Veho SAEM S3 Ayrton Senna Bluetooth Car and Speaker Kit – – VEHO Handsfree car kit.

Its a bit crackly trying to hear who has called you.

Arrived today so i can’t comment on battery life even though i may have it permanently wired to a +5 volt supply. I understood all the functionality before i purchased this item (s3 – even though it’s a model vbc-002-as) and everything worked as expected. The added benefits i found while using a samsung s7 edge phone (some older model and all later models will be the same) was that within the phone app settings you can configure to auto-answer after 2 seconds, which works perfectly with this device. Also, google assistant provided voice dialing which i found more accurate than samsung’s s-voice. Either way, auto-answer and voice dialling all work perfectly plus all the other features as stated. Playing bluetooth music through this unit was a waste of time as the sound quality through the speaker on your phone probably sounds better. To sumarise, less complicated than my previous parrot device which was 3 times the price and it seems more reliable so far.

I have two cars, bought this for the most recent addition as the other car already had an advantage hands free visor device which works well. After a month i bought another veho and gave the avantalk away. The telling advantage of the veho being it’s ability to sense when you get in the car and switch itself on. Here are the specifications for the Veho SAEM S3 Ayrton Senna Bluetooth Car and Speaker Kit –:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Powerful 3W speaker system with bass enhancement and built-in A2DP for playing music wirelessly from your smartphone
  • Unique AMS (automated motion sensor) technology with human body sensor for energy saving and extended battery life
  • Extended battery life with 32 hours talk time
  • Includes a 5V car charger adapter

Sound quality on calls very good for both caller and receiver. Volume when playing music generally pretty good. Could maybe do with being a bit louder when motorway driving.

Fantastic price, works well.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Works well including auto-answer and voice dialing
  • This is great! Compared to my previous device it’s outstanding actually
  • Clever, un-intrusive the way tech should be

Keeps disconnecting tho due to the moation senser for some reason.

As described, working very well, connects to phone as soon as i sit in the car. The only minus would be not illuminated buttons otherwise it’s perfect.

Great piece of kit,very easy to set up,looks good, works well,i’m very pleased.

Works well but sound quality is just ok. Drops connection to blackberry 3 or 4 times over a 2 hour journey – may be a blackberry issue to be fair. A shame it does not store last 10 numbers or allow scroll through of same on the phone.

Motion detection is a great feature and saves on battery drain. Battery life is excellent and i have no trouble hearing conversations through it even in my noisy van. Bluetooth reception quality is very good with no drop off throughout conversations.

Wee bit ‘tinny’ audio but easily used.

It does what it is supposed to do but compared to others on the market for similar prices the sound quality is pretty poor and the sensor cause it to constantly beep at you every few minutes.

The veho is a slim and neat device, with a good strong spring to attach it to the visor. The strong spring requires more effort to fit to the thicker visors but it certainly will not fall off. Easy to pair with your phone, a joy to operate and use with a good clear, loud volume level. The welcome chime as it detects you entering the vehicle gives you confidence that it is still powered on and ready to go. There can be a problem on a sunny day when you decide to use the visor. This now means that the unit and its controls are on the reverse side of the visor facing the windscreen and out of reach, but there is still the option to press the answer button on your phone or reverse the fitment. If your car is parked very close to the house, you might find that your phone does not drop the bluetooth connection to this unit when you exit the vehicle, which means that this unit continues ring in response to incoming calls instead of your phone, leaving you wondering why your phone no longer rings. Park further away or if you can’t, switch it off each time.

Dose what it says grate for hands free.

One of the only ones i have found that work well. Good battery, good sound quality.

This hands free is very good and does exactly what it says on the tin. That’s where the only problem is , it switches on and off as it detectsmotion in the car , which is great if you only drive in areas that requirea lot of moving about , ie , in towns or cities. Get onto motorways or long duel cartridge ways and it will turn it’s selfoff until you start changing gear and using the steering wheel again. On long motorway journeys you could be disconnected for long periodsof time , it’s a minor problem that comes about because it does it’s jobso well , i find myself having to move my hands about to keep it active.

Incredible value for the money.

Bought this basically to pair up with my nokia 108 g2 phone for use when driving,unfortunately does not pair up. Seems to only pair up with fairly recent g3/g4 smartphones. Does not pair up with:nokia 108 (simple g2 phone)samsung s3 mini (samsung pebble – gt-i8190n – older smartphone)moto g xt1039 (older smartphone)pairs up with :umi emax (fairly recent smartphone)hence (i’m not a bluetooth expert) if you have a recent smartphone (bluetooth 4. If before then possibly not.

Great value for money, works great.

I am completly impressed with this gadget, it does exactly as advertised. I managed to find an app for my phone which turns the bluetooth on an off when a call is received and ended, after a few rings on the phone its connects with the veho all automaticaly. Youtube has a great demo of this.

Not as easy to use as i thought, but works, but you have to take a hand off the steering wheel to end a call.

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