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I use this wonderful little speaker as my go-to portable travel speaker. If sound quality is your main consideration then i whole-heartedly recommend it. As others have noted the vifa app can be frustrating to use (it sometimes takes a couple of times to open it before it recognises the speaker) but at lower volume levels it sounds better if you switch it to ‘late night’ mode and then change it back to ‘natural’ mode above 60% volume. Volume gradations are also a little too widely spaced when using your phone to adjust so better to make incremental changes directly on the speaker itself. The quibbles aside, the sound is the reason for buying this speaker. It plays loud (especially for its relatively diminutive size) and has a relatively flat frequency profile with no dynamic compression at higher volume levels. Not the cheapest speaker on the market and perhaps quite feminine looking in style, nevertheless this is a great-sounding unit. Worthwhile shopping around to try and find a discount.

Checked out various bluetooth speakers prior to buying this one, close to buying b and o beolit 15, but not to sure about 360 sound feature, i like my music to come to me from the front, like at a concert,(old school i know) the vifa helsinki does just that and the sound clarity is superb, i would recommend this to hi fi enthusiasts.

By some fluke last week, two wonderful speakers came up on amazon warehouse deals – the vifa helsinki and a dali katch, both at rather crazy prices for such top speakers. If you’ve read my dali katch review – you don’t need to read on, as this borrows heavily from it since both speakers are at the top of their game and the reviews needs must be similar. Because the prices were so very good, i took the plunge and bought both, thinking that i’d keep the best one of the two. But there wasn’t a ‘best’ – both showed themselves to be surprisingly different, but both in their own way, outstanding. For now, i’m keeping both. With my son, this week, we’ve had fun auditioning the two alongside his bose revolve plus. How does the vifa helsinki sound?. It’s big, spacious, loud, relaxed and natural – totally satisfying and as good as anything i’ve heard in a bluetooth design. It’s still a one box speaker, of course, and that does limit, even if only by a little, the sense of hi-fidelity that can be achieved. The laws of physics cannot be broken.

Key specs for Vifa Helsinki Bluetooth Speaker | Nordic Design | Perfect Portable Wireless Speaker for Apple iPhone iOS and Samsung Android – Sandstone Grey:

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  • EXCLUSIVE STYLE AND VERSATILITY – Looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker that looks extra special? The Vifa Helsinki is a beautifully designed Bluetooth speaker that delivers a powerful audio performance
  • AWARD-WINNING DESIGN – Helsinki received the Red Dot Award for best product design in 2016 and can be examined in one of the Red Dot Design Museums. This cute handbag-shaped portable speaker features a durable leather strap, crafted by Swedish Tärnsjö Garveri and a woven wool grill by Danish textile designer Kvadrat
  • STELLAR SOUND – Force Balanced Woofers paired with a digital pure path amplifier. DSP crossover optimized for low distortion and high precision. Helsinki delivers a powerful quality audio performance with clear highs and robust bass response in a lightweight small size
  • MADE TO SHARE – The Helsinki wireless loudspeaker utilizes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, to easily connect to any wireless network, letting you stream music directly to the loudspeaker from multiple devices
  • INCLUDES – One Vifa Helsinki, Short Leather Strap, Power supply, AUX 3.5mm mini jack cable, Manual, Quick guide, Travel bag, and Warranty

Comments from buyers

“A fantastic speaker to own and enjoy
, Best in class
, It is one of my favorite portable speaker

Thank you amazon for delivery on time & putting on your site to purchase. It is one of my favorite portable speaker. So clear so free so nice sounding. Also the scandinavian woolen cloth in speaker is damn good. Even after some months use could find no deterioration (of course everything deteriorates in long use). The battery life is less but what matters is the sound quality without which any speaker is useless as per me. Hope vifa improves on the battery life. Thanks to vifa & also thanks to amazon.

By far and above the best bluetooth speaker i’ve ever heard. Wish the software for altering the eq for late night mode etc had more options and was a tad more stable. Still, it’s early days and it can only get better if the quality of the hardware is anything to go on. I started with the soundlink mini then bought the soundlink 3 and sent that back for a refund when i heard the helsinki. Not as bassy as the bose but in the right spot it has more of a punch. Fills a room and amazed when i put it in the garden. First spotted watch a german reviewing speakers on youtube. It’s not the most masculine speaker i’ve ever seen but close up it reeks of quality and passed the wife acceptance factor. She is happy to have it on the side in the kitchen.

This is the very best wireless speaker, by a mile, in the price bracket, or the next, or the next. Simply put, this is the most surprising small speaker i have ever heard (yes i did buy it – of course i did )once i’d heard this, and compared it with a few others, that i was interested in, i realised that there was no competitionthis has incredible sound quality and room filling spacious volume – this spaciousness is because they have six drivers in this unitif you’re using a phone or music player you can download the vifa app, to give you more control over your listening. There is a superb ‘late night’ mode which adds an extra warmth, to the sound. I’ve had denon, bose, b&o, h. And this beats them allamazing little speaker – that sounds like a much larger unit. A classy and subtle design that looks good too. It’s not cheap – but when you’ve heard one playing rock, classical, folk. Anything, in fact, you won’t hesitate to justify the expense.

Great, five star sound quality, which has been covered by other reviewers so i won’t rehash, but there a few negatives which may lead to me send it back, and as the negatives haven’t really been discussed in detail, here are a couple. Using the volume buttons on my iphone, the first four volume steps are enormous and easily take you close to 50% of full volume. After the first four, it calms down and give more sensible increments. The volume buttons on the speaker help a bit, halving the size of the jumps, but that means getting up and walking over. Late at night, when everyone else in the house is sleeping, i daren’t touch the volume buttons on the phone. Only really sounds impressive loud.

Well i had high hopes for this speaker given the huge number of glowing reviews out there. Let me start by saying i love my music and have had some equipment in the past and some decent bluetooth speakers also. I do love peering into the depths of my music and hearing the separation of instruments and getting the pure sound with good deep bass. Now i know bluetooth speakers can never deliver truly on this because bluetooth is itself a compression algo but still given the reviews i hoped to be seduced. My first impression was that this was smaller than i was expecting although reassuringly weighty. The sound to my ears is highly analytical, overly so. On certain tracks yes, it was fantastic, but only on vocals. I found the high end to sound un-naturally bright, not harsh but still very bright. The mids seemed lacking and while the bass was there you don’t feel it in your stomach as you do with some speakers, and yes i include the jbl xtreme. I also found the stereo speration to be limited and gace the speaker a boxy nature to the sound, it did not break the confines of its enclosure, i had expected more given the price and reviews.

Quality, room-filling sound that’s almost worth 5*. It has excellent, reliable bluetooth connectivity. It has connected to samsung mobile, a samsung tablet, acer chromebook and panasonic tv. Good solid connections with all. My only minor niggles stopping it getting the extra star are the battery life could be longer and it’s a little expensive.

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