MAJORITY Snowdon Soundbar : Great Quality for the Price

Came by post earlier then expected. Got it working with my smart tv by blue tooth so no wires required except the mains lead. The sound is a lot better then my tv speakers.

Great sound and very easy to set up. Makes a big difference to the dialogue using the voice button. Haven’t used the bluetooth yet but i’m sure it will be just as good.

Snowdon Soundbar with Built-In Subwoofer Surround Sound, 120W Wireless Bluetooth Device Streaming, Remote Control, Wall Mountable, Optical Compatible, RCA cable included

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  • VIRTUAL SURROUND SOUND: An all-in-one sound bar speaker provides an audio experience that cannot be provided alone from your TV. The sound bar comes with a built in sub-woofer and has an impressive 120W output to provide quality cinematic surround sound. Simply mount the TV to the wall for an impressive audio experience (supports TVs between 24 and 50 inches).
  • BLUETOOTH WIRELESS CONNECTION: Connect Bluetooth devices such as your smart phone or tablet to the sound bar in a simple 3 step set-up. Begin streaming from your favourite music apps including Spotify and Apple Music, apps or radio stations.
  • CONNECTIVITY: Connect the sound bar to other devices via the AUX 3.5mm Line-In connection for those devices without Bluetooth. Using the supplied RCA cable, you can quickly set up the sound bar to your television. There is also an optical input port on the sound bar so that you can connect it to your television via an optical cable (not included).
  • REMOTE CONTROL: With the easy to use remote, you can change the treble and bass settings at the click of a button whilst also selecting a music mode that heightens music, movies or dialog to be played at its best.
  • WARRANTY: Majority offer full technical support for every item, as well as including a comprehensive 36 month warranty (registration required).

On opening the soundbar looks great, the setting up took a while as i connected through bluetooth but got there eventually. Now set up the sound is great, so much better than the speakers on my tv.

Given 5 stars because it arrived on time but i would not have paid full price for this. Only worth it on a low offer. Not the loudest and bluetooth range is limited.

Having sued the product, i can say it is amazing. Enhances your listening pleasure. Would definitely recommend it.

Snowdon Soundbar with Built-In Subwoofer Surround Sound, 120W Wireless Bluetooth Device Streaming, Remote Control, Wall Mountable, Optical Compatible, RCA cable included : Really good soundbar for the price. Value for money is exceptional. The sound is amazing below 98% volume, the bass is really rich and strong for this bad boy. Sometimes when i turn it on it automatically connects to the last bluetooth deviced used but sometimes it dosent, so i have to manually connect it. This process can take up to a minute or two but once its connected oh boy im making my walls shake. The only drawback is the one mentioned above with the connection. Comparing this to bose and samsung soundbards: samsung sounds 10/10 but its £400, bose sounds 10/10 but its £500. This tiny company makes this soundbar that sounds 9/10 for £50.Its so amazing you should definitely buy it .

Great product, feel like i have my hearing back. ???’sound improved drastically especially on dvd box sets of tv programmes. I’m not very technically minded but after reading reviews chose the snowdon and think for the price got a bargain compared to what i could of spent. Shame an optical cable not included in box as until it arrived didn’t realise my 14 month old tv wouldn’t work without so quick online order and sorted. The remote is really small too, so don’t lose it down the back of the sofa.

Like look of product and ease of installation. . Dislike intermittent sound breakup. T know why as not occurring all the time and on all programmes difficult to track down fault.

Great value for money, using on our 2nd tv and its a massive improvement on the built in speakers in the 43′ lg tv, and the bluetooth is pretty handy too. Easy to set up and used brackets to hang below the wall mounted tv so looks ok too.

Makes me feel like i’m at the cinema at times. Does exactly what i wanted it to.

What a great bit of kit,at a very good price,i cant fault it ,its stylish,and sounds very good ,what a difference to my blueray watching experience.

Bought this item to enhance the sound quality on my tv which has amazon music and videos attached. With having hearing problems i was experiencing missed dialogue and poor quality sound. Problem solved with this purchase. Am so impressed have ordered another one for my daughter and am sat here awaiting delivery. Easy to install even for a 70 year old technophobe and great value for the money.

The sound bar was easy to set up but you do need to buy an optical cable which is a bit frustrating. Sound level and quality is fine considering the price you pay for the item. Had it a month no problems so far.

