Ultimate Ears Blast Bluetooth Speaker : Cuts out a lot

If you like alexa you will love this speaker. I got already alexa at home but the fact that this speaker has alexa built in is just amazing, you can now bring alexa on holidays with you without limits considering that the speaker is powered by battery and also waterproof. You will never need your phone again to play music cause the speaker will connect straight to the wifi and play the music from your favorite music provider such as spotify. (no more music interruption if somebody call you on your phone while music is playing). I’ve also notice since i’ve purchased the device that they integrated new funcions in the system such as spotify music and they also fixed some small bugs, this means that they are always improving the software. Really like this speakerno blast no party.

I am rating this four stars because of sound quality. The size and weight are what i expected. The volume can go up really high. The quality and depth of sound is adequate and it’ll be fine for the holidays we have this year, in a cottage, on the beach, etc. But it’s far from hi fidelity. The alexa support is actually quite good and did what i expected (i also have echo products) so i’m not sure what other reviewers expected. Lovely product design and easy to use, hold, carry around, and charge.

My nephew took one of these speakers (without alexa) on holiday with us – and we were all blown away with the sound around the pool. I bought this one with alexa to use in the bathroom so i could skip through songs and change playlists without having to touch it while showering or in bath. When it connects with wifi, so i’m guessing anything you ask alexa to do – it constantly drops playback – sometimes it will resume – almost as though it is buffering. Sometimes it wont – it just stops like it forget what it was doing. This is the same with spotify, or tunein radio stations. The help says move your router – isolate it from electrical interference – but i must have 20 things in this house using the wifi – and this is the only thing that has connection problems. Anyway using through bluetooth seems to be fine – and it was less than £100 in the sale – so i am keeping it – hopefully ue will do something with firmware or software and sort it out.

Sound is fantastic, alexa so easy, use app on phone too.

  • Sounds great – Wifi and/or Alexa isn’t
  • Love it. Great size and sound quality is good
  • Exceptionally good speaker!

Ultimate Ears Blast Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Wi-Fi/Loud Waterproof Wireless Speaker with Amazon Alexa Voice Control – Yellow

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  • Ultimate Sound
  • With Amazon Alexa hands-free voice control: Just ask Alexa to blast tunes from Amazon music*, Spotify or* TuneIn, change tracks, check the weather or try any of Alexa’s skills
  • Seriously waterproof and virtually indestructible
  • Minimum OS requirements : iOS 10.2 or Android 5.0.

Whilst the sound and volume are really good, it constantly disconnects from bluetooth and no matter what ive tried to do, i cant get it to keep a sustained connection.

I ordered the ue blast last night on amazon prime as an impulse purchase as i already own 2 of the ue boom2. It wasn’t until after completing the order that i looked at the reviews which seemed to highlight a number of issues mainly around using the alexa function. The blast arrived by lunchtime the next day which i still think is great considering the order was placed the previous evening which was a bank holiday monday. Before trying out the speaker i connected it to my phone via bluetooth, downloaded the app (different to the app for ue boom) then connected it to my internet and immediately updated the firmware. Once this was completed i linked the device to my amazon account and so far no issues whatsoever. The blast plays my amazon music just by using the alexa wake word and works for the smart plugs i have in the house. All the voice commands have been picked up and actioned so far. I will need to look into changing the wake word for my echo devices though so i can use this speaker throughout the house without activating them when i want to use the speaker (would be nice if i could change the wake word on the ue instead)my only complaint so far is that you cannot link the boom 2 to the blast, as stated previously i own 2 of the booms and would really like to have been able to connect them all. I am happy to be corrected but i see this as being a deliberate firmware lock down rather than restrictions on the hardware. This is the only reason why i would give 4 rather than 5 stars.

Just ask for a selection from an artist or era and it plays as well as repeating your favourites. It goes around the house with me and we now have a carrier so we can take it on holiday with us.

The sound quality of this speaker is great, it is also quite loud when at full volume. At full charge the battery life is good, however it seems to take quite a while to charge the speaker once it goes flat. You also need to keep your phone relatively close to it when playing music, as the bluetooth connection can struggle (especially between thick walls) and therefore sometime the music can skip or pause. Not used in or around water yet so can’t comment on that, but looking forward to throwing in the carry on bag next time we go on holidays, as it will be perfect to use in the apartment or around the pool.

