Trust Vigor 2 – Great quality for a low price!

Lets be honest, these are budget speakers, and you really shouldn’t expect a premium product as a result. For the price, they are great really, loud, bassy, clear enough. The only real con with mine is that instead of a remote control in my box, i got an extra set of cables. I would have liked the remote control though.

Amazing speakers, very good quality and sound reproduction does not suffer with the volume, bass can get a bit heavy, keep mine at about 70%, look very nice on my desk and the added bonus of these speakers is that the little volume control widget is an amazing addition that alot of speaker manufacturers could learn a thing or two from. Overall very happy and well worth the £60 and amazing value for the £45 i got them for on the prime day sales.

If you have the sub turned up they sound nice, very clear and actually has some basslogitech z213 multimedia speakers – black, and atho they were clear they has no bass even with the sub turned up. Soo i bought these trust speakers, and i dont have any problem with the sound, if you have the sub turned up they sound nice, very clear and actually has some bass. I do not have the problems with only one speaker working at low levels, they must have sorted that (i have tried it low on the sub and the controller still fine)the left and right speakers are bigger than you would think, but im gonna keep them because of the sound they make, yeah its not gonna be enough sound for a party but for pc speakers they work well and sound awesome, they are clear all they way up to max volume and work well for films and games as well as tunes. The remote volume thing wont work with the way i have it set up atm, but i like that it is a big wheel for the volume (its bigger than in the pic not really a cone as shown but like this (https://imgur. Com/gallery/8t1fe) fells smooth and yo9u can plg your headset into it if it has a 3. If you need some cheap replacement speakers that sound good you don’t need to look any further. Here are the specifications for the Trust Vigor 2:

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    by entering your model number.
  • 100 W peak power (50 W RMS)
  • Wooden subwoofer with 6.5 Inches driver
  • Connect wired or with wireless Bluetooth technology
  • High quality sound with deep bass
  • Wired remote control with extra line-in and headphone connection

Just replaced a couple of good creative sound pc speakers in the kitchen with these – we live in the country so we get to play the music quite loud – the old speakers were fine but would distort on a bassy track. These are really incredibly good for the price – paid just under £60. A thumpingly clear bass and clean highs, plus the speakers look like i paid 5x as much.

Unbelievable sound quality from such cheap speakers and i’m a bit of an audio freak at this price and size of speakers you get incredible sound and volume, i was dubious when i saw how thin the plastic used on the satellite speakers was but nope they are fine.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Smaller than expected, but sound is good – happy customer
  • and looks beautiful ❗Speakers should be made from wood like this one
  • Awful Aux connection unfortunately

Bought this as a tv speaker as my middle room tv is a cheapie and only has a headphone socket. Wow, the power is stupendous for the money, it’s in a 13ft by 13ft room and it shakes, i went so far as to chromecast bassy tracks from youtube and it rocks. I like the power saving idea that turns it off when not in use. Fantastic (even though i’m not using it strictly for purpose).

Bit dissapointed with the output power. They are never 150w rms, more like 20 to 25w. My old pioneer hifi with 40w speakers is much louder on 1/4 volume. Having said that the sound is very clear and i do like the wireless volume remote control.

My honest opinion for this 5. They do sound pretty decent for £50 the bass is powerful in a good way, ive not heard any faults or seen any damaged items. They do feel quite lightweight but dont let that change your mind. Only down side is i have to buy a 5. 1 sound card as i never knew surround sounds have specific ports( black and orange). Yes because the sound quality when turnt high is very impressive and even the bass turnt up still makes the music sound clear and crisp.

4/5 for style6/5 for sound qualitygetting the bass and volume levels right to work with pc output is a little tricky, a remote would have made it a lot easier. Hope it lasts longer than the auna 1 i had to return.

Amazing for its price, the sound quality is great. I have this connected to my 62 inch tv and xbox and it does not dissapoint wether watching films, racing games, shooting games through to just watching tv. Unfortunatley the remote didn’t arrive with the package but this is being resolved quickly and the response was within the amazon guidelines. Bass is adjustablesound is clearsurround speakers have long cables and reach to the far end of my front roomi am more than satisfied with this product especially for its price.

