Trust Gaming GXT 658 Tytan 5 – a great amount of bass which can be attenuated if needs

Great for casual gaming and listening to music. Don’t think i could recommend for a home cinema set up or for hardcore gaming. Fairly discreet with only the subwoofer having leds. If you’re looking for something to listen to music with, or just game with casually.

Used it for a 1080p tv and can handle loud play in both high and deep ranges. What lets it down is the remote control which is very small and does not pick up sometimes when using it from a distance. May as well use the controls on the actual subwoofer but they are very scrawny to use too. All be told my mate is a little mithed at how the build was put together – maybe this would only be used in a gaming environment as they are after all gaming speakers.

The speakers sound very good. And the cables are very short. I have a very small room and i was barely able to extend the speakers around my room. And my other problem is that when its in 5. 1 surround is that most of the sound comes out the center speaker and the surround speakers are barely audible. But other than that the bass is fantastic and sound is pretty decent. Here are the specifications for the Trust Gaming GXT 658 Tytan 5:

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  • PC speakers set including wooden subwoofer with a total of 180 Watt power output
  • Computer speakers with base-synced LED Subwoofer
  • High quality surround sound with deep bass
  • Wireless remote to control volume, bass & input selection
  • Compatible with PC, Wii*, Sony PlayStation 3* and Xbox 360* (*5.1 surround sound only available on PC with 5.1 surround compatible – 3x 3.5mm outputs – connection)

These speakers are fantastic, they’re not overly loud but have a great underlying bass note to them they also come with a handy little adaptor and volume control knob which is handy and looks nice just sitting on the desk. The build quality is solid and i don’t see these going faulty any time soon the sound is crisp and clear even at max volume which is a plus.

I was skeptic before getting 2. 1 speakers as got used to have 5. However, i got nicely surprised when sound was smashingly awesome.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Optical input for me!
  • good value gaming speakers
  • Remote broke after 6 months but speakers sound great

Turned up on time and easy to understand instructions. The only gripe is that on the small hand controller you need a pair of binoculars to read the writing on it.

Wow, what a soundi purchased those as i needed an optical connection for the ps4. I do not have a big house so i did not want a big surround sound system with hundreds of speakers. The sound that came out of those speakers took me by surprise. Very well defined, a great amount of bass which can be attenuated if needs be (i have to set the subwoofer to minimum as it is a beast). I can plug it simultaneously to the tv. The cables fit on the side of the main subwoofer speaker which is really handy for access. I am writing this review to help people who have never used optical cables before. I had never used those before and it took me to google ‘how to insert an optic cable’ to be able to do something quite simple (i am quite embarassed about it) but here goes: there is a small translucid plastic cap that needs to be removed at the extremity of the cable and then only, your cable will lock in and fit.

The remote stopped working after 6 months and i have been unable to find a way of purchasing a replacement, despite contacting the manufacturer. Therefore i am limited to the few controls that are on the side of the subwoofer. However, despite this, the speakers still sound great. I have them wired into my pc via the optical port and they work perfectly.

This speaker works perfectly, looks very nice with the led light, buut, the led light only works when bass is put on max and volume is high too, which is quite disappointing. Also the plug to my computer stopped working, had to buy an adaptor, but could be that the problem was with computer itself as it was working when connected to phone.

Have them hooked up to my tv which is channelling audio from my pc via hdmi. Can get very very loud without distorting. Can definitely wake the neighbours. The remote that comes with it is a bit iffy, the speakers doesn’t always pick up the signal so you end up pressing the volume button multiple times to change the volume once. A tad hit and miss otherwise loving it.

I have now owned these speakers for almost 2 years and they have served me we. I use them for my pc set up however they can be used simply by aux cable with any device. They provide reasonable sound quality which particularly shines when watching films. For the price these are a great set of speakers. The sub woofer can be very powerful but can be adjusted with a second volume control. I have noticed a slight crackle from time to time but this doesn’t bother me and is hard to notice.

Bought this for my man cave mainly use it for watching tv. Films and football sound absolutely brilliant. There’s no issues with sound at all the volume goes very high indeed. I even use it to listen to music from my pc too which to me has perfect crystal clear sound. My only dislike is the rear speaker cables could do to be a little longer but i’ve fixed that by buying extension cable from amazon. Overall very happy would highly recommend this product.

Really good product, i was gonna spend £130 on some speakers and decided it was too much, so i bought these, thinking they wouldn’t be as good as the more expensive ones, turns out they are really good. Impressive bass, good size sub, satellite speakers look good and produce a good quality mid to high range sound, the controller is very smooth and feels like good quality, i’ve not stopped listening to music since i got them 😆👍, sfx on the movies and games are bought to life with them too.

Received these and one speaker was faulty. Misleading also as without a 5. 1 sound card you only get stereo sound. Sent it back as it was faulty and bought a £75 hitachi sound bar which is awesome.

I was seriously considering getting a more expensive set, after having subsequent 5. 1 speakers require alignment and do nothing for regular music with 2 channels, i leapt at these and have no regrets.

Brilliant set of speakers for the price. I’ve had this for a few months now and they’re still going strong. They’ve had just about every genre of music played on them and i can say now that the sound quality doesn’t drop at all. It comes with a remote, but unfortunately, it only controls the volume and the base levels and provides no functionality for changing the track, which is slightly annoying. However, other than that, it’s a brilliant piece of kit and it’s defiantly well worth the money.