Looking for an inexpensive solution to stream background music in our dining room we chose the snowdon based upon previous reviews. Although some reviews had been negative, the majority were positive. Although the bass isn’t particularly dynamic, the output is more than adequate for its chosen use and we are very pleased with the performance. Excellent value for the cost.

Was against buying a soundbar as just another piece of kit to gather dust, but our new tv has really weak speakers so thought i would try this as not as expensive as many others. So good i’ve bought another for another tv. Early days yet but with a three year guarantee should be ok.

Arrived quickly and appropriately packed with built in wall mountability. A definite improvement on my lg tvs sound quality and volume. Only downside is high initial volume on switch on.

Great soundbar, can be used to enhance your tv audio or as an audio output for devices connected to a projector (how i use it). The sound is great and has aux, bluetooth and optical along with line-up. Great connection options and excellent product for the price.

For the money i can’t complain – much better sound than my tv speakers. I have linked via bluetooth pairing and this is a bit faffy because each time you want to use the sound bar you have to go into the tv settings and tell the tv to send its sound via bluetooth and thus the soundbar. This isn’t the fault of the sound bar, its just a faff – i assumed that the two would link up automatically when the sound bar was switched on. That being said, once linked the sound is clear, i mainly use it for watching movies and its a vast improvement over the tv speakers – much richer sound. One thing i did find was that if you turn the volume down to a low level you start getting drop out of the sound – i think this is the tv not broadcasting any sound at low levels – this make for a strange sound on/off effect. Obviously if you are using the sound bar it is probably not because you want to listen to things quietly – but after watching a film i wanted to carry on watching tv quietly and this doesn’t work very when using bluetooth (to re-iterate i don’t think this is in any way a fault with the bar it is just the nature of the bluetooth broadcast from the tv). I might get an optical cable at some point (i know you audiophiles are already screaming at me to do this 🙂 ) and i suspect that will remove these minor issues. I have been looking for a bar for a while and checked out several in stores in the £60 to £100 range and sound wise this is a match for all of them for a lot less money.

Sounds good, much better than the speakers in the telly.

Easy to set up but needs to be reset when changing channels, has made a huge difference to sound quality , no longer tinny.

Brought this as have new tv and this just makes it better the sound quality is great and sounds great well made if there was one thing i don’t like is the remote control very small could do with being better made and larger other than that ok i giving it 4 stars because of the remote as stated would have been 5 stars if remote was bigger and better made.

Fantastic sound very loud for the money it’s a right bargain use it all the time now i’d recommend this sound bar to anyone and i’d recommend the seller fantastic item and seller very happy with it thank you.

MAJORITY Ben Nevis Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer Surround Sound, Good Quality Sound System

On opening the box i found that there were some small scratches on the soundbar and a large scratch on the subwoofer which was annoying considering it is brand new. I have decided not to return the system as it was very cheap and the hassle is not worth it. I set up my system using an optical cable which was easy and positioned the soundbar in front of my 55′ tv and positioned the subwoofer behind my chair. I set about watching the blues brothers on amazon prime and the sound delivered by the soundbar and subwoofer is truly impressive. The bass is excellent and works very well with the music and action. Apart from the scratches, the only other disappointments are that the remote control which is quite small and very flimsy and the display is behind the speaker material and so it is difficult to tell what setting it is on. For the money it is an excellent soundbar and subwoofer and combined with the 3-year warranty too it is unbeatable. Recommended but not with its problems.

Only issues i had was pealable plastic was under some of the feet etc so it’s difficult to remove. Bright red display is a little annoying.

Very fast delivery, sound quality and volume for the price are very good, easy to install and connect but when connected via bluetooth or an optical cable it keeps going out of sync. Have to pause what is being watched and then switch off the sound bar and switch it on again. Its really aggravating and spoils an otherwise very good product. Update: customer services very good and quickly arranged a replacement that i am currently waiting on for delivery. Will update when re-installed.

