Ultimate Ears ROLL 2 Bluetooth Speaker Ultraportable – Five Star product

Ue roll 2 speakerheard on of these speakers while on holiday in canada, and thought wow . . The sound was amazing and so robust – perfect for outdoors. Once home i decided to order one. Saw a good offer on amazon warehouse deals – like new and thought go for it. . I returned the item within an hour of receipt. . Condition of what i was sent was an absolute disgrace. . As a long term customer, i was annoyed and will now not buy electronics via amazon warehouse deals again. . I then immediately ordered the speaker again at full price. And it is brilliant, so pleased i did.

Bought when my car speakers stopped working, was so handy in carextremely loud for the size off it, surprises everyone when i show them the size off speaker the sounds coming fromgreat build quality and survives drops well and spillages.

I keep this in my room and i can still hear it in the kitchen which is some distance away. Good for personal use but i can see it being drowned out with a large number of guests.

I have been very happy with this speaker. I bought this as i couldn’t afford a mini rig but still wanted a decent speaker. I did a lot of research and found multiple sites review it as the top portable bluetooth speaker in its price range. Absolutely agree that it was the best choice for my money, great sound quality and surprisingly loud.I haven’t dropped it in water yet but have spilt several drink on it with no issues. Am now trying to convince my friends to buy them so we can connect them, have convinced 1 already with 2 others thinking about it.

The sound is ok for medium volume but not good enough for higher volume (or a party). I would definitely go for a bigger boom speaker like the wonderboom or boom 2. However all booms have a bit off sound quality issues when it comes to trebles.

Honestly a little disappointed with it. When it works, it works great, however moving it around will cause some loosing signal at a certain distance. Getting it to connect to my computer and what is plays is also a little annoying as i have to close itunes and re-open it after connecting so that it’ll play what’s playing on itunes (this seems more of an itunes issue than the speaker though). It’s also annoying not to include a pause/skip/back buttons on the speaker too. Otherwise, it’s ok and the sound quality is decent though.

  • Excellent – if you don’t mind controlling music from your phone
  • Outstanding Speaker for Size and Price
  • LOVE IT !!!!!!!

Great sounds quality – louder than i can ever see us needing, plays super quiet too which is handy, looks fantastic, but it is much heavier than anticipating. You can find out the charge by pressing both the plus and minus sound buttons which is nice.

I just received this to use in the garden. Clear and loud and so easy to set up and use. Seriously considering ordering a second one as you can link them up,.

Bought this for my son to improve the audio from his phone & laptop. Surprised at how loud and clear the output is from such a small speaker. Feels quite robust, and i’m sure my son will test that quality over time. More expensive than some other speakers, but for the size, bluetooth range and sound quality it’s worth paying a bit more.

The sound is good but there is no way to play or pause from the device, only to turn the volume up or down. For a device that is meant to allow you complete freedom from 100 metres away how annoying is it to then have to keep going back to your phone to change a track, pause or play.

From such a small speaker comes an amazing quality, depth and volume of sound. Used it with an iphone in a presentation in a large hall – everyone could hear clearly and were initially surprised by the volume from such a small speaker.

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5 Stars Across The Board

One of the leaders in tech advice – whathifi – has rated all of our Ultimate Ears products with 5 stars. Unsurprising to us, reassuring for you. Our products really are that good.

Bold, Yet Beautiful

The big, bold, beautiful sound of UE ROLL 2 gives adventure a soundtrack. Sound so loud you’ll have to shout to be heard. It’s an ultra-portable wireless Bluetooth speaker that goes where you go with a stretchy, attachable bungee. Looking good was never this easy.

Double Up

More friends crash the party? Wirelessly double up with a second UE portable speaker and take your sound to a whole new level.

Waterproof. Shockproof.

Like, you can completely submerge it in water and it will be totally cool. Or you can bungee it to the front of your kayak as you go over a waterfall in a monsoon with tunes blasting. No problem. Needless to say, it’s just the right waterproof Bluetooth speaker for shower parties.

We understand the incredible importance of pool floats – that’s why every UE ROLL 2 comes with a free inflatable floatie. Now while you’re lounging on your giant inflatable unicorn, your UE ROLL 2 can float right beside you.

Music everywhere

UE ROLL 2 is the 360-degree portable Bluetooth speaker that blasts loud, insanely great sound with deep, powerful bass. Everywhere you go.