Left this review for a fair few months because i have seen other people post something a long the lines of ‘bought this, died a month later’i think it’s incredible, no frequency noise, no nothing, beautiful bass, amazing sound, would recommend to everyone and anyone :).

I like the product very much and it completes my setup but i have to leave it on eco mode as if i turn the power off i lose my settings which mean i have to sort out the bass level and rgb and the sound apart from this i really like it.

Overall i’m pleased with the gxt 658 system. It can be turned up quite loud with impressive results gaming with sound via a sound blaster-z card. It was easy to install with long cables on the rear speakers. The user manual is very minimal with very poor explanations for anything. Mine has a wiring fault on the orange centre/subwoofer cable that connects to the sound blaster z card in the pc, basically the red and white connectors are reversed. Easy to overcome, just plug red into white and vice-versa on the back of the subwoofer. I’m currently discussing the issue with trust support folks. Be sure to run the speaker connectivity tests in your sound card app or windows. Sound quality seems excellent for gaming and general use, not the best for music but acceptable. With a better user guide and improved cable build quality i’d have given it 5 stars, but as it is i think 4 is appropriate.

They deliver a very good sound and pack a punch when you want to annoy the neighbours. I use them mainly for gaming and i’ve never had any distortion while playing nor while listening to music. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not an audiophile but these sounds great to my ears. I would recommend these to anyone who wants a decent quality speaker set.

Only had these speakers setup for a few days and i am already greatly impressed by the performance. The speakers all have nice long wires so you can more or less set them up wherever you want. The audio quality is really good and there is nice sounding deep bass which you can also control with the included remote. If you are looking for great audio at a great price then i highly recommend these.

Trust Ziva Compact 2, Great Value, good product

Received a set of these yesterday and i have to admit even i was surprised at just how small the set is but if like me you have limited space on your desk they are a perfect fit the only downside being that the speaker wires are very short so there’s little option to space the speakers out at either side of your hearing angle. What makes up for this shortcoming though is the quality of the sound as it is truly remarkable that this quality of sound can come from something so small and unassuming looking. I paid just £9 for the set and they are just as good if not better than the last set i bought that cost three to four times the price. I have watched some netflix shows and played shadow of war on them so far and for 2. 1 speakers the sound range is fantastic. The bass is also great and as for the volume levels i’ve only had to have up part way and the sound levels are very good and in no way quiet like some reviews have stated. Be aware that there is no turn off button on this set and the speakers power down when your computer powers down. I honestly cannot recommend these speakers enough and being someone who has always stuck with brands such as logitech i have to say i am genuinely gobsmacked at the quality from trust who i’ve only ever had cheap throwaway keyboards from in the past.

If you want pc speakers with decent bass, or even an ipod/mp3 dock replacement this is great value. It’s already connected to my pc and blasting away. It also has much better sound than my mp3 dock because of the sub-woofer and can be connected to most mp3 players or phones via the headphone jack. Be clear this is not a high quality surround hi-fi for a large room. But is is awesome as a simple, relatively portable sound system for a small room, kitchen etc. £15 gbp – i’m not sure you could find such value for money elsewhere.

For the price these are not bad. The sound has presence, the bass exists and overall they can work when volume is not a requirement. Having said that, the sound is hollow and you need to adjust the equalizer to get any proper sound from them. While these are advertised as 2. 1 speakers, the ‘subwoofer’ is the main speaker and the two ‘satellites’ are just twitters, so location of the large box decides where the sound comes from. This means you should not expect a stereo effect from these speakers as they have to be kept close to each other. Maybe this is the reason for the extremely short wires that connect the satellites to the woofer, so short that i cannot put them on each side of my laptop, unless i keep the woofer behind the screen. Not an option as this is where most of the sound comes from and all the controls are on it. So, if you are after basic speakers and you definitely have to go 2. 1, they are not bad, but maybe you can get same sound presence with other usb powered 2 way speakers for similar price.

Key specs for Trust Ziva Compact 2.1 PC Speakers with Subwoofer for Computer and Laptop, 12 W, USB Powered:

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  • 12 W peak power (6 W RMS)
  • Powerful sound from compact design
  • Compact size, big sound
  • Bass and volume control on the subwoofer
  • USB powered: No wall power needed

Comments from buyers

“Some bass, short wires, ok for the price., Cheap and good sound. Has the usual hiss when volume is , and easy to set up”

Bought for my tv in the bedroom. Have a large surround system in living room but wanted something a lot smaller but effective for my bedroom. Very compact and doesn’t need a power supply. Just plug in torder headphone socket and usb socket and you’re good to go. Am planning to purchase more for the kids tvs. Really can’t go wrong for the price.

I purchased these for a computer i have just made up for my grandson to play fortnight. I tried them out yesterday after building the computer and they are really amazing for the size and for the money. Don’t expect fantastic blow your head off speakers as they will not do that but they are really good for £17. The little bass box is good too and all the power comes from a usb socket. Ideal really as i have put some usb sockets that do stay on even when the computer is off but i have also added a couple that do go off with the computer and is ideal for these speakers as there is no power switch to turn on or off. Very light in weight and the build quality is not particularly good for a ‘trust’ item. It gets 3 stars from me as the build quality is very hong kongy. Had the build quality been better i would have given 5 stars as they are really good for the price. Don’t let the build quality put you off and this is just my opinion.

Has the usual hiss when volume is dialed to zero, but undetectable if speakers are positioned at a distance. One annoying thing about the product is that when i put my laptop in hibernation mode and the speaker is plugged in, the speakers are still being powered by the usb. Without an audio circuit driving the speaker, it creates the most awful high pitched squeal. I have to unplug the usb cable to turn off the speaker, it ideally needs an on/off button.

