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Incredible sound with beautiful looks and finish.

I was looking for a decent bluetooth speaker and initially considered the dali katch as it was listed as the best speaker of its type at the time in what hifi. I then looked it up on youtube and discovered the vifa range of speakers via clavinetjunkie. I’m glad i did as the sound this speaker produces is really excellent, especially in ‘ late night’ mode setting found via the vifa app (the app is rather clunky admittedly). If portability is your main requirement then you might be better looking elsewhere given the size and relatively low battery life. The smaller helsinki is better in this regard and also sounds excellent and is cheaper too. The oslo rocks though and is impressively loud – possibly too loud if you use it in a small room and the helsinki is more sufficient in these circumstances – with no obvious reduction in bass response at higher volumes unlike many such speakers. As others have mentioned, the incremental volume levels are too pronounced on your phone settings so make sure you are prepared to make micro volume adjustments on the unit instead. Some may also find the lack of stereo production a negative too. To me, these are small sacrifices to make given the quality of the sound this speaker delivers.

Design is very nice and quality and details are also very good. Good choice if you like quality audio with a nice design piece.

Excellent high-definition speaker. While it has some difficulty connecting bluetooth, once it does the signal is clear and stable. A great purchase, plus it has a very elegant appearance.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • This is my first bluetooth speaker and it’s great. I have heard many others as my son
  • Fairly pricy, but great hi-fi portable speaker
  • Best sounding bluetooth speaker I ever had.

It sounds amazing and its very bass heavy but, if you’d like something kinda quiet look elsewhere.

And before oslo i had beolit 15, beoplay a2 active and beoplay p6. Vifa oslo beats them all by a huge margin. Superb design, great battery life and epic sound quality. Can’t recommend them enough.

Very impressed with the hifi sound.

Works great with my iphone looks fantastic too.

This is my first bluetooth speaker and it’s great. I have heard many others as my son has at least half a dozen and many were good. I liked the bose ones, and found them amazing for their size, if a bit bass heavy. I didn’t like the unbalanced sound of the b&0 play beolit 15, which is roughly the same price and size as the vifa oslo. I don’t need it to be too portable as i use it around the house. I don’t need it to be too loud, but want a balanced sound with clear mid ranges. The vifa oslo fits this as well as i had hoped. Music is balanced, with firm bass, clear and forward mid range and silky trebles. It sounds amazing when turned up, which i don’t do very often.

Awesome sound quality for all styles of music, feels very nice build quality, fairly decent battery life, loud enough for large rooms and house parties and doesn’t really distort at high volumes. The app let’s you mess with a few eq settings. I find late night mode is best (boosts bass), combined with the wall setting (for when speaker is placed high up) as this seems to add some clarity.

Really has been a very good experience in terms of portable sound, i am very satisfied with the purchase, i recommend 100%.

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Vifa Oslo Bluetooth Speaker | Nordic Design | Perfect Portable Wireless Speaker for Apple iPhone iOS and Samsung Android - Ocean Blue
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