TECEVO ® T7 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker 10W RMS – Amazing sound

The size of this item and the sound quality is brilliant. You would not expect it from something so small. The fact that it is rechargeable also is amazing. Very easy to set up and was up and running within minutes of opening.The quality of the bluetooth is amazing, using siri through this i was expecting it to be a little slow but it is nice and clear, the microphone is pretty good.

This is the best speakers you will likely find for the price. When charged it can last upto 8hrs. As this is a 10w speakers it is little big,but fits nicely in a bag,and the sound is great and also voiume goes to 16 and depending on what u use can be very load which is great for a party,easy to connect,no problems must buy you cant go rong with this gem.

This is my first portable bluetooth speaker so i have nothing to compare it too but i have been really impressed by it. The sound quality is great and it worked straight out of the box. It connects fine to my iphone and macbook. It also goes louder than i think i will ever need with no noticeable distortion.

However the first one malfunctioned after 1 month. Customer service was excellent and attended to my complaint promptly. Received the replacement in 2days. I think it’s just me being unlucky with the first one.

If you want a cheap, reliable and brilliant small speaker to fill a room. I love a good speaker and this is actually my second one (first one got stole with my bag as i carried it around everywhere)it charges quickl. Decent battery life and last but not least, great quality sound. The base comes through like no other speaker i’ve had and the volume is loud enough and then some for listen to music with you and a couple friends. Maybe wouldn’t be loud enough for a full scale party but hey 25 dabs you can’t go wrong👍👍👍👍👍 five thumbs up.

Excellent delivery within 2 days, which was free. Such a nice speaker and great sound. Was surprised by how loud it went and how clear it still was. So happy that i purchased it. Also connects straight away to my phone and the battery life lasts ages. Would definitely 110% recommend this product to everyone.

  • Price and extra functions make up for flaws
  • Beasty little thing!
  • Good Sound but Disappointing Functionality

I really wanted to like this speaker, and whilst the sound is very good for the price, i found the use of its other functions rather irrational to the point of frustration. For example, i could not play music via bluetooth and show the clock face at the same time. Pressing the clock button would immediately disconnect the music playing via bluetooth. If that wasn’t bad enough, the onboard controls did not control the music, beyond volume control. So a press of the ‘next track’ button would result in nothing happening at all, and the same with the other audio buttons. I decided to pack it up and send it back to amazon. I’d rather pay more and get something that sounds good and actually does what it says on the tin (speaker). Again, for sound i’d give it confident yes, but the rest is a big no.

Great as portable speakers, bluetooth is easy to use. Can also plug in the audio jack if you’re like me and can’t remember which device in range keeps hogging the bluetooth.

For a small rechargeable battery operated device this produces deep sounds, good sounding music and clear voice for my film watching. The speakers are far better than the internal speakers on my flatscreen tv and this is a great, discrete device that is used as a soundbar.

Best ‘cheap’ portable speaker, purchased for £20. 00pros – two 5 watt speakers (lucky to get one for the price) – many options alarm, radio and you own, phone call with inbuilt mic – many connectivity ports bluetooth, micro sd card, aux – very durable as the outside is made from a plastic rubber material – lasts a very long time (4 hours of constantly playing music on max)cons – if you use it as an alarm clock you need it plugged in else it will run out of batteryoverall best portable speaker on amazon – 5 star.

Great sound, very powerful and the bluethoot range is really wide. Small and portable, nevertheless really loud. The speakers have a lot of functions and can read from every source. The incorporated battery had a long lasting life, it takes several hours to charge it completely but it’s nothing compared to his duration. The ratio quality/price is excellent.

Features of TECEVO® T7 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker 10W RMS, Multi-functional Portable Mini Soundbar, Built-in Alarm Clock, FM Radio, Microphone TF Card Reader, USB Host, AUX Line-in (T7 – White)

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  • Stream music wirelessly from your Phone, Laptop or Tablet; Alarm clock with negative display LED
  • Built-in microphone so you can use as a hands-free speakerphone
  • High quality 2 x 5W RMS 40mm speaker drivers plus subwoofer with superb vocal clarity stereo sound easily fill your room
  • Play music on Non Bluetooth devices via Aux-in port, Micro SD card reader and USB host allow you to play music from memory card or USB pendrive drive
  • Built in 1500mah rechargeable li-on battery, up to 8 hours playback from one charge

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Was not impressed by the sound so i had to buy another speaker after. I guess for the price it s not bad but i expected a bit of a better quality. Good to watch tv on tablet or other mobile devices but not great for music.

I’m really surprised about this small compact bluetooth speaker. Fm radio about 16-18 hours on middle vol. It’s do everything what is says. Really enjoy this incredible speaker. Would recommend to everyone.

