tooth Speaker – Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant

Surprising amount of sound, in a pretty solid package. . I bought this as a punt, i’ve always been a fan of anker equipment none of it has let me down yet and it always feels robust – but i didn’t really expect much from this speaker, but i was surprised at the amount of sound from something so small, and it has quite a nice weight to it – feels like something substantial and not something featherweight/cheap. I’m keeping mine in the bathroom, paired mine with my echo dot i can just turn on the speaker and a few seconds later the music i was listening to on my dot will be playing on the bluetooth speaker in my bathroom and it’s doing the job perfectly. As a result of my satisfaction with this speaker i’m very tempted to purchase the normal sized soundcore as well.

Excellent, as with everything anker i have ever purchased. This is much smaller than i’d anticipated (7cm high, 6cm diameter) – tiny but mighty. Took quite a long time to pair to my laptop (no idea why) but once achieved i was impressed, great bass for its size, and i will be ordering more and from the same seller.

Thank you for your kind email seller. I received a bluetooth speaker just before the estimated date. Very well packaged and very well protected from damage during transit. I am very very pleased with my speaker. (don’t even need an instruction). It is so loud for a tiny little thing and sturdy. The sound is clear and has a good bass. I felt the vibration on the table.

  • Really impressive sound given the size and price. Good quality product. Highly recommended as a portable speaker
  • Keep your expectations in checkand you will love it!
  • Big sound, little box

At this price and for this size you simply can’t go wrong. . I’ve had a few portable speakers in my time – all of which have died on me recently, and so decided to take a chance on this one. I have been very pleased with the quality and volume that this puts out. The bass, needless to say, is not going to shake your ribcage, but then if you expect that for something of this size then you’re an idiot. But the bass it puts out is still very nice, and the mids and highs sound very pleasing as well. No exterior dongles/cables to get broken (except when you are charging it or using the radio – a nice feature here is that the charging cable doubles up as an aerial), sturdy construction and looks very nice. Has a nice weight to it – it’s about 200g. Good sound, looks nice and solid construction. Pairs easily and quickly, has other modes that tbh i may not use (sd card, auxillary, radio) but they’re there i suppose so it’s nice.

Very impressed, bought this for my son. It arrived quickly and looks far smarter than the pictures. It paired easily with everything we tried, sound is impressive for such a small device. The radio works well if a bit fiddly due to no screen but found all the stations we use. Only tiny issue if you can call it that is the power lead is a very tight fit.

Brilliant brilliant brilliant. I have a sonos play:1 at home mated to all my devices. . But wanted something similar although much more portable and compact. This item is well weighted and stable but not heavy. It’s tactile and has a quality about it when handled. . And full charged surprisingly quickly. The performance was unexpected. There is no ‘crackly, tinny or strained’ sound when volume high.

‘big sound, little box’ best describes this speaker. I am very impressed with teh speaker technolgy in this little box. It really is amaxing for its size. I have bought three different anker speakers (one for each kid and one for myself) and they are all really good. Pros:-smalllightweightcharge lasts a long timesound quality very goodbass range very gooddistortion – minimal (even at volume)cons:-the round shape does not pack as well as the squared anker speakers.

Outstanding sound, excellent bass and well worth the money. . This thing right here is the bomb. The bass on this you wouldn’t believe. For it’s size, this bugger can almost bring the house down. I use it all the time, when i’m cooking, washing, doing chores, when i’m away from home and when i have friends round; this device gets switched on and used without question. Excellent battery life, incredibly easy to use and just overall decent bit of kit. I paid ~£17 for it and for that, well, it’s just daylight robbery. They produce the best budget sound gear around.

I do not like working at a screen with internal speakers. Just what i needed when running internet radio stations on my mac. I do not like working at a screen with internal speakers. I have used a radio app to connect to classical music stations in france italy and usa. I position the anker about three metres away, on a bookshelf, for background music.

Really impressive sound given the size and price. Highly recommended as a portable speaker. As an owner of the bose soundlink mini i know what small bluetooth speakers can deliver – really impressive sound for the size. I wanted a cheap, small speaker for use on holiday or at work and this anker speaker delivers. It has a quality feel with an aluminium case around the size of half a drinks can or an slr lens. It is incredibly light considering it includes the battery. Mid and high tones are clear and balanced, really not bad compared to the bose. Where it lacks is bass which is not surprising and to be honest it’s not bad, and when playing modern tracks which seem to be more balanced for headphones and small speakers it really sounds great.

Fantastic sound for such a little speaker. Fantastic sound for such a little speaker. Connected to iphone with no issues. Good weight and appears to be well made. Only just tried it so can’t say how long one charge lasts.

Great speaker works excellently with my echo dot. For it’s size its quite loud, i use mine with my echo dot speaker, for under £70 i now have a full fat echo device. Bass is nice and punchy, and the sound sounds full, even at full volume there is no distortion.

