Tannoy MERCURY V4i – Really great sound, fantastic price.

Sound good look good great price.

Really great sound, fantastic price. . A big improvement over the dali zensor 1s i was using, greater scale, clearer. For the price an absolute steal.Choirs and solo voices sound exquisite, plenty of heft behind bass when needed too, real scale to performances. Can be driven more easily tha most floor standees, but can get really loud if you want. Would only caution that though they look great they are big, so bear that in mind if space is tight. However, i love the sound of these speakers.

An average pair of speakers. . Bought these last week £200 from richer sounds. They are taller than i expected them to be. The provided black wooden slats ‘ 2 for each speaker ‘ are a bit cheap and ugly looking so i removed them. build quality is a bit cheap. rough edges where the vinyl has cheaply been seamed together. cheap flimsy front grills that give no protection from playfull todlers. ? sound is very good but the drumming through the right speaker was a little tappy and harty farty compared to the thudding from the left speaker. i put this down to the cheap tack shorting links.

  • Really great sound, fantastic price.

Tannoy MERCURY V4i – loudspeakers (Wood, Floor, Speaker set unit, Wired, Banana, 32 – 53000 Hz)

  • Tannoy Mercury V4i Advanced Wideband Tweeters in Sugar Maple
  • Recommended Amplifier Power : 10 – 140 (Watts RMS)
  • Frequency Response (-6dB) : 32 Hz – 53 Hz
  • Crossover Type : Bi-Wirable 4th Order Acoustic Linkwitz-Riley
  • Dimensions : W 204 x D 281 x H 995mm