Tronsmart Shower Speaker – Amazing quality for the price

Good sound for a small speaker though i find it better for music than for listening to talking (radio/podcasts). No problems at all with bluetooth connectivity. It’s early days but it’s in the shower so seems waterproof enough. You just need somewhere you can attach it with the clip as obviously there is no sucker to stick it to the tiles.

Sound quality is good and nice loud volume which is what i was after. Can play while charging and battery lasts a decent time. Carabiner is helpful to hang in a multitude of places – much better than my old one with a sucker on the back which fell down constantly. Nice and compact to stick in a handbag and take out too.

Perfect for my up and coming holiday.

My fire tablet has faulty speakers and a faulty port so that i could not use it to listen to audio or video / catch up tv etc. This speaker has solved the problem. It is easy to use, connects easily, automatically turns off at the end of a programme if nothing else follows so that the battery does not run down unnecessarily. Much cheaper than replacing the tablet. I have not tried out the water resistance or using an sd card as yet, so cannot comment on this.

I bought the speaker like a christmas present, so i just tried for an hour and it worked perfectly. The speaker is little bit bigger than i expected but sound pretty nice, looks like a really good quality for this money.

  • Great Little Speaker With Amazing Sound For Its Size
  • Surprised about the sound quality, volume and battery life
  • Does what it says on the tin

I love this little cute speaker, very convenient and easy to carry it. Excellent little personal, portable bluetooth speaker. I like to play audio from my phone when doing diy, exercising etc. And this speaker is great for that.

Ideal for travelling – not yet tried in water.

Best speaker have used like this.

I personally use it in the shower and it’s just perfect. Amazing sound quality for such a little speaker.

Arrived quickly and packaged well. Sound is better than my phone sound. Haven’t tried to see if it is waterproof though.

Features of Shower Speaker, Tronsmart Splash 7W Mini Portable Wireless Speaker, 10-Hour Playtime, IP67 Water Resistant, Richer Bass, Built-in Mic for Travel Beach Swimming Home

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  • 【SWEET CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND】This powerful speaker features 7W Driver deliver high quality stereo sound and stronger bass. Advanced digital sound, noise reduction, and the special void structure of the wireless speakers provide a premium sound quality with ideal bass and balanced treble and mid.
  • 【IP67 WATERPROOF】IP67 means that it can be submerged in water completely under 1 Meter for 30 minutes, it is only partially waterproof with IPX5. This speaker is resistant to splashes, water, dust, sand and can be used as a speaker for the shower. It is perfect for the beach, pool, car, boat and golf.
  • 【PLAYTIME UP TO 10 HOURS, CHARGE LESS】The wireless shower speaker has a high capacity battery that can provide up to 10 hours of endless music. Only 2 hours charging time and can be recharged via the Micro USB port.
  • 【BLUETOOTH 4.2 + MICRO SD CARD】 Faster and better connection thanks to Bluetooth 4.2 compatible with all Bluetooth versions. You can also connect to non-Bluetooth devices by plugging a Micro SD card into the speaker without connecting a device.
  • 【SUPER PORTABLE】This compact Bluetooth speaker measures only 3.93 x 3.93 x 1.85 inches (LxWxH) and a net weight of about 7.23 oz. This mini bluetooth speaker can easily fit inside your pocket and handbag and even comes with a carabiner which makes it easy to carry around.
portable speaker

IP67 Waterproof Speaker

With a IP67 rating the Element Splash is very waterproof. This is the perfect speaker to use while swimming or taking shower.

Extremely portable

The high-tech silicone case ensures that the Element Splash is shockproof and dustproof. Small round body makes the Element Splash extremely portable. you can hang it anywhere with a buckle!

True Wireless Stereo

TWS technology allows it to be paired with another Splash speaker producing the true stereo effect.

mini speaker

portable speaker

shower speaker

Small body big sound

Tronsmart Splash Bluetooth speaker with incredible sound quality, high power in such a mini size, will bring you a surprise. You get crystal-clear sound and powerful bass !

Longer battery Life

Provides up to 10 hours playing time after the waterproof speaker is full charged which only takes 2 hours.

Bluetooth 4.2

Bluetooth 4.2 allows the Splash Speaker to instantly pair & maintain a stable connection even from 50 feet away.


1.Tronsmart Splash speaker don’t have audio port, so it doesn’t support MP3 player and computer. Only support Bluetooth & Micro SD card 2 ways to connect your devices and play music.

2. on the middle of the speaker,there is a protective plastic ring you can peel off .

3. Splash speaker plays 2-3 hours on Max volume,5-6 hours on medium volume up to 10 hours play on rather 30-40% volume settings.


Model: Element Splash

Bluetooth: 4.2

Bluetooth Compatibility: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP

Built-in Battery Capacity: 1000 mAh

Output Power: 7W

Product Size: D 3.93 * H 1.85 inches

Weight: 205g

Charging Time: 2 Hours

Playtime: 10 Hours

Maximum Working Range: Up to 50 feet (15m) in open space

What You Get:

1 x Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

1 x User Manual

1 x Micro USB charging cable

1 x Carabiner

bluetooth speaker
Max Output Power 40W High Power Sound 25W DSP audio drivers 7W Clear Sound 40W Tri-Bass
Playtime 15hours 15hours 10hours 15hours
Size: 8.97*4.44*3.14inches 2.95*2.95*7.67inches D 3.93 * H 1.85 inches 8.03*2.51*3.14inch
Weight: 940g 546g 205g 989g
“Transmission Range:(Open Field) ” 66FT/20M 33FT/10M 49.5FT/15M 66FT/20M
Special Feature: High-Fidelity Stereo Sound Sensitive Touch Panel 6600mAh Battery Capacity True Wireless Stereo (TWS) TF Card Slot Rugged Design with Easy Operation Powerful Sound & Richer Bass 360° SURROUND SOUND 5200mAh Battery Capacity True Wireless Stereo (TWS) IP67 Waterproof+Dustproof Super Portable SD Card Slot Tri-Bass Effects((3D stereo, Extra bass and Standard) IPX7 Waterproof,True Wireless Stereo,one-touch NFC,Bluetooth 4.2. SD Card Slot

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This little thing surprised me. It has amazing sound in such a compact space. It easily hooked to my phone and the quality of the sound is amazing. I love everything about this little speaker.Going to be perfect for camping and other outings.

