TECEVO S10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Handsfree – Brilliant!

Quiet loud which is great, comes in handy.

Excellent nice little speaker powerful easy to set up pleased with purchase speedy delivery.

Have purchased about 50 of these for friends and family and everytime someone sees it they want one. The crowning glory with this is that it holds a sd tf smart card, i use the 8 gb one that holds about 2,000 tracks.

This is a nice little speaker. I got it because it has a slot for internal micro-sd memory, which many of these devices do not. So it works almost like a portable ipod shuffle with a speaker on it.

Great little speaker good sound and easy to use. Not used blue tooth yet but as runs phone down too quick but mains great.

What a great little speaker. It’s small and compact but packs a punch. I use it to listen to the music i have on my kindle, connects no problem using the bluetooth.

  • Excellent
  • Be careful and double check when you first to receive item

Bought two of these for my kids christmas and i must say they are excellent good quality a fair weight and loud they connected to my kids gadgets easily and are very portable well worth the money.

I bought this for my sister as she had heard my one and loved it so much. She wanted a device that would be handy to use in her garden as taking the stereo out there was too much work. She loves being able to choose the songs that she wants to play, as i am. I love the bass that comes from it, depending on the surfaces that it is placed on and it is light and easy to move. Stores away brilliantly and the volume is brilliant for what is was bought for. I was told a date that it would arrive by and to be honest i was delighted when it came way before that date. It is easy to set up and the length of battery time is excellent. The battery also charges really fast and that is good for me. Would i recommend it to anyone else – yes i would.

Had this speaker now for two years, so far it has connected to all my phones and tablets, holds charge very well and had a good and clear sound.

Having recently bought two of the bitmore e-storm speakers, which are similar (see my review), my wife wanted one as well. The special offer for the e-storm had expired and i saw this here on amazon at a good price so ordered it. It charged up quickly and connected to bluetooth perfectly. The sound was excellent, but not as good as the e-storm, but then the price differential is something to take into account. If you get the e-storm for £20 like i did, there’s no contest, but at the rrp the s10 is great value. The micro sd mode also worked perfectly, an advantage being that you can use up to 32gb whereas the e-storm only takes up to 8gb. It is well made and chunky, with a rubberised coating on the metal body. The packaging, presentation and supplied accessories are not as good as the bitmore but are adequate. My charging lead failed after two weeks, and amazon refunded me for this. One small niggle is that the aux input is by mini usb with a special lead.

But the first speaker i got was not having sd card port. So had to be replaced with the other one. Overall happy with the quality of speaker. Battery is good, it lasts quite long.

Features of TECEVO S10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Handsfree, Built in TF Card (MicroSD) Reader, AUX In Port, 3W RMS Vibration Mini Stereo Speaker With Deep Bass

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  • Play music from Bluetooth devices including Mobile Phones, Ipad and Android Tablets, MP3 Players, PC or MAC laptops
  • Supports TF card (MicroSD card) for playback from built-in MP3 player
  • Support HSF(bluetooth handsfree) profile, music will automatically stop when phone call coming in
  • Built-in 3W RMS ‘i-Bass’ speaker, produce superb sound quality with deep bass
  • Built-in Rechargeable Li-Polyester battery for up to up to 5 hours music time

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Excellent little speaker with so much power. Recommended it to a friend who purchased one too.

I needed support from friends to get if functioning. I am pleased with the outcome.

Nothing to dislike, and everything to like about this powerful little speaker. I used it during my recent holiday to play music in my hotel room, both usingbluetooth on my phone and plugging my i-pod into it. A top product beautifully portable and small enough to pack intomy travel bag.

I have recommended this to every one. This is great with good baseline for rnb, reggae etc i hook it up to my ipad mini when staying in hotels , i even hooked it up on my holiday in egypt, around the pool. * of my friends have this now after seeing and hearing mine in action.

I bought one now everyone in my circle wants one, that’s how good it really is. Works well on a table top in a small to medium sized room.

After reading some reviews about people hearing a low hiss or hum at low volume i was sceptical. But after having it for a few days now there is no hiss or hum, sound great just loud enough to fill roomconnected to my galaxy 3 wife’s i phone and to my laptop which i have to use a bluetooth dongleall sound good.

Play music from Bluetooth devices including Mobile Phones, Ipad and Android Tablets, MP3 Players, PC or MAC laptops

Am very pleased with this item does what it says very compact.

Great to play background sounds on a loop from sd card without much hassle.

This is my first mini speaker so i can’t compare it to others but i am shocked by the sound this thing produces. When you have it at full volume it confuses your senses a bit because the sound produced does not match the sizethe sound is not perfect. . Lows are quite muted, mids are slightly crushed, but it handles highs quite well. But you do not purchase these speakers for their acoustic fidelityas a small speaker for use on holiday or travelling it is amazing.It’s half the price of similar speakers and i’m guessing pretty much the same speakeri can definitely recommend this product 😉.

Great little speak, very impressive base from such a small unit. Very easy to use and setup, overall feel of the speaker is solid.

Great product, connects effortlessly and the micro sd card slot is a great bonus. Highly recommended and also works as a conference unit with my s3.

Looked for ages for something my oh would consider good enough quality, we have a bose soundlink but i didn’t want that out and about with him all day so bought something cheaper he could chuck in his bag and use wherever he liked (or lose) great sound and volume. I’m just testing it while he’s out so haven’t discovered if he thinks the same yet, but honestly for the money i think its amazing. And so well built, solid and feels really good quality. Highly recommend, especially at this price.

Supports TF card (MicroSD card) for playback from built-in MP3 player

Excellent purchase does what i want, instant bluetooth connection and charge lasts for hours.