I’ve got to say i’m impressedvery small, and easy to set up, it frequency range and depth of sound is surprisingly good. If you have £30 or less to spend then go with thisthis inst the best sound system ever, no of course not but this is based on pricewhy value my review?. I work in theater lighting and sound making sure audio is high quality. I’m a sucker for own audio at home to. I’ve got a thoren record deck, panasonic hifi amp and harbeth and b&o speakers as my main set up, this wont compare to that but i needed something small for my office space and i needed it to be cheap also.

Overall this system only just makes the ok grade as it took a bit of extra effort to get the whole system working as well as i wanted for a pc sound output system. The first thing to notice is the 20w power rating cannot be managed fully from a computer usb. My computer usb only gives out 5w max (5v1a) so the sound initially is a bit diminished, i think this accounts for a large percentage of the1 star reviews. To improve this i got a separate mains usb power adapter and sound output and volume have improved as the mains adapter has 12w max (5v2. 4a)then i noticed the subwoofer unit was vibrating a bit against my wooden base, i have put a 500g weight on top of the unit which has improved this vibration greatly. I did a similar thing with the speakers by putting putty underneath them so they don’t shake about either. Finally i used some equalizer software to improve the clarity and gain of the speaker outputs. Overall it is just about £15 worth.

Trust 19830 Leto 2 – Great little speakers – Surprisingly good sound for their size

Needed for friend who is hard of hearing, brilliant speakers, problem solved. Good size and no mains connection needed.

Bought these for my gaming monitor as they had no build in audio output and they are perfect. Very small, perfect portable speakers but enough sound that is clear enough. Don’t be expecting booming sounds from these as they are only 6 watt, but they are great value for under £10.

Good speakers for their size and price. My main criticism – and why this is a 4/5 rather than a 5/5 – is that the speakers aren’t marked for left & right. I’m using them for gaming as a placeholder until i upgrade to a bigger, more powerful set, and it took me longer – & more confusion trying to locate gunfire – than i’d like to admit before i figured out i had them the wrong way around. Here are the specifications for the Trust 19830 Leto 2:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Compact speaker set with 6 W (3 W RMS) output power
  • 6 W peak power (3 W RMS)
  • Compact size, big sound
  • USB powered – no wall power needed
  • Volume control on back

I use it for watching movies on my desktop, put a bit of music on in the background from youtube, to listen to audio on online courses – so i suppose nothing that would require amazing sound quality. For that these speakers are perfect, stereo sound, clear, good volume too. I suppose the lead is a little too short but then it’s meant to connect to the usb.

Highly recommended cheap speakers if you aren’t looking for high volumes. I used these on my digital pinball machine where the user it right next to them. They are easily loud enough and produce fairly decent sound quality. They were easy to install by just plugging in the usb and 3.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Surprisingly good for less that £7
  • Great set of speakers for the price
  • Great little speakers – Surprisingly good sound for their size

Fairly decent speakers, easy to plug in and use. I would have liked for them to be able to go a little louder than they do but they work fine with good sound quality.

I bought these speakers to power my home built arcade cabinet. At around £7 i thought they would be rubbish but i couldn’t have been more wrong at this price there a fantastic bargain and the sound is good enough. If you need some cheap speakers for a diy project or your laptop you can’t go wrong at this price.

Excellent set of pc speakers. Good clear sound for normal pc work (don’t expect full hifi). Wire lengths between speakers & usb/pc are quite short.

Bought these to add audio to a raspberry pi, and they are perfect. Decent sound (although all i use them for is playing retro games) very small in size and nicely designed.

Fantastic little speakers, especially for the price. Great that they are usb powered too – no more looking for plugs when using my laptop.

Really good little speakers with great sound given their size. At 6 watts, these are never going to serve as a replacement for dedicated hifi kit, but i was surprised by how good the sound was. Clear and crisp vocals and higher range frequencies, and with reasonable amount of bass, again considering the size of the speakers and that their only power source is usb. Ideal for desktop or laptop use and great space savers. My only criticism is the fact that the usb and audio lead are joined together, separating by a few inches near the connections. Probably fine if your computer is right next to them. But mine was a couple of metres away so needed extension cables, which were of different lengths so it made a bit of unnecessary extra cable clutter.

Wanted some small, unobtrusive speakers which sounded better than my laptop. These are surprisingly good for less than £7, certainly better than i expected. Sound quality is what you expect for under a tenner but perfectly listenable and better than i thought they would be. Vocals are clear and bass is reasonable given what they are, not too tinny at all. They are certainly small and unobtrusive.

Bought these to replace a pair of very old mains powered speakers which were on the way out. Pleasantly surprised at the sound quality and volume considering the price and size.

Amazing little speakers (and they are little – 70 mm h x 60 mm w x 50 mm d). I didn’t need a ‘sound system’, just something to improve sound volume and clarity. Plug and play on windows 10, and no need to turn them up too high, running at about 50% volume is more than enough for general use.

Sound system to use with raspberry pi together with usb audio adapter https://www. Uk/dp/b0789cn8ct/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_0loud clear sound – turn up the volume in internal sound settings. Need to add a small file to select usb sound. Volume control on back of one speaker. Totally silent when no sound being played.

Great little speakers for the price- good bass & definition considering. Only minor gripe – they aren’t aesthetically pleasing to my eye with their form& labelling.

Compact is true, they fit in the palm of your hand. But the sound and quality – seriously impressive.