It’s good robust and easy to use speaker. I not sure how it’s 7 watts as it volume level sounds similar to a 3 watt speaker like the jbl clip 2 which i also have but actually this tronsmart sounds better because there’s clean and nice bass to it. But if you max the volume there’s some clipping going on where you lose sound quality but this is a great easy to use design and battery lasts long. I think the volume could improve on its highest setting to justify its 7 watt claim. Also this is much better value so any shortcomings is not too bad considering how much it costs.

Having previously owned a jbl clip 2 , we required a replacement , i would say this is just as good at over 60% less. My wife loves it for bike rides it clips easily to the saddle and works perfect.

Slight distortion when used some metres away, but that might be because of the shape of my flat. However, a good accessory, easy to use and pair, and a good price for what it is.

It was easy to pair seems to work well only disadvantage is when i turn it on , first thing is reduce the volume as im using it in bedroom with partner. I use it as a speaker pillow under pillow with my versa fitbit watch. Once i wake up again i stop the music playing the speaker turns itself off then after a while. For the money nice speaker look forward to using it on my bicycle in summer.

I was a little skeptical before ordering it but when i received and immediately tried, i liked the sound quality for such a compact speaker and easiness of use. I separately purchased a carry box for it, now i can use it wherever i want. Didn’t check its water resistance ability. The only con is that i was expecting an option of aux cable input on it for using with devices without bluetooth connection, hence i gave 4 stars.

【SWEET CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND】This powerful speaker features 7W Driver deliver high quality stereo sound and stronger bass.

Excellent bluetooth speaker.

I recently purchased this speaker from amazon. Sound quality is perfect, it really is water proof because i definitely got it wet a bit much. Bonus photo taking feature, unexpected and super cool. What else can i buy from you guys???.

I bought this as a replacement of the previous bluetooth speaker that i used to use during my cycling commute to work, as the battery life of the previous one was very short. I bought this one mainly based on the low price and enhanced battery life specifications. When i received it i was actually surprised of the size, as it is a bit larger than i expected form the pictures (see picture attached), and this actually reflects positively on the sound quality, with a decent amount of bass. Overall i am very pleased with the purchase as it exceeds the expectations i had regarding sound quality and volume, and so far i have used it for about 6 hours and it still has not ran out of battery, which is the main reason why i bought it.

Love this – so handy and very loud.

Despite what other reviewers have said i personally find the sound from this speaker more than adequate. Decent sound too and compact.

I really liked the design and it is easy to use. Travels well as it is strongly built. The sound is good but i struggle to hear it if i am driving.

【IP67 WATERPROOF】IP67 means that it can be submerged in water completely under 1 Meter for 30 minutes, it is only partially waterproof with IPX5. This speaker is resistant to splashes, water, dust, sand and can be used as a speaker for the shower.

I use them as a replacement to my laptop built in speaker and the quality is perfect. For such a small speaker this is pretty good. The battery life seems to be extremely long too although i have yet to test thoroughly. Would recommend if you’re in the market for a cheap water proof speaker that’s good quality. Easy to use and very handy in the shower.

Bought this for our shower, and it does the job perfectly. Yes there are better sounding speakers (but this is by no means bad) but once you take into account the fact that this is waterproof and just how cheap it was. It sounds much better than having my phone on the other side of the room playing out of it’s little speaker. Now i can have banging tunes *inside* my shower.

Really impressed with this speaker. Its got a great look and is heavy and feels of good quality. I honestly wasnt expecting the sound to be so good. Was really clear and turns up quite loud too. Connected with phone no trouble at all.

I was looking for a small speaker that my nephew could use to listen to music whilst at home and outdoor. After shopping around i decided to get him a tronsmart splash as i have used this company before and find their products to be of fantastic quality and their customer service second to none. The speaker arrived very nicely packaged in an illustrative box. Once opened, your introduced to a very nice looking speaker which has a rubber feel finish and four buttons on the top. Two buttons for volume + -, one button for play/pause and the last for power. There is also a carabiner hook included in the box. The speaker arrived with about 70% battery power and was very easy to pair with my nephews samsung galaxy s6. When streaming music from this speaker we were actually amazed at how good it is for its size, the clarity is amazing. For using at home this little speaker is more than loud enough and packs a fair bit of bass, midrange and treble for its size. Bearing in mind that this speaker is not designed to be the loudest the sound is still very good.

Speedy delivery, great quality sound and variety of uses, ie as is, on the clip. Strongly recommend this quality bluetooth speaker.

I bought this product as i’m extremely clumsy and broke my last speaker. I haven’t had this one long, but it’s already taken a few knocks no problem, and for the price the sound quality is absolutely fantastic.

Frustrated by lack of clear instruction on pairing two for stereo and compatibility with pc or mac.

【PLAYTIME UP TO 10 HOURS, CHARGE LESS】The wireless shower speaker has a high capacity battery that can provide up to 10 hours of endless music.

With all the pay to review, and review for a discount, deals that go on on amazon nowadays, you have to take amazon reviews with a pinch of salt. So when i saw the 16 5 star reviews, i was dubious. However after using this speaker for a week, i’m certain they are all genuine. I have used different bluetooth speakers for years with varying qualities. At this price point, this is the best bluetooth speaker i’ve ever bought. The sound is great, it connects easily and the battery lasts for ages. I use it mainly for talk radio and podcasts. I used it all day at work, and it still had over half a charge left.

With this smart thing, i can even listen to the music in shower. 7w driver is very powerful, it is true stereo sound and bass is very strong. Battery is amazing, you can just leave it there for quite a few days, and it still works. Will buy another one to enable the pairing function.

Despite its small size good sound quality at medium volume.

I connected this to my windows 10 pc and, just for a short while, was surprised by the lack of volume, but i had made a basic mistake. On this speaker, the ‘volume +’ and ‘volume -‘ controls are dual purpose. I naturally assumed at first that continuing to press down on the ‘volume +’ button would increase the volume, but it doesn’t. When held down, the speaker interprets this as the ‘play next’ command, and because i was listening to streaming music via my browser, nothing happened, i was just listening at the initial preset modest volume level, and that did not change, despite my repeated 30 second pressing of the ‘volume +’ button. The way to actually change the volume is just to press the ‘volume +’ and ‘volume -‘ buttons just for a short moment and to repeatedly jab these buttons to continue to step the volume up or down. This unit is ridiculously loud for its size and does indeed deliver room-filling sound, with a really nice sound balance. After the windows 10 spring 1803 update my windows 10, and those of a few friends are compromised when it comes to controlling bluetooth speaker volume – the windows 10 master volume control down on the lower right has no effect. One of the best ways to resolve this, if you are still on the spring 1803 windows 10 version, is to launch the ‘microsoft store’ (looks like a colourful shopping bag, at the bottom of your screen) and then search for ‘ear trumpet’. This is microsoft’s own app and will give you effective independent control over the volume levels of each running app. It will give effective volume control for your bluetooth speakers.

