Sephia Z1 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Ultra lightweight Portable dual Speaker Stereo – Worth it for the price I paid

Cheap as chips but works well. First one was faulty but amazon replaced it without quibble.

The volume is great and so easy to set up and get going.

Was very happy with this speaker. Here are the specifications for the Sephia Z1 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Ultra lightweight Portable dual Speaker Stereo:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Equipped with the advanced bluetooth technology, compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices including Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung mobile phones, tablets, computers, pc, laptops etc
  • Built in microphone, micro sd slot .
  • A truly pocket-sized bluetooth speaker that goes everywhere
  • With dual speaker system , Z1 speakers deliver powerful sound with satisfying bass
  • 10 meters bluetooth connection range

Nice sound and a sd card slot 8/10.

I was looking to upgrade from my opd speaker and this looked exactly wlike what i needed. The battery life is really good and the sound quality is awesome, very happy i bought this speaker.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Versatile, relatively slim speaker
  • Great for listening to Audible books
  • 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Sound quality is good and i’ve had the speaker on all night and it didn’t die (granted it was idling and not playing anything).

Off set buttons/led, so could trigger your symmetry crave, but the flip side is that you can one handle it if needed. Build: metal frame, plastic walls. Front cover comes off, quite easily, exposing the 9 screws that hold the back plate. But the bottom line is that the metal frame has some gain against those plastic walls. Not amazing and definitely not splash resistantsound: 8. 8/10 based on build quality and form factor. Someone mentioned there is no bass, which is not entirely true. There is a passive radiator, but has a metal plate on it, and behind it we find our battery. Which btw seems to match the specs, 1000mha. So there isn’t that much space to output lower frequencies. But the good thing is that they managed to fit bigger drivers, so it’s much louder that most speakers in this formfactor and price range. Great for bathroom and kitchen listening as the volume level and higher tones cuts through the noise much better, and bass becomes almost irrelevant in these situations. Functionality: metal and clicky buttons.

This is a great little speaker, and has surprisingly good sound quality for its size (although a little bit lacking in bass response). Quick and easy to pair with my laptop, and simple to use. The lack of a proper user manual, either in the box or downloadable from the sephia site, loses it a star. I’d have liked more information on its capabilities and features.

Sound quality is not bad, but bass is poor.

Great little speaker well made and good sound ideal in my kitchen to connect to my phone.

I don’t need hi-fi quality, just clarity and a good volume (for when i am boiling the kettle at the same time as listening – missing a few sentences can be crucial in a story) this is great for that, easy to pair (no work at all) and no annoying loud noise with on and off (some devices are so loud they are unusable) it is also compact and fits in a pocket if i want it to (though in my pocket in the next room it does skip a word here and there. ) i did have to turn off my digital radio though, since it interferes with the bluetooth i think.

Great product and amazing price for what u get.

Arrived really quickly, great little speaker for the money.

This is just what it is, a speaker. It produces sound, and it looks good.

Excellent speaker with an awesome sound.

Big sound quality at little cost, in smart little package which is well constructed and looks like it should cost more. Slight crackle when using the supplied aux cable, not a problem when using bluetooth.

Small,compact and appears well constructed with easy to use controls. Sound levels good but some slight whinning noise from amp when no sound being played but for the discount price i paid its a bargain.

Suitably impressed by quality of sound on such a small unit.

This is made by betron,(good quality products at reasonable prices)under the name sephia. Not a lousy 6 watts but a powerful 10 watts. How betron and everyone can get it so wrong,a. There is no way this speaker at full volume is only 6 watts. 5 watt x 2 is printed on the back of the speaker,anyway,slim,elegant,compact,strong design,powerful sound,excellent treble and clarity with hardly any distortion or nasty grating. Great mid range strong and perfectly adequate bass. Why some are saying a weak bass?yes,you can certainly get more bass from larger(and probably more expensive)speakers so yes,bass a bit weak and treble a bit strong but this speaker responds really well to your graphic equaliser. So just push up the bass on your e. There are better speakers but i can’t think of one at under £20.