Key specs for Ben Nevis Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer Surround Sound, 150W Wireless Bluetooth Device Streaming, Remote Control, AUX in, FM radio, Wall Mountable, Optical Compatible, RCA cable included (Black):

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  • VIRTUAL SURROUND SOUND: The wireless connection between the 2.1 sound bar and freestanding sub woofer allows you to place the sub woofer in any location in the room. Keep your room tidy and also fill the room with sharp cinematic sound! Surround yourself with HD patented sound with 150W of high-quality surround sound to enjoy your favourite films, television, FM radio and audio.
  • 4.0 BLUETOOTH WIRELESS CONNECTION: Connect Bluetooth devices such as your smart phone or tablet to the sound bar in a simple 3 step set-up. Begin streaming from your favourite music apps including Spotify and Apple Music, apps or radio stations.
  • CONNECTIVITY: Connect your device to the Ben Nevis via the AUX 3.5mm Line-In connection for those devices without Bluetooth. Also insert a USB stick via the USB port to begin playing your own MP3 files. Use the supplied RCA cable to quickly set up the sound bar to your television, or use the optical input port to connect to your television via an optical cable (not included).
  • REMOTE CONTROL: With the easy to use remote, you can change the treble and bass settings at the click of a button whilst also selecting a music mode that heightens music, movies or dialog to be played at its best.
  • WARRANTY: Majority offer full technical support for every item, as well as including a comprehensive 36 month warranty (registration required).

Comments from buyers

“Fantastic soundbar & subwoofer in this range, Fantastic Soundbar., Fantastic product, excellent value”

Seems pretty good for the money. The quality of the product is good. Easy to set up – although i am still trying to find the best position for the subwoofer to combat interference and get a sound that i am happy with. I like it though and it has certainly improved the sound from my sony bravia tv – even with the subwoofer teething issue.

Great delivery time, looked good, easy setup i brought the optical lead as well. The reason i could only award one star was it only lasted a maximum of five minutes before the soundbar stopped working. Completely dead the subwoofer still showed it was receiving power. I’m now gong to wait before i get a different soundbar but have lost faith in this brand. Plus didn’t have time to test the product and it’s capabilities.

I’m not up to date with music gear any more so i just compare my mates £600 one to my £60 one. Yeah his sounds twice as good and is twice as loud, but its also 10 times the price. I just want more volume with good enough sound quality to enjoy it loud and that’s what i got.

I had initially bought the snowdon but felt it lacked punch and base so returned it and got the ben nevis instead & wow. I was a bit worried initially as there weren’t many reviews but this system is awesome 👏 have tried the aux and bt and fm.

Great product super easy to install but the remote is rubbish . Real shame as this lets the product down. You have to be careful of the subwoofer location and the bt connection, but thats not a huge issue. Real shame the remove is so cheap.

Not bad for the offer price but if i had to pay the full price i think 🤔 it’s probably not quite worth it, sounds great but bass isn’t as good as stated, only has 10 settings for bass and actually does distort slightly unlike the description insists, other than that, nice and loud, great sound for the price and great options 😊.

A fantastic sound bar that was delivered promptly. I was a bit apprehensive about the quality given that it’s a relatively lesser known brand. But it arrived promptly and packaging was impressive. The build quality of the actual product was surprisingly good. Once connected to my lg tv using an optical cable, i was very impressed with the sound quality. The sound was crisp and the music was clear. I must admit i am not an audio expert but even ar sufficiently loud volume test it was very pleasant and without any distortion. I could not notice any connection drop in the subwoofer but could be because it was only placed next to the main soundbar. Only two minor criticism is that display on the soundbar is a bit difficult to read as it’s behind the mash and the remote is also bit flimsy. But other than that i can’t fault it on build quality and sound quality.

We are really pleased with this soundbar. We have it connected to the tv via an optical cable, and then also use the bluetooth function for listening to music. Great sound with great bass and options to adjust bass/treble. We had some initial issues with the remote control but the seller kindly sent us out another one and now it’s working fine. We haven’t had any problems with connectivity between the soundbar and subwoofer, but then we have them sitting fairly close to each other. Overall this appears to be an excellent product for the price.

Great bass, although my actual tv speaker sounds great, this is used with my pc. It will need some further adjustment like from realteks audio manager, using an eq e. G but otherwise it is a great piece of kit. Wish it turned off after a certain amount of time of no noise but thats minor.

I tried setting this up the easiest way i thought, so i had an optic cable, simple right?that didn’t work for some reason. I could play music on my phone through it, but no sound from the tv. So i switched to the old school aux, haven’t used that bad boy since the days of ps1. That didn’t work either, for some reason, it wouldn’t play the sound through my television. So, as a last resort, i went with the headphone jack, which surprise surprise, is always on the wrong side to literally every tv i’ve ever owned. So now i’ve got an upside-down sound bar which is finally working, and come on at a hell of a volume. My neighbour hates any noise, and it made me laugh, because the sub speaker literally points down at the floor, so i know she’s down there thinking of ways to end my life. She’s a miserable old hag. Now it’s working – through the headphone jack ☹️ – it actually sounds pretty good.

