Teenage Engineering OD-11 Hi Fi Cloud Speaker – Probably the best AirPlay speaker out there

I already have one unit and i couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy another at such a good price. The sound quality is superb, it’s open, natural and goes loud when you want it to. The great thing with the sound is you can adjust it via the app, which is very intuitive to use. Setup was very easy, giving instant access to all my music via wifi. The speaker looks great but is very discrete, you can place it anywhere in the room. Can’t wait to hook up the new one for the full stereo effect, double the funin summary: fantastic sound quality, brilliant connectivity and ease of use, and is discrete so my wife’s happy. As a sonos owner, this is a significant step up in sound quality.

After unpacking the speaker, i got very frustrated, because i was unable to connect it to my wifi network. I tried from a mac, an iphone and an adroid phone. Each time i got the message ‘unexpected error’ which i would have expected from an old windows system, not a great looking piece of kit like this. Next day, i tried one more time before calling the support number that is listed in the online manual, and it worked. But, after this first unexpected hold-up, i must say, the od-11 sounds absolutely great. I have put it in a corner of the room and tried it with all kind of music, and it all sounds crystal clear. No overpowering bass, but just right. This is the speaker you would have expected apple to make visually, but with better sound quality.

Probably the best airplay speaker out there. Beautifully designed little box perfect for a minimalist look. The sound is open, quite warm and really brings out the best in vocal midrange. Initially i thought the bass lacking a little but this and overall sound quality after running the unit for 20hrs has improved as one would expect from a high quality driver unit. Use the app to control bass and treble settings on the speaker. Sounds best with a decent feed such as tidal. The only time the unit gets overwhelmed is with complex classical pieces where the 2 speaker box gets a bit out of its depth but i am comparing this to high end hifi systems. The od11 is head and shoulders better than most other speakers out there. I think it sounds better than the b&w a7 and leaves the bose soundlink 30 for dead. The naim muso has the edge for sheer power and soundstage.

  • Probably the best AirPlay speaker out there

Teenage Engineering OD-11 Hi Fi Cloud Speaker with Wi-Fi

  • 100 watt wireless hifi cloud speaker
  • true wireless stereo (when two units purchased) true multi room capability
  • Fully supports iOs, Android, Windows, Apple Music, Spotify, Airplay and Apple TV and all major streaming services
  • Everything built in to play from any platform, device or hardware
  • PCM Optic cable and 3mm Stereo Line In functionality