Does everything i want it to do. A speaker to listen to my audio books on at bedtime.

Sephia H5 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker : OK for unimportant music playing

Bluetooth speakers for my daughter and believe me the cost is not to mention what’s the value for money you get. Amazing device and very good quality sound.

It has a good weight to it and the sound is great.

Charge seems to last forever. Bought as a lightening deal- well worth it. Would have paid full price too.

A little heavy to be truly portable.

  • OK for unimportant music playing
  • It’s the same price as a mega bucket and that’s just chicken in a box
  • Amazing Bluetooth speaker

Sephia H5 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, 10 Watts, Bass Port, Builtin Microphone compatible with Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, Comptuers, Tablets, Smartphones and Mp3 Players

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calling and answering the calls.
  • Two 5 watt stereo drivers and bass port for balanced sound
  • Bluetooth capability with 10 meters range . Compatible with any Bluetooth audio device such as Ipod, Ipad, Iphone, Smartphones, Computers, PCs, Laptops, Tablets
  • Compatible with non Bluetooth devices using the aux cable (cable supplied with the Bluetooth speaker)
  • Take your music anywhere – a compact, wire-free design with integrated rechargeable battery

Looks good and easy to use; not very loud but fine for indoors.

 i ‘ve used it numerous times great buy.

The speaker is good but have to return it because the battery cannot be charge.

Another sephia product purchased and once again top banana. I’ve spent money on various speakers etc over the years some expensive and some not this at 15 nuggets is an absolute belter. Clear, loud easy as quick mafs to set up. Does calls n stuff too with built in mic a memory card slot for people who want to make things unnecessarily complicated and bluetooth for the ones who like it simple, plus aux in so all bases covered in that department. Battery seems ok too and like a more expensive sonos/bose it’s got a nice build quality too (looks more than £15 unless your daft). Ultimately in my experience with this sephia stuff it’s by far and away the best at its price range. After all who doesn’t like a bargain 🙂 you wouldn’t think twice about a mega bucket so why think twice about this(ok so great while it lasted but usb charge port fell out or came loose or somthing so now won’t charge. Shame as it is a good speaker or was).

Used it for the failing speaker on my sat nav brilliant.

This speaker is brilliant value for moneyfor just £10 this is a brilliant speaker and the sound quality is adequate. If you are looking for a studio quality speaker you need to look at the big brands such as bose and so on. The only downside is that it is too heavy and big to be portable and that is because it is mainly made of metal.

Under a tenner and feels solid and premium in the hand. Sound is louder than i expected but quality distinctly average. However for the price i can’t recommend this enough. Quite a lot larger than i was expecting.

Quite heavy but looks so much more than the cost. I was not disappointed and completely agree with the reviews the sound is brilliant, even bought another one as a gift 👍and another as a guide no mor disappointed 😊.

Amazing sound quality for the price. I’ve been wanting a bluetooth speaker for some time but didn’t want to spend more than £50, however when i saw this and the reviews i thought i would give it a go. I didn’t really have high hopes for the quality or sound, but was totally blown away with how it sounds.

Sephia h5long time coming but here is my review of the sephia h5 blue-tooth with sd card support speaker. First what i don’t likei nearly didn’t purchase this because it has the combined volume/ track buttons. The cost of having an additional two buttons must be minuscule. I originally intended to use this solely for playing a relaxing meditative track, so for the price i thought i would put up with the lack of buttons. Second of what i didn’t like was it said will work with up to 16 meg sd cards, unless that was on the instruction leaflet, it was so long ago nowok now what i like. First of all it works perfectly well with 32 meg cards, despite what was stated in the instruction leafletthe sound quality is so good i now use this for playing all music as opposed to the meditation track. The build quality is excellent, this would still be the case if this cost five times what it did. The weight is like a house brick.

Compact and very good sound.

