Tec+ Dancing Colour Jet Water Speaker with USB Power Cable Compatible with iPhones, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Macs, Computers, and MP3 Devices – Black – Led lights stopped working

 overall i want to say that this is a very cool product and very good value for moneyyou get everything you need in the box:-plasma speaker-micro usb power cable-3. 5mm aux cable-user manualwhen turning the speaker on the first thing you notice is the plasma ball, its impressively bright and works really well. It is worth noting that this plasma speaker has two settings/functions – the first is as a normal plasma ball that stays on constantly even when no music is playing the second mode makes the plasma ball sound responsive so that it flickers and flashes to the beat of the music – this is really cool and works better than i expected, just keep the volume quite loud for the best effect. The two modes are controlled by a small switch on the back of the speaker, select ‘on’ for the sound responsive mode and ‘m’ for the constant plasma ball mode. Its easy to connect to the speaker via bluetooth, just select plasma from your devices bluetooth settings and it will automatically connect. Due to the price i wasn’t expecting much but i have been very impressed by the bluetooth range this small speaker has, its actually proving to be better than another (more expensive) bluetooth speaker i have. The sound the speaker can produce is surprisingly loud, it uses a 5 watt driver and appears to have a passive radiator at the back – i am unsure if this is correct or not as it is not mentioned in any of the documentation provided with the speaker but it would make sense to me to have a passive radiator there directly behind the powered driver to help increase the bass it can produce. The sound quality is quality is good for the price and size of the speaker but i would recommend using a equalizer on the phone if you want to get the best sound out of it. You get a lot for your money with this speaker: 5 watts of power, awesome bluetooth range, aux in option, premium looks, music control buttons.

Gorgeous water dancing speaker that will liven up any room.  sometimes i like to get stuff that is just fun. It doesn’t have to be hugely practical, it may not even have to make that much sense, but if it makes me laugh, then you can pretty much guarantee that it is going in my shopping cart. When i saw these tec plus water dancing speakers, i almost couldn’t believe that no one had thought of these before.They are such a great idea, and as i love to have something that is a bit more interesting in my home, rather than just the normal boring bog standard black speakers, i thought that they would be worth a go. When the tec plus water dancing speakers first arrived, i was really impressed with the packaging. I had thought, probably because their price was so low, that they were going to be really cheap and nasty, but in fact the packaging is really high class. The back also includes all of the contents, which was useful because i am always a little bit suspicious that the box will not include everything that i need. It took me a little while to get into the tec plus water dancing speakers packaging, but i think that was probably to do with the fact that i hadn’t noticed it had been sellotaped shut, rather than the packaging being strangeonce i was in, i was really impressed with the speakers. They were not too large, so i knew that they would not take up too much room, but they are not weedy and pathetic either.

Great product, does what it says.

A truly different way to enjoy music. I have had the speaker for a few days now and im really impressed. The quality of the speakers are very good considering the price point. Given the fact that the speaker also has a plasma ball which seems to flicker and move to the beat of the music (not sure is this is a feature or not) its very cool. This is something that would make a perfect stocking filler gift. The packaging itself gives off a very premium feel which will undoubtedly impress anyone. The product itself also continues on from this, the metal edging on the side of the speaker gives it a strong/eye catching presence, coupling this with the quality of the audio, this is a brilliant product. Very well pieced together speaker, perfectly priced and a truly different way to enjoy music.

  • Hypnotic and pretty
  • very fun plasma speaker
  • Gorgeous water dancing speaker that will liven up any room!
  • A truly different way to enjoy music
  • Incredible plasma speaker for a great price
  • Led lights stopped working

Tec+ Dancing Colour Jet Water Speaker with USB Power Cable Compatible with iPhones, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Macs, Computers, and MP3 Devices – Black

  • Exciting audio
  • Watch the water dance as your music plays
  • 1.2 m long output cable
  • 3.5 mm aux cable
  • Perfect for Smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, laptops, and computers

Incredible plasma speaker for a great price. I absolutely love a speaker that is a little bit interesting. Do you remember all of the different disco balls lava lamps, and plasma balls that we had in the 80s and 90s?. I can remember begging my parents for one, but they were convinced that they were dangerous (although i still can’t work out exactly how), and i was always really envious of my friends who had them. Now, i know that you can’t go back in time and relive your youth, but i think you can in a small way with this tec plus plasma speaker – and what’s even better, you can now introduce the next generation to them tooas i had already got the tec plus water dancing speakers, i knew that this brand makes quality speakers with a huge amount of personality, so i felt confident that i could trust them. When i realised that they also did a plasma speaker, i just knew that i had to have it. Delivery was a little slow, but i guess that is more to do with amazon than tec plus. It definitely meant that i was excited by the time that it arrived. The packaging looks great; the same dark premium looking packaging that tec plus always uses, and i was surprised to see on the front that the speaker is bluetooth as well.I hadn’t realised that when i had ordered, i just didn’t take it in, so it’s great to have that as an added bonus.

Lights stopped working but overall speaker were good.

I picked these up for my girlfriend as the speakers on her laptop are shocking. The first thing that caught my eye on these was the vibrant packaging. The colours are deep it looks really premium. I got everything out of the box and couldn’t believe how small the speakers are. It was pretty straight forward to set up though. You just plug in the power cable (usb) from one of the speakers into your usb port and then plug in the output cable into the 3. 5mm headphone port (usually green). Between the power cable, output cable and the cable connecting the speakers together, you do get a bit too much messy cables which is the only bad thing. If these were wireless, it would get five stars easily.

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  1.  the tec+ water dancing speakers are very smart in appearance – with a gloss black finish on the lower part and then a solid looking clear finish on the upper section. The speakers themselves are exposed and look very contemporary with a flat silver foil. Connection is simple – you do need to connect to a usb power supply – this could either be from a pc or laptop, or from direct connection to phone charger. The speakers then connect to the device via a standard 3. On powering up, the speakers light up and do a quick spray of coloured water, which is a nice touch. For such compact speakers, the quality of sound is surprisingly good, and full. The water jets follow the beat of the music, and the lighting makes some eye catching effects, particularly when the lights are off. The effects are very impressive and, along with the innovative nature of the product, certainly attracts interest.

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