Toshiba SBM1W : Brilliant and powerful 5

A fast reason to get this now. Alright, looking at through the several reviews, i was umming and rrring. There are a couple details lifted in the customers assessments that are to the position – this is fantastic, but it has its flaws with the style of operation. Dismiss the challenges, as you will get employed to the flaws promptly, but only right after path and mistake – then you will find how fantastic this sound-bar is, it is superb for the value. I have now in a couple of times tested it out on 2 tvs, a 24′ toshiba and a 42′ samsung. In both of those conditions the general performance of this sound-bar increased the viewing encounters by means of vastly enhanced sound top quality. In both situations distinctive ranges of performance was ordeals, so lets give you a evaluation in each individual situation. Toshiba 24’on set up, it wasnt doable to use a digital cable, so had to use the 3. 5mm jack alternative, as the toshiba tv set hadn’t bought a digital output (indeed a coax one but not electronic)the sound advancement of the tv sound was outstanding. The tv sound was tinny quite distant, and distorted, with the sound-bar – the sound was in the area with youso a a thousand% much better.

Toshiba sbm1w mini 3d sound bar (new for 2013). Perfectly, i read through all the evaluations on this toshiba sbm1w mini 3d sound bar well what can i say, it’s a tiny hearth cracker opened the box which i say was nicely packed plugged it in and whow the sound was remarkable it turned my toshiba forty two inch in to a thing i did not hear right before the voice is so genuine and when you strike the 3d button for videos just take protect you consider that you were in the movie fantastic piece of package very well worth the cash down facet the remote is small but if you seem at the £2. 500 tv set there all the similar little fobs it must be the way forward superior luck if you purchase.

Due to lack of house i made the decision to give up my onkyo 5. 1 surround sound set up and have produced do with my lg tv’s interior speakers for the previous calendar year or so. This would not have been so bad if the television casing didn’t reverberate at particular frequencies.In any case, getting a film buff and gamer i normally missed that booming sound that only a first rate surround sound procedure with a sub can offer. So i started seeking close to for something that could provide the sound quality i preferred, but failed to take up a lot of place and failed to call for wires to be trailing all more than the area. Sound bars had been the logical alternative, nonetheless, a great deal of the kinds i seemed at were a bit on the significant dimensions, wider than my television device alone. Just after a bit of study it was getting favourable reviews and appeared to satisfy my necessities. So i determined to just take the plunge and i couldn’t be extra delighted with it.Here are the specifications for the Toshiba SBM1W:

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  • Absolute 3D sound powered by Sonic Emotion (L/R RCA jack), coaxial in (RCA jack), optical in
  • 3 preset sound modes: movie, music, games
  • Standby power consumption 0.5W
  • Power requirements 19 V DC, 3.42 A
  • Impedance: Sound Bar: 4 ohms. Subwoofer: 8 ohms

Terrific sound bar for the rate. Truthfully i was shocked at the sound that this reasonably compact sound bar deliversok, dont be expected to have booming significant high quality audio. It is afterall a fraction of the rate to some big hitting sound bars on the sector. Do expect a uncomplicated setup (optical cable will work best), a far more than sensible quantity and rather first rate surround sound (aided with the related subwoofer). The bluetooth operation is fantastic – connects to your cellphone in seconds (and i mean seconds) and will allow you to stream audio very easily – a terrific added use for this little bit of package (and a operation that isnt obtainable on other soundbars btw). The distant is slim and doesnt have much too many buttons (reminds me of the bose soundbar distant). Not seriously sold on the pre-established options (songs, film and gaming) – i just are inclined to depart it on songs. The 3d alternative is very excellent, however not remarkable. In short, if you are wanting for a compact speaker technique with superior high quality sound at a fair price tag, get this piece of package.

Wonderful tiny speaker process. The sound is unquestionably better than it would seem to be just by wanting at the soundbar. The 3d outcome is fundamentally a need to. You will turn it on when and under no circumstances switch it off. Other than that, i am pretty amazed with the sound for the cost. That said, the distant could use some perform. It is credit score-card sized and somewhat unusable.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great for what it is
  • Small box, big sound!
  • Toshiba Mini 3D Sound Bar Packs a Powerful Punch
  • Great addition to LED TV set-up
  • A Quick reason to BUY THIS NOW!
  • outstanding sound

Excellent sound from these a tiny sound bar, very well worthy of the funds, toshiba good quality as constantly nicely manufactured and durable, would advise this item if like me you don’t have a lot of space.