Louder and better sounding than i expected from something this size and this price. I wouldn’t recommend them for any half-serious setup, but if you ‘re on a budget, or you need a compact set of speakers for travelling or whatnot, they ‘re pretty decent.

Sleek and very portable, appealing design. They function well and are very easy to set up and use with no problems. Fantastic price and quality, definitely recommend them.

I have a lenovo laptop and whilst it is a great piece of kit, the speakers are a little ‘tinny’. So, as i am going away for a short trip to the mainland and will be staying in a hotel for two nights, i decided to endulge myself and invest in some inexpensive speakers. When i finally worked out that the factory setting on the back of the header speaker was set to zero, all is good.

I’ve recently been changing my tv setup in the house, which was better facilitated by using monitors rather than tv’s. One old monitor didn’t have speakers and as i didn’t want to spend large amounts of money i decided to go with a cheap set of stereo usb powered speakers. These are never going to be a great choice for audio buffs or for use on the living room tv, but they beat many smaller tv’s audio quality and they would be a great choice to use with a tablet or phone and a otg cable. Fantastic quality for the price.

Trust Lino Wireless Soundbar tooth Speaker : Good piece of kit

My laptop sounds like its all strained through a bag of sand with odd high frequencies, so the sound from this bar was a delight and wonderous in comparison.

Its a nice piece of kit, i don’t have enough room on my desk for 2 speakers so this single sound bar is much better for me. Sound could be better but i’m happy with it, it does what i need it for.

Best sound as i’ve ever had from my computer speakers.

This is a good soundbar for the price, i like the front volume control for easy use. Plug and play no problems on win 10. Sound is good not amazing but i don’t think small soundbar will every compete with good speaker but it is much tidier on small space and good enough for small room.

  • Warehouse return
  • Rich mellow sound from a very good soundbar.
  • Bought on a Warehouse deal as well

Trust Lino Wireless Soundbar Bluetooth Speaker for Computer, Laptop, TV, Tablet and Smartphone, 20 W – Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Portable wireless speaker, designed to fit below any PC monitor or TV screen
  • 20 W peak power (10 W RMS)
  • Works wirelessly with your phone/tablet and wired with PC or TV
  • Powerful and rich stereo sound
  • Play your music through Bluetooth, micro-SD or 3.5 mm aux input
  • Integrated MP3 player to play music from micro-SD card
  • Large, easy to reach volume button
  • Rechargeable battery, up to 10 hours playtime
  • 1 m micro-USB charge cable and 3.5 mm aux cable included

. Is not the first place i look for new kit. The basic speaker is available for a slightly higher price as new. But a cheap playback was needed for my desk top and this fitted the bill. It’s not loud, it’s not a known name. It is compact and it fits the space. It plays back youtube and most other sources. The sound is a little treble heavy but it manages not to irritate with sibilant hissing with every esssss and sseeaa. Not much more to add the power comes from the usb plug sound from the 3. There is a socket on the front for 3. 5mm headphones which cuts off the main speakers so win-win there too. Trust may not be the first place to look but they have some niche products and you might be surprised at the results yielded by the modest purchase price.

Product as described, good for the price, but due to being powered off a usb port (5. 5 volts) it was not loud enough. Ok for a bedroom running off a laptop, or tablet, but not great for a large room.

Nice sound last a long time between charges.

They do exactly what they claim to.

Great product, plug and play and away you go, couldn’t be easier.

My tv is too tinny and trebley and even though i could do with a bit more bass on this speaker actually for the price it is a vast improvement on the tv speakers themselves , just took me a while to work out how to connect it as it showed using the red and white leads for the tv which did not work so i tried again and realised you just need to connect the green lead itself :-)it’s enough for the neighbours to know yup am listening to some music but not to blast their walls off or shake their glassware etc ;-)bought also for my grandson when he is listening to his youtube videos through the tv which it is perfect for as not ear damagingly powerful but ‘high’ enough to produce much better sound quality than the tv for him to enjoy.

The sound quality is not amongst the best but this is a very good solution for adding sound to a pc monitor. It is powered by the pc via usb and so switches off when the pc shuts down. It is also compact, fits under the monitor and takes up less desk space than separate speakers.

Bought two and they are used a lot.

I have found this small sound bar represents excellent value. It performs well, with nice clear top end and no exaggerated ‘boomy’ bass, with both speech and music being reproduced very well. It fits neatly and invisibly behind our small kitchen tv and transforms the sound which otherwise, using the tv’s own built-in speakers, is abysmal. Although we are using the small cable to connect the speaker (as the tv has no bluetooth facility) it fulfills my wife’s requirement “i don’t want to see any wires”.

Sound quality could be better but matches the expectations for this price level.

Well it arrived in a very large box way too big for the speaker and that amazon they love doing thing on a grand scale, this is my first experience of having a soundbar and boy i am so glad i bought this one, i know you can get expensive ones with lots of bells and whilsles but i just wanted it for my computer the other ones died the other day, the sound on trust asto is very good you will not regret buying this sound bar, its very nice and fits just right under the monitor, the downside is the cable is very short, so people at trust take note make the cable longer or add an extention to the cable. All round its a nice clear sound, worth the money any day. 10/10 for sound 10/10 for build quality 10/10 the brand.

Great product, easy to install and has revolutionised the sound i get from my smart tv when watching netflix and dvds, which were exceptionally quiet without the speaker.

Should have been tighter and bassyer for the size of the speaker boxes :0(.

