Tannoy Sfx Sub Blk, The system offers excellent performance for not too much money

Very good sub with quality sound ,would advocate a good high quality sub cable to go with it just will make the bass sounds greater over-all extremely good top quality.

Exceptional worth for the value. Base stop from it is wonderful.

Tannoy Sfx Sub Blk

  • Auto On/Off
  • Black

Didn’t count on a great deal for the cash paid out for this sub, but i have to be genuine what a cracker. . Included this to my samsung surround technique and the variation it has manufactured is really wonderful to the total audio,the bass this small box outputs is like it charge double the volume it was purchased for. I absolutely recomend shopping for this if you have a system that doesnt have a focused sub outlet and like me you have to use sub speaker cables.

The tannoy program gives outstanding effectiveness for not too considerably income. Genuinely respectable sub for the price tag. Residence cinema provides one more dimension to tv, particularly blu-ray, and the tannoy technique gives great efficiency for not too significantly cash.

Sound is very good and adds richness to the cambridge audio satellites i have.

Tannoy Sfx Sub Blk : I’ve had mine since 2008 and am well pleased with it. No change in performance, still works like new. The trick is to adjust crossover and volume so you don’t notice it’s there, so it works seamlesly with your setup. I’ve mostly had it paired to my yamaha av receiver home cinema but i’ve currently got it running with my onkyo mini-hifi. Pretty impressive with both – i need another one. Edit 25/12/15 wife bought me a subwoofer lead for christmas. Not much use without another sub.

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    It may be small, but it packs a punch. This small cube packs a real punch. Simple to set up out of the box and multiple controls to use to really get the most out of the bass available in the room. This is currently being used in a small home theatre and fills the room with should shaking bass which really hits the spot.
    • Good quality, great sounding sub. . This was a like for like replacement as the sub for the tannoy 5. It turns out it is a fault with the sub itself in that there is a capacitor on the board that burns out and it overloads and you get a random thumping noise. Scared the crap out of me and the wife one night hearing the sub thump thump thump, thinking someone was in the house. The sub had lasted me since the 5. 1 set was released al those years ago and if you think of the abuse they get something is bound to go wrong with them eventually. This sounds great and produces a really nice bass and will be built to last several more years.
  2. This review is from : Tannoy Sfx Sub Blk

    I am using it with a denon dm30 amplifier and mission mx1 speakers. When set up correctly, the subwoofer integrates with the speakers perfectly adding a low end that i didnt even know was missing.
    • The tannoy system offers excellent performance for not too much money. Really decent sub for the price. Home cinema adds another dimension to tv, especially blu-ray, and the tannoy system offers excellent performance for not too much money.

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