TDK TL621 Universal Charging Speaker – Not what I expected, but pleasantly surprised!

Suited me ok (used as pc speaker), but a bit lightweight for music lovers, fair enough for the price. Music “input” lead is seriously short in length.

Not what i expected, but pleasantly surprised. A surprisingly bassy sound for a small unit. Though it uses headphone jack for listening – it also has a usb port which allows simultaneous charging (using a standard ipod charging cable). It’s a little bit bulky but easy to carry round (has a comfortable handle) and lightweight not cumbersome. Very nicely made, great value for the money. From tdk i would expect no less :).

Not a high quality sound, but all you would expect as a cheap purchase.

Good quality/price balance – pleasantly surprising. This is a reasonably priced speaker unit for any mobile device with a headphone out. The sound quality is surprising for something this cheap, but the size of the speakers means that it can’t reproduce very low bass frequencies. In general this will only cause problems for bassy electronic music such as dubstep. I am pretty fussy about sound quality and i was expecting to be disappointed, but it turned out to be pleasantly surprising. Ideal for putting in the kitchen or popping down while doing the ironing.

  • Good quality/price balance – pleasantly surprising
  • fantastic! Love it!
  • Not what I expected, but pleasantly surprised!

TDK TL621 Universal Charging Speaker – Black

  • Works with all digital music devices that have a headphone jack
  • Charges your device while your music plays when connected to AC power
  • Get incredibly rich, big bass sound in a compact design
  • Easily move your music to another room or take it to go without missing a beat
  • Built-in line-in cord with cable management

Very useable and good quality sound.

I bought this item to replace weak speakers on kitchen telly. Not over powerful, but adequate for my ears. Handy being able to connect mp3, minidisc and dvd walkman, also includes lead to charge mobile phone. Good to not have lots of wires about.

I bought this from boyes and even though it’s not from amazon i still own the same product. I have to say this is absolutely brilliant. Yeah the lead is short but you can easily buy an extender on here for a couple of quid. I love this speaker it is so rich sounding and has a great sound quality its stylish and attractive and sounds fab i actually think honestly this is better than the more expensive brands everyone who’s looking at this review or looking for a new speaker buy this now it’s brilliant you won’t be disappointed. Best buy in a long long time.