My friend used this and said it sounds strange when med volume but amazing when high lol i dunno.

I bought this to replace a previous sound bar – elegiant wired stereo sound bar usb powered speaker multimedia speaker – which i broke accidently and decided to go for a similar product but with bluetooth. I turned out to be a good choice. The sound quality of this sound bar is much better with a richer sound quality. Obviously you don’t get the ‘spacial sound effect’ of separate speakers, and the only reason i am sticking with sound bars is because i have no space for traditional speakers, but i would not buy sound bars otherwise. However, this is an excellent product for what it is – space-saving and convenient.

Trust astro soundbar: very impressed indeed. Can’t believe the sound quality comes without external power, just usb2. Very much better than the speakers built into my monitor. And so much prefer having a big volume knob on the front – much easier than controls hidden away on cables or on screen. Really very, very good indeed and for £25 a complete steal.

Easy setup but has an annoying standby mode. So will turn itself off after 10 minutes of none use. No good for general computer work.

For under £30, it is amazing. The audio quality is well above the asking price and have had no issues when playing and watching games/movies, or listening to music. It would be unfair to compare this to speakers costing £100+ with a dedicated subwoofer, but nevertheless, this does the job perfectly, providing clear audio for a good price.

Trust Remo USB 2 – Good quality speakers

Overall very good for the money. These were very good for the price. There is a slight hiss if you listen very carefully but not enough to notice generally. The sound from these are very good and overall very good for the money.

Very good value for the price. They look fairly stylish, stand ok and deliver a good sound. They are perfect for me when watching videos or playing games. I know they did not include a headphone jack but i wish they did but that’s my fault for not picking a speaker that had it.

Transforms my portable dvd player. These are very reasonably priced and have a great sound. My portable dvd player has really tinny sound and this solves the problem. I’m not really hi-fi savvy, but am happy with the sound from these speakers. Here are the specifications for the Trust Remo USB 2:

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • Amplifier

Easy to fit and ticks all the boxes i wanted. Not a huge volume but neat, easy to fit and ticks all the boxes i wanted for speakers next to my computer whilst working. It is only two speakers so if you were looking to replace a 3 type version as i was then review as my three unit version seemed to give more volume and you could put the speakers further apart.

These speaker are awesome, crystal clear even when turned up to maximum. These speaker are awesome, crystal clear even when turned up to maximum volume, if your just looking to improve from the bog standard speakers built into your monitor then buy this item.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • lots of white noise
  • at best, mixed reviews of most of the speaker sets
  • Not a problem for me and i think they are great.

Punchy , crisp sound with good volume.

These speaker are great for there price hence the 4th star however the music quality and volumer are acceptable (idont listen to booming music but do love a good singalong and dont like the sound of my voice) these cover my aweful screeching just fine with good quality treble and vocals, the bass is definatly there but thesse are much more tweeters than sub’s (obviously) they are let down by a couple of things firstly the actual design flaw, when there is no music being played and the speakers are on the level of white noise is way above what it should be (only benefit i guess is it will make people energy conscious) my other issue is the usb power i thought i would be ok with it but all the usb cables now coming from my usb hub is just annoying now and very messy, were it a standard power lead it would have be easily hidden with my cable tidy behind the desk (but that is my choice so not a product flaw just something i didnt consider that maybe i should have).

Not a problem for me and i think they are great. . Fabulous set of powerful speakers. Ideal for playing audios in training rooms. Should be noted that they are powered by a usb lead and not chargeable so a power source is required. Not a problem for me and i think they are great.

Great value for money, not too big or small and easy to plug in and out. However, when turned up really high, if no sound is being played through them, they buzz but it’s not that distracting.

Can’t fault the price but sound quality and background hiss subdue the experience. Nice looking set of speakers that definitely don’t look like they cost under ten quid. Firstly, there is a very noticeable white noise even on zero volume. Unfortuantely if the speakers are sitting right in front of you then it’s impossible to ignore this obvious hiss. Put some sound through them and fortunately you’ll find the noise does not scale with the volume. Secondly, sound quality wise, these little units are left wanting as well. The bass is almost non-existent and the trebble over harsh. This means that music sounds very thin and unexciting. Voices are, however, pretty clear.

These speaker are awesome, crystal clear even when turned up to maximum. These speaker are awesome, crystal clear even when turned up to maximum volume, if your just looking to improve from the bog standard speakers built into your monitor then buy this item.

Punchy , crisp sound with good volume.

These speaker are great for there price hence the 4th star however the music quality and volumer are acceptable (idont listen to booming music but do love a good singalong and dont like the sound of my voice) these cover my aweful screeching just fine with good quality treble and vocals, the bass is definatly there but thesse are much more tweeters than sub’s (obviously) they are let down by a couple of things firstly the actual design flaw, when there is no music being played and the speakers are on the level of white noise is way above what it should be (only benefit i guess is it will make people energy conscious) my other issue is the usb power i thought i would be ok with it but all the usb cables now coming from my usb hub is just annoying now and very messy, were it a standard power lead it would have be easily hidden with my cable tidy behind the desk (but that is my choice so not a product flaw just something i didnt consider that maybe i should have).

Easy to fit and ticks all the boxes i wanted. Not a huge volume but neat, easy to fit and ticks all the boxes i wanted for speakers next to my computer whilst working. It is only two speakers so if you were looking to replace a 3 type version as i was then review as my three unit version seemed to give more volume and you could put the speakers further apart.