Great for the price, you won’t have anything much to worry about. Although i have a few issues:1. The alarm tone sounds like a burglar alarm, it’s really loud and not nice to wake up to lol. It does have the option to set a song from a usb/sd card as the alarm tone. I would suggest doing that if you intend to use it everyday. I thought it was broken when i first got it since it wouldn’t turn on when not plugged into the charger but after a full charge (even after the battery says it’s full) it was fine. The lcd screen is very bright and lights up my room at night (doesn’t dim down) so i have to place in on its front :p4. It has a tendency to forget the volume setting after powering off, so i have to turn down the volume every time i charge it back up after it loses it’s battery life.

Teveco 7 bluetooth speakers is recommended for people who crave for entertainment on the go. The bass and sound quality good. Solid in black and red encasement. Volume amazingly loud for speakers of its size. On the whole it’s a good buy.

I’ve had a few pairs of tecevo13 bluetooth earphones so i thought i’d give this speaker a try and i have to say i’m quite impressed with it. I only really use it as a bluetooth paired speaker but it works well and was easy to pair, sound quality is good and range seems quite good.

The sound is really clear and it actually goes quite loud. Only bought it thinking ‘oh it will do the job’ and i needed a sound bar for my tv. I’m really impressed with it.

Stream music wirelessly from your Phone, Laptop or Tablet; Alarm clock with negative display LED

Not the best sound quality obviously, also i wouldn’t rely on the time unless you want to be late for work. Whist in blue tooth mood the time does not show. Over all it’s an ok speaker, very small though less then 30 cm in length.

Has a well manafactured feel to it, is loud and very easy to connect bluetooth to laptop and android phones. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an inexpensive portable bluetooth speaker.

Although i was doubtful when my son recommended this product i am thrilled to say that it has replaced a very expensive mobile sound system i use for my six yoga classes per week. The sound is very good and fills large rooms with ease – excellent product.

I purchased this radio for use at work. (i’m an aircraft engineer) im always reluctant to spend a lot of money on something like this as i know that it will most probably be ruined within a couple of months due to the environment i’m using it in. I have to say i’m more than impressed with the build quality. I’ve used this in the wheel well while changing hydraulic components.Used it while the painters have been rubbing down and getting paint dust everywhere. Dropped it from stands multiple times. The thing has melt marks on it from skydrol. Its not the loudest speaker in the world but it gets the job done.I found that spotify is generally a bit more quite than say the radio which is pretty strange?the only downfall would be the battery life.

Great sound for such a small piece of equipment. My only criticism would be that to listen to a particular piece of music via an sd card, i have to scroll through all the recordings to get to it.

Sound quality is great but useability is poor. Needs to be constantly plugged in or battery runs out over night or it decides to turn off and not wake you up. Cant set the alarm to radio which is what i wanted. Built-in arial for radio is poor and can’t be extended. Connectivity was patchy for bluetooth but seems to have settled. In some ways this review is irrelevant because it’s my personal desires and experiences not me. Unless the unit is faulty which it isn’t so far as it works but in a limited way.

Built-in microphone so you can use as a hands-free speakerphone

I was a bit dubious as to whether this was going to be any good, but it is sooooo good i have used it multiple times at home and away from home the sound quality is great and there isnt much sound distortion when turned up, i would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a portable speaker that is fantastic for how much your spending.

It’s 2018 so 5 years and it’s still playing metallica enter sandman loud enough for me.

Easy to use and found the radio very handy. Seems to keep its charge well, i would have given it 5 stars but the bluetooth isnt that great however, i dont use that function often. Thinking of buying another one for my son.

I have had this speaker for over a year now and has well earned itself a 5 star review. Build quality is great, sounds good and can easily fill a room. After having the devise for quite some time and extensive use, i have decided to replace due to the battery not last as long as before.

After using the speaker for almost a week now, i can fairly say that i’m happy with the product overall. The sound quality and bass have a fantastic balance, so none overpower eachother. As for the sound quality, there is no distortion whatsoever (even at the highest volume with different types of songs). The bass has a nice boom to it, definitely a big upgrade to the portable speaker that i had previously to it. I haven’t tried out the sd card slot, so i cannot comment on that. The aux cable provided is great and i had no issues with it. The radio works perfectly once you find a signal, not always the easiest but once you find it, it pretty much is of a good quality. I’ve had no issues with paring via bluetooth (it’s my main connectivity) and i’m impressed by the range of which it goes up to. I’m extreemly happy about the alarm feature, it saved me from being late to work since my iphone decided to turn itself off in the middle of the night. Also, accurate time-keeping.

This product is absolutely surprising. Loud, with an amazing sound quality and very low-priced. Bluetooth connectivity, several functional buttons for skipping tracks and switch to the radio and fine lasting internal battery (6-8 hours).

