ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 Soundbar TV Speaker With Hearing Aid Technology – 30-Day Home Trial – Clear voice at last

If i’m honest i didn’t expect too much after reading every bad review i could find,but i am very impressed and pleased. I have non stop tinnitus and low grade hearing loss so far,i can hear every word clearly and i look forward to watching more programmes that i had given up on. Please try this unobtrusive little box you wont be disappointed.

At last, we do not have to turn the sound on the telly, right up. Even with hearing aids it was ridiculous how high we had to have the sound. Only one problem was that we had to pay someone to set it up for us. Thankfully it wasn’t very expensive, and well worth it.

I have connected it to the tv via tos and the dvd player via hdmi. I also have a free view box connected to the tv via hdmi. Accu voice setting works great with hdmi tv channels and dvd player, the sound is much sharper and have on been able to watch some programmes without subtitles. Not much use with non hmdi channels – this was the same with my old sound bar. Here are the specifications for the ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 Soundbar TV Speaker With Hearing Aid Technology – 30-Day Home Trial:

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  • Uses built-in hearing aid technology for clear voices, even at low volumes.
  • Compact aluminum cabinet delivers room-filling home theater sound.
  • Setup is simple. One connecting cord…and a one-page manual.
  • Use ZVOX remote…or your current TV/Cable remote.
  • Patented AccuVoice technology delivers state-of-the-art voice clarity.

Has improved the sound considerably and it is definitely clearer. I wear two hearing aids and was getting very frustrated at not hearing clearly the programs i wanted to watch. I would have given it an overall five stars but am watching finding faith and am struggling a bit – but whether that is the actors voice tones or the welsh accent i can’t decide.

I have partial hearing loss, tinnitus & hyperacusis which means i have become used to holding the remote control in my hand moving the volume up & down constantly. Talking is too quiet and music/background noise is too loud. Even then i struggle to hear words above background noise or audience laughter/cheering. . But no morethis soundbar fixes all of that. It highlights speech so that it can be easily heard. I am no longer bothering with the volume control and can hear everything perfectly. Even if you have good ears it makes a huge difference i am told. I would recommend to anyone – whether they have hearing issues or not.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Initial Thoughts
  • Soundbar for hearing loss sufferers.
  • Intermittent closing down and ZVOX don’t seem to want to know!

Sound bar works really well but only for an hour or two then it cuts out. We start it again and the sound is great for another hour or two before it cuts out again – and so it continues. Have responded to the email from zvox copied to amazon but have heard nothing. Looks like it will have to go back if they don’t get in touch. Shame because when it works it’s so much better than our previous sound bar shame the after sales service is so rubbish.

An improvement on tv speakers, but not for all programes , the batteries they supply for the remote were dead, spent a lot of time wondering why the remote would not work the soundbar.

Few headphone questions answered below:1 – it does have a headphone (or subwoofer) mini jack and i use mine for my wireless headphones. When using headphones you can mute the speaker sound – press and hold the ‘mute’ button until ‘hp’ appears. Will stay in mute (even after turning off and on again) until you press the mute button again. The zvox remote volume control and other settings also work with headphones attached. Yes, the remote is a bit ‘dinky’ but it works fine, so overall a good piece of kit.

I replace a yahama soundbar with the zvox after i read a review that it helped you hear speech on tv and as it turns out it does it very well. The sound has more treble and less bass than the yahama but it much better for me with my hearing loss.

Superb voice clarity and sound leveling, we are both elderly and had problems hearing tv despite using another make of soundbar. This is quality itemand highly recommend to anyone having similar hearing issues.

My wife wears nhs hearing aids and we use subtitles on the tv as the dialogue is hard to hear. Sent for this accvoice sound bar in the hope it would improve voices and although the sound comes out better it was not clear enough for my wife to enjoy and have now reverted back to subtitles. The sound was good for me but would have to increase volume a lot for my wife. Sorry to say but have returned item.

This soundbar is everything i needed. I struggled with the audio on my tv, which is an old model. I have mild to moderate hearing loss, using ‘standard’ nhs hearing aids, with tinnitus. Now i have an easy to install, smart, compact soundbar. The sound has gone from an almost mumble to a clear, projected audio delivery. The remote with the unit is a boon. So easy and convenient to use.

The voice clarity is amazing and exactly what i’ve been looking for. I would have given it 5 stars but the batteries for the remote control were leaking and i had to go and buy new. Also the unit kept switching off for no apparent reason, i was ready to send the unit back but checked on line and found that there is an auto standby feature which causes this problem and can be disabled easily, the instructions don’t mention this.

We think this product is aimed at older people, and we are in our 80’s. Achieving the best results from this product needed an ability to set the unit up after installation (the actual installation was quite simple). Our problem was twofold, first turning off the standby facility you need to search for the the information to turn this facility off. The second problem was learning the preferred remote to be able to adjust volume , mute and power. We have now managed to overcome these minor problems. We feel the instructions should be detailed in the instructions point by point it might be a good idea to set the speaker before connecting to the television. In all other regards the speaker is very effective.

Having succumbed to wearing hearing aids i found the tv sound still a bit if a challenge. The clarity of especially spoken words was still not good, this depends on the type of programme/ series/ film. So i decided to try the av 200 based on the reviews given yes it helps but not as much as i expected. My wife who does not require hearing aids also does not find it as good as expected. I will keep it but i am sure there are lower cost sound bars that could deliver the same result.

I suffer from severe hearing loss and use hearing aids as a necessity for everyday communication. I bought the speaker based after reading a newspaper advert claiming it could help those with hearing loss hear tv better. It does, but in my case only marginally. I’m keeping the speaker but i’m not entirely convinced that it is worth the money for the slight improvement it provides for some programmes. It is far from crystal clear audio for them all.

It seems to live up to its marketing. The dialogue is much clearer. Sometimes this results in a slight whistling effect but i ma sure this can be corrected with some adjustment. Overall i think this product solves a especially annoying aspect of todays technology – poor dialogue reproduction – and i would recommend it.

Great loudspeaker unit, really crystal clear dialogue, great for people like me who wear hearing aids. Also great sound when watching films and drama with mumbling actors. Dislike the supplied universal power plug, i had to fit an extension lead because it was so large. I would recommend this unit without hesitation.

I have had this for a couple of weeks and this gives far better clarity than my previous conventional soundbar, particularly with soundtracks that are muffled. Surround sound but it provides enjoyable watching for both me ( i wear hearing aids ) and my wife ( who does not wear aids ).

Speaker works well, have connected so far to radio. And laptop (for streaming a movie). It certainly greatly improves the sound quality and clarity for me. Like all technology it serves as an aid (rather than a cure), so for some it will be just what they need, also easy to set up and don’t forget rtm.

Very helpful for the hard of hearing.

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