Thonet & Vander Ratsel 72 W 2 : GREAT Sound for the Money with Just a Few Flaws

Best 2. 1 system i came across (to date). This speaker system wipes the floor with the competition, even more so if you take into account the price. We have a logitech z623 in the family and we were very impressed with that (and still are up to an extent) but the t&v ratsel is better on all counts. By the time you factor in the bluetooth and remote and i/o, the ratsel wins hands down. The bass is really punchy and well rounded, it makes you feel that you are in a club with good speakers (your neighbours will not be impressed if you turn it up). It has very little distortion at high volume and it can cover different styles of music with ease.

Great sound for the money with just a few flaws. For the money, this is a tough system to beat. And it not only sounds great but looks fantastic as well. Pros- speaker wire is included (3 ft per speaker)- remote included- has an aux jack- sound is more detailed with fuller bass compared to other bluetooth speakers in this price range (such as the bose mini)- bluetooth 2. 1- subwoofer provides a good thump for it’s size, even reproducing sub-bass fairly wellcons- when you turn the power off the bass and treble reset back to the default setting- remote required for bluetooth pairing or to select an input, so if you lose the remote, you lose some functionalityoverall, i’m really happy with the value you get with this bluetooth speaker system. Even compared to these audioengine speakers here: http://amzn. To/1m64afo which cost a little more, the sound quality is similar once you tweak with the settings a bit. I think the biggest consideration is whether you’re someone who easily loses remotes. If so, this may not be the system for you. But otherwise, if you’re looking for a great sounding bluetooth speaker system that sounds as good or even better than other similarly priced systems, i think you’ll be very happy with this.

Amazing speakers and look so good for the price. Would definitely recommend them.

Key specs for Thonet & Vander Ratsel 72 W 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Speaker Set:

  • Really bring your PC or TV to life with this high power 2.1 Sound System.
  • With a massive 6.5″ sub-woofer and 2 way satellite speakers, Ratsel is your perfect multi media sound centre
  • Bluetooth and Analogue connections, allows you connect multiple devices simultaneously

Comments from buyers

“GREAT Sound for the Money with Just a Few Flaws, Best 2.1 system I came across (to date)!”