – the ‘click’ noise gives a positive affirmation that it’s on and it also has a little blue light indicator too. You can also plug in your headphones and it has a ‘line in’ – all on the remote – giving easy access, so you don’t have to muck around plugging in headphones in the back of your computer. The subwoofer is loud enough to make you consider your neighboursaudio quality is more than good enough for general music listening, and watching youtube tutorials. The subwoofer is less obtrusive than i thought it would be, and doesn’t take up too much space. Mine came with an instruction manual, which was easy to follow for me : )lastly the satin black matt finish on speakers matches the remote and in general this whole set up is impressive; it looks expensive & sounds great for the price.

This is an excellent and lowpriced amp. Considering this also includes a sub woofer it represents fine value.

Great value, suprisingly high build quality. The first thing you notice about the wavemaster stax is what appears to be a a gimmick – the wired remote volume control. You soon realise it is a genuinely useful ‘extra’. In fact, it also has the line in (so you can connect a smartphone directly, for example) and headphone sockets, which make it extremely useful as a virtual extension cable for each. It avoids the usual hassle of either reaching to the back of the pc or have wires trailing from the front. This remote pod feels reassuringly heavy and the rotation is smooth. The volume control is also the on/off, activated when you rotate the knob past the resistance at the bottom end of the volume. A discrete led on the unit indicates the power. Even the power on/off is damped. The two satellite speakers have solid metal bases, again giving that feel of quality.

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  1. Having had the acclaimed creative i-trigue l3800, it was a sad day after 6 years to have a volume control fault. Read the reviews, and bought german wavemaster stax 2. Not looking back, these pc (media) speakers are superb. Requires initial adjusting on woofer for bass (wow) and treble, to your hearing taste, then perfection. They sound as good as the l3800, but nearly a third of the price. I would recommend these speakers without hesitation. Only neg being the satellite speakers look a bit flimsy, but they are not. The sound is amazing, soft or loud, clarity a1, very neat size too.
    • I went for these for the frequency response of the sub, which seemed to exceed that of everything else in the price range, reason being it was a present for someone who listens to a lot of hip hop/bass music and most speakers in this range just don’t go low enough to reproduce proper sub bass. It’s not as loud as some products in the same price range but it is definitely more than loud enough. The speakers look small and flimsy in the photo but they are sturdy and sound great. The sub itself is ridiculously impressive, it’s loud, has a seperate bass control, and sounds really clean even on the lowest of lows. If you listen to music that requires a decent sub you seriously could not do better than this for the money.
  2. I was expecting a something with small sound when i see the pictures. Holy moly, thats f****ing amazing and powerful. Would recommend as a powerful sound system for any (y).
  3. This review is from : wavemaster 66208 STAX 2.1 Channel Stereo Speaker Sound System with UK Plug

    Although the price i paid for these originally has almost doubled in time for christmas.
    • I’m a professional photographer and recently hired a studio to shoot a dj. I’m into kizumba, which needs a serious punch if you’re to feel it. Anyway, the studio had a pc set up with wavemaster stax speakers and they asked what music we want on while shooting. They pulled some kizumba in from napster and boy what a sound. I thought this must be a serious set of speakers. When they told me £49 on amazon, i thought they were joking.
  4. This review is from : wavemaster 66208 STAX 2.1 Channel Stereo Speaker Sound System with UK Plug

    Fantastic price, fantastic sound, fantastic build. I was so surprised when i heard them, they had the sound of a much more expensive system.
  5. This review is from : wavemaster 66208 STAX 2.1 Channel Stereo Speaker Sound System with UK Plug

    Sounds good, easy to set up, love the spread of the sound around the room – great gadget for a great price – would totally recommend for a medium size room or smaller :o).
  6. This review is from : wavemaster 66208 STAX 2.1 Channel Stereo Speaker Sound System with UK Plug

    Amazing speakers – the reviews were right. I don’t spend a lot on speakers for my pc, because if you pump the volume up enough – then it just annoys everyone else in the house. So when i researched which ones to buy, i was guided by reviews on technology sites first – and on here second. If they cost £100, then you could get into a discussion about serious quality and value, but they don’t. They’re just over £40 and work really well. My last speakers were from logitech and there was a lot of ‘boom’ in the mid-range. I only noticed it when i plugged these in and everything was so much clearer. The styling is excellent and i used the little mounting holes in the satellite speakers to wall mount them, which looks cool and sales desk space. But the best thing about the wavemaster stax is the remote control unit. You would think it’s clunky, but actually it’s chunky and has both a headphone and line-in socket.

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