Have only charged it up to try, waiting to take it on my hols next month.

Like others have said great speaker with great quality sound.

【BLUETOOTH 4.2 + MICRO SD CARD】 Faster and better connection thanks to Bluetooth 4.2 compatible with all Bluetooth versions.

Great productthe speaker has a very good sound quality and makes changing the track and changing the volume very easy. I am very impressed with this bluetooth speaker, i use it all the time in the shower and it has worked brilliantly for me. Therefore i would highly recommend.

Tronsmart T6 25W Bluetooth Speaker, Solid build and sound, affordable price.

A very solid and well designed product. It has been used in the bathroom, living room (connected directly to an echo dot), as a bedside speaker in the bedroom, and on my bike while out riding. It has a very impressive sound when indoors, though possibly slightly bass heavy for anyone looking to use it outdoors at high volume, i. It’s least impressive while out on my bike in the wind when i need to crank up the volume because the bass really overcompensates, but as an indoor speaker it’s really good, and works well with good bluetooth sync and good bottom end. I especially like the physical volume knob, and it’s waterproofness for when i’m in the shower, and i’d recommend it to anyone looking for a nice portable indoor speaker.

My car stereo is so old it doesn’t even have an aux port. So i got this bluetooth speaker to blast out the tunes while i’m driving. It is loud enough to be heard over the roaring deisel engine. Although not specifically designed for it, the speaker fits in the dashboard and doesn’t roll around. The in call function works but the top of the speaker needs to be near your mouth. So it’s not exactly hands free. Top quality build and at a good price.

I was a little skeptical of the claims and some of the reviews when i bought it but curiosity made me continue with the purchase as i am rather bass hungry. I can only say that i am completely amazed at the build and sound quality of this unit for the price paid. As others have said, the bass has to be heard to be believed for a unit of this size and overall the sound quality is very good considering its price point. Build quality appears excellent with only the volume control slightly letting appearance down as it does look plastic which of course it is but a higher quality plastic or metal might have been better. To be fair, if the quality of the volume control is the only thing slightly negative then that’s an indication that there really isn’t much to worry about with this product and i think it is absolutely fabulous value for money. I can’t comment on durability as yet but it does appear to be a quality product. One final point, it is clearly a chinese product and these normally come with instructions in the most appalling english but the literature accompanying this product (although not really needed as its really simple to work out) is actually pretty good english and noticeably substantially better than most which adds to the impression that care has been taken with this. Well done to the manufacturer.

Key specs for Tronsmart T6 25W Bluetooth Speaker with Dual-Driver 360 Degree Surround Sound, 15 Hours Playtime,33 Feet Bluetooth Range,and AUX cable,Portable Wireless Hands Free Calling for Outdoor Home Red:

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  • 25W DSP AUDIO DRIVERS. Advanced 25W audio drivers with DSP allow you to fill even the largest rooms with crisp and clear sound. Alllowing you enjoying a full range listening experience,the Super Bass is perfect for Rock & roll and heavy metal. Make our T6 a perfect partner when you hold a party or go on outdoor activities.
  • SUPERIOR 360° SURROUND SOUND& DEEP BASS. Tronsmart T6 Bluetooth Speaker transmits 360°surround sound for room-filling audio. The external passive radiator accentuates bass response even in the lowest bass ranges.
  • 15HRS LONG PLAY TIME. Housing a massive 5200mAh Unrivaled Battery Capacity, one full charge of our T6 lets you play your music for 15 straight hours before needing another recharge. So Tronsmart T6 wireless bluetooth speaker is the best choice for a trip, a camp, a picnic, a golf time, a pool party, etc. Just enjoy your music time from day to night.
  • RUGGED DESIGN & PORTABLE SIZE. The exterior is covered in a soft woven mesh for ruggedness and durability. Weighing in at just 19 ounce, it’s small and light enough to tuck into your bag. Take the T6 anywhere you go to enjoy immersive sound in any environment.
  • HANDS-FREE CALLING. A convenient built-in microphone lets you take hands-free calls while the built-in 3.5mm AUX jack provides an alternative for non-Bluetooth enabled audio devices. Every Tronsmart product includes 12-month Worry-Free Warranty, free life-time technical support.

Comments from buyers

“Fantastic 360 Degree Sound., Pretty much perfect., Lovely bit of kit!”

A great product at a great price. Arrived on time, well packaged and in a cardboard box,( good for recycling). It is easy to connect your phone to ( i have an android phone), and the sound quality for a small speaker is excellent. Great that it sits in my bottle holder on my bike 😀.

I bought a cheaper bluetooth speaker about 70% of the price but was 25% as good as this -could not live with cheaper one. This one i like and can easily live with -used to hi-if separates, of course there is a difference but for a nice portable sound at this price. -probably, i listening to the sonos in store the day before this arrived, so not a head to head comparison but in the same ‘area’.

Great quality sound from a budget speaker. First consider the price point, then with this in mind appreciate that the quality of sound from this is really excellent. I placed the speaker in a large room, in the centre on a table and it truely generates a spacious 360degree sound. I was very impressed and it is a ‘keeper’. It is small enough to take when you travel, yet powerful enough to provide a quality sound for a party or small gathering.

I’ve owned this for about a month now and i’m a very happy bunnyi connect it to my samsung s8 (or samsung tablet) and listen to my favourite stations on tuneinradio mainly when im cooking in the kitchen or relaxing in the bath. The speaker has a great sound and when it is about to run out of juice, you hear a lady say ‘battery running low 😮 🤗. It serves it’s purpose and i am very happy with it.

Liking this product is all about your musical ears. If you like music with a heavy base line this is definitely the speaker for you. Better than most of the others i have tested or even bought. I have also the jbl flip and cannot decide which is better in spite of the cost difference. The jbl is costlier but does not have the heavy duty base line as the tronsmart.

This is a must buy speaker for its size. The sound is brilliant adds fantasic bass for the size of it. We wanted something to add a bit of bass for our music from our laptop because as you know laptop speakers are awful. This speakerconnected straight away and we were amazed the sound that came out of it. Now we can enjoy music so much more now through this. If you’re after a small portable bluetooth speaker this is the one you should buy don’t think twice just buy it.

