UE BOOM Wireless Mobile Speaker – It’s so easy to just chuck in a bag and bring anywhere

. I am mega impressed with this pocket dynamite of sound. I usb’d some of my old vinyl onto my computer and then transferred the wav files to my itunes. Now i have ‘ziggy stardust’, ‘please, please me’, ‘hounds of love’ and ‘let it bleed’ all singing through this little speaker and filling the whole room with a cacophony of sound. Jagger’s snarling ‘you cant always get what you want’. Kate bush simmering ‘you know what i really need?. And lennon’s desperate ‘please, please me’ stand out crystal clear and every click, crackle and pop can be heard [funny how much better it is when it’s not re-jigged this and re-jigged that], just good old fashioned annologue. My lp’s can be safely stored in bubble wrap, and hidden in a box in the dark ready to put on e-bay so i can sell them for another one of these baby boomers so i can get it all in stereo. Cos now i know how good they sound through this i can download for posterity and listen as often as i like without fear of scratching or scuffing my precious vinyl.

Good as conference call speakerphone in small group. Powerful device, perfect for the traveller, the party-bringer or anyone who wants to convert their mobile phone into a brilliant speakerphone. Great for music- pro: sounds on par with your basic 2. 0 powered speakers lots of home pcs have. I have used this at parties and it can fill a room with 30 people. Edit: easily pumps music during a 5-a-side outdoor soccer game. I have compared this with the jawbone jambox (https://jawbone. Com/speakers/jambox) and the ue boom is much louder. I have now ordered a second ue boom for myself to have a stereo sound system (you can pair two speakers to work together)great for days out: rugged- pro: stuff it in your bag, wedge it between seats of the car. It’s a low maintainance, reliable little buddy- pro: i have even run it under the kitchen tap to test. Not sure how much money you should spend for this priviledge, though. Great battery life- pro: i don’t know what the spec says, but it really lasts for hours. If you’re just in play music mode (not phonecalls), it should last the whole work daygreat bluetooth range. – pro: i will often take the speaker and stroll around the office talking while my phone is still plugged in charging. In my apartment, music stays playing downstairs even when i go to top of stairs with my phone — out of sight around two corners from the boom belowgood looking but not pretentious- pro: it’s a bit mysterious, not flashy, but definitely well designedeasy to use- pro: paired easily and quickly with all my devices and those of friends on first use- pro: quick start-up and pairing each time in normal use- +/- volume buttons a child could use- it knows to take jack as input if jack is plugged in, and otherwise plays over bluetooth sans problèmegood for conference calls (really handy)- pro: good as a speakerphone in a room with ~4 persons participating in the call.

This speaker just blew me away. After returning my bose soundlink mini (it developed a fault and i opted for a refund), i went looking around (yet again) for a bluetooth speaker. I looked at all the usual suspects in the £100-£200 range, and eventually decided upon the ue boomhere’s why. What is it?————–the ue boom is a wireless bluetooth speaker. In short, if you’ve got a smartphone (ie. Any android or iphone) or tablet (eg. Nexus, kindle fire or ipad) or even a modern laptop you can wirelessly stream (play) music from your device. No wires, no fuss just great sound qualitywhat i needed?———————-in order of priority:-1. Sound quality – needs to be top class.

Brilliant sound – very very loud for what it is. Takes seconds to set up and the battery life is amazing. A bit pricy, but tremendous all the same.

  • Can’t believe only so few reviews!
  • Good, rugged, versatile speaker
  • Boom! This speaker just blew me away!
  • Hands down the best portable bluetooth speaker on the Market.
  • Boom! Excellent speaker with loads of features and long lasting battery
  • Great bit of kit

UE BOOM Wireless Mobile Speaker – Black Night (discontinued by manufacturer)

  • Quick and easy-pairing to your Smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth device and waterproof (IPX4) and shock resistant
  • 360 degree sound life-proof Bluetooth speaker with deep bass and 15-hour rechargeable battery (ultra-fast micro USB charging)
  • Compact (height: 18 cm; diameter: 6.5 cm) and light (538 g)
  • Bluetooth wireless range: 15 m
  • Wirelessly double up with a second UE BOOM (via the free app) and comes with two-year warranty