Feels good value for the sheer amount of metal and weight you get and it’s pretty well built. Other reviewers have noted its quietness; it will actually go pretty loud, but it needs a higher than average input signal to make it so. The instruction manual is useless so i’m not really any the wiser as to what the m button does. It connects pretty much instantly on bluetooth and if you receive a call it plays it through the speaker ok – unfortunately the internal mic is either broken or doesn’t work with my phone so nothing i say is relayed to the caller. I can’t be bothered to investigate further but if this is important to you you might want to look elsewhere. Sound quality is not bad for a box like this – i’ve certainly heard worse. Makes a strange whoop noise every 30s for the first 2 minutes or so then stops doing that. Makes its fair share of bleeps as you switch it on but at least it doesn’t yell at you in a stupid american/asian accent every time you change modes like some of them do.

Playing music from mobile device.

Very good quality and sound for price.

Great sound quality and feels well made.

Great bit of kit, solid, good range and feels good, all with a great sound for something this size.

As very useful speaker 🔊 a decent volume.

Amazing value, and great quality in found and manufacture. All my mates are getting one .

Sephia A11 Bluetooth Speaker, Very good value

Im using it constantly plugged in to a desktop and it provides loud and clear well balanced sound. I’ve not had any buzz or anything like that but when it’s on and muted it hisses away which is very distracting. You can obviously just hold down the power button and turn it off, but it’s not ideal. It feels quite heavy, looks and feels quality and well built. The rubber bits on the bottom are a really nice touch. This is definitely a home or work speaker. The size and weight make it a bit bulky for travelling but the build quality does mean it will survive bag life better than a lot of speakers. The leads aren’t the longest but not as stupidly short as my betron was. Basically anywhere right next to where it is plugged in is the wired range.

We needed to replace our last speaker and the fact this one was was designed in the uk was a big plus for us, to support british industry. The sound is excellent and it does what it claims to do, so far. The delivery time was excellent too. Based on the limited time we’ve had to use it, we would really recommend this speaker.

This speaker is brilliant and great value for money. I have had high-end speakers in the past, but this one is every bit as good.

Key specs for Sephia A11 Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone, Portable, Wireless for Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, Samsung, Computers and Tablets:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Distinct mids and highs from our two precision acoustic drivers delivers excellent stereo sound and enhanced bass from our proprietary passive bass radiator design.
  • 2 x 40mm dual driver portable bluetooth speaker with crystal clear sound and strong bass without distortion even at highest volume
  • Built in microphone . A11 Speaker can be used as a hansfree speakerphone
  • Connet by bluetooth in seconds to: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Smartphones, Samsung, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, Chromebooks
  • 1 year warranty and 30 days satisfaction guarantee.

Comments from buyers

“Save yourself two minutes, don’t read the review, just hit the buy button!
, Sweet Sounding Sephia
, Sound sound

I wanted it for audio books in the car connected to my mp3 and asked if it would have suitable volume but no-one knew. So, on the basis that it was so cheap i risked little i bought it. The audio books i have use non professional volunteers as readers and some of them are not so clear in their speech and others speak very quietly, so it was of no use there. But i can use it in my caravan where there is no road noise and i bought a more expensive one for the car which has proved very good.

I use this product in my truck at work. It gets very noisy in my cab, and i used an inferior bluetooth speaker for a long time. I couldn`t turn the volume up high enough to always hear clearly, above the road noise. But this device is brilliant. Not only does it have 2 high powered stereo speakers, it also has the all important usb port. This is crucial for me, as i have a memory stick and listen to audio book, so any bluetooth device had to have a usb port. This device has been bouncing around in my truck for a couple of weeks now, since new year, and it is fine. Sound level is brilliant, base notes are without distortion and volume is more than adequate. Build quality is excellent, very well built, heavy and sturdy construction. Up to now very happy with the purchase, considering getting another one for home use.

Arrived very quickly ,i am more than pleased,nice and compact for travel wich is why i purchased this,.

Cost me less than £10 and such a good sound. I can hear things in the music and vocals i never heard before. Once charged it lasts for ages. I took it to the beach this summer and it played just fine for over 3 hours. I normally have it plugged in to my lap top. But it can also charge and play sound at the same time. Ii may buy another one and a double outlet jack. But it is loud enough for my personal use.

