Tannoy TS2 – Excellent for high quality music

I’m reviewing this sub woofer on its sound and build quality only,i bought this sub to replace 2 older eltax subs and so i was a little concerned that it wouldn’t cope with my demands, but i can honestly say that is does more than cope its simply put is in a different ball park when it comes to those deep deep lows that it can produce and not just for film but music also,my 2 previous subs were also both down firing speakers and this one isn’t, it has 2 speakers in it that are apposed and side firing which i also thought wouldn’t be as good for making that floor rumble, but again this sud does all of that and more, it was also easier to set up than my last subs,the build quality is very nice and so i’m very happy with it and would defiantly recommend it as a quality sub for the price.

Was great thanks is siub is one of the best i have come across sounds perfect once more thank you.

Excellent for high quality music. I bought this sub to go with my audioengine 5+ desktop speakers, they are fed from my windows tablet through an hrt microstreamer dac and high quality cables, playing flac lossless music files that i ripped from my cd collection. Initially i had a little bit of hum, which i thought was odd given the high quality cables and a mains conditioning extension lead with filters built in, but the hum went away of its own accord after just a few hours usesound quality is superb, whilst very deep (it goes down to 24hz according to the manufacturer’s web site, not 22hz as stated in the description here) it retains a tight, well controlled, fast bass that is nicely detailed and perfect for music, it’s a very good match for the audioengine speakers. Admittedly 300 watts rms is a bit of an overkill in this particular setup, i’ve only got the sub’s volume set to about 20%, but i wanted the really low frequency response and couldn’t find anything close to this sub in that respect from the 150w alternatives. I can’t comment on suitability for home cinema setups, but for music i very highly recommend it .

  • Excellent for high quality music

Tannoy TS2.10 subwoofer – subwoofers (Active, 300 W, 50 – 150 Hz, Grey, 38 cm, 32.800 cm)

  • Tannoy TS2.10 Subwoofer in Vinyl Black
  • Power Output : 300 Watts
  • Driver : 250mm Active and Passive ABR
  • Input Filter : 50 Hz – 150 Hz 2nd Order Low Pass with Bypass Provision
  • Dimensions : W 380 x D 328 x H 390mm

Bought this to complement the tannoy v4 speakers i had purchased, and replace the old paradigm sub i was using. This is a more compact sub than the paradigm, although to be honest that was huge. The difference between the two is like night and day. The old sub just thumped and probably the whole street could feel it. There was no musicality to it at all. 1 music i wanted a sub that had definition to bass information. Now bass drums and bass pedals are crystal clear. The unit is well built and was a very good price.