Trust Jukebar Wireless Speaker, Excellent Bit of kit. Recommend

Labored straight out of the box. I did a great deal of research prior to i bought this and i was not unhappy. Not the loudest speaker but it does the work incredibly effectively. It was effortless to link with my many bluetooth devises.

I was seeking for a bluetooh speaker for a while and the spending budget designs just didnt stack up for what i desired and couldn’t truly justify investing a lot more money on a far better model. Bought this speaker on special present and the audio is quite excellent in all ranges also has a decent quantity. Okay its not mega loud but it matches my requires surely advisable. Excellent good quality strong design and a nice form of rubberised finish.

Severely happy with this product. Significantly satisfied with this product. I acquired it in the course of the amazon primary working day sale for about £15 as a bit of fun for the park, but i’m very impressed. The battery seems to last an appropriate amount of money of time, the seem good quality is good for a tiny speaker and it truly is extremely straightforward to set up. All in all a terrific buy in contrast to some of the a lot more designer models. I confirmed it to my dad who was stunned you could get some thing like this for these types of a superior selling price.

Some audio textbooks are a minor silent when performed on kindle hearth – this boosts them properly – also picks up bluetooth things without the need of a have to have to plug in.

Trust Jukebar Wireless Speaker, Bluetooth – Red : A good sound from a small portable speaker. I bought one of these for my wife to use in the garden so she doesn’t keep using mine. I got her the purple one and she was over the moon with it – she can charge it with her iphone charger so doesn’t need to keep another charger with her. The battery takes about four hours to charge from flat but then will play all day and more on a single charge much better than any other bluetooth speaker i’ve seen. The speaker paired easily and the little setup booklet is very clear. Trust seems to be a dutch brand but of course the speaker is made in china like everything else these days. At the time of this review the speaker is about twenty five quid and at that price an easy five stars – a very good sound but just a little light on bass as you would expect from a speaker of this size.

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    • Very well received by 17 year old boy. Plays a decent volume without distortion. Looks well made and feels pleasingly sturdy.
  1. This review is from : Trust Jukebar Wireless Speaker, Bluetooth – Red

    A great value bluetooth speaker worth your time (and ears). This was an impulse purchase for me back on black friday 2014, having been reluctant to pay the prices jbl and bose wanted for their flip and soundlink mini. Having seen a few positive reviews, i decided to give it a punt. Having tried the other two speakers mentioned, i can tell you that this is very much a great worthwhile alternatives. Clarity for its price is great, particularly in the mid range and it packs a pretty loud, firm punch, streaming from extreme quality spotify (320kpbs mp3). The bluetooth can be a little inconsistent but this is rare, and i’m also fairly sure my phone being used for it could be at fault for it too. Battery life is great too, about 10 hours of medium volume playback and only takes about 3 hours to charge back to full from empty. If you’re considering a budget bluetooth speaker, it’s not quite up there with your big boys, but this is excellent for the size and price and well worth your time.
    • For outdoor use buy something more powerful. Gorgeous micro sound box, dimensions are only approx 6″ – 7″ (15cm-18cm) long. For the compact size, the sound has remarkable bass and treble frequencies. This is a fantastic unit, but only really suitable for a room. If you’re buying a sound box for outdoors, look for something larger, this is wonderful, but it would be stretched to entertain and would have to be at full volume to hear anything, which would soon be drowned out by people chatting and laughing. I use this for own listening pleasure, of which it is perfect, and means that i don’t have to use headphones, in this situation it’s amazing.
      • Bought this as an impulse buy during an amazon sale. Delighted with it, use it reasonably infrequently so i only have to charge it every few months. Sound quality is excellent and easy to connect to the speaker over bluetooth.
  2. Seriously happy with this product. Seriously happy with this product. I bought it during the amazon prime day sale for about £15 as a bit of fun for the park, but i’m very impressed. The battery seems to last an acceptable amount of time, the sound quality is good for a small speaker and it’s very easy to set up. All in all a great buy compared to some of the more designer brands. I showed it to my dad who was amazed you could get something like this for such a good price.
  3. This review is from : Trust Jukebar Wireless Speaker, Bluetooth – Red

    I can carry it round the house and not miss a moment of what i am listening to. Battery life is really good and it sounds excellent for it size.

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