ThumbsUp! Dual Cylinder Speaker – Fantastic speakers

Haven’t looked back since i purchased ?.

The best little speakers i have ever had. Really great sound quality, and i’m fussy. I’ve bought more for other people because i was so impressed, can’t recommend highly enough.

Random, loud but should be proud. Good product. I picked up a pair of these last month without any research and planning – an impulse purchase – thinking simply they might just bump up the volume on my ipod whilst listening to podcasts in the bath. The ipod max-volume from the internal speaker can’t compete with the white-noise of the running taps. They slot together by the power of magnets as illustrated but sit nicely when separated as recognisable miniature speakers – with a single wire adjoining them then branching into both usb and speaker connectors. The only mental caution i make, thinking that the presence of the magnetic field could possibly do-something to the internal memory of the ipod, is to always keep the ipod at wires length from where i position the speakers (usually precariously on the same shelf as discarded toothpastes and toothbrushes). You give them a little usb juice to charge them up and the led lights change from red-to purple-to blue. Once they emit the surprisingly dazzling blue colour you know they are charged. And they stay charged for a nice slice of time. At the point of writing this i have only charged them once and the lights on each satellite speaker remain a reassuring blue whilst they effortlessly continue to enhance the volume sufficiently for me to clearly hear my chosen podcasts. These are genuinely decent speakers that perform their function perfectly, moreover their design is simple but in every way effective.

  • Random, loud but should be proud.good product
  • Fantastic speakers

Features of ThumbsUp! Dual Cylinder Speaker

  • Compact Speaker with 2 magnetized halves
  • Use as one speaker or split the halves for surround sound
  • Includes LED indicator light
  • 3.5mm jack/USB dual cable