TECEVO® T3 Wireless tooth Speaker With Microphone – Excellent little speaker!

I purchased this radio for use at work. (i’m an aircraft engineer) im always reluctant to spend a lot of money on something like this as i know that it will most probably be ruined within a couple of months due to the environment i’m using it in. I have to say i’m more than impressed with the build quality.I’ve used this in the wheel well while changing hydraulic components. Used it while the painters have been rubbing down and getting paint dust everywhere. Dropped it from stands multiple times. The thing has melt marks on it from skydrol.Its not the loudest speaker in the world but it gets the job done.

It is very loud and easily fills a room. My iphone connected straight away and works from about 4-5m over bluetooth. Had it up and running in about 30 seconds. Bare in mind there is no plug included but it has ubs which connects with the plethora of plugs you already havei was very surprised by the bass on this thing. It is very respectable and better than what i get out of my old sony stereo.

I gave this speaker to my husband as he was after a bluetooth wireless portable speaker. He spends a lot of time outside or exercising in the garage and this makes it easy to listen to his music. The bass is good and volume is amazing for a unit of this size. As it is lightweight and wireless, this makes moving it from inside to outside very easy. The battery life is also impressive and the device was easy to pair to his phone in just a few seconds. The build quality is very good and it looks solid. If you want to buy a bluetooth speaker that represents good value, look no further, this is the one for you. What you get in the box:- bluetooth speaker- charging cable- audio cable- user manualnote: a supplier provided me with this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This has not affected my opinion of the product.

A reasonable good speaker but minimal instructions. To set-up it’s a case of intuition, trial and error. Unfortunately my intuition has evaporated and it’s still not set to my requirements. To return or not to return?2 weeks later: after trial and error have managed to get things up and running (still trying to ‘save’ choose preferred radio stations rather than scrolling thu every time). After my first comment the tecevo product manager emailed for me to contact re probs – so, full marks there. Unfortunately i found his accent difficult to understand.

  • Modern features, retro-styling
  • High quality portable speaker, sounds good
  • Good sound, versatile with lots of useful features
  • Customer service was excellent and attended to my complaint promptly
  • A very nice feature rich blueooth speaker,
  • Speaker with bells and not too much whistle

TECEVO® T3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Microphone , Touch Control Panel , 6W RMS With Passive Subwoofer , Micro SD Card Reader , USB Host , AUX Line-in (T3 – Black)

  • Stream music wirelessly from your Phone, Laptop or Tablet; One touch control
  • Built-in microphone so you can use as a hands-free speakerphone
  • High quality 2 x 3W RMS 40mm speaker drivers plus passive radiator with superb vocal clarity easily fill your room
  • Play music on Non Bluetooth devices via Aux-in port, Micro SD card reader and USB host allow you to play music from memory card or USB pendrive drive
  • Built in 1200mah rechargeable li-on battery, up to 6 hours playback from one charge

Good speakers with a little bit of distortion at top of range. Have used them in the kitchen, garden and living room so far and it has not been charged yet (been going for a good 5 hours). Really nice sound quality for the money although, as always with speakers for this price, there is a bit of distortion at the top notes when it is nearing the top volume. Having had it for a couple of weeks has convinced the rest of my family and a friend to invest in one too :).

I had looked at similar devices costing upwards. I had looked at similar devices costing upwards of £150. Now if i can stop my wife complaining about the loud noise when i’m cooking and listening to music, via the new speaker.

It says six hours but when connected to a pc without bluetooth i got nearly nine. When i say connected, i do not just mean with the supplied 3. I use an external usb sound card and a high quality interconnect and the unit really comes into its own. There is a full solid bass rich middle and a high top end for any electronic or orchestral music. This is one of the f ew bluetooth speakers with a performance that is wasted in answering the phone. It has that and the usual capabilities but the quality of sound is mor important than its subsidiary functions.

One thought on “TECEVO® T3 Wireless tooth Speaker With Microphone – Excellent little speaker!

  1. Was not impressed by the sound so i had to buy another speaker after. I guess for the price it s not bad but i expected a bit of a better quality. Good to watch tv on tablet or other mobile devices but not great for music.
  2. This review is from : TECEVO® T3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Microphone , Touch Control Panel , 6W RMS With Passive Subwoofer , Micro SD Card Reader , USB Host , AUX Line-in (T3 – Black)

    This product is absolutely surprising. Loud, with an amazing sound quality and very low-priced. Bluetooth connectivity, several functional buttons for skipping tracks and switch to the radio and fine lasting internal battery (6-8 hours).
    • Really better than other wireless speakers that i have used before. The fm is superb, the display and the battery life is wonderful.
  3. This review is from : TECEVO® T3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Microphone , Touch Control Panel , 6W RMS With Passive Subwoofer , Micro SD Card Reader , USB Host , AUX Line-in (T3 – Black)

    Rich and powerful sound from a small and good-looking device, i bought a second one after trying it out.
      • I was a bit dubious as to whether this was going to be any good, but it is sooooo good i have used it multiple times at home and away from home the sound quality is great and there isnt much sound distortion when turned up, i would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a portable speaker that is fantastic for how much your spending.
  4. Be careful with the recharge socket. However, the charging port is not mechanically robust and on my device has broken in a few months. Stripping the device down (not easy) reveals it is not simple to repair. The mechanical connection between the power socket and the device is only via the electrical solder pins. The solder join breaks easily and re-soldering the micro-pins needs special tools. Essentially a poor design unfortunately. So, be very careful with the power connection and all should be well.

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