So far everything seems good, bought this to use with my pc and it’s more than loud enough and quality seems ok. The cables that come with it are very short though and as others have said the display on the bar is very hard to read unless you’re quite close and looking at it straight on. I’m sure if you’re heavily into audio you wouldn’t be satisfied with this but for the average person who just wants some better audio for their tv or pc then i can’t see any reason you’d pay more than this.

I’ve wanted a soundbar for a while, but never quite found the right one. I was a little sceptical due to the varied reviews, but at this price point, it was worth a punt. Let me tell you, this is an amazing device. Took about 2 minutes to get it up and running, hardest part was moving the tv out to get to the plug sockets ha ha. Bluetooth connected fast, no issues at all. I’ve got fabulous treble and higher pitches from the soundbar, the bass from the subwoofer is amazing. I’ve had to turn the bass down to find a pleasing spot.

Very good sound for the price. I connected my mobile and play my music through the sound bar.

Fantastic sound for a small price. Bought to replace a more expensive sony ht-ct80 2. 1 that failed after 4 months. This has a far better sound as well ‘bargain’.

Sound is good, is not the best sound ever i have beats pill +, it’s definitely louder. For the money you pay they are amazing. If you want a cheap but decent sound bar go for this one. Like people said connection between subwoofer and sound bar is rubbish but who cares i have it right next to sound bar and it sounds great.

Bought this to replace the an old surround sound system that i was using with my vinyl player, the old system just had too many wires. The only wires with this are the two power cables (for the sound-bar and subwoofer) and my line in cable from my vinyl player, very happy. Great sound quality, was quite surprised at how good the sound quality was considering the price. Within five minuets of opening the box i had it set up and listening to my vinyl collection. The remote control is fine enough, like a lot of sound-bars the remote is small thin, almost flimsy looking, thats the only thing i would prefer when buying products like this is to have then invest a little more time in the designing and the quality of the remote. The remote comes with a optional double sided velcro strip which is suggested to be used to secure it to the speaker for safekeeping, i have mine stuck on my side table so the remote is always just a hands reach away. You get a three year warranty if you register your product, it is literally a matter of choosing your product and entering your name and email address.

The soundbar sounds fine, and it is well made. 5mm aux cable causes a big hum when connected to an audio device. Tried a decent cable and all is well. Such a shame to ruin a good product with rubbish accessories.

Very good,well built sound bar & bass speaker, for the price( bought in the sale)good sound,decimate upgrade from my standard tv. Remote control is good but very small & i don’t think it will be long before the back of the sofa claims another victim?. Delivery was next day with prime. My only niggle with the whole package is that it should come with an optical lead as standard, as the supplied lead is pretty useless. So if you are going to buy one,do yourself a favour and get an optical cable at the same time & you will save yourself a lot of grief.

I have only used the line in so can’t comment on the bluetooth but it has just the right balance of sound throughout the range. The only negative, and this is just a very minor niggle, is that there is a slight hiss when you have nothing playing. It’s not a game changer and i will still give this 5 stars as everything else is great.

I like this sound bar i know it’s got mixed reviews and that nearly put me off but for the small price i thought i’ll risk it and i’m glad i did it’s very easy to set up it takes about 10 min and looks a good size too it looks the part and works perfectly the sub is on the opposite side of the room and picks up signal every time it’s loud enough to enjoy a movie and listen to music on its quite powerful and fills the room with sound it’s got plenty of ways to connect to it too bluetooth/aux/usb and optical cable so it very good for all rangers of devices which is fantastic for the little price of £59. 98 the only reason it’s getting 4 stars is the screen has been put behind the metal mesh covering the display so you can’t see what it says who ever came up with that idea wants firing lol it was not a well thought out discussion that fore sure but it’s perfect in every other way i’m pleasantly surprised with this top buy i would definitely recommend.

Got this on offer and have to say it was well worth the money. 1 surround system and loved the sound it produced. I was downscaling and looking for something easy and with less wires. This produces good sound and eliminates a tangle of speaker wires behind the tv. Because it’s virtual surround sound – it isn’t quite as good as true 5. 1, but i never expected it to be. It is, however, a perfectly reasonable compromise.