Trust 19022 Tytan 2 Speaker Set : As a musician that’s into sound engineering

I have had these speakers for a few months now. I wanted to get a good idea of how the speakers perform over a longer period of time before i write the review. I am extremely pleased with the performance of these speakers. The speakers themselves have a very wide range and have very little distortion even at high volumes (i don’t like listening to anything too loud so to be fair, i may not be the best person to speak to about this). The bass is loud, but it can get a bit muddy when listening to music. They are great for movies as the rumble of the bass really add to the cinematic effect. I use these speakers a lot, and once in a while, i can’t help but smile when i think about them. As you can imagine, i wasn’t too sure of the quality of trust as a brand, but this product has made me a believer. I can’t give them enough credit for deciding to make such a quality product at such a low price.

Best sound quality i’ve had out of any speakers so far, and loud, can only use them on very low settings most of the time, especially when kids in bed. Only complaint is that when they go into power-save/standby mode they make a crackly noise for a few seconds, and can sometimes be a wee bit slow to ‘wake up’ otherwise would have given them 5 stars.

These speakers are 120w peak power. They feel solid and well built, especially the desktop volume controller which feels really smooth to turn. The volume controller also has an mp3 player input (3. 5mm jack) and a headphone jack. The sound quality is good, even at high volume. The sub woofer cuts out below 50hz but that’s not a problem because most songs/games don’t use bass that low. I am very pleased with these speakers, compared to my last £15 argos extra value set these are awesome. For the price they are really good and i would gladly recommend them. Here are the specifications for the Trust 19022 Tytan 2 Speaker Set:

  • Stylish speaker set producing a rich sound with a powerful 36W peak power output (18 Watt RMS)
  • Easy to reach volume and bass controls and headphone connection at the front
  • Extra audio input connection for your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player etc
  • Smart power management: goes to stand-by when not in use

Trust 17966 tytan 2. 1 speaker set – a good set of speakers. These speakers arrived on 22nd february and only now (2nd march) that i’ve got around to installing them and i’m now playing a range of my favourite music via my pc. The music coming through these speakers is clear and crisp, the top end is a bit on the bright side for me but i can appreciate the detail. Bass is solid and not overpowering, overall this is a good (but not brilliant) set of speakers for the price. Now, the reason for four stars rather than five. There are three main controls on this equipment, excluding the off/on switch, they are a) volume b) bass and c) a rotary knob on the end of a cable that serves as a secondary volume control (although the quick start leaflet claims it controls bass as well but i cannot hear any evidence of this). The volume, bass and on/off controls are on the right side of the bass speaker, this makes them very awkward to access and use. This requires that you set your volume and bass to your required taste before settling down to work on your pc while listening to your favourite music, etc. The rotary knob gives you adequate, and easily accessible, secondary volume control but you should realise that you cannot turn the volume up higher than the main control setting on the side of the bass speaker. Now the one great failing, these speakers do not have any treble control which is fine for some music but if you have music with an overpowering high end, to the point of brashness, then you have no way of turning this down.

Quality speakers very good value. I bought these speakers and they are well built, quality sound, and if you are thinking of buying speakers for your pc or tv i would recommend these, best speakers i have ever used crystal clear sound even at high volume and the bass is amazing, i was going to purchase them from argos, but bought them from amazon and they were £5.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Trust Tytan 2.1speakers system
  • Great for the price
  • Brilliant sound quality, but issues with ‘smart power management’
  • Trust 17966 Tytan 2.1 Speaker Set – A Good Set of Speakers
  • Absolute steal for the money.
  • Quality Speakers Very Good Value

I got these via an amazon instant deal, having considered various other powered speakers. The idea was to replace a pair from kenwood – wow, bought over twenty years ago – that are still working fine but don’t do much bass, and use them to do sound for the tv / raspberry pi media centre. I did wonder why these are in the computer section, rather than in the musical instruments / electronics ones like most others. I now know: it’s because the wired remote volume control is basically a variable resistor in between a 3. 5mm audio jack (for your pc / laptop / tablet / mp3 player’s headphone or aux out socket) and a pair of phono jacks (for this). If you want to connect something phono-phono, you either have to have an adaptor or do without the remote. It’s only at this point that having the sockets and controls on the side of the sub-woofer, rather than at the back, makes sense. Fortunately, they do include knobs to adjust the general volume and bass.