Only had it for a week or so – but have used it every day both in the house and in the garden. Bluetooth’ing from my phone. Battery life has been good – and the sound quality for such a small speaker is quite good too. I particularly like the volume control on the speaker, which is a rotary ring at the top of the speaker, which is easy to use.

I was looking for a new bluetooth speaker and was fortunate to come across this sweet device. After doing a bit or research and watching reviews i decided to go for the t6. I am very happy and impressed with the quality of the speaker, its durability, and the sound quality overall. The battery life is pretty good too. A great quality speaker, especially for the price i paid for it. I would highly and strongly recommend this speaker to anyone looking for a bluetooth speaker and on a budget. You will not be disappointed at all.

Transforms the phone sound into wifi like quality. The music is all around, deep bass you can feel the vibrations from. Easy bluetooth connection or with the cable provided. Small enough and compact to carry around, beautifully designed. I didn’t know i needed a speaker until i used this one. Amazing productps: i didn’t rate the durability, as i am not sure what that means.

I’ve had other portable speakers that i thought were quite good, but these are the absolute bee’s knees. It’s stood on the coffee table at the moment playing a mix of various music from spotify. If i turn the volume up i can feel the floor vibrating. But having said that, it’s not all bass, the mid range & treble sound great too. I’m playing the music via an equaliser app on my phone so it’s easy to adjust the settings if the bass comes on a bit strong. I highly recommend this speaker. I don’t think you will find better, especially in this price bracket. Just to qualify this review, i bought this speaker myself, it has not been supplied at a reduced price or for free in return for a good review.

I bought one of these to use as a speaker for an echo dot. It was a breeze to set up and the sound quality playing music is great. But here is just too much bass when alexa is speaking. I’ve turned the bass right down in the dot, but it’s still too much.

Nice sturdy bit of kit, love the volume knob instead of the usual press & hold volume/next button on other bluetooth speakers, (i’m always moving on or back to next track cause i don’t hold button long enough to increase/decrease volume). Soundwise, the bass on tronsmart is great, especially if you place it on glass table or an empty crate. Only downside, is it doesn’t take an micro sd card with music on it if you haven’t got your phone to bluetooth to.

Bought the speaker to enable me to listen to the radio in the kitchen, using the tv as the source. (we live in an area of lousy aerial reception so using the tv would give greater flexibility in sourcing the signal). When first connected, using bluetooth, all was well, albeit the range was somewhat shorter than we had hoped (maybe 10m) but we found a compromise location that worked. The sound quality was remarkably good in my opinion and i was very happy. I decided to be (too) clever and also set it up so that it could be used from a laptop when the tv was not on. It worked ok but thereafter i could not connect it to my preferred source, the (samsung) tv. I believe that this is much more a criticism of bluetooth than of the product and i now plan to try to go back to square one, connect it to the tv and stop trying to pretend i am cleveri’d say ‘good product but seamless connection demands a better knowledge of bluetooth than i possess’ – but i’l persevere as the sound quality makes it worth it. Update: today, the linkage worked fine and all is well again. Maybe the issue is that the signal is so iffy that we hit the quandary that the absence of evidence (sound) is not the same as the evidence of absence.

Superb sound, albeit we have not really started to use it as it was purchased mainly to play music in the garden come the summer. Only snag – i can’t seem to get it to recognise my apple laptop, but, i will make enquiries of the company if i get stuck. Have to say, it was worth spending the little extra to buy this rather than the cheaper versions and it’s not a bad size. Plan to pop it in my hand luggage for holidays.

This speaker is a cylinder and does not have much balance when listening to music if you place the speaker up right and turn it up the speaker may start to walk with heavy bass other than that it feels high quality in the hand and the sound is pretty loud and travels well.

I nearly bought a different one but then checked the top 10 sensibly priced bt speakers ( independent list online) and this featured. It feels heavier than i thought it would, it seems really well made, i have only had it for a fortnight and used it a few times , so cannot really comment on durability and battery life. I love the red ( black also available) mesh design which gives you sound virtually 360 degrees rather than just one direction. The twisting volume top is quite novel, though you can also adjust the volume via your music source. It packs out a decent sound, i played rammstein heavy metal and also simon and garfunkel, both came out sounding as they should. I love it and definitely recommend it , good value for money i think.

I bought this product together with a ‘ultimate ears boom 2’ – the boom 2 had great reviews but it’s exactly twice the price. The boom 2 is smaller and waterproof but this tronsmart has more and easier-to-use controls but ultimately what it comes down to, and the main purpose of the device is sound. It’s hugely different – both devices seem clear to my eye, though i’m not an expert on fidelity ( ed : too right. Just ask his wife) but this unit produces a hige amount of clear and satisfying bass without obliterating the treble and mid range. It properly vibrates your desk or floor – the difference is huge and it just creates more atmosphere. Plenty of volume even in a larger room. Highly recommended so far – hope it lasts :-)note : i bought this from amazon myself – i was not given it for review, or any discount, so i have no vested interest.

I received this speaker up earlier on in the week and have been playing various styles of music on it. Out of the box, the speaker comes well presented with a micro usb cable and an aux cable. It certainly looks the part. Having all the controls on the top is great and the volume knob is very handy. The reason for four stars is the base in this speaker is insane.

Good volume not sure it’s the 2 x 25w as described unless they are talking pmpo (peak music power output) which is very different from rms output. Anyways the speaker is plenty loud enough for a small room. For once as others have said. Yes if played loud you can find the speaker rocking about wobbling, ive not had an issue with it moving as some have expressed. Of the 5 bluetooth speakers i own this has the best all round sound and is the loudest. Battery life if played at lower volumes may reach 15 hrs but at the volume most will play it at i would say 6 to 10 hrs is more realistic. It feels very well made and durable.

I was looking for a small speaker that i could take on holiday with me that could be used by the pool or in my hotel/apartment. My current amazing jbl xtreme is a little too big and heavy for taking along whilst travelling and serves its purpose well at home. ( i have attached a picture for size comparison). After shopping around i decided to purchase the tronsmart t6 as i have used this company before and find their products to be of fantastic quality and their customer service second to none. The speaker arrived very nicely packaged in a premium looking box which adds to the unboxing experience. Once i opened the box i was introduced to a very nice looking cylinder style speaker (similar in size to a can of beer) which has a rubber feel finish and five buttons on the top. A power button, play/pause button, next button, previous button and lastly a phone call button. There is also a clever silver rotating dial at the top to adjust the volume. There is also a usb cable and 3. 5 jack plug cable included with the speaker.