Another great anker product. I have bought various items from the anker company and have never been let down – cables, battery packs etc. This speaker is well made , holds a good charge and links seamlessly to my apple products (phone & macbook). The only issue is if both devices are switched on with bluetooth then the device you want to connect may not – but thats down to me to sort out. The only way to improve it would be to have separate volume controls as the buttons are multi-function so keep your finger on the volume and it jumps tracks instead. For £20 though i can’t complain.

Great little device, have been using it to play music from my phone. It just can’t connect to other bluetooth speakers to create a chain but that’s expected in the price. Never disappointed with anker products.

Excellent quality and value for money. I wanted a small cheap mini bluetooth speaker replace my old xmi mini (which was phono only) to take into the office and connect to my phone for streaming radio. Anyways, i was looking through the reviews on amazon, and this popped up for me in the search results. I’d bought anker gear before, and found them for the most part to be solid and reliable (let’s not mention the sd card usb reader thingy though. )the soundcore mini has an black aluminium case and is about the size of half a coke can, and seems to be fairly solidly constructed (not tried dropping it yet though. Very easy to use – it’s pretty much switch the speaker on and wait a couple of seconds for it to sync with your phone (once your phone knows about it). It actually sounds pretty good to these amateur ears for a little 5w jobbie – midtones and bass are crystal clear. It’s not going to overwhelm any hardcore audiophiles, but for those on a budget it’s a steal.

Really powerful little speaker. Amazing output for its size and the battery life is impressive. I havent been caught out by the battery yet and have been using it multiple time for many hours between charges. It doesnt distort due to onboard circuit analysisng output which is great so no matter what music you listen too at what volume it will only go as loud as it can prior to where distortion would be produced. It would be great if you could link two of these up for stereo sound.

Very good sound from such a small speaker, the volume was quite high when i tried it first time so be warned, it connected to my phone bluetooth easily, has a good rich sound and is capable of filling a room volume wise, the radio tuned in easy to with a very good reception, has pause on radio to, not tried sd card yet, the controls are easy to understand, the buttons double up for different things depending on what input your using, definitely be one to take traveling.

It has only just arrived but already i’m impressed. It is very small, beautifully made, and very tactile. A nice balance of form and function too, as the sound that comes out of it is amazingly good. I haven’t tried the bluetooth, as i only want it as an external speaker for my pocket dab radio and my mp3 player. It produces great sound from both of those. Early days but i love it so far.

Keep your expectations in checkand you will love it. I am going to have to review this product as honestly as i can by warning others not to believe everything you read in the other reviews especially in regards to sound quality. Don’t get me wrong, i am happy to give the product 5 stars, and the sound quality is great for the size. But comparing it to high end hifi and the like is bordering on insanity and will only result in you being underwhelmed when you get the product. You would be best served by keeping your expectations lower, and then you will be pleasantly surprised or even blown away by the product. With that in mind, there is no magic at work here, and the sound quality for me was no more or less than i expected. It has a solid well mounted driver that sounds good, particularly when the unit is seated on a firm surface. The rubber ring on the bottom is good, ensuring good contact with said surface. The mounting of the driver internally, the quality of the magnet, and the speakers contact with the surface it’s sitting on are the main factors here, and anker has done that really well. It’s size also limits the sound image it can project, which is why it will never sound as good as many larger portable bluetooth speakers.

An excellent device that enhances the music stored on other devices. The radio is excellent and has no problem picking up the signal. A perfect companion at work, in the garden or on holiday. Easily carried in my work bag and colleagues have also been impressed by the appearance. I’m delighted with the quality of this device, my purchase of the year. The charge also lasts as long as stated.

Excellent, as with everything anker i have ever purchased. This is much smaller than i’d anticipated (7cm high, 6cm diameter) – tiny but mighty. Took quite a long time to pair to my laptop (no idea why) but once achieved i was impressed, great bass for its size, and i will be ordering more and from the same seller.

For just over £20 – this little pod is fantastic. It connects seamlessly with my iphone via bluetooth allowing me to play from my phone’s music library. There’s also a built in radio, and sd card mp3 player – but all of that would be academic if the sound let it down. Well i was astounded at the quality of the sound, crisp and clean, superb bass, and quite loud too. For a few quid – worth investigation.

He said he loves the fact the bass is good as well as a lot of speakers don’t have. I had no idea what i was getting here for my son other than that it was a portable speaker. He’s opened the pressie, he’s used the speaker and he loves it 🙂 from a 19yr old who does have a clue about this kind of thing, that’s praise indeed. He said he loves the fact the bass is good as well as a lot of speakers don’t have that and the sound is very good (even i could tell those things 🙂 ).