I have a new tv with speakers at the back of it. My partner and i decided to get some speakers as we are gamers and watch a lot of dvds through the playstation 3. Our tv has only one out point which is the digital optical socket , the rest are in points. This made it a little difficult working out how to set it up. The speaker system, titan, only has 2x rca in and 2x rca out. The speaker leads were longish but in my opinion not long enough for surround sound. We bought extension audio leads which worked fine. You need to have an optical digital out lead with a digital optical to rca converter so you can plug rca leads into the titan system.

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  1. I purchased this back in january 20 2015. Almost coming up to a year and this product is still going strong.Amazing sound quality, amazing bass. The whole product on it own is amazing. The only slight problem i encountered is he bluetooth. Hence it does cause a few problems in the connections.
    • Way to much for my flat but i still love it: ). Is incredible powerful, for a flat is to much, the sound is clear and bass very deep, i live at 10 floor, i can feel the base from the 8 floor. Way to much for my flat but i still love it :).
  2. The bass is amazing, and the clarity of the satellites is amazing. I have had these speakers about 9 months now, and for £50 i cannot complain, the bass is amazing, and the clarity of the satellites is amazing aswell, i did have to break them in first but once broken in amazing very clear no problems.
    • I bought it for my daughter as a christmas present. Used it for the celebration. I will recommend it to anyone.
      • Bought as replacement for aging harmon-kardon. Bought these as a replacement for some very old (~15 years) hk speakers. These are, quite frankly impressive. The dynamic range of the desktop speakers is astonishing, it does lose a little at the very top end but that doesn’t detract at all from the overall quality of the sound at all. The bass is punchy, tight and rumbles when it needs to. For the casual pc gamer, these are worth far more than the price tag. Add in the optical input for my console, and i might even retire my gaming headset.
  3. This review is from : Trust 19022 Tytan 2 Speaker Set

    Item received quickly, courier was very pleasant. The quality of product is top notch, very enjoyably speakers and subwoofer. For this kind of price i couldn’t ask for much more, recommended seller5 stars.
    • Excellent value for money. . Excellent piece of kit for very reasonable cost. Very good sound and adaptable to phones, laptops, etc. Has enough ‘uumph’ to cope with a teenagers’ party easily.
  4. This review is from : Trust 19022 Tytan 2 Speaker Set

    Also works with record players. . Bought this to hookup to a numark turntable record player. Works perfectly, no problem with the installation and the sound is great.
  5. This review is from : Trust 19022 Tytan 2 Speaker Set

    Have used these dj’ing at house parties plenty of times as they are so light and portable and have never experienced any issues with them.
    • The sub woofer is powerful enough for home applications and can be adjusted up/down as required, the system also has an eco feature which turns the system into a standby mode if it isn’t used for 30 mins then wakes up when you send audio to it. The volume control scroller feels very nice and sits easily on a desk. I would recommend this system for office or bedroom use more than for a party.
  6. This review is from : Trust 19022 Tytan 2 Speaker Set

    Good sounding for its price. I would recommend this it has good bass and the quality is really good, even at high volume.
  7. This review is from : Trust 19022 Tytan 2 Speaker Set

    Only just opened these and set them up so can only go off what i’ve heard over the last hour. These speakers sound awesome, especially when considering the price. The sub is great and the speakers have great clarity in the mids and very pleasing crisp highs. Much much better than i’d dared to expect.
    • I have not owned this system long enough to give really a substantial review, but after going through it and testing it i will give this a review which at some stage will update. First impressions on construction of the unit and speakers, i did not find any signs really of this being a tacky or cheapy system. In fact what blew my mind was the sound it gave it was well balanced and ticked every box, on looks and sound. Love the glossy black colour to. Ok now here is the only gripe, i wish this was a wireless volume control, you are hampered by an rca cable going to the main unit and the mic plug going to the pc. The lead actually stops you so far down in stripping the cables further apart. I also found that the speaker cable connections could have been longer as for me they were far too short. If like me you like the speakers wider apart i would suggest you also get either two rca cables that you can strip apart so you end up with two leads, or try buy two rca cables separate. Make sure that you get the cables so one end has the socket plug, and the other end actually has the plug so that they go together neatly. Or purchase a couple of connectors that will go between the rca cables. Decent system for me at a decent price that won’t break the bank, and is durable. However how durable we will see. Two days in am loving this system.
  8. This review is from : Trust 19022 Tytan 2 Speaker Set

    Couldn’t ask for a better set of speakers for all purposes (including house parties).

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