Pretty loud for indoor use but i’d got it to use for accompaniment at a beach wedding ceremony for which it was just a bit too quiet. Sound quallity is reasonable though at full volume the bass does get slightly rattly. For the price paid it’s a great wee speaker, just not surprisingly doesn’t match up to the top of the range speakers like bose which cost many times more. If like me you’re not a demanding audiophile, this speaker will serve very well around the house or in the garden.

Tronsmart Bluetooth Speaker : Very good but mine has died

Bought for my little dauther because she likes dancing. Very good speaker, nice and compact. Perfect for moving around the house. Easy to connect to the smartphone or tablet. Bluetooth didn’t drop connectivity or at least i have not experienced it yet. My dauther likes this item, therefore i’d definitely recommend.

The build quality feels like it should be from the more bigger brands, the sound is very good. Used it out on a dance video, and the sound was very good outside.

All bass and no mid tones at low volumes but somehow acceptable, once you turn up the volume its a disgrace. The bass gets cut down to avoid distortion and the high tones rise to infinity hurting your brain.

Maybe has too much base as it tend to drone out the lyrics and other istruments, but value for money this is up there with £70 speakers.

  • I can say it’s pretty loud and sounds clear
  • Clear deep tone, suits my unqualified ears!
  • Fantastic battery life

Bluetooth Speaker,Tronsmart Element Pixie Portable Wireless Speaker with Aux Input ,15W Super Bass,15-hour Playtime ,Double Passive Radiators,True Wireless Stereo,Built-in Mic,For Outdoors Home Party

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  • SUPER BASS :Experience your music in crystal clear tones thanks to the powerful 15W output and enhance your pleasure through the deeper bass provided by the double passive radiators. with Hi-Fi sound, provides stereo sound without distortion even at maximum volume.
  • True Wireless Stereo (TWS): allows you to connect two Pixie Bluetooth speakers together, you can now have 30w stereo quality music wherever you go. The built-in microphone for hands-free calling, you will not miss any calls when you dive into your favorite music
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Boasting Bluetooth 4.2 technology, the Tronsmart Element Distance up to 33ft &connected in seconds ,Pixie wireless speaker will ensure a stable connection with your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, smart phones, tablets, laptops, computers, Chromebooks, mp3 player with universal compatibility.
  • UNIQUE &PORTABLE DESIGN: The unique dotted grill design on the aluminium surface makes you stand out from the crowd. 530g weight, 8inches long ,super light speaker is easy to place in a bag or backpack. Whether you’re partying the night away, immersing yourself in the outdoors or relaxing at home, let the Tronsmart Element Pixie’s modern stylings sing for itself.
  • LONG PLAYTIME: 4000mah rechargeable battery for over 15 hours of playback at 50% volume with a full charge, with 3.5 mm audio cable ,Pixie could be a wonderful computer speaker too. worry-free 12-month warranty and lifetime friendly customer service. Pixie speaker is your best choice !

I’ve had other speakers before but this one is great. The quality of the sound is amazing, the design is super cool, great bass, and you can even make phone calls from it (redial). The only thing it’s missing is to be waterproof so i can go on the shower with it 😁.

A beautiful looking modern bluetooth speaker that sounds awesome for its diminutive size. Looks fantastic in our kitchen and lets us listen to podcasts and internet radio stations via our phones whilst cooking in true clarity.

Great speaker reasonably priced and prompt delivery sand most importantly great sound thank you xx.

Honestly, best speaker i have ever had. Sound quality is impressive for a speaker this size. Battery life is just excellent. Would definitely buy it again.

For the money i paid it’s totally fabulous. The sound is with quality and it has a high volume with bass. Beautiful design, practical size.

Good sound, good bass, nice looking speaker.

Speaker works best at head level when pointed at you otherwise sound is not as good/powerful. Easy setup and very clear at high volume with decent bass. The display lights on top can’t be seen in bright daylight. Overall very good powerful speaker for the price – well worth the money.

Arrived in good time and easy to set up.

One of the best product i have ever bought on amazon. The speaker does exactly what it says in description and box. Crystal clear excellent sound quality , loud with excellent battery life. Connects with i phone and also come with aux cable.

It’s perfect if you love bass heavy music, like other members of my family, so that’s their favourite thing about this speaker, the volume is impressive toome on the other hand prefer less bass so sometimes i find it a little bit too loud and it drowns out parts of what you are listening to. It sounds a little weird with all the bass sometimes when i’ve got it connected to my computer and i am, for example, watching youtube videos, the bass makes voices a little distorted sometimes. The battery life is fantastic, it seems to last a very long time between charges, i also like that you can use it while it’s been charged too. I’ve been using tronsmart speakers for a while now and the quality you get is outstanding especially for the price.

Excellent little speaker with a great sound. Bought it for my garage as i had a poor radio reception. So with a amazon echo dot and this speaker i can now listen to my music. The sound is so good i am tempted to get another so i can have stereo.

First of all the speaker costs £21. For this price you will get a lot for your money with regards to quality and sound. Yes the choices for such speakers are endless depending on your budget and preference. This is a well designed and a well built speaker that will satisfy most tastes. Its easy to use and connect. Its not the best at max volume but then its no bose or similar brand. It does its job well and will be used on a regular basis. Originally i wanted something with very deep bass but its impossible to choose a speaker without listening to it before hand so its a hit or miss with online shopping. Overall its what i’d say balanced enough for me not to return it as in this price range you can’t really get much better.

I am very pleased with the speaker. It’s a great size, great shape and just weighty enough that to it can’t be easily knocked over on my desk. Very easy to connect to my tablet, once i synced it the first time it connects immediately to my tablet and laptop whenever i power on the speaker, although i do suggest turning the bluetooth on your device first before switching on the speaker (as per the instructions). Great sound quality, for listening to music or streaming on my tablet and laptop. Very surprised by how crisp the sound was and volume is perfect for my usage as i use to just listen to music on my device speakers.

Bought for my son, very happy and sounds very good with good base.

I started off with the zealot s7 on a lightning deal and the speaker sucked as did the vendor. After that return, this is what i could afford. I thought i’d be skimping on quality for the price. It’s pointless to make a video with my phone to try to show off how fabulous this speaker’s sound is because my phone’s video capability isn’t going to do justice to what this thing sounds like. Intuitive swipe motion volume, mostly easy pairing (if you’re using this with multiple devices be sure to disconnect from the last used to switch to the next device or you’re gonna have a bad time, m’kay?)my only complaint, which is outweighed heavily by the sound, even at low volume is that sometimes it randomly stops playing in the middle of a playlist on firetv. Easy fix – press the play button on the speaker (which will pause the music), then press play on you’re firetv remote. My second issue was the battery life. Not quite as advertised, i thought, but then to me, the medium volume is pretty tasty. Tested at actual medium volume, the battery life lives up to expectations. Fair warning, this will fill a house with sound, so if you have sensitive roomies, keep it down and close.