My boyfriend is a musician and he needed speakers for his laptop. Obviously you can’t expect miracles, but for they price they are, these do the job very well. They are powered from the usb port which convenient for him during workshops and lessons, without relying on external power sources.

Trust remo usb speaker set for pc or laptop. . This is a brilliant speaker set. I have bought the set for sound for my cctv system but tried them connected to my laptop, they give very good sound for little money. You can’t expect hall type sounds from little speakers like this but they do pack a punch and are plenty loud enough.

Great little speakers for the money. Bought these speakers to use with my laptop as inbuilt speakers a bit on the quiet side. Extremely pleased with them considering they were only £8. Used the laptop’s ‘beatsaudio’ software to drop the treble and up the bass a bit then settled down to watch an episode of ‘game of thrones’ – so much better than with the laptop speakers,two minor negative points. Firstly, the speakers are a little bit unstable (physically) – they don’t take much to knock over. Secondly the power-on light – it’s very blue and very bright. I’ve stuck a piece of insulating tape over it, it was so distracting.

Well made and quite substantial. Really good for everyday use with a desktop pc. Great sound reproduction with plenty of bass etc. Good output – no need to turn volume too high. Although not the cheapest, in my opinion well worth the money.

Pretty good for usb powered speakers infact the loudest and. Bought a few sets of these for a project as impressed by the 16w claim, pretty good for usb powered speakers infact the loudest and best i have tried yet. However, opened a set up to find they have infact got 3w speakers so ummm how can they be 8w per channel?. Other than that they are ok speakers for the price being usb powered but the cones are exposed which is another issue as trust suggest they can be used outside?.Will be buying mesh guards for them for my application for the price not bad at all but questionable specs.

Overall very good for the money. These were very good for the price. There is a slight hiss if you listen very carefully but not enough to notice generally. The sound from these are very good and overall very good for the money.

Working just fine, makes all the difference when i play music. Working just fine ,makes all the difference when i play music on my laptop.

Trust Jukebar Wireless Speaker, Excellent Bit of kit. Recommend

Labored straight out of the box. I did a great deal of research prior to i bought this and i was not unhappy. Not the loudest speaker but it does the work incredibly effectively. It was effortless to link with my many bluetooth devises.

I was seeking for a bluetooh speaker for a while and the spending budget designs just didnt stack up for what i desired and couldn’t truly justify investing a lot more money on a far better model. Bought this speaker on special present and the audio is quite excellent in all ranges also has a decent quantity. Okay its not mega loud but it matches my requires surely advisable. Excellent good quality strong design and a nice form of rubberised finish.

Severely happy with this product. Significantly satisfied with this product. I acquired it in the course of the amazon primary working day sale for about £15 as a bit of fun for the park, but i’m very impressed. The battery seems to last an appropriate amount of money of time, the seem good quality is good for a tiny speaker and it truly is extremely straightforward to set up. All in all a terrific buy in contrast to some of the a lot more designer models. I confirmed it to my dad who was stunned you could get some thing like this for these types of a superior selling price.

Some audio textbooks are a minor silent when performed on kindle hearth – this boosts them properly – also picks up bluetooth things without the need of a have to have to plug in.

Trust Jukebar Wireless Speaker, Bluetooth – Red : A good sound from a small portable speaker. I bought one of these for my wife to use in the garden so she doesn’t keep using mine. I got her the purple one and she was over the moon with it – she can charge it with her iphone charger so doesn’t need to keep another charger with her. The battery takes about four hours to charge from flat but then will play all day and more on a single charge much better than any other bluetooth speaker i’ve seen. The speaker paired easily and the little setup booklet is very clear. Trust seems to be a dutch brand but of course the speaker is made in china like everything else these days. At the time of this review the speaker is about twenty five quid and at that price an easy five stars – a very good sound but just a little light on bass as you would expect from a speaker of this size.

Trust 19022 Tytan 2 Speaker Set : As a musician that’s into sound engineering

I have had these speakers for a few months now. I wanted to get a good idea of how the speakers perform over a longer period of time before i write the review. I am extremely pleased with the performance of these speakers. The speakers themselves have a very wide range and have very little distortion even at high volumes (i don’t like listening to anything too loud so to be fair, i may not be the best person to speak to about this). The bass is loud, but it can get a bit muddy when listening to music. They are great for movies as the rumble of the bass really add to the cinematic effect. I use these speakers a lot, and once in a while, i can’t help but smile when i think about them. As you can imagine, i wasn’t too sure of the quality of trust as a brand, but this product has made me a believer. I can’t give them enough credit for deciding to make such a quality product at such a low price.

Best sound quality i’ve had out of any speakers so far, and loud, can only use them on very low settings most of the time, especially when kids in bed. Only complaint is that when they go into power-save/standby mode they make a crackly noise for a few seconds, and can sometimes be a wee bit slow to ‘wake up’ otherwise would have given them 5 stars.