Great sound quility and a perfect size, also using a usb charger plug saves having to use the tv usb to charge it, well this was so untill we went to charge it yesterday and the charging port fell inside it so it can no longer be used.

High quality 2 x 5W RMS 40mm speaker drivers plus subwoofer with superb vocal clarity stereo sound easily fill your room

Perfect for my daughter who is now 15. Only had to replace due to younger brother destroying charge portal. Has radio as well as bluetooth. Wish the volume would go to level 20 as frustrating it stopping at 16 but that’s prob my ocd.

Ok, so this little thing has really surprised me. Bought it to take abroad on holiday but we’ve been using it from the moment it took delivery. It’s a very well put together bit of kit and comes delivered in ‘apple quality’ livery and packaging. I was expecting this to be an ok bit of kit but it’s got to be one of my best tetchy buys in a long time. Sound is excellent, bluetooth worked first time and every time from my ipad, radio is impressively good. Trying to find a fault with it but in all honesty.

Amazing sound and a great portable item. Battery is great and usb is really handy.

I bought this to play from ipod/iphone in an old van. The controls are just fiddly enough that i’ve kept the tiny paper manual around. Some buttons are multi-function depending on tap or press and hold. The sound quality is good enough for a car with the windows closed, but starts to struggle at the highest volumes. As a sensibly priced portable speaker i’m quite happy with it. I’m a bit of an audiophile and i was worried it would be too poor quality and annoy me, but it seems fine. You can use it plugged in or runnin on charge, you can play audio via 3. 5mm jack or via bluetooth and both work fine.

Second time ordering this great product, first time i gave it to my niece in cyprus and seeing how satisfied with it she is, i decided to buy another one for myself this time. This speaker is very strong and loud for its size, on budget i would recommend it.

Had my site radio stolen off site so while waiting for a replacement off the insurance company i thought i’d buy this to listen to while brick laying 🙂 perfect and very good sound quality too. Bluetooth works at a range of around 15 meters.

Play music on Non Bluetooth devices via Aux-in port, Micro SD card reader and USB host allow you to play music from memory card or USB pendrive drive

So i saw my friend had these speakers so decided to go for them myself. Very impressed, for such small speakers they don’t half handle the music and bass on my songs. Of course there not the loudest but songs are so clear on them and the battery lasts ages.

Basically used all day, great product for the price.

Bought this for my elder son, initially looking for an alarm clock, but thought i’d double up on a bluetooth speaker. All functions work properly, could not connect my android phone, but all other devices connected; sound output is good for music, but was a bit dissapointed with the sound for the alarm clock (hence 4 stars), although it does state i can put music from micro sd for the alarm, which i will try soonoverall, happy with purchase.

Great for the price, really love the sleek design and features.

Nice a cheap and very very goodi use it for music on bluetooth on my phonethe radio. The sound is brilliant and has some good volume. I love the fact that its not mains operated. Th battery last for 2 days fully charged using the radio.

A reasonable good speaker but minimal instructions. To set-up it’s a case of intuition, trial and error. Unfortunately my intuition has evaporated and it’s still not set to my requirements. To return or not to return?2 weeks later: after trial and error have managed to get things up and running (still trying to ‘save’ choose preferred radio stations rather than scrolling thu every time). After my first comment the tecevo product manager emailed for me to contact re probs – so, full marks there. Unfortunately i found his accent difficult to understand.

Received this today – came nicely packaged in the box, opened it up and everything was spot on. Aux lead and usb lead included however and this is impportant – this product does not come with a plug for the mains to charge the unit – extremley annoying especially given the priceinitial setup is very simple, my iphone connected to it instantly, and the range is more than ample, the lcd clock is easy to set, however whilst in bluetooth mode it does not state the time just a simple ‘bt’ on the display – again pretty annoying given the priceto the sound – my room is pretty small, leaves a clear sound at all levels, does however lack bass, but then again its a bluetooth speaker so i was never expecting it to rattle my windows. Overall i would probably say given the money asked for this i would atleast consider all options on the available market, but at the same time the box says a bluetooth speaker and at the end of the day it does do exactly what it says on the tin.

I purchase a projector and screen for home movie night. The soundbar made,a lot of difference to the built in projectors speaker.

It is very loud and easily fills a room. My iphone connected straight away and works from about 4-5m over bluetooth. Had it up and running in about 30 seconds. Bare in mind there is no plug included but it has ubs which connects with the plethora of plugs you already havei was very surprised by the bass on this thing. It is very respectable and better than what i get out of my old sony stereo.

However, the charging port is not mechanically robust and on my device has broken in a few months. Stripping the device down (not easy) reveals it is not simple to repair. The mechanical connection between the power socket and the device is only via the electrical solder pins. The solder join breaks easily and re-soldering the micro-pins needs special tools. Essentially a poor design unfortunately. So, be very careful with the power connection and all should be well.

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