Why five stars all round?well i am not a sound engineer nor am i some it must be as good as type. . This little box provides a nice clear tone and has a good bass tone for my ears. Battery life, well i can not fault this far as i’ve used the unit for long past the upto fifteen hours on the box. Bluetooth working and is nice and clear. Arrived as delivery promised and in a good protective package. In and out audio points on rear and an audio male/male 3. 5 cable (although quite sort) supplied. Requires mini usb cable to charge which was not supplied. Although you’re phone charger will probably do (not iphone). All in all surprised and pleased with the product.

Bluetooth speaker is the great for listen music at outdoor or any place suitable for it. Its a great product with long range. Sound quality is nice and it’s easy to connect. Easy to charge and it is quick. Easy to carry and place anywhere. Now you can listen you favorite music everywhere you want. It is very good looks made with quality product.

Tronsmart Bluetooth Speakers : with a good sound for everyday use and for the social occasion

Hi there i own quite a few different brands and types of bluetooth speakers i purchased this tronsmart when it was on a deal 29. 99 which is about the correct price for the performance and quality of the speaker i have a similar priced anker make speaker which although the doesn’t go as loud as this one it has a better sound and feel. The tronsmart does dissort when on full power and the led lit surround cannot be switched off buy overall it’s not a bad buy.

At last a decent bluetooth speakers to go with my echo dot. Work brilliantly and no trouble in pairing – practically paired themselves. Good sound, no distortion and good base for such a small device. Given my echo dot a new dimension sound wise. Recommend these speakers (there’s two in the device) and has nfc for tapping your iphone or any other device which supports it.

This product is absolutely outstanding. In a professional box with foam protection. Not even cheap foam the good stuff. Charger and aux input was included with the speaker. The sound quality is amazing. You cannot go wrong with purchasing this speaker. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a small powerfully, loud, stylish ad professional speaker.

So this literally arrived an hour ago. This was best choice of around 70 models around this price tag. I wouldn’t say its 40 watts. I have an 11 watt intempo tube speaker and id suggest in comparison this is around 20 to 30 watts. The size of this thing, you’d think it were a resonance speaker. I am as i write testing genres of music.

  • Tronsmart speaker
  • Tronsmart mega 40w
  • The Best Bluetooth speaker under £80

Bluetooth Speakers, Tronsmart Mega 40W Bluetooth 4.2 Wireless Speaker with 15-Hour Playtime, TWS, Dual-Driver, Built-in Mic, NFC, Deep Bass, LED Backlighting for Outdoor Indoor

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  • ♫ 40W High Power Sound Outdoor Speaker ♫ 28 core high-fidelity large subwoofer horn capable of producing louder output up to 40W. 3D digital sound integrated with DSP technology for pitch perfect output in any setting of your living environment.
  • ♫ Sensitive Touch Panel with LED light ♫ The Tronsmart Mega portable Bluetooth speaker is amazing and remarkable touch interface makes it fairly easy to control the mood and energy of any party by giving you fingertip control of the tracks you’re playing, their volume and more.
  • ♫ 15-Hour Battery Life ♫ The 6600mAh battery can power music for up to 15 hours. Tronsmart Mega wireless bluetooth speaker is the best choice for a trip, a camp, a picnic, a golf time, a pool party, etc. Just enjoy your music time from day to night. Built-in microphone for hands-free speakerphone calling on the move.
  • ♫ Simple and Easy to Connect ♫ Equipped Advanced Bluetooth 4.2 technology which ranges up to 66 feet with all your device. You can also quickly connect to the speaker by tapping your NFC-enabled device to the check-in area to the right of the controls. Compatible with a variety of electronic devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Google Nexus. It can also be connected to non-Bluetooth devices via the included 3.5mm audio jack cable.
  • ♫ TWS Function ♫ True Wireless Stereo (TWS)- Two speakers can be paired to form a left and right Dual Channel Stereo system. If you use them both at the same time, the volume controls from speaker one controls both of them. No delay, good sound quality.

Just bought a japanese import camper van where the ice radio is quite old, different fm radio band width (only gets r2) and a pita to put a new ice in or fm band expander. So, happy to use bluetooth from the phone but wanted something meaty and in stereo. Found these read about the true wireless stereo as not heard about it before saw the reviews and bought two. Sound is very good, plenty loud enough, rich bass, better than expected all round. Very easy to pair the speakers to act in stereo and once done automatically connects slave and master when you switch them on. Can also be used for phone so very handy.

Very good speaker, very loud, awesome battery life. I have had issues with first speaker, all sorted with the seller who replaced the speaker. Very good customer services, after-sale services and communication with the seller.

48 hours with this beast can now say it’s my new king not sure if it does 40 watts but it’s beats hands down my previous king the monic psyc in most areas better bass longer battery lighter the monic cost £35 these £30i will use the as my edc on my scooter will just add velcro and bluetooth is strongerthis has crazy good bass buyy 5* the gadget man has spoken oh did i say takes micro sd cards.

Wanted a pair of small bt speakers to take on holiday. Or considered a single one like a bise soundlink mini. Anyway i bought these as a result of the amazon customer reviews. I am fussy about audio stuff and have a high end separates system at home. So popped them on top of my usual speakers, paired to phone, which was a piece of cake and started playing. They are very good but don’t be tempted to up the bass levels on your music player. I found a “flat” eq setting was best. The stereo effect when using 2 is perfect. The only imperfection is the user manual which is pretty sparse. It doesn’t tell you how to “pair” 2 for stereo effect.

Excellent speaker for the cost, i have tested 5 different brands over the past week all within the same price range and there are 2 clear winners. The “anker soundboost” and this “tronsmart”. I decided the tronsmart is better for my use as it is going in a kit car. It is louder and has slightly higher pitches, where as the anker is not as loud but the bass is more noticeable and very clear but lacks the higher pitches and volume. I was tempted to try the soundcore pro+ as its boasts a higher range of frequency so it would improve sound quality but it will not be louder than the tronsmart (it just has extra tweeters) also the other deciding factor for me was the tronsmart has the option to connect multiple speakers together, so i have ordered 2, and belive me when i say you are not going to get a better sound and volume for £80 that is wireless. These are definately going to be used at parties etc as the ability too place 2 speakers in different areas is fantastic. It’s just a shame there isn’t currently a speaker on the market that utilises the soundcore bass with the tronsmart volume and higher pitch. I will also mention the anker is slightly smaller and is sleaker in appearance, i also like the buttons on the anker over the ‘touch’ buttons on the tronsmart. If i were able to connect the anker with multiple speakers over tws it would not have been a question.