Procured a 22′ samsung tv set, and had it confirmed that as tvs get slimmer the sound will get worse (properly ‘rubbish’ in simple fact), so resolved to increase this tiny box to see if sound could be enhanced. ‘improved’ does not do it justice. If you want a smaller unobtrusive sound bar i won’t be able to propose this 1 sufficient. Quick to established up and use (as some other folks have explained. Make sure you will not free the remote down the again of the sofa, it’s tiny). I found that you obtained a significant raise in sound high quality when i related it to the tv set by means of an optical cable. All in all, no concern its a 5* solution for the enhancements you get for a modest outlay and compact sizing.

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  1. Worked well – for 10 minutes at a time :(. The good news was the unit is capable of giving a much needed boost to the sound quality of my parent’s new-ish 40″ tv which, link most modern models, has rubbish speakers facing backwards to the wall. I used the tv’s headphone output which was a simple and effective way of getting the audio feed for the sound bar, muting the tv’s internal speakers, and allowing my parents to use the existing tv remote volume control as well. The important point in this case was to enter the tv’s sound menu and disable its own “surround effect” so the toshiba’s effect worked properly. However, the unit we received was going off in to standby mode after 10 minutes even with sound playing. I got the last one in stock it seems, and it had been opened already, so maybe it was a previously returned item?.
  2. This review is from : Toshiba SBM1W – Mini 3D Sound Bar, Absolute 3D sound technology

    Brilliant compact speakers for bedroom and very impressive results. Brilliant compact speakers for bedroom and very impressive results. Tested it by watching predator and it felt like i could almost feel the gunfire and helicopter blades in the room.
    • For all i know this could sound like dog-balls. Unfortunately the only audio cable provided is a cheap stereo-to-stereo jack, need a spdif cable to connect to my toshiba tv so this product has not been used yet. Something you should definitely bear in mind before purchasing this product is. To say the kettle lead power cables provided are of a measly length would be understating somewhat. Luckily i was able to re-jig the tv / consoles and solve the problem but those in older houses with less sockets available would do well to buy an extension cord or two with this product.
      • Crystal clear and i think exellent value. I thought my flatscreen was rubbish on sound untill this was plugged to it.
  3. Excellent sound system, nice low bass and a few different settings to suit what you are watching, easy setup, just remember to press input on the remote to connect everytime you switch on.
    • Very neat unit that much improves the sound of a new sony tv. The biggest change is the base and a subwoofer might well do the trick just as well but the optional sound settings work well. Great value and unobtrusive.
  4. This review is from : Toshiba SBM1W – Mini 3D Sound Bar, Absolute 3D sound technology

    I had no room for a big soundbar below the tv as i have the tv wall mounted above the fireplace. This unit is reasonably priced and works very well. The sound difference with my 56 inch lg hd is amazing, better all through the range and the unit sits unobtrusively on a small shelf to the right of the tv. It has a switch that adjusts the sound if you have it to the right or left or center to the tv which works.
  5. This review is from : Toshiba SBM1W – Mini 3D Sound Bar, Absolute 3D sound technology

    1 sound all around the room. Very clear voices from any seating position, with no pesky wires cluttering the place.
    • For the money, this is a great little soundbar. . For the money, this is a great little soundbar. Love the bluetooth connection. Ripped all my cds to laptop and happily listen to music with far less effort than when we had a cd player. There are some niggles which others have described – but overall, i recommend this soundbar.
      • I think these will be withdrawn from sale eventually. . I paired mine with my lg 47″smart tv and it sounds fine. I’m sure if you’re a purist and you’re really into your home theatre then there’s better stuff out there for you, but i didn’t want a massive bar on top of my tv unit and the bottom inch of the tv screen obscured so for the money this is perfect. Easy to stream music through it from your phone or tablet too. It’s a shame there’s no on-screen display though and as many have said the remote is ridiculously small,about as long as your thumb,20mm wide and about 4mm deep and easily lost, which i did. I’ll tell you now, no one sources replacements for these, not even the manufacturer. Surprisingly though, after telling toshiba uk my tale of woe via their twitter page they stated they would replace the system as it was still, just, under warranty. Only issue i have is that i have to send mine to somewhere in germany before the replacement is sent to me. Whatever, it’s an expensive solution for toshiba.
  6. This review is from : Toshiba SBM1W – Mini 3D Sound Bar, Absolute 3D sound technology

    Bought this back in april and had been meaning to give my thoughts. After 4 months of using i can say it is fantastic. The sound it puts out is great considering it’s size. I looked at and checked on many sound bars but kept coming back to this one. I tend to leave it on the ‘movie’ sound button on the remote control. Has gone up quite a bit since i got mine but would recommend this without a doubt. Edit 30/10/2014 was asked via email by amazon to answer a question posted by a prospective purchaser regarding unit switching off.

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