NUBWO Bluetooth Speaker – Small but very powerful speakers.

This bluetooth speaker is exactly what i needed- a boost volume for my phone or laptop when i listen music or watching movies. I wanted something very small to do the job. It looks very cute, i love the color and the quality is very good. I used it a few times now, in my car as well. I am satisfied with the speaker till now, i hope it will resist in time as i like it so much.

I bought the nubwo wirelesss portable travel mini speaker after much research. I didn’t want to spend too much money in case it was rubbish, however, i am very very happy with this – i bought it in rose gold which is really pretty, it is a stylish design and easy to use. I am very pleased with the sound quality too. In fact i was so pleased with it i immediately purchased another.

So impressed and excellent value for money. I can’t believe how cheap they were and how good the sound is. I wasn’t expecting them to be so good. I also have a sonos speaker and i often prefer using this as it’s so easy. Here are the specifications for the NUBWO Bluetooth Speaker:

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  • 【About the Speaker】: This bluetooth speaker has a built-in microphone and it doesn’t only provide hands-free talking and song skipping function, but also support SD card music playing with superior stereo sound quality. The size and weight makes it portable and easy to carry. You can place it in your pocket or bag, and bring it when camping or doing some outdoor activities.
  • 【High Quality Crystal Clear Sound】: The Wireless Bluetooth Speaker offers high-performance drivers and a unique enhanced bass. The sound is loud and clear, enough to easily fill your bedroom with great music as you fall asleep. You can Just enjoy the wonderful music wherever you are.
  • 【Convenient to use】: You can have your phone’s volume set to just one bar,and there will be no problem connecting and playing it with your phone and laptop. It charges up fairly quick and holds the charge for a long time. If connected to your phone, it even allows you to answer calls with the phone button, which is a neat little function! This speaker plays quite loud and can be heard from a pretty good distance. it’s portable so you can carry it around anywhere.
  • 【Multiple Connection Ways】: The Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is compatible with multi-terminal devices, such as tablet, laptop, desktop computer, MP4, TV, PSP, mobile phone, etc.
  • 【What We Offer】: Nubwo A2pro 1 x Portable Bluetooth Speaker, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x 3.5mm audio cable, 1 x User Manual , 6-month warranty, 24h friendly customer service and email support.

This was a present for my son , i didn’t hold out a llot of hope as i’d had bad experiences with other companies before but it’s brilliant . I was shocked it was so loud and pretty coollooking. My son is really happy with it 👍.

Arrived quickly, powered up no problem and the sound from it was quite unexpected. It likes its bass, not to great on the mids but highs are there and for the tiny speaker sound, i was quite impressed with what i got. It wont shake a room but put it in a corner it will provide a decent amount of sound for a small gathering. It comes with 3 modes -bluetoothmemory card read (can take a micro sd card in the bottom)aux cable connectionall these cables come in the box and charges by micro usb. I have had it playing relaxing music while i drift off to sleep as well as music and movies while i have been cooking. It is quite a hefty unit – it has weight and the rubberized base pad for it keeps it from slipping around.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Looks a lot more expensive than it is
  • Great little speaker for the price
  • Great little speaker

This speaker came with clear, easy to understand instructions. The compact design is neat and versatile. The speaker has plenty of power and volume. No need to pick up phone to answer calls when connected to this speaker as you just speak towards the speaker. Great if writing, holding something etc. Being able to connect through wifi means no trailing wires to get tangled or trip over.

Wonderful sound quality and i don’t have recharge it for ever. The only thing that would make this little treasure even more awesome is if i could use it on more devices simultaneously. Also, if at home someone else is using the anker to listen to music on spotify then i can’t use spotify on my phone when i’m out and about. If i do, the anker at home stops. They need to use their own device’s speakers. Another thing is that it’s too much for the small space of a car. Sound quality gets very distorted.

Bought for daughter to connect to her alexa dot. Sound is loud enough for her in bedroom (much better then just the alexa dot) however it’s annoying that the instructions were useless and everytime she turns on her alexa dot, she has to keep re connecting. Which isn’t as easy as it should be. Sometimes it takes a few attempts. Also turning volume up is tricky. If you tap volume button once it changes to next song. If you hold it for a second as instructions says, then a ringing sound alarms and it disconnects. Luckily she can ask alexa to turn volume up. But speaker should be easy enough to do itself (especially when she wants it louder).

This mini wireless bluetooth speaker is nothing short of a small gem in your everyday essentials collection. I got this as my digital radio died and i didn’t want to replace it with an expensive bulky thing. This is perfect for kitchen, garden, camping or really anything, i even planning to use it at work on fridays when we are allowed music in the office. The connection was effortless, i mean really easy. No need to read the manual easy. It is loud enough for anyone (apart from teenagers i guess). You can answer calls and talk through it although i would not recommend replacing your bluetooth in the car with this, but when you are cooking or cleaning- it is perfect. Visually it looks great, the material looks very decent, better than what you expect for the price. The blue led light around the base is very attractive. It charged with an hour and i got just over 4 hours playtime.

