Veho M4 Bluetooth Speaker | Wireless Speaker | Portable | Rechargeable | Travel Speaker | Built in MP3 player – : Great little speaker system

Arrived ok, looks nice, is compact and is loud. The only issue i have is my phone can only connect to one speaker. So i cant hear the music upstairs and downstairs in theory. But the little soeaker is loud so you can hear it still but not as loud.

Brilliant sound for its size. I use it to get a good sound from my laptop when i’m on the move. Works great with my tiny mp3 player which i always carry with me. When i might be meeting up at someone’s house, camping, or staying overnight in a b&b, its a handy device to bring along, suddenly we have the means for background music or full on sounds. Good volume, good sound, good looks, good size, good wee carry pouch.

Excellent value for money, smaller than i expect, however is still loud and clear. Can get distorted at highest volume when the song has lots of bass. Bluetooth connection was fast, easy and after first connecting automatically syncs when switched on no problems. Only reason for 4 start as when playing through bluetooth battery only lasts a couple of hours.

Love the veho, i’ve had a few of these for a few reasons. Don’t drop them as the plastic at the top is weak and often breaks the clips when done so leaving the top exposed to liquids etc. Reallygood quality and overall loudness for its size, convenient. Would recommend getting the older black version and this one has an annoying asian voice screaming low battery even though on low battery with the old ones they still last forever. For the price and quality you can’t go wrong to be honest.

  • Best value for wireless sound.EVER!
  • Punches above it’s weight
  • Great buy

Veho M4 Bluetooth Speaker | Wireless Speaker | Portable | Rechargeable | Travel Speaker | Built in MP3 player – White (VSS-747-360BT)

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  • Two 2.2 Watt speakers for big sound with up to 5hrs playtime from Internal Lithium rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth wireless V2.1 Supporting Bluetooth Profiles A2DP AND AVRCP
  • Wireless touch control on speaker to control Volume Up/Down and Track Skip FWD/BACK
  • Also Supports 3.5mm Line In and Up to 16 GB Micro SD card using MP3 or MWV file formats
  • Totally portable measuring 6cm high and 5cm in diameter

Was very happy with the sound from this small unit. Not by any means hifi but perfectly acceptable for a speaker of this size. Very portable and perfect to take on holidays. Handy track and volume controls on the top and easily paired with an iphone or macbook (track controls work with both). Only problem with the unit is that the rubberised plastic top where the controls are situated came off mine. Totally detached from the speaker. The problem seems to be a lack of adhesive to bond the top. Sent back for refund although i may buy another in the future if build quality improves.

This isn’t the cheapest, but it was the first to utilise the ‘drum’ design and include a micro sd card slot too. The bluetooth is easily linked, sound quality is very good and cosmetically it remains cooler than most of its rivals. It will cost you between £30-40 (as at sept 13) but it is most definitely worth it.

I use this in my car, and it’s pretty decent – connects easily and i can play everything off of my phone. I’ve had no problems with it.

Easy to sync to bluetooth and good sound quality.

Brilliant this is the second one i have bought, my daughter loves the one i got her. Easy to use and connects by bluetooth to my iphone no problem.

The packaging looked a bit dodgy and there were a couple of marks on the unit itself and i had a nagging feeling that this was a faulty unit that had already been returned. Anyway went ahead and charged it as per the instructions, set it up turned it on and it worked great and i was very pleased with the sound quality and the versatility. Problem is that the flipping thing would not turn off and i had to wait for the battery to run down before the blue surround lights went out. Confirmed my feeling that this unit had previously been returned for repair (which clearly had not been done properly). Having said that i am returning the unit and will order another in the expectation that i’ll get a new one this time.

I have been a fan of the veho 360 speakers for years. For the money – i don’t believe you can get better. I love how i can use a mini sd card as well as bluetooth. The real winner however is the sound that comes out. The volume combined with the clarity is unbelievable. My sister teaches dance and used to take with her a huge cd player. Now she just uses this little tiny speaker. I would love this product to have a mic – so it could be used for hands free conference calls but you can’t have everythingi love love love them.

For it’s size and weight this little speaker gives a pretty good and loud sound, although it can distort a bit at full volume. Very useful control functions too. Battery life is reasonable, although a repetitious asian voice comes on telling you “ro batteree”, once a minute would be more than enough. I haven’t tried the ssd slot as this only supports rubbish formats like mp3. A friend of mine has a much larger, heavier jml bluetooth speaker which has far richer sound, but the control options are not as good and its size and weight make it far less convenient to carry around, particularly when size and weight are and issue. The m4 is very small and light and is therefore ideal for taking hiking, camping or flying. It’s unfortunate that the charging connector is mini-b instead of the micro-b that most smartphones have, meaning you have to carry an extra lead.

This is a reasonably good looking device, and it does what it says on the tin, however, the first thing you notice is there is no sense of orientation for the controls (which is fast-forward and which is rewind?). You get used to it, but you still wish. As you begin to use it, you find that it’s software is quite buggy (takes a couple of cold boot cycles to connect and play music successfully on a sony xperia s, for instance). Like other commenters have said, it’s unstable, but not unusably so. You will quickly notice that when the battery goes flat, it often leaves your mobile phone puzzled for a bit, until the bluetooth connection times out. It appears that more savvy bluetooth devices teardown the bluetooth connection properly when they sense that the battery is about to give out. That’s another feature that the manufacturer ought to consider. Having used many bluetooth headphones in the past, i expected comparable battery life (5 – 8 hours of playback). I do not believe i’ve managed to eke out 2 hours from this device. I usually turn it up in the morning for roughly 30 minutes while i get ready for work.