Strap it to your bike, your board, your backpack or wherever else you want to take your music. It’ll still be there.

Lighter than a can of soda

Whether you’re biking, running trails or just going to the beach to drink fun drinks all day, you don’t want to carry a heavy speaker. Nobody does. UE ROLL 2 Bluetooth speaker weighs 330 g. That’s lighter than a can of soda. So light you’ll forget that you’re even carrying it.

Compatibility and wireless capabilities

Smartphone, tablet, any other device that supports Bluetooth wireless speaker audio profile (A2DP)– Grab it, connect it, rock it. No Bluetooth? No sweat, the 3.5 mm audio output has you covered.

Easy setup

4 buttons. That’s all it takes. Connection through Bluetooth or NFC is a breeze. With 100-feet / 30 metres Bluetooth wireless speaker system range, 9-hour rechargeable battery.

Dimension 4.0 x 13.5cm 6.4 x 18cm 8.4 x 22.6cm
Weight 330g 548g 877g
IPX rating IPX 7 IPX 7 IPX 7
Wireless range 30 metres (100ft) 31 metres (100ft) 32 metres (100ft)
Battery life 9 hours 15 hours 20 hours
Power Micro USB rechargeable Micro USB rechargeable Micro USB rechargeable
Multihost 2 mobile devices 2 mobile devices 2 mobile devices
Software App-enabled (double-up, alarm eq, update over the air etc.) App enabled (PartyUp, alarm, update over the air, Block Party, tap to play, tap-tap to skip etc.) App enabled (PartyUp, alarm, update over the air, Block Party, tap to play, tap-tap to skip etc.)

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Bought as a gift and enthusiastically received. I understand that it’s a great accessory for a walk, cycle ride or just to sit beside you while fishing. Excellent quality sound for such a small product.

Good producttip: hold volume up and down at the same time for a few secs and the speaker will tell u the remaining battery.

Originally bought one for each of my children and we were really impressed with both the volume produced by such a compact speaker and the quality of the sound. When my mother-in-law was visiting us recently she loved the sound and portability so much that we got one for her as well. So far no one has been brave enough to test the water resistance.

Brilliant speaker and perfect sound quality. The remote control from my phone is ideal as i can turn it on it the bathroom from my bed in time for my shower. The only downside for me is this doesn’t link with the boom 2 and i thought it might after reading reviews.

Simply brilliant sound quality. Bought with a set of ue wonderbooms and ended up returning this roll 2 (because wonderbooms can pair each other but not with the roll 2). It didn’t feel right to return.

Easy to use and sync to your devices. Easy to charge and get decent life out of each charge. Utilised mostly in the shower and has taken well to being used in steamed up shower and to the occasional bit of water splash. It can be a pain to take over when someone else is using their device synced to it but aside from that i’d say its a good product. It can also be very loud and i don’t think i use even 40% of the volume capacity.

Stretchy, attachable marine-grade bungee: Strap the wireless speaker to your bike, backpack, kayak or wherever else you want to take your music

Perfect: sound quality, look, construction, pairing. Only minus (but not worth removing a star) is that they should come with a travel pouch.

This was bought based on the recommendation of several review sites on-line who raved about its quality and durability. The sound is amazing for such a small and flat device. The range on the bluetooth is very good, the battery life impresses. I dropped it on to a hard floor on the last day of our holiday.

Good sound quality for the money, decent battery life as well so overall quite happy until it broke quite suddenly after about 15 months – it would still connect to phone via bluetooth but the sound level was very very quiet to the point of being almost silent, you could only hear it if you held it right up to your ear and even then it was almost impossible to hear. In fairness though, i contacted the manufacturer (logitech) who suggested resetting and also pairing to another phone and when neither of these worked they suggested i contact the reseller (amazon in this case) for a refund. Again, all credit is due to amazon customer service who immediately issued a refund (since the speaker is no longer sold by them). I’ve ordered a ue wonderboom for the same price and hoping it will last a little bit longer.

I still cannot believe the sound that comes from such a small device. The whole package has been thought out so that it is really easy to use all the features. I was so impressed with the first one i bought that i ordered another so that they could be linked together using the double up facility. Now i am lost for words to describe just how good they are. People that i show them to can’t believe what they are hearing either.

So easy to set up – ready to go right out of the package, paired with my laptop in seconds, and the sound fills the room. Absolutely love this little thing. It even comes with a floaty so you can use it.