Pros:very good sound for the price even if the bass is a little overpowering. Not as crisp as high end equipment but you’ll hear instruments and subtle tones with these speakers that you won’t with lesser competitors. I bought two to use as a true wireless stereo pair and this functions works brilliantly surprisingly simple to set up the tws too. Very powerful sound and with the help of a tablet helps you create your own portable cinema wherever you go. Well built, appears to be pretty well put together. Cons:sound control sometimes has a mind of it’s own and will randomly adjust itself. The single biggest annoyance on this speaker is the white led strip on top which cannot be turned off. In a dimly lit room it will be brighter than any screen you are watching and leads me to place them upside down when watching movies which results in a less than optimum sound.

An excellent speaker … but even better with two. Have now purchased a second tronsmart mega speaker and have them both connected up which creates a truly remarkable stereo sound.

Considering the price point this product is very good. The only thing i would criticise is the tactile volume control which either “over-reacts” or not at all sometimes so your best off just using volume control on your mobile device. Surprisingly balanced and quite powerful i have been using them in the kitchen and the odd outing to the park.

I was surprised with the audio and bass quality on that. When you first switch it on it blows you away with the touch led panel on the top.

This was ordered sometime ago but got lost in the post or something. Amazon refunded me and i reordered and it passed its delivery date again. It eventually arrived when i was not even expecting it. This totally exceeded my expectations.

Wow,what a fantastic speaker the tronsmast is, very well built,oozing class and as powerful as anyone could reasonably expect. This is the best thing that i have purchased on amazon this year, stunning value with fantastic sound and huge battery life . Such good value, i ordered another.

I am in love with this speaker it can go very loud without distorting and the bass is very strong and clear. Much better than my old jbl flip 2.

They are loud and some music sounds great. However, they are so tinny, i actually use them in my car, and the only space i have for them is the two glove compartment-esque storage spaces. Having the door of these compartments shut improves the sound by reducing the tinniness. A bit sad i didn’t buy anker instead, very impressed by their speaker quality. The tws seems to drop out momentarily despite being close together. I keep on accidentally pressing the buttons because they’re more like a track pad. Which is fine if they stay in position but not if you want to move them about. I imagine these wouldn’t do well if they got wet too whereas other speakers of this sort i have seem to be a bit better designed when it comes to waterproofing. I was drawn in by the 40w but in hindsight i should have got something with less power but better quality.

Bought this speaker in a flash sale for £29. Now this is a bargain as i have seen this going for between £90 to £105. Not sure if it is a good buy at this price. I am using a sumvision monic psyc as a reference. The monic is a first class speaker loud good bass slightly lacking in the top end. The mega is slightly larger and very loud. It can be a bit bright at times but can be modified by a graphic equaliser. The speaker itself is more advanced than the monic having n. For rapid pairing though conventional pairing is quick enough, an illuminated control panel and the ability to connect two speakers via t. I have now ordered another in a flash sale to exploit this function and will update this review in due course. Should mention battery life. No problems will run a party easily. One thing that always annoyed me about the monic was the lack of a power isolation switch as it would turn on while inside its case.

I just received it, so i’m still assessing the real qualities of this speaker. But so far it is just great: very good sound quality, and deep bass. Quick bluetooth, exceptional battery life, and besides all, it is solid, nice looking and easy to carry. I will soon get a second one to pair in wi-fi stereo.

With a good sound for everyday use and for the social occasion when you want to turn it . Was unsure about the name however this beats many i have see. Friends have been a little envious having spent double and more on only wanting the brand name. Great sturdy black box to keep it in. In fact, look no further and buy this one .

This speaker has exceeded my expectations on all levels. The bass and volume are more than enough for an outdoor event in the back garden and for around the home. Tested it to the max and it is one mighty loud beast. Have mine around 40% and that’s just fine for my bath time. Will be taking this speaker on holiday with me and it connects easily with my galaxy tab a using bluetooth. Tried it with the samsung smart tv too and it doubles up perfectly as a sound bar. If you need portable sounds on the go then look no further.

Have just received this and am blown away with the sound for all the size of the box. This item arrived within a few days which was brilliant. This box is really strong and doubt it would get damaged if it fell. I just link it to my iphone and away it goes. No wires required although wires do come with it. Can’t tell about battery life yet but it’s still going and i received 2 days ago. Was going to buy a bose speaker at 6 times the price.

Tronsmart T6 25W tooth Speaker : Great sounding water bottle!

Other reviewers are quite right about the bass response – it can be a tad much for some music genres (but really great for heavy rock). I use both spotify and poweramp apps for music via my android phone, and both have equalisers (poweramp better), so easy enough to turn the bottom end down and boost the top if needed. I found the pairing worked fine, keeps it’s charge well and no issues at all so far – it’s quite a chunky little monkey both in sound and weight – all in all 10 times better than a cheapie one i paid £25 a year ago.

Sounds just a tad bass heavy just keep volume a couple notches below max. When flat out this makes a bigger sound than its size would suggest. All fine bluetooth & aux work great rotory volume better than buttons voice tells when at max volume & when in aux mode. For a more balanced sound would use flat on its side. Watch what you rest it on as when loud it will rattel a loose surface glass side table for instance. For the money i would rate this little speaker as very good & may well buy another.

This is my 5th different bluetooth speaker and it’s the best one so far. I’ve spent more than the cost of this one and less. And none of the others have been anywhere near as good. Brilliant sound quality, plenty of bass, rugged (so far). And a fairly impressive battery life. Just an excellent all rounder. Easily the best product in this price range and possibly more. Highly recommend this if a good loud speaker is what your looking for.

The sound quality and volume is epic. It can be used in both a small and larger room and the bass is amazing. I had a friend who had this and another who had the bose that costs theee times the price , and we all agreed this was the better product in both sound and price.

  • Pretty much perfect.
  • Fantastic 360 Degree Sound.
  • Lovely bit of kit!