This is a super compact speaker that really packs a surprising punch. I bought this speaker just to use while i was tinkering in the garage and it’s really surprised me with how loud it can go and the quality in general. It’ll distort at higher volumes, but it’s not really built for that, if you want something louder get something bigger. For a neat little speaker that holds its own, this is great value. Battery life has been excellent so far (i’ve gone weeks without charging it.

Great little speaker, which makes it fantastic to carry anywhere, whether that’s inside or outside the house. It has a lot of power for its size. It’s the perfect speaker for the bathroom to use when you are getting ready for a night out. Well-made and cannot find any negatives for the price….

Won’t take pictures of this speaker, there are plenty of them already 🙂 i chose pink colour and it is lovely metallic light pink colour, really love it, don’t look cheap. I bought this speaker for occasional listening of music when doing my chores at home. The sound on phones not great and not loud enough for music listening, so i decided to buy the speaker to go with the phone. Honestly i am impressed by the sound quality this speaker produces. It has pretty decent bass, which i didn’t expect from such small device and it can be used for mini parties (my two boys already used it for the party at their room with the disco light bulb, they had a lot of fun). I noticed that even me when listening to music on this speaker tend to dance along which never happens if listening music just on my phone.

Affordable and good quaity bluetooth speaker. ? very easy to connect to my phone. Very reliable and solid connection between devices. Bluetooth speaker,nubwo wireless portable travel mini speaker with superior sound,5-hour playtime,build-in mic,low harmonic distortion,patented bass port,hands-free call,3w driver,aux line,and tf card slot for iphone, ipod, ipad, samsung, lg and others(rose gold).

This bluetooth speaker is excellent. I bought this and took it on a lads holiday, it was small and easy to pack, the speaker has lots of handy functions like call answering and loudspeaker so you don’t have to disconnect it if the phone rings. It’s pretty loud without distortion, even with my questionable metal music. This speaker is going to be very handy as i do a lot of traveling.

I’ve only used this speaker for a few hours, but i’m pretty satisfied with it. Obviously it’s a small, low cost speaker, so if your expecting huge booming sound you’ll be very disappointed. But is good for filling a small room with pleasant sounding audio. It’s not too tinny and has enough bottom end to please the ear. I played it at max volume and didn’t find any distortion to the sound. It’s stylish looking and seems well build. It arrived with some charge in it, and i got about 1. 5 hours of play straight out of the box before it died, i’ll be interested to find out if it will play longer after i fully charge it. There is a blue led halo around the base which stays on while the speaker is in use, when charging this turns red but only a portion of the halo lights up, not sure if this is a defect, but doesn’t effect the speaker charging. The speaker was quick and easy to connect to my phone via blue tooth and kept a good solid signal though i didn’t test the range.

Arrived very quickly which it arrived following day, i really like this product the sound quality is excellent and the range of distance where you can play music from is very good, my father was an ex dj and has said that he really likes this product due to the very high sound quality and quality range distance,i would highly recommend this product if you wish to buy a speaker primarily because the price is very competitive and the quality is fantastic.

Very loud, good quality and really nice design. One downside is a weird high-pitch noise which can be heard when music is playing through bluetooth. Not a problem through aux but definitely annoying, especially when trying to relax but can’t due to this irritating noise.

It’s only small but the bass is really good and gives a good beefy sound (not tinny like i was expecting from such a small unit). Battery life good and have also dropped this down the stairs (oops) but came out completely unscathed. :0) so impressed this is the 2nd one i’ve bought.

Bought this because i wanted an inexpensive speaker for the living room/balcony. 49 in a flash sale just over a week ago and have to say i’m so impressedi barely ever leave reviews but this deserves it – fantastic sound quality for my needs, idiot-proof set up (just find it in your list of available bluetooth devices and you’re all set), great volume control (even on mid/low on my iphone it’s pretty powerful). It’s compact and looks great. Battery life seems more than enough for what i need. So assuming it doesn’t suddenly stop working or spontaneously burst into flames (as one might expect from something with such a small price tag) i’m 100% happy with this purchase.

My new speaker really packs a punch for how small it is. I was really happy with the colour, it’s a lovely rose gold colour and matches my phone casei found that when listening to metal on it the sound was a little tinny at times but was perfect when listening to pop or rap through it, no crackle and the base is good considering the size.

This is a great little speaker that runs off bluetooth or mains. The volume is great even at full blast and the sound is clear. Haven’t fully tried the mobile phone option yet but it looks like it would work ok if you were at your desk and a call came through on your mobile. I tried a quick ring on the mobile and it came through the speaker fine. Haven’t tried a proper call though. The speaker is small but definitely packs a punch and the illumination under the speaker is a nice touch. Very easy to set up and the instructions are easy to read if needs be. The usb/aux cable could have done with being made a bit longer but apart from this it’s a great little desktop addition for me.