I really can’t fault this speaker for what it cost. I am surprised at the clarity that it offers. The bass isn’t the deepest but still you get a decent sound and the build is quite solid too.

Easy to set up and the volume is loud.

Great item, with a good sound. My only bugbear is the massively loud beep it makes when switching on and then connecting, which i can’t seem to turn down. I use this in a busy office and the noise always generates a comment from the other side of the room.

It’s exactly what i was looking for, works for my s9+ and sound very well, battery last very long time 10+ hours ish. No regrets with this purchase.

As other reviewers have said, this bluetooth speaker is amazing value for money. The sound isn’t audiophile quality, too little bass and the highs are a bit harsh. However, the volume is good and it reproduces speech (such as audiobooks) and vocals well. It’s well beaten for sound quality by something like a jbl flip, which is a similar size, but the flip costs around 10x the price.Ideal for loaning out, or a convenient volume booster for a smartphone. The only thing i really don’t like is the finish – it’s that fake ‘rubberised’ plastic that doesn’t age/wear well in my experience. A straight gloss finish would be much better. I haven’t tried the micro-sd playback facility or used it as a speakerphone, but assuming they work as well as the bluetooth playback then it’s a great alternative to name-brand more expensive speakers.

Easy connection to my smart phone, fab sound, great value.

Excellent device for the cost. Good quality sound and easy to synch to my phone. I can definitely recommend this product.

A year ago i bought a single speaker unit for my ipad for £14. It was utterly disappointing, not much louder than the original volume on the ipad, but at least we could take it out in the garden. I saw this whilst trawling through looking for something with a bit more oomph, but at this price point i had to admit that i ‘hummed and harred’ before buying, even based on the 5 star reviews already out there. A stereo speaker for about the same price as two pints of beer was worth a try. This speakerset is an absolute bargain. For it’s size it’s a heavyish piece of kit, but that means the weight will all be in the speakers, and it shows. Lots of volume and lots of bass, with no distortion whatsoever. It pairs easily, and i’ve tested it out to 20m from the source before the bluetooth signal starts to break up slightly. To say i am happy with my purchase is an understatement, how sephia have produced speakers to this standard for the price paid absolutely defeats me. If you are like me, and do your initial buying research based on price, please don’t overlook these speakers, they are stunning value for money. I used to be an amazon top 100 reviewer but stopped reviewing when i became deluged with offers of free items if i left a review for them. I’ve bought this speakerset with my own money, and have come here to tell you what brilliant value they are without any inducement.

Only drawback is that the volume resets every time you power it off.

Great little speaker, good sound quality, easy to connect and decent battery life too. I’ve even used it as a shower speaker in the bathroom sealed in a sandwich bag.

Easy to set up, i just plugged it straight into my echo dot 2nd gen aux port with the cable provided and it works straight away, crank up the volume as it can handle alexa at volume 10. However, a word if caution, it has very little bass and does sound a bit tinny because of this and there is no equalizer or any settings to change this at all, adequate enough but not impressive. I cant comment on battery life as i have only had it a day.

Has worked perfectly since i opened it, can’t believe how good the sound quality and volume is for the price, absolutely brilliant. Would definitely recommend if you don’t want to shell out a lot of money.

Very well balanced sound with bass but not too much. Overall for the price is hard to beat with a lot of features.

Given the price i have no problem with the speaker. It seems well made with a good quality finish, the volume is impressive and sound quality is very good given its size. Having said that i do have identified a couple of failings in its design. It always comes on a near on full volume, if using in usb or card mode you get blasted before having chance to react. This combined with the fact the buttons a slow and clumsy to react do not make it user friendly. It may be fine outside but given its problems fails when you want to play it discreetly in the kitchen while the tv is on in the next room or doing breakfast. Unless of course you want to wake up the neighbours or the whole household.

Great sound for such a small unit, excellent bass that doesn’t distort and easy to connect. Will purchase another when needed for travels.

