Tannoy Mercury V1 Dk Oak – Worth every penny!

I just picked up a pair of these as a clearance product and have now added these to my home theater. Wow what a differencei have a pioneer vsx 924 amp with these running fronts and a wharfdale dx1 hcp filling in the 7. 1 surround and center and the detail in the sound is incredible. For the price and size i’m very impressed with these v1 and as i have a sub backing up the base i’m a very happy viewer.

Tannoy mercury v1 are ok for its size. Sound is not bad, it lacks the base.

Big, detailed sound from small speakers. I just bought these today, so they are still being “run in”. First impressions are favourable, though. My old speakers were larger units, so had a warmer sound. On first listen, these tannoys sound a little light on bass. It wouldn’t be surprising, because these are of a size where they wouldn’t look out of place next to a micro system. You start to realise, after a while, that the bass is definitely there, but they show a phenomenal amount of detail in the mid to high range. According to a well-known hi fi magazine, the newer v1i speakers can sound a little harsh in the higher frequencies, and are also more affected by where they are located, sounding bass heavy if too near a wall, so these are preferable if you prefer a more laid back sound. If you like heavy bass, i would suggest that you look at bigger speakers. If you prefer neutral sounding speakers which reveal a great deal of detail, without sounding harsh, these might well be for you.

On atacama stands these tannoy mercury v1s are bright and controlled and seem to handle everything surefootedly. They are reminiscent of tannoy’s ground breaking products of 30-40 years ago. Superb value, and very impressive with the spoken word.

  • Worth every penny!
  • Big, detailed sound from small speakers
  • Nice speakers for a bedroom set up
  • perfect for home theater

Tannoy Mercury V1 Dk Oak

Nice speakers for a bedroom set up. These speakers have replaced my behemoth 1980’s jvc s-40’s. They’re great, fill a medium bedroom with no problem. Very clear, not overly boomy although can reproduce low frequencies well. They are currently being powered by a denon pma-250se integrated amplifier with the volume never being turned up beyond 10 o’clock. The dust plates can be removed if you prefer (like me). They look really nice with my ikea box shelves (valje).