Tannoy Mercury V1i Sugar Maple, Speakers that will never bore u

For a ‘budget’ speaker these are excellent quality, i remember when speakers this price were stapled together plywood boxes, with a cheap mesh glued on the front. It looks like things have moved on in hi-fi world as these speakers are fantastically well built, as soon as you get them out the box you’ll feel how solid and weighty they are (about 4kg each), the wooden finish feels a lot more expensive and the brushed alloy surrounds look good, and a nice compact size. Soundwise they are excellent, i’m no audiophile but i listen to a lot of music so i know a bad speaker when i hear it, the sound is clear and crisp with a decent level of bass, i have a sub woofer unit to and i have turned down the bass to compensate. I have these in my bedroom and i will never need to use their full output, if you have a large room to fill you may wish to read a few more reviews on their suitability, but for average use they most definitely deserve the five star reviews they seem to get on most h-ifi websites. I actually ordered the v1’s but as they are no longer in production i got the v1’s for the same prices, so i can’t comment on the upgrades for the v1i’s. Also note that you don’t ‘need’ banana plugs to use these speakers, the plug housing unscrews exposing the post with a hole to insert a bare wire end into, then you can gently screw it back down to hold the wire in place.

Tannoy Mercury V1i Sugar Maple

  • Tannoy Mercury V1i Loudspeakers in Sugar Maple
  • Recommended Amplifier Power : 10 – 70 (Watts RMS)
  • Frequency Response (-6dB) : 45 Hz – 53 Hz
  • Crossover Type : 4th Order Acoustic Linkwitz-Riley
  • Dimensions : W 170 x D 255 x H 300mm

Speakers that will never bore u. Excellent build sound and looks, on stands sound as good as any floor slanders underĀ£200.