Bought this to use with my echo spot. It is slightly better than the built-in speaker, but only just. It’s really easy to connect to your device, but refused to re-link automatically. But there are better speakers out there.

Wow got this on a lightening deal for about £6. But honestly i’d be happy if i’d paid £10. Its a well made speaker with a good weight behind it. Doesn’t feel like a cheaply speaker. I have it in for use in a small room so its great for that.

Sephia A2 Bluetooth Speaker, Brilliant little gadget!

I’m impressed with this tiny speaker with a big sound. I wasn’t expecting much from the specifications but the difference to the sound of my ‘all in one’ desktop pc is remarkable. The instructions were a bit difficult to read due to such small print but scanning them and printing to a4 was the answer to that.

Good little speaker with great sound. Would use this seller again.

Bought this for my wife to use for group ‘mindfulness’ meditation as phone speaker not good enough quality when turned up for group of 10 or so people. Looks and feels solid and robust but light enough to go in her handbag. In use its excellent, plenty of volume, trebles are crisp and bass surprisingly good for its size – best placed on a desk/table as a resonator. You do need to turn phone volume up; i found it best to have speaker volume turned full up then control overall volume on phone on a galaxy s6 but other phones may vary. Downside of that is turn on/off tones are quite loud. Easy to pair initially then pairs automatically each time its turned on in vicinity of phone. Not tried other nice-to-have features and not used enough yet to determine true battery life but can’t fault this for the money. Might get another for myself.

Key specs for Sephia A2 Bluetooth Speaker, Builtin Microphone, Compact, Metal Body, Portable for Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, Tablets, Computers, Laptops, Smartphones:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Ultra Portable: WirelessBluetooth speaker is so small that it fits neatly into any pocket or handbag, perfect for staying in or going out
  • Incredibly small, compact and stylish but pumps out crystal-clear sound via a 3W audio driver
  • Bluetooth gives universal compatibility with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Instantly connect to your smartphone and use up to 33 feet away. Extended battery life delivers 4 hours of continuous playtime.
  • Built-in Microphone for handsfree calling and answering the phone calls
  • The sound is loud and clear, enough to easily fill your bedroom with great music as you fall asleep. You can Just enjoy the wonderful music wherever you are.

Comments from buyers

“Wow! This sounds really good!, Great little speaker, excellent value for money, Good sound quality for low price”

I bought this on the basis of the reviews as i also appreciate good quality sound and have to say that i was not disappointed. This speaker is incredible, i am a very happy customer and now buying another one for a gift.

For such a small product i wasn’t expecting the sound quality or clarity but really this is a small but a mighty product. I’m simply blown away by the quality. I listen to rock & heavy metal music and clarity you get through this little speaker is to me outstanding. For the price, for the size and it’s a neat looking little thing as well i’d highly recommend it.

You do get what you pay for. However this is really good. I use it as a replacement for the speaker on my ipad listening to music on the patio. I wouldnt recomend it for a party however for personal use and better sound with good bass its a decent buy.

I got this speaker to replace my old one as it recently broke. I decided to try to find an affordable bluetooth one that was portable but still powerful and i wasn’t disappointed. This is one of the best speakers i have ever used. It is lightweight, bluetooth and very easy to move around. The quality is brilliant and not distorted at all (especially for the cost of it). If you are looking for a small bluetooth speaker that can be used on the go when travelling, going in holiday or just to ben in your mind at home then this is the speaker for you.

I am very pleased with this little speaker, for its size it’s sound is quite impressive and louder than expected for such a small device. Will see how the battery goes when we start to use it regularly, but i believe it will be more than adequate. The construction and quality are very good, it looks a smart piece of equipment, that should be robust enough for every occasion a small portable speaker is required. Set up was straight forward, and it connected to her phone quickly. Just what my wife wanted to take with her in the caravan so we can listen to music off her phone.

When i bought this portable speaker i knew it would be so much better than the speakers on my ipad and mobile phone but i never really expected it to be as good as it is. The bass response is excellent and the volume is way more than i’ll ever need. Placing the speaker on certain surfaces seems to give even further amplification benefits but be careful though. Playing tracks with lots of bass at higher volume will have the speaker dancing off the table.