The sound quality from such small package is very impressive all my music sounds brilliant & its so handy to be able to use it in the garden in the nice weather highly recommended.

At the standard price, this is expensive; but bought at a discount then is a very good buy. Sound quality & volume is excellent, and omnidirectional, so ideal for outdoor use. Being waterproof is also a bonusyou need to be in the alexa camp to make the most of it though, although it can be used as a normal bluetooth speaker if notthe alexa experience is not quite up to echo standard, but acceptable; and, given a strong wi-fi signal, can work in the some distance away from the houseif you don’t want to fiddle with charging the speaker with a micro usb socket (hidden beneath the rubber base plug), i would recommend the optional charging dock; but it is way too expensive at £35, (and really should be included as standard. )shop around – currys had a half price offer on recently.

I bought this primarily to provide good quality sound for my mobile devices (phone and tablet). For this task, it works very well and sound quality is great. However, documentation for connecting to wifi was not brilliant and it took some time to resolve. I tried using ipad, iphone, laptop running ubuntu and finally had to reboot an old laptop running win 7 before the s/w worked. The original unit stopped working after a few days. It kept turning itself off despite being housed on the charging unit – so therefore not an obvious loss of power. This was resolved by amazon’s excellent returns system. A new speaker arrived 2 days after i had an online chat with amazon customer services. ***** for amazon cust servsall seems ok now apart from alexa has a tendency to drop the wifi connection when playing direct through the internet. I resolve this by connecting via tablet or phone rather than directly using alexa.

Great speaker lovely deep bass sound guality great , i’ve been using it in the garden for several weeks. I love it alexa players all the music i want. I wanted a rugged speaker as we have two large dog ,chances of it being knocked over are high ,plus we have a lot of water in the garden with 2 ponds and a large paddling pool for the dogs to play in. So loving the fact it’s waterproof.

Nice unit and connection easy and constant.

Good value for money and connectivity is great. I’ve bought four of these and they are easy to use.

I prefer the wonderboom – this one cuts out a lot.

Setup was great if not perfectly straightforward. However on looking closer the ue blast shipped without a bottom cap so the micro usb port is exposed to water which means it won’t be fully waterproof. This is seriously dissapointing as i was just starting to enjoy using alexa with spotify but now i’m going to have to return the device.

Love the look of this speaker. It is very sturdy and robust. Volume and sound quality is great. However, i am mainly bluetoothing from my phone to it. When i’ve tried spotify and the radio directly, wirelessly to the internet it kept cutting out. The alexa feature is ok if you’re into that sort of thing; i rarely use it.

Love it and a great price too.

Super loud while keeping great quality, the app lets you fine tune settings of the speaker or just use their regular settings and it still sounds great.

Superb quality, but slightly smaller than i expected. The speaker when turned up loud was very loud in comparison to the size. Great speaker for the price, but would recommend buying the charging dock if using it often at home. If you want something smaller and less expensive than the megaboom then i would recommend it, but much smaller than what the images show above.

The main concern people have with this speaker is the ultimate ears app, which is not very good. However you only need to use the app for initial setup, which i found to be quick and straightforward. After that you can control the alexa functions using amazon’s alexa app. This allows you to learn about new skills, change your preferences, and so on. I use amazon prime music, so found it easy to play stuff from my library. Once the speaker is set up, alexa works very well on this. I find the microphone picks up male voices better than female, and you have to yell a bit if you want it to hear you while it is playing music. But as it learns your voice, it gets better. It responds to commands quite quickly, and i have had no problems with the software, or the wifi connectivity. The speaker itself is excellent- which is just as well considering the price.

Ue booms are far superior to any other speaker i have had, the quality is out of this world puts dr dre to shame and the more expensive boos and the likes.

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Ultimate Ears Blast Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Wi-Fi/Loud Waterproof Wireless Speaker with Amazon Alexa Voice Control - Yellow
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