Good sound quality for the money – bass is appropriate and not thunderous – but the unit is much more cheaply made than it appears in most of the promo photos and the cables supplied are appalling. After a couple of weeks of use the entire system developed a permanent buzz underneath any audio and the subwoofer stopped working at all. Amazon replaced it instantly so i expect i just got a defective unit but will certainly update the review if the problem happens again.

 the speakers are smaller than they seem to be in the pictures. And i did not realise that i have to have three outputs in order to put the cables in the 3 separate inputs for the 5. I use them for my pc and i have only one 3. I solved that problem by buying a splitter and extra cable. I plugged them in the frontspeakers input and the middel speaker input. I did not use the surround speakers for now. I understood from a youtube review that the surround speakers don’y have much sound anyway and are just for – you guess it – surround sound. But even with the 3 speakers and the subwoofer i get a good sound from it. Good clear highs and mids and good (adjustable) bass too. I am a bass lover, but i am happy with it. I think you get really good value for money. The remote control is a big plus too for me. The speakers look really good too with the wooden look.

I bought these speakers to use with a chromecast audio. Initially i was suffering with terrible interference. This seemed to be ground loop related (google it). I was using a usb power adapter with two ports, one for speakers and one for chromecast, this seemed to be the source of the interference. Solved by using two separate usb power adapters plugged into the same power extension.

Few down sides thou:- at very very low volume there is sound only in one speaker. But can amend this by turning down volume on bass unit and keeping volume higher on control unit. – and it does take a few second to wake up from sleep mode. But – sound is awesomebest speakers ever.

Really happy with this little purchase. Fantastic sound and value for money. Sound quality is excellent and so easy to install, just plug in and that’s it.

Only had these a couple of weeks but have been impressed upon arrival. The speakers are sleek and compliment my simplistic setup. Besides its smart looking aesthetic, the speakers are of very high quality and after turning up the bass the whole way on the subwoofer, the sound is awesome. Love them so far, the volume control is super handy, i keep that to the right of my desk.

The sound quality of these are pretty good, clear sound with decent volume. The look of the speakers is very nice in my opinion. However they have an annoying feedback, that is constant. I even had a louder more annoying noise if a game i played fps was over 60 due to v-sync being off. It would make a loud droning noise. Turning v-sync on fixed that but none the less feedback is constant with these speakers.

This speaker is has really good quality, the subwoofer is really good you can setting the bass volume and the simple volume as well, you catch a jack to jack cable in the box, and an jack to jack input cable as well, the sound clear never hear like creak or something. I love it, arrived in one business day so i’m very happy, if you want a strong good quality made bluetooth speaker this is probably your bluetooth speaker.

Very good speakers, brought to replace an older set of trust speakers, after the sub woofer in that started buzzing, and they work brilliantly. Haven’t tested them at higher volumes yet so not sure how they handle under stress but the sound that comes out at ‘normal’ volumes is crisp. As i’m no audiophile i can’t hear any issue with the 3 audio ranges and my ears can’t identify any obvious noise. The bass set to maximum is far too overpowering for an average room but that is to be expected with a sub woofer larger than my head, maybe there will be a time and a place for me to use them with the bass cranked up to max. My only issue with them currently is with the controller dial thing. It seems one of the internal components to it has bent slightly or the top part of the dial is just slightly the wrong shape as it doesn’t sit flush on top the bottom half and this is noticeable when i go to change the position of the dial. Other than that small issue i haven’t found anything else to be critical about with this set of speakers.

I would have liked the wire between the two speakers to have been a little longer, or to be jack sockets either end. But other than that they’re ok. A little ghastly if you have them loud but all little speakers are. Perfect for laptop use, i bought the wood effect ones to match a desk i am using.

This system seems a reasonable purchase considering the price, though i’d try another brand next time. I have encountered one major problem; when used at low volume sound only comes from the right speaker (offsetting left/right in audio software mitigates the problem but doesn’t eliminate it). This becomes annoying, especially at nighttime.

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