Good, rugged, versatile speaker. Background:—————-over the last few months i have used a number of portable speakers, starting with an x-mini, followed by the kitsound pocketboom xb, anker mp141, cowin thunder, logitech ue boom and the bose soundlink mini. If you’re considering purchasing a speaker in this price range you’re probably also looking at the bose soundlink mini. I was in exactly the same situation. I read countless reviews, some favouring the bose, others the ue. In the end i decided to order both and compare them myself. I’m the furtherest thing you get from an audiophile. All i wanted was a speaker i could pull out of my bag, pop down on the table in the outside garden at my local pub, and have everyone enjoy a bit of music. The good:————–sound quality is good- good mids and highs- goes loudsolid, rugged constructionbattery life (15 hours compared to smaller speakers with only 2-3 hours or the bose with 7)usb charging360 degree soundability to be paired with other boomsapp to control eq, alarm, pairing, etc.

Excellent speaker with loads of features and long lasting battery. *amazon are mixing up reviews for different ue speakers. This is a review for the ue boom***to access all of the features (and there are some good ones) that the ue boom offers, you need to firstly carry out a firmware update (see link in comment below) and secondly, install the ios or android app (search ‘ue boom’ in the relevant app store)**build:weighing 600g and about the same size as a packet of biscuits, the ue boom is designed to be stood upright. It has a d-ring that you can use to suspend the speaker (very useful in a tent) or you can remove the d-ring and mount it on a standard camera tripod. The outer shell is made of a tightly woven fabric type material and black rubber. It has two big buttons – volume up & down – on the side with the bluetooth button and the on/off button on the underside and the usb lead and 3. 5mm jack lead connections on the top. I can confirm from a couple of wet camping weekends that it is definitely waterproof and if you get it dirty (which i haven’t yet) the ue boom website advises using soapy water to clean it. Sound:the sound quality is rich & detailed and with the volume turned up to the max on your device and the speaker, it literally fills a house with music blasting out at 360 degrees.

Excellent portable unit – but there is competition. The first thing you notice about the ue boom is just how impressively (perhaps extravagantly) it is packed. It comes in a hard plastic case that opens up to reveal the speaker book-ended between two black discs, one of which holds the flat bright yellow power cable and adapter, the other the instructions. It looks a little like a prop from a 1970s space movie. The speaker itself looks great – top and bottom are matte black rubber, the sides black grill cloth with a red cross and a line which look like some sort of religious symbol but are actually the volume control. There’s a discreet on/off button at the top, a micro usb and minijack charging socket at the bottom (connection to your music source is by bluetooth or stereo minijack). Switch it on and you are greeted with a nice little drum roll. Pairing via bluetooth to my iphone was a breeze. Actually pretty good for its size – one of the best units of its kind that i have heard.

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  1. The sound quality is very good considering its such a tiny thing. The sound quality is very good considering its such a tiny thing.
    • I can’t rate this speaker high enough. So easy to use and versatile. Great design and a top sound. I take it round the house with me.
  2. This review is from : UE BOOM Wireless Mobile Speaker – Black Night (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Great speaker, except unable to sync with a 2nd. Great speaker, except unable to sync with a 2nd speaker as advertised, would be even better if it was wi-fi capable.
  3. This review is from : UE BOOM Wireless Mobile Speaker – Black Night (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Great speaker for the prize. Great speaker for the prize, great choice, i have even bought another one as a gift, the second one came in not working but replacement procedure very easy and smooth.
    • I would recommend these speaker to anyone. They are the best i have seen on the market to date and they are robust, long battery life, loud, great quality sound. I would say the second best product on amazon.
      • Superb sound quality and so compact and easy to transport. So do our friends who’ve gone on to buy their own.
  4. Excellent quality of sound and lovely shape and easy to transport. Bought it for £99 so a bargain too.
      • Well great performance overal. Well great performance overal. Awesome battery life i use it atleast for 1 week before it dies.

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