NUBWO tooth Speaker – Does not disappoint

Nice little speaker – sound is good but not quite as loud as i would of liked – but for the many great value indeed.

Sound quality is really good. Connects easily to my phone. It’s nice and compact so i can take it anywhere with me. I’ve had a few bluetooth speakers in the past but this is by far the best.

Solidly built and sound good and no distortion when you raise the volume. Look when it comes to music i prefer a decent set of speakers a good few feet apart for best stereo sound. But your not going to have that option in this price range with bluetooth. So for a good sounding speaker for my iphone that’s easy to move around the house, i’m happy. Here are the specifications for the NUBWO tooth Speaker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Advanced Technology, Equipped with the advanced Bluetooth 4.2 technology, compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Instantly connect to your smartphone and use up to 33 feet away.
  • Crystal Sound, Portable Bluetooth speaker delivers powerful sound and robust bass through a 3W audio driver and passive subwoofer
  • Ultra-Portable, The wireless unit can fit into your pocket, small travel bag, outside backpack pocket or computer bag. Built for travel and keep you company and supply your entertainment needs while you are on the move.
  • Fantastic playtime, Enjoy up to 6 hours playing time with the built-in rechargeable 1000mAh battery. Fully recharge in just 2 hours using the included Micro USB cable. (Playtime varies according to volume level and audio content.)
  • Multiple Features: Built-in microphone for hands-free speaker phone calling. Micro SD support and AUX capability provide endless audio options.

I needed a new bluetooth speaker and i saw this one in my favourite colour and at a good price, so i bought it. It arrived quickly and i was really surprised at the quality. It also matches my iphone colour exactly. Really easy to link to my phone via bluetooth, sound quality really good and excellent pickup range too. Highly delighted with my purchase.

I bought this lovely bluetooth speaker, matching rose gold with my rose gold iphone. It works perfectly good and sound is really clear and loud. It connects quickly with any device. I like carrying it with me to or picnic. It’s helpful and good product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A nice fashionable speaker with decent sound quality compared to the price
  • Does not disappoint
  • Perfect gift for my daughter

I bought this speaker to use on holiday, delivery was very quick. It’s a lovely colour, and has a blue light when in use. The sound quality is outstanding, and it’s really simple to connect to your phone. Also comes with a aux cable and charger. The instructions are also clear and easy to understand. Great buy, would highly recommend.

I was quite surprised by how loud this little thing gets, it lacks bass/depth but it is to be expected for a device this small and price point. But the sound does travel well and pairing was a doodle, with no need to even check the instructions. I’ve tested it to a distance of about 15m through one wall and there were no drop outs. It’s a perfect size and weight to be airplane friendly too. I got the rose gold colour and in terms of paint job and uniform with no blemishes. All in all a great purchase.

Is very good the sound is loud but you can’t change the sound level by this bluetooth you have to use your device.

This speaker is very fantastic. I tried to listen to music with it and the sound is good.

This bluetooth speaker is worth buying. You can listen to music as long as you link bluetooth. The sound is good, and the style is small and beautiful. I like it very much and it is worth recommending.

Bought this for my daughter to go camping with, she’s over the moon. The sound quality for such a small speaker is unbelievable. And all that for under £11 bargain.

The size of speaker , really handy , nice colour, sooooon qute. Good quality, just love it .

Ordered it to take away with us on holiday and it’s perfect. Small enough to tuck into your bag and the sound quality is fab, the battery also lasted for the whole 4 days we were away.

The sound quality is very good. Very happy with this purchase 😊.

This speaker is great, sound quality is clear and it goes very loud as well. The battery doesn’t seem to last long. It says it has 5 hours battery life but that’s whether you use it or not. Good value for money and definitely worth buying.

Fantastic sound quality for the price. Bought this for my daughter to use with her tablet. She loves the colour and has found it easy to use. Very compact so easy to pop in my handbag on days out.

Bluetooth speaker appearance is very texture, very beautiful pink is suitable for girls, the price is very cheap, delivery very quickly. The instructions are useful. I installed the above method successfully linked to the phone, bluetooth speaker sound is very clear and loud. Very pleasant shopping this is a product worth buying.

This has been fantastic with the sun we’ve had over the past few days, we’ve been playing music in the back garden whilst having a bbq – good sound quality, would recommend.

The speaker was easy to set up and use, i paired it with my android phone with ease. The sound quality is very good including the bass. The battery life is very good and it is easily to charge, the over all build quality is good. I choose the silver to match my phone. The speaker is very light and easily to transport. Overall the speaker has been a very good purchase and i would recommend it highly.

Wasn’t sure if i needed a bluetooth speaker as i could just listen to music off my phone, but it is definitely so much louder. The music quality isn’t effected either which is a bonus.

The speaker has a very fashionable look it’s pretty small which is great you can take it any where and it also has amazing quality highly recommend it.