For a small size speaker (smaller than a hand span), the quality of sound is excellent. Have listened to all genres: current hits with fab bass, classical, choral, big band, jazz, piano and organ music (amazing) and quality is clear, surrounding and not tinny. It comes with a clip to attach to handle or curtains. Volume is high enough to fill a room with loudness without distortion. Quality good when volume is lower. It’s excellent for travel or time away from home speakers, in the garden/park etc.

Waterproof: You can submerge UE ROLL 2 outdoor speaker in water, waterproof for up to 30 minutes and a depth of 1 m

Looking good and a really good sound in small to medium sized rooms. I tested it in our bigger living-room (open kitchen, 3. 5 meter high ceilings), and there i would need at least a second one for a good sound experience. Time until recharging battery is good.

I was supprised by the quality of sound coming from this. It’s little loop of string is more useful than you would first think. I mostly use this speaker whilst in the shower. I travel a lot for work and this speaker has put up with being trawled about in my suitcase for a couple of months at a time.

A great little speaker – i use it in the bathroom every day. It’s hung in the shower, but not in a place to get particularly wet, so i can’t judge it on that, but it’s robust and made of good quality materials, giving a good sound.

Plenty of punch with the sound – and the graphic equaliser app lets you tweak to your hearts content. Some players have a better battery life, but this kept going for hours as i was decorating large areas of the house (about 7 hours non stop). Great – i just kept hooking it over the nearest door handle as i went. Picked up on it after a very favourable review on a certain hi-fi website – and they were quite correct. Most importantly, for a small speaker thingy, the sound quality is surprisingly good – the main reason for my purchase.

After seeing all the positive reviews i. What hi-fi, i went with the speaker. The sound quality is superb and can get very loud, the battery life at 9hrs although may sound not as great compared to the ue boom 2 it will last the day which is all you need it to do. The design is rugged and durable with an ipx7 rating and a handy strap at the back with allows it to be strapped/hooked to pretty much anything. Although the app is pretty poor it has no effect on the speaker or its experience as you don’t even need to download it to start using. However the price of £70 cannot be fully justified and there are better options such as the jbl clip.

Incredible sound from such a small and relatively cheap speaker. I bought this to use inside my shower cubicle and it doesn’t disappoint. Took seconds to pair and work out how to use it. If you want a speaker that allows you to skip tracks then this isn’t for you, but if you’ve got your playlists preset then what are you waiting for?.

Had this a few months now and thoroughly impressed. Great sound, long battery life, easy to use, robust and funky looking. It does indeed work in the pool (in the inflatable ring provided, i didn’t test the claim that it can survive for 30mins underwater). Genuinely great piece of kit and, inexpensive compared to many.

Lighter than a can of soda: Ultra-portable speaker and so light you will forget you are even carrying it

Got it to listen to music at work when on down time. Its a loud environment but the speaker is loud enough that it can be heard if you are within 20 meters at least, maybe more but i didnt measure. The only downside is the battery life. I was under the impression you could get up to 10 hours, however after about 4 and a half it died. This was after a 10-12 hour overnight charge. Luckily you can still play it while it’s plugged in to the mains as long as it has a little juice in it to get it started so i did this, however myself or other may not always have access to socket so it might be worth picking up a cheap battery bank and keeping that along side it, which is what i may do if i find a decent waterproof one.

Easy to set up with a long battery life. Waterproof and practical with a sound which is way beyond my expectations- and i’m a hifi buffit’s fun and easy to use, great for the kitchen and on the boat.

Amazing speaker, great for vacation or to have it in your shower. Would buy another to have stereo. Cons: can’t skip songs, only change volume.

I bought this just over a year ago, based on all the rave reviews. It looks good, the sound is fine and it is reasonably priced (although the inflatable rubber ring that came with it seemed a bit gimmicky). A month ago (just outside its 12-month warranty) it stopped charging, so no more bluetooth. Then, tonight, it packed up altogether. I won’t be buying any more ue products.

Great sound quality, battery life, durability and mobility make this the ultimate all round small form-factor speaker. The ability to double up two speakers using the ue app for stereo audio has amazing results and gives the sound a surprisingly good upgrade over just one of them.

Nothing i can say here that hasn’t already been said on hundreds of proffesional review websites and the many reviews here on amazon. All i’ll say is believe what you’ve heard, this speaker is fantastic. If you’re happy to spend this much and considering it, buy it.