Tronsmart T6 25W Bluetooth Speaker with Dual-Driver 360 Degree Surround Sound, 15 Hours Playtime,33 Feet Bluetooth Range,and AUX cable,Portable Wireless Hands Free Calling for Outdoor Home Black

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  • SUPERIOR 360° SURROUND SOUND: T6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker transmits 360°surround stereo sound for room-filling audio. Cylindrical-shaped with dual aspectant speakers delivers 360 degree omni-directional high definition surround sound while you are walking, hiking, cycling, partying, picnicking, or lounging around the house.
  • POWERFUL SOUND & RICHER BASS: Advanced 25W audio drivers with DSP allow you to fill even the largest rooms with crisp and clear sound. Even at high volumes, there’s less harmonic distortion resulting in remarkable clarity. With clear high notes, deep bass and 360° true HD sound, you’ll feel as if you’re at a live concert.
  • 15 HOUR PLAYTIME: 5200mAh battery capacity provides up to 15 hours playing at 2/3 of max volume. Portable Design just 19 ounces, and 7.6 inch long and 2.9 inch high, perfect for travel and long weekends trips.
  • STYLISH DESIGN: The exterior is covered in a soft woven mesh for ruggedness and durability. T6’s curved edges and sleek controls accentuate its unibody design. Stylish Design make it an ideal home speaker.
  • CONNECT OVER BLUETOOTH 4.1 IN SECONDS to: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, Chromebooks. Non-Bluetooth devices use the included 3.5mm audio cable connected to the AUX-IN jack. BUILT-IN MIC for handsfree speakerphone calls from Smartphones and iPhones.

For the price, this was perfect. Good sound, if a little bass-heavy for some films/tracks. Had a little tendency to jump about when playing bassy tracks loudly, due to the downward-facing bassbin. Those are mere quibbles, though, as this is now my take-everywhere-do-everything speaker of choice.

Great little speaker , for size has a nice punch of base , use in work place , (large factory ) but still holds its own in volume , and for price you can’t go wrong , lots of interest from fellow workers in looks and sound , only marked down one star due to it moves with vibration from base on full wack . So be careful where you put it 😎.

Overall: good not greatsound clarity: very good – clear at all levels, no distortionbass: very good, does not break the midsbattery: good – full charge lasts but i think the 15 hours is a little ambitious as per the advertisingconnectivity: very good – pairs almost immediately, doesn’t drop connection, data transfer has no bugs (tried with iphone for 5 hours playback and desktop on bluetooth for about the same time)issue: is more with the design and weight – when playing the vibration from the bass makes it move across the surface (it literally has to be moved back over and over again) this happened on a glass surface, solid oak surace and a glossy desk surface – the rubber base doesn’t do much to keep it where you placed it.

Absolutely chuffed with this purchase. A cheap and competitive price, great sound, such loudness, very tough, surprisingly portable, and don’t get me started on the bass it can produce. One of the best portable bluetooth speakers out theredon’t think the battery life is quite 15 hrs if i had to pick one con – but overall; very impressivea thumbs up from me.

Re: bluetooth speaker tronsmart 25w. Takes little desktop space as it’s mostly vertical. It seems the current bluetooth device must release it before another can log on. The only downside is no replaceable batteries so thousands of these will end up in landfill in five years time when the batteries fail.

Arrived with sufficient charge to get through christmas day then a quick boost and boxing day and beyond is sorted. Very easy to use,intuitive in fact. The sound quality is exceptional especially for its size – looking forward to using this in church.

I’ve owned this for about a month now and i’m a very happy bunnyi connect it to my samsung s8 (or samsung tablet) and listen to my favourite stations on tuneinradio mainly when im cooking in the kitchen or relaxing in the bath. The speaker has a great sound and when it is about to run out of juice, you hear a lady say “battery running low 😮 🤗. It serves it’s purpose and i am very happy with it.

It’s fantastic, great sound. Sometimes too much as it has a tendency to vibrate itself of the shelf during certain songs. Loud enough to be heard in a busy commercial kitchen.

Good sound quality and goes loud. Bass driver is in base of speaker though so you need a really solid surface to stop it vibrating and moving. Good range and easy bt pairing. Would give 5 stars if you could pair it to another speaker.

The design is great, has a solid good quality feel to it and i especially like the volume dial at the top. Sound quality is also very good, everyone that has heard it are amazed and want to buy onebass is good but can be a bit boomy at times and standing it on certain surfaces can result in a lot of vibration. Good value, good sound and well made.

The sound is amazing quality with great bass and its very loud. I reccommend this to anyone needing a portable speaker, absolutley amazing product for a great price.

Nice size, soft touch buttons and i like the rotary volume control on the top. Plenty of noise and you can feel the bass vibration all around it.

I purchased this product for use in the bottle cage of my bike, but am going to use it for more than just that. Build quality is very good and i like the volume dial. I must say for £35 i really couldn’t believe how much noise this thing makes. Definitely more suited toward electronic music as it is very bass heavy. The trebles start to fail at full volume but this thing is very loud and most of the time you’d only use half volume. I’m very impressed with the speaker and would recommend it. Possibly evening thinking about getting another one for use as a stereo pair with the help of a bluetooth splitter.

I’ve had other portable speakers that i thought were quite good, but these are the absolute bee’s knees. It’s stood on the coffee table at the moment playing a mix of various music from spotify. If i turn the volume up i can feel the floor vibrating. But having said that, it’s not all bass, the mid range & treble sound great too. I’m playing the music via an equaliser app on my phone so it’s easy to adjust the settings if the bass comes on a bit strong. I highly recommend this speaker. I don’t think you will find better, especially in this price bracket. Just to qualify this review, i bought this speaker myself, it has not been supplied at a reduced price or for free in return for a good review.

Well worth the money and the wait. Sounds so good and clean not cheap looking and really like the fake speaker on the bottom sweet stuff highly recommend. Can’t comment on battery life as i havent tested yet only its sound.

Finally found a speaker with superb bass that isn’t going to break the bank. This speaker performs perfectly no distortion at max volume testing various tracks,very loud and great battery life. It is very well presented when it arrived not the usual cardboard box you get. Like other reviews i would recommend this speaker and a graphic equaliser on your appliance that you are connecting to it, so you can fine tune it to suit your preferred listening. The sound produced from this speaker is clear and sharp with plenty of bass at any volume level. All in all very impressed and happy with this speaker.

A great product at a great price. Arrived on time, well packaged and in a cardboard box,( good for recycling). It is easy to connect your phone to ( i have an android phone), and the sound quality for a small speaker is excellent. Great that it sits in my bottle holder on my bike 😀.

Fantastic sound quality even at twice the price i paid, connects easily and very good volume.