The Wireless SmartSpeaker – wireless AQ smartspeaker

This speaker is great, i have it in the lounge, and when i get home, i can just pause the audiobook or music on the iphone in the car, get into the house and immediately start playing from where i left off, just a couple of taps on the phone. No messing about connecting it to a dock or switching on the computer or hi-fi, the speaker is ready all the time – the manual says it will switch off if i don’t use it for a week, but i haven’t been able to leave it alone for that long.

It looks great, brilliant sound, easy set up, able to link others in future and super price.

Wireless aq smartspeaker a2. Setup was easy as it was out of the box and working with my ipod and my computer within minutes. I have been looking at different airplay speakers and this was definitely the right choice as it is well built, sounds great and is a good price. Just need to add a second for stereo.

Nice sound of music run from everywhere of the house. Recommend this product to everyone who wants to play music without cables :).

  • A2 AQ Smart Speaker
  • wireless AQ smartspeaker
  • Excellent AirPlay speakers
  • brilliant sound. Unfortunately it recently broke
  • should bought two pack!
  • Great all rounder

The Wireless SmartSpeaker (A2) with Apple AirPlay

  • Works with Apple Music. Sale ends Mon 25th Jan!
  • Apple AirPlay is already built into your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch and iTunes (on a Mac or PC) so no additional equipment is necessary when operating a SmartSpeaker.
  • Enjoy listening to high resolution audio on any App, including Spotify, YouTube, Sky Go, BBC iPlayer and TuneIn Radio.
  • Add an extra SmartSpeaker and enjoy multiroom audio or spatially separated STEREO music via AirPlay from iTunes on a Mac or PC.
  • VOTED #1 Wireless Speaker by The Independent. The Wireless SmartSpeaker (A2) with Apple AirPlay technology streams high resolution audio through your home Wi-Fi network from your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch and iTunes (on a Mac or PC).

Very good, exceeded my expectations.

Easy to set up and worked perfectly.

The speaker was delivered on time and gives a great sound for the price. It took a while to set it up with another aq smart speaker in order to get stereo and the instruction manual could have been a little clearer on this issue.

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  1. This review is from : The Wireless SmartSpeaker (A2) with Apple AirPlay

    Unfortunately it recently broke. Bought this a few years ago, brilliant sound. Unfortunately it recently broke, i sent it back to aq audio, and they sent a new one out for free. Their customer service is second to none.
    • Very elegant speaker but sadly for me only plays mp3 and not flac files so i couldn’t use it with my nas.
      • Aq smartspeaker wireless a2 – exactly what i was after. I bought the original model of this speaker, which includes a battery, about 4 months ago, and found it was very good as a portable speaker, but it lacked a few features that would make it perfect for me – it needed to remain connected to your wi-fi network, so even though you can take it outside, it was useless in my garden, as my wi-fi doesn’t reach that far. Aq solved this when they added direct mode with a firmware update. I can now take it anywhere without having to worry about the wi-fi. This feature also proved invaluable when visiting relatives over the holidays – they only have wired internet, so no wi-fi to connect the speaker to, but with direct mode that’s no problem. There was still something missing though – proper stereo. I don’t need more than one portable speaker, couldn’t really afford a second portable one, and just have it sit there in one place all the time. When i saw they had a cheaper version without the battery, i took the plunge and ordered one. I have to say, having the music in stereo makes a huge difference, and although using both only works with the computer at the moment, as the iphone won’t let you select more than one speaker at a time – aq said they were working on a way to do this, and for now i can use the remote app, which does allow me to select both speakers, i just need to remember to switch the computer on for it to work.
  2. This review is from : The Wireless SmartSpeaker (A2) with Apple AirPlay

    I thought the price looked rather cheap for an airplay speaker – after all, airplay needs an apple license, which always makes the price go up. I was therefore expecting a cheap build and was a bit sceptical that the sound quality would be as good as they claim. I decided to get it anyway, figuring i could always return it – fulfilled by amazon means free delivery and easy returns. It arrived quickly and as soon as i opened the amazon box, i could tell i was on to a winner. The product box is well designed, and had a nice weight to it. Taking out the speaker, you can tell it is well built, the speaker isn’t as heavy as i thought it was going to be – there’s also a big power supply like you get with a laptop, but the lines are smooth and it doesn’t feel like the normal cheap plastic you get on most appliances these days. Setup was a doddle with the iphone cable, and most importantly, it sounds excellent, especially considering it is so small.
  3. This review is from : The Wireless SmartSpeaker (A2) with Apple AirPlay

    I got an a1 (with battery) last year and found the sound to be great and was weighing up whether to get another one when aq released this, the a2. Its perfect for what i need as this one lives in my lounge and i take my a1 around the house with me. Must say i prefer the black back too.Heard the coloured grilles may be a few weeks so cant wait to mix and match colours. Works just as well as my a1 so cant complain. Would recommend the chat feature on their site too, if you have trouble setting up like me first time round.
  4. This review is from : The Wireless SmartSpeaker (A2) with Apple AirPlay

    I have just purchased a pair of smartspeaker a2s for my kitchen and study. I already use the airplay system using an airport express and apple tv to feed into non-dedicated speakers and i wanted to expand the network. I chose the a2 speakers because they are slightly cheaper than their a1 cousins and i did not need the only extra feature of the a1s: a rechargeable battery. Potential purchasers should not that the speakers are also available direct via aq audio themselves at a slightly lower price and with a discount for buying multiple speakers together: postage is however more expensive than via amazon and there are no loyalty points to be gained. Delivery, was no problem (as is expected with amazon) and the speakers come in nice white boxes. Included in the box alongside the speaker is a transformer to supply 12v dc, both a european and uk cable to power the transformer, and a 3. 5mm aux cable that could be used to connect the headphone jack of an mp3 player directly to the speakers if required.

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