I’m so pleased with this purchase, much better quality than i was expecting, given the low price. It looks good too, solid and stylish. The sound quality isn’t the best, but absolutely fine for having on in the background.

The product looks ok, feels durable but it does not charge. When plugged the red light comes on but it never charges because even after 5 hours of ‘charging’ the red light doesnt go off to indicate fully charged, and when i turn on to use it instantly starts beeping from low battery and turns off. Only other option is to return the item and purchase from another brand, but would give the seller an opportunity to offer help before i do so.

For what this speaker costs, i was expecting a lower quality of sound. However i was pleasantly surprised by the wide spectrum and depth the speaker gives. Of course it isn’t as good as high end speakers but if you want one to carry around, use at a moment’s notice and not be worried about losing/breaking an expensive item; then this is for you.

Very happy with the quality for the money i spent on it. All i wanted was a cheap speaker to connect to my pc for a small amount of money, taking up little space but with decent quality. Feels well built and the sound is excellent for something so small. Only small thing i don’t like – and that is personal preference – is if using aux, the connection is using a combined aux 3. I feel the design is a little limiting – for example if you mislay your lead it’s not a common design. Also, you need to click a button to engage aux mode. Does not seem to remember your last setting. That aside you could do worse and it’s fantastic value.

Absolutely recommend this lovely little speaker. Sound is fantastic and you cant go wrong with the price either, if you are looking for a really cool looking and great sounding speaker for a good price also then you need look no further. I totally love this device 100%.

Bought it for the daughter to play on the train for her hen partygood little speakergood build looks more expensive than it was.

The volume is not great, but adequate for me. The overall sound quality is good, with a nice balance between high frequencies and low. But why o why are the controls on the base of the unit??. Apart from making them very difficult to access, the unit produces so much vibration that it wanders across the table or whatever surface you place it on and, in my case, has fallen onto the floor on at least three occasions. Fortunately it seems quite robust, so no harm done – yet. I’d also like to be able to switch off the blinding blue light when the unit is operating.

Fantastic value for money – this is my second one cos my friend loved the first one i bought so much i had to give it to her. I’ve tried other similar ones and this is the best i’ve seen – for the money. Stylish looking and extremely portable too.

Cracking little speak with half decent sound. Bass reproduction from something so small and low cost is quite impressive. If you buy one be sure to remove the plastic protection on the round silicone ring on the bass. This makes it very stable on any flat surface and seems to improve the sound quality even further.

This speaker completely exceeded my expectations. I have never used bluetooth before, and bought this speaker as an inexpensive ‘toe in the water’. It linked instantly to my ipad and the sound was amazing, quite comparable to my bose speakers.

Bought this not expecting much, but very surprised at the quality. Not overly loud but great sound quality.

This is a great little speaker with outstanding sound for it’s size. I will definitely be buying more of these for friends and family all of whom have been equally impressed when i’ve demo’ it for them. It also has the look and feel of real quality and was an absolute steal at less than a tenner.

Excellent service and product. For such an inexpensive speaker, i wasn’t expecting much but it has an amazing sound.

Compact, easy to use, good enough volume and quality for my youth club members, will be buying two more, one more for club and one for middle daughter who was most impressed, ended up comparing to a £20 jvc, and winning. Great value, great product, recommended.

Just had to come and leave this. I searched all over before buying to see what the volume would be like, i have other little speakers that frankly are the same as listening directly to the phone. I ordered this sunday, arrived today, have just charged it, paired it and blown me away with the volume it can achieve. It was pretty much as loud as any stereo i’ve had here (small house). I wanted it for the car, i dont have a radio and wanted to listen to reading books or music. This will certainly be enough. Anyone not sure whether loud enough, i cant imagine getting better sound than this to be honest. Battery life, durability etc i have no idea as have only had it a couple of hours. Oh and you can turn the bright blue light that glows out the bottom off.