I purchased this little speaker to use, in the first instance, to provide music for my 5-year-old daughter’s birthday party. I wasn’t sure if it would be loud enough for a party of 20-odd small children in a church hall but it was more than powerful enough for the purpose. Add to that the fact that whoever was controlling the music could easily hold it in their hand and pause it or jump to the next track in an instant, and also the excellent battery life, and it was ideal for the purpose. It’s so small that it will also be perfect for popping into a bag to take on holiday and i can see us using it in the garden as well. The micro sd card slot is really handy as it eliminates the need for another device to provide the music. All in all i’m absolutely delighted with it.

I use this mainly for listening to tunein radio (through my smartphone) in the mornings. The volume you can get out of this wee thing is quite incredible. Obviously it lacks bass and it can have a bit of a ‘farty’ noise when you play certain tracks or turn it up a bit, but what do you expect from such a small unit?minor downsides: sometimes (5% of the time) it takes a while to connect to the bluetooth of my phone, and you have to turn it off and on to reconnect it. The same happens with my laptop, but you get there in the end. This could be down to the bluetooth on the phone/laptop though, both a few years old now. The bluetooth range is quite short for me and if you are watching a video you actually realise that its a tad out of sync, but that might be down to the devices again. Overall though, i didn’t expect it to be anything more than what it is, a handy wee wireless speaker to make my phone a bit louder. Oh yes, watch out for the sound it makes when you turn it on in bluetooth mode, it scares the crap out of me every time.

Bought this product a few months ago after walking past one in selfridges and being astounded at the clarity and loudness that the little speaker was making. Have mainly been using the product around the house and outside in the garden/park and have been very impressed with it. Initially when i first purchased it i used the bluetooth feature, my phone (iphone 5) easily connected to it and range was roughly as described (10m). However i did find that using the bluetooth feature sapped the battery much more quickly on both the phone and the speaker. Since using the speaker with the line-in cable (which is supplied) battery life of the speaker has been excellent, definitely getting 4 hours out of it as described. Charging is quick, i normally just plug the cable into usb slot of the apple chargers, but sure it would also charge in a computer. Highly recommend this to anyone who wishes to purchase a reasonably cheap and decent quality portable speaker.

This little speaker is very handy to carry round in your laptop bag for when you want some extra volume for audio monitoring. Comes with aux and usb charge cables. Bluetooth sound quality very good on my phone, but obvioulsy this affects the battery life, which is about 2. This is plenty for my needs, though some reviewers on other sites have complained it isn’t long enough. Very good volume for its size, at full volume i can use it to play back piano accompaniments loud enough for my children to hear when they are practicing clarinet or flute parts. It is signifcantly better than the laptop’s built in speakers, and miles better than a phone speaker, but it won’t replace your hi-fi. Well enough made, and easy to use. Can be found discounted (march 13) at £20.

Neat device that works perfectly for our desire – which is to listen to radio in the conservatory – which up until this was somewhere that the broadband wireless (and forget about fm) didn’t properly reach. By relaying the signal to the ipad and then on to this my wife can have it in the conservatory and garden. We have bigger bassier unit for music streamed in the house, it would be foolish to pretend that this is adequate for music enjoyment, but the tone for voice is superb.

At first i was surprised when i saw the box, it seemed tiny. I unboxed it, and it showed itself to be even smallera few hours after charging it, i tried it with my phone, via bluetooth. It worked immediately, it is really easy to use. As i’m listening loud music (metal), it sometimes seems to have difficulties to play it, i must pay attention not to set the volume too high on certain songs. Of course this device is not intended to use on public spaces, or won’t replace a big speaker, but it does his job perfectly in the bathroom or the kitchen, when i want to enjoy my music and not disturb other people at home. I’m really happy with my purchase, i now need to buy a sd card so i won’t need my cellphone everytime i want to use it. It must be a really nice addiction to every trip. But i wouldn’t know how to recharge it when no computer is around as it doesn’t come with an ac charger. Maybe with a cell phone charger?.I’ll have to check that out.

Music sounds better if veho is placed on something that amplifies the sound.

I saw these speakers demonstrated at the ideal home show in london in march and was very impressed with the sound quality. I was tempted to purchase then and there but they were at almost full price and the oh didn’t look too impressed (with the price not the quality) so i reluctantly walked away. Boy, was i glad i did as i found the identical item here on amazon for £25 a few weeks later. The speaker arrive the following day via amazon prime and was well packaged in robust packaging. The speaker itself felt heavier than i was expecting but i was pleased as it looked and felt very well made. Despite the instructions stating the speaker should be charged fully before first use i just couldn’t wait and in a matter of minutes had it paired up with both my iphone 5 and ipad 4. I work alongside my oh from our home office and whilst i work better with music belting out they prefer it quiet. We have successfully navigated our different working styles as i now wear my parrot zik headphones which are synced via bluetooth to my spotify app either on my iphone or ipad. Whilst my oh works regular hours i tend to work afternoon/evenings more so as soon as they leave the office off come my headphones and out comes my veho speakerits also great when doing jobs around the house at the weekends as the speaker comes with you so your music can follow you around. :)as much as i love my parrot zik headphones my favourite use of the veho is when i’m soaking in a hot bubble bath listening to some ambient music.

Have loved this little speaker. The first one lasted years and was taken with me when moving around a lot. Really would recommend this if you need a small, handy but good quality bluetooth speaker.

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Veho M4 Bluetooth Speaker | Wireless Speaker | Portable | Rechargeable | Travel Speaker | Built in MP3 player - White (VSS-747-360BT)
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