Bought this and was so impressed i bought one for my niece who is very much into her music and listens to so much of it on her mobile through her earphones. She will be able to share what she’s listening to. . But that was until my friend called by and he was so impressed too, he bought the one from me that i’d bought for my niece. . So i’ve had to order yet another one.The quality of sound from such a small device is superb. Very easy instructions and set up, and delivery was spot on. Would recommend to anyone for instant on the go music for sharing. Camping, picnics, hotel stays. The best little gadget i’ve bought in a long time.

Bargain – yes it’s not hifi but for such a small package it punches great sound. Bluetooth connection took seconds. It has a quality feel about it (apart from the connection leads which felt flimsy).

It’s very good just what i wanted.

My 16 year old has it connected to her iphone 5 and we are very impressed with the range and sound quality. I would recommend this nice little gadget.

With a built in tf card slot this is a great product,good sound,good battery life,and looks great in my conservatory .

Other reviewers say that it ‘hums’ on low volume. It does but doesn’t distract from my useage. It took a little while to adjudsting the volume without changing the mpb track, a pesky little switch.Overall an excellent piece of kit.

Support HSF(bluetooth handsfree) profile, music will automatically stop when phone call coming in

Firstly you can only use upto 8gb micro sd card on this speaker. But 8gb is more than enough to fit quite a lot of music othere are no downsides for this product, i really love it and will be taking it on holiday this year as it is small and compact. Buy with confidence, you won’t be dis-appointed.

And believe me i’m fussy about my audio, good base and crystal clear. It paired up easily, after telling my iphone to connect to it in settings. Bought this for the garden mainly 🙂 highly recommended.

Everything i have bought is of good quality, but this little speaker is better than expected, good soundsall round.

Bought this because my laptop has terrible speakers and am often in a training room where we can’t hook up to the projector. Despite good reviews, i don’t find this the best speaker in the world. Perhaps it’s a case of ‘you get what you pay for’. Fairly heavy, ok sound, but not great i would say, even in a room. Will probably invest in a more expensive model later on.

Love this speaker the sound is great and is ideal for my holidays. I just have a question to ask. What plug will i buy so i can charge this up without a laptop when i am on holiday x.

I was really impressed with this blue tooth speaker, it works well with my i pad , great bass sound and easy to use. I was so impressed i bought one as a present and they were impressed too. I recommend it to all my friends.

Built-in 3W RMS ‘i-Bass’ speaker, produce superb sound quality with deep bass

Great sound and works fine with sd card but the charge port broke after 12 months so bought another one and that charge port broke. Then i bought the t7 and was really impressed as had a usb and the charge port had been upgraded however the charge port broke again also got a t7 for a friend and his charge port broke. Ashame cuz really good product just don’t last very long.

Below was my initial review in mid-july, all was going well:***a bit of background:a group of us were in the lake district for a week and we had no speakers for music, i’d heard from a friend of mine that the ‘tecevo s10’ is a must-buy, ‘so loud and only £12’, i was interested. So i bought it on a tuesday, it came on the wednesday. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and have been using it constantly. Here’s what i think:sound quality – great range, with more bass coming into play depending on what surface you put it on. The surface makes a big difference, if you find the right one, the sound is unbelievable. I recommend the edge of a big table as a good spot. It has unbelievably clear sound, no crackling or anything. Battery – i’m guessing 8 hours continuous playback.

Arrived today and must say for the price paid of £14. 99 it is a great little speaker that packs plenty of punch. Connection via bluetooth to iphone and android was painless and easy. Popped in a micro sd card loaded with mp3 tunes and was listening to them within seconds. In summary;pro’s- solid build- easy setup- great sound when placed on a large surface [table top, large cupboard. – included sd card slot a bonuscon’s- mini usb port is used for charging and aux in, therefore you need to carry the lead around. ]

I tried out the jam storm in currys and was very impressed but did not want to pay the £99 price tag. (they sell for £70’ish online). So i went online to look for a less expensive alternative. I came across the tecevo s10 which harnesses the same simple principle to extract more bass from such a small unit. There is a tacky (sticky, not cheap) rubber base to the unit. This helps to give it a good (temporary) bond to any flat surface. As a result it uses that surface to give you more base sound. And it works – incredible well for such a tiny unit (about the height of an eggcup and slightly bigger circumference). I am amazed at the output from something so small. If you are looking for a portable device on the go and don’t want to fork out on the more expensive offerings, then i would highly recommend this device.

*** ok i’m upgrading it to 3 * because the product does have a premium feel to it. None the less please read my review below thanks. I’ve ordered about 4 of these items. The first time i ordered this it had the same problem as described by other people who have reviewed this item namely the buzzing sound on low volume when connected to the phone or laptop via bluetooth obviously i don’t want a speaker that i’ve paid good money for to make a buzzing sound because it defeats the purpose of having a brand new itemthe customer service is very good and very reassured me that this is a phone so i returned the items and ordered 3 morei didn’t want to wait long and take the chance of receiving a nother faulty itemit’s a good thing i ordered 3 because 2 of them turned out to be faulty and the third one was working fine so i returned to the other two just be careful when you’re ordering and double check that it’s not faulty. 7/10heavy and solid build good quality 10/10negativeno 3. 5mm jack port to attach ear phones.

A friend showed me their similar device. So i hunted on amazon and found several. I checked the reviews first and this one does sound great, just like the reviewers said. It benefits by not having the loud announcement when you switch on the bluetooth that similar devices have (my friend’s version suffered from that announcement and it is annoying). Pairing the device for the first time took quite a while, but once it was done it reconnected easily. It has a microsd card slot, but no standard usb slot. Also the mini-jack aux connection is combined with the mini-usb recharging cable. In terms of sound quality, its fantastic for a device that costs £15. Volume level will depend on the original recording you are playing. The dynamic range will also depend on the recording.

However, it was returned and refunded without quibble.

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