These speakers are 120w peak power. They feel solid and well built, especially the desktop volume controller which feels really smooth to turn. The volume controller also has an mp3 player input (3. 5mm jack) and a headphone jack. The sound quality is good, even at high volume. The sub woofer cuts out below 50hz but that’s not a problem because most songs/games don’t use bass that low. I am very pleased with these speakers, compared to my last £15 argos extra value set these are awesome. For the price they are really good and i would gladly recommend them. Here are the specifications for the Trust 19022 Tytan 2 Speaker Set:

  • Stylish speaker set producing a rich sound with a powerful 36W peak power output (18 Watt RMS)
  • Easy to reach volume and bass controls and headphone connection at the front
  • Extra audio input connection for your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player etc
  • Smart power management: goes to stand-by when not in use

Trust 17966 tytan 2. 1 speaker set – a good set of speakers. These speakers arrived on 22nd february and only now (2nd march) that i’ve got around to installing them and i’m now playing a range of my favourite music via my pc. The music coming through these speakers is clear and crisp, the top end is a bit on the bright side for me but i can appreciate the detail. Bass is solid and not overpowering, overall this is a good (but not brilliant) set of speakers for the price. Now, the reason for four stars rather than five. There are three main controls on this equipment, excluding the off/on switch, they are a) volume b) bass and c) a rotary knob on the end of a cable that serves as a secondary volume control (although the quick start leaflet claims it controls bass as well but i cannot hear any evidence of this). The volume, bass and on/off controls are on the right side of the bass speaker, this makes them very awkward to access and use. This requires that you set your volume and bass to your required taste before settling down to work on your pc while listening to your favourite music, etc. The rotary knob gives you adequate, and easily accessible, secondary volume control but you should realise that you cannot turn the volume up higher than the main control setting on the side of the bass speaker. Now the one great failing, these speakers do not have any treble control which is fine for some music but if you have music with an overpowering high end, to the point of brashness, then you have no way of turning this down.

Quality speakers very good value. I bought these speakers and they are well built, quality sound, and if you are thinking of buying speakers for your pc or tv i would recommend these, best speakers i have ever used crystal clear sound even at high volume and the bass is amazing, i was going to purchase them from argos, but bought them from amazon and they were £5.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Trust Tytan 2.1speakers system
  • Great for the price
  • Brilliant sound quality, but issues with ‘smart power management’
  • Trust 17966 Tytan 2.1 Speaker Set – A Good Set of Speakers
  • Absolute steal for the money.
  • Quality Speakers Very Good Value

I got these via an amazon instant deal, having considered various other powered speakers. The idea was to replace a pair from kenwood – wow, bought over twenty years ago – that are still working fine but don’t do much bass, and use them to do sound for the tv / raspberry pi media centre. I did wonder why these are in the computer section, rather than in the musical instruments / electronics ones like most others. I now know: it’s because the wired remote volume control is basically a variable resistor in between a 3. 5mm audio jack (for your pc / laptop / tablet / mp3 player’s headphone or aux out socket) and a pair of phono jacks (for this). If you want to connect something phono-phono, you either have to have an adaptor or do without the remote. It’s only at this point that having the sockets and controls on the side of the sub-woofer, rather than at the back, makes sense. Fortunately, they do include knobs to adjust the general volume and bass.

I have a new tv with speakers at the back of it. My partner and i decided to get some speakers as we are gamers and watch a lot of dvds through the playstation 3. Our tv has only one out point which is the digital optical socket , the rest are in points. This made it a little difficult working out how to set it up. The speaker system, titan, only has 2x rca in and 2x rca out. The speaker leads were longish but in my opinion not long enough for surround sound. We bought extension audio leads which worked fine. You need to have an optical digital out lead with a digital optical to rca converter so you can plug rca leads into the titan system.

Trust Jukebar Wireless Speaker, Excellent smaller speaker

This is a great bit of kit for the price and size. This is a great bit of kit for the price and size, it gives out a good bass, plenty of volume and probably puts a few full size systems to shame. I use it to stream music anywhere around the house and garden, it’s particularly useful if you don’t have a usb or audio socket for the car radio.

Perfect color, awesome material, superb sound.

Excellent bit of kit for using outside in the garden.

Well made, punchy and portable. I was sent this trust jukebar speaker for review. In the box you get the jukebar wireless speaker, a usb to mini usb charger lead, a mini usb to micro usb adaptor, 3. 5′ audio lead and instruction booklet. The smart packaging imparts an impression of quality which is carried through when you unpack the device. In terms of size i’d say this is a mid-size portable speaker (155 x 54 x 61 mm) – not pocket size but not too large and easily portable in a briefcase or rucksack without you feeling a thing (it weighs in at 360g). The jukebar also doubles as a hands-free bluetooth phone unit which i have found particularly useful for conference calls at work. The speaker itself is very nicely finished in a rubberised black finish (you can get red and purple versions too) with an attractive metal mesh grille at the front into which is sculpted a diamond shape – the looks are top notch. On the top of the speaker are three buttons – volume up and down and in the centre of these the media control which can control your music as well as answer phonier calls etc. At the rear is a panel with an on/off switch, mini-usb input for charging, headphone socket and a 3.

A great value bluetooth speaker worth your time (and ears). This was an impulse purchase for me back on black friday 2014, having been reluctant to pay the prices jbl and bose wanted for their flip and soundlink mini. Having seen a few positive reviews, i decided to give it a punt. Having tried the other two speakers mentioned, i can tell you that this is very much a great worthwhile alternatives. Clarity for its price is great, particularly in the mid range and it packs a pretty loud, firm punch, streaming from extreme quality spotify (320kpbs mp3). The bluetooth can be a little inconsistent but this is rare, and i’m also fairly sure my phone being used for it could be at fault for it too. Battery life is great too, about 10 hours of medium volume playback and only takes about 3 hours to charge back to full from empty. If you’re considering a budget bluetooth speaker, it’s not quite up there with your big boys, but this is excellent for the size and price and well worth your time.

Trust Jukebar Wireless Speaker, Small and well made

Some audio books are a little peaceful when played on kindle fireplace – this boosts them properly – also picks up bluetooth items with no a want to plug in.

