Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Obsidian Bluetooth/Wireless Speaker : what a dissapointment

I’ve tried loads of portable speakers over the years ie bose jambox sony etc but none are remotely as good as these. . Superb soundloud ( not distorted )easy to charge with the bright yellow charger includedvery quick and efficient bluetooth pairingwater resistant so ok fo the bathroomgreat build qualitygreat colorscan form a stereo pair if you have 2.

Recently attended a retreat where more than half the teachers were using ultimate ears speakers, with the boom 2 leading the way. Perfect for background music for work place or classes, as well as for social events – especially in party mode. The concept of having up to 150 of these units all synced together is incredible, and i’d love to see how it would work in a real world situation. Once you update the firmware on the speaker, you get great battery life, great sound and easy use with multiple devices. People keep asking me about it and where they can get one, so it sells itself. The waterproof feature is ideal for poolside, or for outdoor work. Mine has been rained on and covered in mud, and still works perfectly.

Sound: quality, good bass with a nice, enriched sound. I’ve heard speakers that can get louder, but really this gets as loud as you need to it be. Granted, i use this mainly for indoor use and less so for outdoor parties. Design: while it has a stripped back, simplistic design, it has clearly been made with a ‘function over aesthetic’ mindset. As a result, expect a barely noticeable cylinder of a speaker that performs well and is as durable as such a simple design implies; this speaker, as well as having waterproof capabilities, can endure more than a few tumbles down the stairs. App: the app compliments the speaker well, while it doesn’t add much to the speaker in terms of functionality, it is useful to be able to turn on the speaker without actually having to go up to it and pressing the on button, and it is also useful for showing the battery percentage. Battery life: the battery lasts a decent amount of time, though a little longer wouldn’t have hurt. One gripe i have, though minor, is that while you can play the speaker while charging, you cannot if you begin charging it from dead, and it seems quite a long while until you pass this point. Wanting to belt some music and hearing, ‘charging, please wait,’ in the voice of a robotic female that is trying her best, is a little anti-climactic. Overall, a great purchase, and one that i am very glad i made.

Like all the reviews below say. . I’ve had 2 really good bluetooth speakers and they’ve finally expired. Read the reviews on amazon and online, all of which pointed to the boom2. I’ve learned that running your speaker in for a couple of hours isn’t a myth and it really does improve the range and especially the bass. 4 hours in, it’s everything the other reviews said it was. Amazing volume without distortion. Uncanny 360 degree sound which is hard to believe. Dithering and second guessing about a purchase is fault of mine.

  • If you want the best look no further
  • Great value, durable, well made, waterproof speaker with excellent battery life.
  • what a dissapointment

Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Obsidian Bluetooth/Wireless Speaker

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  • Wireless Bluetooth speaker provides 360 degrees surround sound for a rich, crisp and powerful audio experience
  • Amazon Exclusive portable speaker pairs with up to eight Bluetooth devices at the same time, with a mobile range up to 33 m/100 feet and NFC enabled
  • Ultimate ears Bluetooth speakers are multi-award winning including 2016 IF design awards and what Hi Fi 5 star awards across the whole range
  • Waterproof speaker can be immersed in water up to 1 m for 30 minutes,Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery for up to 15 hours of battery life
  • Connect your portable Bluetooth speakers with echo dot (2nd generation) for hands-free voice control of UE BOOM 2 with Alexa, to play music from Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and TuneIn

For a single, standalone speaker, the sound quality of this speaker is surprisingly good. Volume can be turned up so that it is very loud, without “vibrating”, which is ideal for certain outdoor situations. I haven’t had it out when it is raining as it doesn’t look like it would resist a lot of water, so i can’t comment on its water resistance. A fully recharged battery lasts for up to ~6 hours. You can download an app so you can control it from your phone. I don’t think that you can control it in a similar way from your computer although i stand to be corrected.

I bought this boom 2 product together with a tronsmart t6, also from amazon. The boom 2 costs twice as much as the t6. The boom 2 is smaller and waterproof but the tronsmart has more and easier-to-use controls. The boom 2 is also more robust. Ultimately what it comes down to, and the main purpose of the device is sound. It’s hugely different – both devices seem clear to my ear, though i’m not an expert on fidelity ( ed : too right. Just ask his wife) but the tronsmart t6 produces much more bass without obliterating the treble and mid range. The boom 2 is good – nice and loud but the bass on the t6 is just so much more satisfyinglarger room.

After reading all the reviews i have to say i am somewhat disappointed with this speaker. Yes it has good clarity of sound but the bass is non existent. I have sonos speakers in the house so i compared it to the sonos 1. Unfortunately the sonos 1 blew it out water, there was no comparrison to be had, the sonos was superior in every way, clarity, bass, volume. These two speakers are similarly priced. I also compared it to the bose soundlink and again i felt i had the inferior product, there is just so much more bass with the bose. If i could, i would have returned it and bought the bose. I have no idea why other reviewers think this is so good. I bought this speaker at half its rrp and still feel disappointed, i’d have been gutted if id paid full price.

The quality is fantastic ( i have a lot of bose stuff and it keeps up when you are comparing like with like- ie price range and speaker configuration). It is robust, easy to use and connect, high quality manufacturing. The negative reviews seem to be about either defectively made products or the app. Both have worked well for me, after nearly a month of constant use. I leave my music source upstairs and it works throughout the house, even with thick granite walls. And the sound stays together even at the highest volumes. Go ahead, you will love it, a real 5 star product if ever i bought one.

I live on a boat so the waterproof feature was a huge selling point for me. I haven’t dropped it in yet but have cruised in heavy rain and not had any problems. The sound quality is great and the battery lasts a very long time. The bluetooth works a treat i hook it up to both my phone, and laptop when i’m watching movies. People have mentioned that it’s a bit chunky, and it is. It has a feeling of real quality to it. It’s clearly very well made. I’ve had my ue boom for quite a few months now and it’s been bashed around a fair bit and carried around in backpacks many times and it still looks great.

Cheaper than the special edition ones being sold in john lewis on black friday for £95. Quick delivery, great sound for all of the types of music i have. Sleek design though you have to lay the speaker on its side to charge it via cable and wall plug. Comes 40% charged and charges up fully very quickly. App is a bit rubbish though that isn’t the seller’s responsibility, however, something buyers should be aware of. My main speakers are bose and this is a fantastic travel speaker.

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