Go farther: 100 feet wireless bluetooth speaker range and nine hour rechargeable battery life go as long as you can

I love this speaker, it is easy to use and looks great. I use it for spa music when doing massage treatments and it never fails. Battery life is very good and it connects to devices easily. The sound is of very good quality and so is the body of the product. Always a must when having people over for a bbq or a few drinks.

Very impressed with the sound that comes from such a small speaker, very clear and loud. Great and a really cool design. I’ve tried this out in the shower and in the car and i can say it works perfectly. Connection to my iphone was instant and the app is great, yet to try some of the app features. Will recommend this to all my friends, very, very pleased with this.

Was looking for a little portable speaker for our little gym. Also use it on my bike and rick sack. Really is a very good speaker. Easy to use and great sound for such a small thing.

Ok you’re not gonna get any amazing bassy tones simply due to the size of this thing but everything else about it is brilliant. I couldn’t believe how loud it can go for such a small device.

I bought this as was looking for decent bluetooth speaker that was not huge and easily portable. This fits the bill perfectly. I bought the orange with blue as was most appealing to me visually. My existing speakers are a dr dre boombox but not being bluetooth meant i was unable to synch my amazon echo and spotify to it and my old ipod had broken. Buy a new ipod for a few hundred at same capacity as i had or buy bluetooth speakers?. Well when i saw the reviews of this in whathifi then on here, i decided to give it a go as the price was great and if they turned out just to be ok, i was going to give it to my kids. The sound on this is absolutely unreal for the size of the speaker. I listen to music every day and all different genres including rap, hip-hop, rnb, house, techno, indie, rock, disco and all eras classics. I have tried out all my tunes on this and cannot believe it. My husband was mocking me for this purchase due to the cost and size, but he is here sitting listening to malcom mclaren’s double dutch eating crow as we speak.

Bought two, one for each of my twenty something boys (no, they won’t leave the parental home). They use them when having a shower and getting ready to go out. The quality is great, i know because they have it blasting out, but good feedback from both guysas well. I got them at a discount price as well. I also got my soundbar back.

Bought one for my daughter in august 2016 (23 months ago) it has been around the world with her. Australia, thailand, cambodia and new zealand and it still works perfectly. I asked her if she wanted a new one as she goes back to nz in a few weeks and she just asked ‘why?.Someone who doesn’t want something for free. So she loves her roll, it goes everywhere with her and works as perfectly today as the day she got it and it has done about 30,000 miles. . It has covered dozens of ad hoc parties that i’d rather not know about along with hiking, camping and long drives into the back of beyond. It just looks a little grubby, but that is hardly anybody else’s fault.

This is a great and versatile little speaker. It sounds excellent and clear and has so many nice features. I bought this for the purpose of listening to podcasts in a shower or music. The good thing about this particular speaker is that it’s clear. The spoken word comes out well and you get a surprising amount of detail when listening to music. I’m by no means an audiophile, but, i enjoy good sound. I actually think this sounds much better than the ue wonderboom. The ue wonderboom is too bass-y (some may love that) but the sound isn’t clear as a result. I also think it’s built well but this doesn’t deserve a full five 5 starts because of one huge flaw: you cannot control tracks.

After much searching of the internet i settled on this. I wanted a bluetooth speaker, simples. Out of the box and set up in a couple of minutes ( it took longer to remove the wrapping , etc. Than to actually set the speaker up on my ipad. Sound wise – for a 5 inch round speaker it’s ludicrously good. Install the ipad app and you can set it up as alarm. Very happy with the purchase, very happy.

So not one to write reviews, but this little beauty deserves it. I checked which reviews and this one had the highest rating of any protable / bluetooth speaker. This and the price tempted me to get one to try and wow. . Firstly the ‘setup’ is ridiculously easy. I purchased other more expensive bluetooth speakers and had problems. I was so impressed with one that i bought a second as i saw the option to pair them both via the mobile app. It’s a double wow for the second one in ease of use in getting them paired up and the sound from both of them in the room is great.

We were going to buy a sound system for our boat, but instead we bought a 2nd eu roll to pair up for better stereo sound. They are neat, funky colours and portable & give very good sound, especially if placed on a wooden surface. It is so handy to just control all your music from your iphone. The eu app is great for adjusting balance & bass too. Once charged from the usb the battery lasts about 7 hours.

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