Solidly establish and remarkable sound for its dimension and rate.

Trust Jukebar Wireless Speaker, Bluetooth – Purple

  • Small size, powerful sound
  • Bluetooth, 10m wireless range
  • For music and hands-free calling
  • Volume, media and call-pickup buttons
  • Rechargeable battery, 17 hours playtime

Fantastic colour, wonderful product, wonderful seem.

An certainly great piece of package – great clear and crisp seem with satisfactory quantity – will be employing this mainly outdoors when camping.

Trust Jukebar Wireless Speaker, Bluetooth – Purple : But easy to pair and use with reasonable sound quality. Bit smaller than expected, but easy to pair and use with reasonable sound quality. 99 on a lightning deal, it was a no-brainer.

Trust Tytan 2 : Over the moon : D

Greatest sound top quality i have had out of any speakers so significantly, and loud, can only use them on extremely small configurations most of the time, specially when youngsters in bed. Only complaint is that when they go into power-preserve/standby manner they make a crackly sound for a number of seconds, and can in some cases be a wee bit sluggish to ‘wake up’ if not would have given them five stars.

Absolute steal for the money. . For starters i never ever seriously produce testimonials, but i felt following proudly owning these speakers a when the time experienced arrive to seriously permit purchasers know just how fantastic these are (and no i dont perform for the organization). Any damaging reviewers should be mad, these are the actual deal. This manufacturer is not as perfectly known as other key brand names these kinds of as sony, logitech, bose, and so on, but really don’t let this put you off. These speakers are a hidden gem. The sound good quality is incredible, you will hear every element in the tunes and come to feel surrounded by it, to the position the place you have to remind on your own this is only a two. The bass reaction from the tweeters in the speakers and the subwoofer itself is absolutely remarkable, this issue has significantly punchy and deep bass, which shakes the flooring and penetrates by way of partitions with ease. This will annoy the hell out of your flatmates/neighbours as i have found out myself, so if your into deep residence/digital/drum and bass or any other bassy audio you have been warned3. They are effectively constructed, despite the speakers being plastic and the subwoofer being designed from wood i have frequently bumped them with no lousy results. Aesthetically they glance slick and the contemporary design and style is awesome to look at, as is the silver trust badge on the subwoofer. They have one particular key quantity manage which can be witnessed in the picture, which slides clockwise and counter clockwise escalating and decreasing the volume. This feels durable and pretty awesome to use and has rubber beneath it so it would not go close to on the surface you are making use of it on. Total it is incredibly helpful for adjusting the quantity on the fly, particularly when the neighbours are just about to contact the police and you require to promptly transform it down.

We acquired these speakers for our teenage daughter to perform her ipod as a result of. The price tag put them in the ‘they’ll do’ bracket in our heads ie not the very best on the current market and not the worse. Each my husband or wife and i had been absolutely blown absent by the excellent of this solution in particular at these types of a sensible price tag (my lover, he is just one of all those speaker lover forms). Certainly we experienced to take a look at them (like two massive children) to see what the bass was like and irrespective of whether we would have to advise the neighbours to have on ear buds on xmas working day. We may well have ‘tested’ them for a small for a longer period than was fully required as they are ace. We managed to just about vibrate our german shepherd out of the space even though ‘testing’ them to the prodigy. We hugely propose this product and are now asking yourself whether or not we should really just invest in her an ipod docking station and retain these for ourselves.Ps she came residence yesterday with a mates ‘beats’ speakers.

Key specs for Trust Tytan 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker Set with Subwoofer, 120 W Peak Power (UK-Plug) – Black:

  • Powerful 2.1 subwoofer speaker set with Bluetooth to listen to music from your pc, tablet and smartphone
  • 120W peak power (60 Watt RMS) – high quality sound with deep bass
  • Connect wired or with wireless Bluetooth technology
  • Wired remote control with headphone and smartphone/MP3 connection, extra volume and bass control on the subwoofer
  • Smart power management: goes to stand-by when not in use

Comments from buyers

“Trust Tytan 2.1speakers system, Brilliant sound quality, but issues with ‘smart power management’, Great for the price, I love these speakers, Trust 17966 Tytan 2.1 Speaker Set – A Good Set of Speakers, Absolute steal for the money.”

As a musician that’s into audio engineering. The other assessments are a small untrue. As far as laptop or computer speakers go, these are wonderful. As much as speakers as a total go, these are mediocre. The subwoofer is potent but the speakers on their own aren’t pretty loud as other evaluations would propose. They are also not as major as the testimonials suggest. If you’re right after something that’ll blow the roof off then you could be much better with a hello-fi system fairly than laptop speakers, but still, for the price they are really great. Not tinny at all, wonderful top quality seem.

Terrific speakers for the price tag. I am amazed with the speakers for the value. They are pretty solidly built, the seem is much better than i would hope for the value. The connectors are fantastic and the cables to the speakers are a excellent duration for a desk, despite the fact that they could be a minimal quick if you were being arranging on making use of this around a tv.

I have a new tv set with speakers at the back again of it. My spouse and i decided to get some speakers as we are avid gamers and check out a whole lot of dvds through the playstation 3. Our television has only a person out stage which is the digital optical socket , the relaxation are in details. This built it a minor tough working out how to set it up. The speaker method, titan, only has 2x rca in and 2x rca out. The speaker prospects were being longish but in my opinion not lengthy ample for encompass audio. We bought extension audio leads which worked great. You want to have an optical digital out direct with a digital optical to rca converter so you can plug rca leads into the titan program.